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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Andy had a surprise wedding for Reese. They were married
- Meggan locked Daisy and Chris in the wine cellar at Reese's home. Vinny fumed when he found them together
- Paige returned home after Leah died
- At Leah's memorial service, Felicia showed up and yelled that it was all Bob's fault
- Cory saw Rebecca in her underwear, then a bikini and couldn't help but be attracted to her. He also learned that Robin wouldn't take his phone call

Scene One - The Victors House; Vinny & Daisy's Home

"That was very sweet of Andy to put together," Daisy tells Vinny and Meggan as they enter the mansion thinking back to the touching wedding ceremony that Andy surprised Reese with earlier at the Wilkins estate. Daisy watches as Meggan moves to the bar in the living room and opens a bottle of sparkling water. She is trying to be nice to Meggan, despite the fact that she feels like she is trying to come between her and Vinny. Still, she did promise Vinny not to let their ex's come between them anymore and she will live up to that. She wonders what Vinny thinks, though, having found her and Chris locked in the wine cellar together.

"It really was," Meggan says as she takes a drink of the water. "I thought it was very touching. It's such a tragic story knowing Reese doesn't have much longer and all."

"You know what I'd like to know?" Vinny asks, clearly frustrated by something. "How the hell did you and Chris get locked in the wine cellar?" Vinny asks Daisy, looking at his fiancé. He knows that they made a promise not to let their ex's come between them any longer but he can't believe that Daisy was trapped in the wine cellar with Chris. How longer were they together? And what would have happened had he not found them? These are the questions swirling around in Vinny's mind and he needs to have answers.

"I'm not sure I like the tone of your question," Daisy says back to him quickly, defending herself. "Andy asked Chris and I go down and get some of the white wine. When we were in the wine cellar, the door closed somehow. I'm just glad that you came when you did."

"It's true," Meggan defends Daisy, surprising both Vinny and Daisy. "Andy did ask them to go down to the wine cellar."

Vinny arches his eyebrow over at Meggan. "You know what's interesting about that Meggan?" he asks her, looking at her with intent. "When I asked you if you had seen Daisy, you didn't say anything about the wine cellar. You just said she was with Chris."

Meggan shrugs. "It must have slipped my mind."

"Did you lock Chris and I in the wine cellar?" Daisy asks her point blank, putting the pieces together.

"Of course not!" Meggan laughs back at her, trying to cover her tracks.

"Look Meggan," Vinny says to her. "I don't know if you're playing games or not, but if you are, they end now. If I find out anything about you trying to come between Daisy and me … so help me God."

Meggan rolls her eyes. "I don't know why I tried to help you out solving this mystery. Both of you already have it in your mind that big bad Meggan is responsible. Excuse me, I'm going to see if my brother is home," Meggan tells them as she walks past them, hoping that she dodged the bullet.

After she's out of the room, Daisy turns to Vinny and sighs. "I'm sorry that happened," she tells him as she comes up to him and hugs him. "I hope you know that nothing happened between Chris and I in the wine cellar."

"I believe you," he tells her as they exit their embrace. "I'm just uneasy about the prospect of Meggan locking you in there."

Daisy arches her eyebrow. "There was no harm done. Let's just try to move on. Let's enjoy the rest of our day"

Scene Two - The Claus House; Jeff & Paige's Home

"Dad?" Paige asks as she walks into the darkened living room. She looks around the space and notices that the curtains are still not opened, despite it being late afternoon. There is an empty glass at the bar and Jeff is laying on the sofa looking at the ceiling.

Jeff blinks a few times before he finally sits up, looking awful. He hasn't slept in a few days and hasn't shaved either. He clearly is feeling the effects of Leah's death.

Paige moves towards the sofa and sits on it after he smiles at her. "Are you okay?" she asks him, looking over at him, observing the state her father is in.

"I'm fine," he tries to reassure her. "How are you doing? Are you okay?"

Paige shrugs. "I don't know," she admits to him, feeling lonely. "It feels so weird being home and Mom not being here."

"I know," he admits to her. "I know that she's gone but she still feels so present here."

Paige nods back to him. "I don't know what Felicia meant either at the service. How could any of this be Grandpa Bob's fault?"

"I have no idea. I haven't had time to think about it," Jeff admits to her. "I have been meaning to ask Felicia to move out but I don't think that's right. She is really, in some ways, an innocent victim in all of this as well."

"Don't ask her to move out Dad," Paige tells him as she grabs his hand. "I've never got to have a Grandma before. I always believed she was dead and Sofia, she died when I was very young as well. I want her here. She's a part of Mom."

Jeff moves over and hugs his daughter. "God, you've been through so much in your young life already. I'm so sorry that I didn't help your mother when she needed me."

Paige lets a tear fall from her eye. "It's not your fault. You couldn't have stopped this. No one could have."

Jeff looks back at his as he wipes her tear off her cheek. "Have I told you how happy I am to have you home?"

She manages to give him half a grin. "Probably as happy as I am to be home. I love you Daddy."

"I love you too, sweetheart."

Scene Three - The Calimo Mansion

Bob moves to the bar in the living room as the fire place roars with large flames. It is mid-summer but all Bob wants to do is have a brandy and get lost in the flames of the fire. He needs to think about how he can handle the truth slowly coming out about his role in Leah's death. He recalls how Robbie was visiting him the previous day and he realized that Bob was withholding Felicia's medication from her; Robbie, of course, was livid and vowed to never forgive him for his part in the tragic demise of Leah.

"Robbie not forgiving me isn't possible," he whispers to himself as he pours a brandy. "I need to make Robbie understand why I did this. I need him to understand that I was only trying to get back at Dominick Robertson for everything he has done to me, everything he has done to this family. I never meant for Leah to be hurt in any of this."

"But she was hurt," a voice says behind Bob's back.

Bob turns around and sees Dominick standing in the living room. "How the hell did you get in here? Where is Rosario? Did she let you in?"

"Your maid doesn't have the power to say no to me," Dominick says in a low whispered tone. "If I want to come in and see you, I come in and see you."

"This isn't a good time," Bob replies to him as he takes a sip of his brandy. "I'm expecting an important business call from Japan that can't wait."

"I don't care what kind of call you're expecting," Dominick replies to him as he moves closer to Bob. "You have some explaining to do. And I'm not leaving until I get some answers."

Bob rolls his eyes and then glares at his rival. "What are you here for? Because your crazy wife accused me of having something to do with Leah's death? Do you realize how ludicrous that sounds?"

Dominick moves one step closer to Bob. "Don't put this on Felicia. She's unwell, yes, but when she was coming out of her coma, you know what she kept saying over and over again?"

Bob shrugs his shoulders. "I suppose you're going to tell me?"

"She kept saying your name," Dominick reveals to him, growing more angry with him. "Why would that be? Why on earth would Felicia be asking for you, Bobby?"

"I haven't the faintest idea what that crazy woman's babbles mean," Bob replies to him as he takes another sip of his drink.

"Stop with your fucking lies!" Dominick yells at him, finally losing his cool. "Tell me! Did you have something to do with Leah's death? Tell me right now!"

"What on earth is going on in here?" Kim asks as she enters the living room, having heard voices from upstairs. "Dominick, what are you talking about? How could my husband have had anything to do with Leah's death?"

Scene Four - Riverside Delicatessen

"This was nice of you to treat me to lunch," Rebecca smiles to Cory as they sit across from each other in the restaurant, each having a sandwich. "What's the occasion?"

Cory smiles at her as he takes a bite of his roast beef on rye sandwich. As he chews, he can't help but think about seeing Rebecca in her underwear then a few days later her black bikini. While he is in love with his wife, he can't help but be attracted to Rebecca; mostly because it's been so long for him to have been sexual with a woman before. Still, he knows that he is walking on very thin ice with his wife's sister but he can't deny that she is a beautiful woman.

"I think we should just talk about some things," he finally replies to her, as she continues to watch him.

"Okay," she purses her lips. "I'm all ears."

"Well," he says as he takes a drink of his water. "I know I asked you to stay with me for as long as you want," he begins to tell her. "But I think that means that we should have some ground rules."

Rebecca nods as she takes a bite of her sandwich. "I'm guessing this has to do with me walking around in my bikini."

"And underwear," he winks back to her. "I understand that we are sharing a space but I don't know that Robin would approve of me seeing you in your under garments."

"I couldn't agree more," Rebecca quickly replies to him. "Like I said, I didn't think you were home either time. If I had known, obviously, I wouldn't be parading around in my bra or bikini."

Cory looks at her and smiles. He suddenly he feels like a fool for thinking that maybe she was trying to come on to him. "Okay, good," he says back to her. "I love my wife very much and don't want anything to come between us."

"I would never do anything with my sister's husband," Rebecca tells him. "I'm sorry you were feeling that way."

Cory doesn't even realize what he's saying before he blurts out, "It's just, you're a very attractive woman. It's hard for me not to notice."

"You noticed me?" she asks him, with a sly grin on her face.

He shakes his head. "I'm just glad we have this under control now."

"Yes, of course, me too," she smiles to him. "So, what is the latest with Robin? Have you heard anything at all?"

Cory thinks back to how he tried to call Robin but for some odd reason, she wouldn't accept his call. He isn't sure if it's because she's too focused on getting better or what the deal is but he is somewhat concerned.

"She didn't want to talk to me," Cory reveals to her, as Rebecca's eyes open wider. "She's allowed to take calls from me but when I called she didn't want to speak to me."

"What?" Rebecca asks shocked. "Why would she do that?"

Cory shrugs his shoulders. "I don't know."

Rebecca reaches over and grabs his hand. "Oh Cory," she says, squeezing his hand. "I'm so sorry. If there's anything I can do, you know I'm here for you."

Cory smiles back at her. "Thanks Rebecca, I appreciate that. I just hope my wife is getting better."

Scene Five - The Wilkins Estate; Reese & Madeline's Home

"I wanted to thank you," Reese says to Andy, who is sitting next to Reese's bed in his bedroom. After the wedding wrapped up, Reese needed to rest so he took a nap. Andy started to read a book and is still there reading, until just now, when Reese woke up. Andy hasn't wanted to leave his husband's side.

"Thank me?" Andy asks his new husband, as he puts his book down.

Reese nods back to him with a slight grin on his face. "For earlier," Reese says in a whisper. He takes a deep breath and Andy can hear the struggle that it has become for Reese to even take a breath now. "Surprising me with a wedding was such a lovely thing to do."

Andy grabs his husband's hand. "I wanted you to know how much I love you," Andy tells him looking him in the eyes. "I don't know what tomorrow holds Reese but I wanted you know to know that I'm with you today, tomorrow … always."

Reese nods back to him and starts to cough a little. Andy gets him a glass of water and Reese starts to drink through a straw. "Sorry," Reese says back to him.

"You never apologize to me," Andy tells him, as he wipes his forehead. "None of this is your fault."

"I'm dying Andy," Reese finally says the words to Andy, as their eyes lock. "I can feel it. I can feel that my time is coming."

Andy bites his lip as he feels tears swell in his eyes. "Please don't say that," he replies to Reese as a tear runs down his cheek.

Reese wipes the tear away. "No tears, okay?" Reese says as he tries to smile. "You know what I'm most grateful for?"

Andy shakes his head as he tries to compose himself. "The fact that we got back together and that we are happier than we've ever been before. You made me so happy today when we got married."

Andy leans in and gives him a quick kiss on the lips. "All I ever wanted to do was to make you happy," he says as he looks at Reese. "You are my everything."

Reese smiles at him. "I need to rest again."

Andy nods back to him. "I'm right here," he tells him. "If you need anything, I'm right here."

Scene Six - The Graveyard

Madeline slowly walks through the graveyard holding two bouquets of red roses. As she walks, she can't help but think back to Andy and Reese's wedding. She is thrilled that her brother and Andy finally got married but she hates that her brother is slowly slipping away from her. She doesn't know how to handle the fact that her twin brother is dying. She would give anything to stop this or to trade places with him. Sadly, she knows that it is impossible.

She finally approaches two tomb stones and sets a bouquet of roses in front of each tomb stone.

"Mom, Dad," she says, as she looks at the tombstones of Olivia and Preston. "I didn't know where else to turn right now and I really needed some guidance."

She kneels down and moves her hand to touch her Mom's tombstone before she touches Preston's. She quickly moves her hand to her mouth, almost gasping for air as a tear falls down from her cheek.

"You must know that Reese has cancer," she whispers to them. "It's bad, really bad," she continues to tell them. "I don't know what to do. I'm trying to be so strong for him and Andy but, my God, I'm falling apart. How can I lose my twin brother? How can God be so cruel to me to take you guys from me and now Reese?"

She pauses as she tries to composure herself with the tears streaming down her face. "I need you two to send me strength because I don't have any more. And I have to be strong for Reese. He wants me to be strong for him. He wants me to be there and … I'm scared to lose him. I'm scared to lose the only person that I know will love me no matter what."

She pauses and composes herself as she shuts her eyes and tries to feel her parents presence. She finally opens eyes. "I'm going to go and be with him," she tells her parents. "Please, please, give me your strength. I'm going to need it."

Scene Seven - The Sugarbowl

Meggan moves from the line up over to the coffee bar to put some cream and sugar into her coffee. After she had words with Daisy and Vinny at the mansion, she decided to leave and come and get a coffee. Lukas wasn't around but she wanted, she needed to get out of the house. She needed time apart from the craziness that is going on in the house, despite knowing that she is creating most of it.

She smirks to herself how Daisy and Vinny were close to finding out the truth about her locking Chris and Daisy in the wine cellar but they had no proof. "They will never know," she tells herself, almost trying to convince herself of it.

As she puts a lid on her coffee, she turns and is about to start to walk out of the coffee shop when she sees a young girl that looks familiar to her. Sitting at the window seat is Paige, drinking a latte slowly. Meggan walks up to the young girl. "Aren't you Paige Claus?"

Paige looks back at her, immediately recognizing Meggan. She nods her back. "It's been a long time Meggan," Paige tells her, somewhat skeptical of the woman standing in front of her as she knows that she killed Noah. Paige is too young to have known Noah, her younger brother, but she heard Leah and Jeff talk about it many times.

"It has indeed," Meggan replies to her. "You've grown up a lot since I last saw you."

"That's what happens with children. We grow up," Paige says coldly to her. "Unless you die first."

"I'm so sorry about your Mom," Meggan quickly tells, hoping that she's not crossing a line with Paige, and ignoring her trying to bait her about Noah.

"Thank you," Paige says with half a smile. "It's been hard. I feel bad for my Dad, Jeff, I mean," she says, wondering if people still get who her father is confused as everyone believed Robbie was her father for so many years.

"I can't imagine," Meggan tells her as she sits next to her. "Actually, I can."

"You can?" Paige asks her back.

"My Mom died when I was rather young as well," Meggan reveals to Paige. "She was sick and she died."

"I'm sorry," Paige replies to quickly.

"It's fine," Meggan nods back to her. "But you should know that this does get easier. You will never forget your Mother, but you will learn how to live another day and not be consumed by her. It takes a while, but I did it. You will too."

"I don't want to think of that day," Paige admits to her. "I don't want to think of a time when I don't think of my Mother. She is still my best friend."

Meggan grabs her hand. "She will always be with you. You just learn to live and not feel bad because you're doing so."

Paige looks at Meggan and gets some water in her eyes. "Thank you for telling me that."

"I know that we don't know each other very well Paige," Meggan says back to her. "But if you ever need to talk about anything, you can call me. I will listen and try to give you advice from someone who has been there."

Paige nods back to her as she wipes her eye from a tear. "I'll keep that in mind," she says as she suddenly wonders how this is the same woman that could have taken Noah from them. She seems so sweet and compassionate.

Scene Eight - The Claus House; Jeff & Paige's Home

Jeff opens the door to the master bedroom and slowly moves inside. He hasn't been in the room since before his trip to Lake Tahoe with Leah. He hasn't been able to step foot in the room he shared with Leah since the accident. The room where they slept together, laughed together, talked together, made love together. As he moves inside, he is quickly reminded of how much the room smells like Leah. He looks over to her dresser and sees her perfume bottle and her jewelry box.

He moves over to the dresser and opens the jewelry box. He looks at some of the rings and necklaces that Leah had collected before he closes the box and shuts his eyes as he feels his heart start to race.

"How did this happen Leah?" he asks himself. "We had our entire lives in front of us. We had all the happiness in the world."

He takes a deep breath and turns to face the closet. He thinks back to having a conversation with Paige earlier in the day in the living room. He knows that he has to start living again. Somehow, some way, he has to start moving on with his life.

He finally opens the closet door and looks at the half of the closet that is filled with Leah's belongings. He moves towards her clothing and starts removing it from the closet.

"Step one," he says as he chokes on his own words, as he puts some of the clothing on the bed.

Scene Nine - The Calimo Mansion

"Someone had better answer me," Kim tells Bob and Dominick as she moves closer to them, her large, pregnant belly showing. "What does Bob have to do with Leah's death?"

"Absolutely nothing," Bob quickly spits back at her and Dominick. "This is another one of Dominick's pathetic attempts to ruin my life. It's not going to work Dominick because I didn't do anything!"

Dominick glares back at him. "The doctors told us that Felicia was on the wrong medication," Dominick reveals to Bob and Kim. "Who would have switched her medication? Who would have had something to gain by Felicia losing her mind? Tell me that, Bob!"

Bob shrugs his shoulder and takes another sip of his brandy. Kim notices her husband's behaviour and quickly realizes that what Dominick is saying is true. "Bob," she says with her voice raised. "Please tell me that you didn't switch Felicia's medication. Please tell me that you didn't cause that poor woman to lose her mind!"

"What would that have solved?" Bob finally yells back at both of them. "Why would I switch her medication?"

"Why do you do anything?" Dominick throws it back at him. "To get back at me, of course. Maybe you thought that if Felicia lost her mind, you'd really be sticking it to me any family. God only knows how your twisted mind works."

"It's true, isn't it Bob?" Kim asks horrified by what Dominick is claiming. "You did this! You switched her medication."

Bob doesn't reply to either of them. He finishes his brandy and moves to the bar and pours himself another.

"Aren't you going to say something?" Kim asks as a tear strolls down her cheek, stunned by what her husband has done.

Bob looks over at her and then throws his brandy glass against the wall, it shatters and the alcohol slowly strolls down the wall. "Get out of my house!" he yells at both of them. "Both of you! Get the fuck out of out my house!"

Kim looks in horror at her husband and then over at Dominick. Dominick grabs Kim, not sure what Bob is capable of right now. They quickly leave, as Bob watches them go. He feels his blood boil, refusing to listen to anything Dominick and his cheating wife have to say for another moment.

He looks over at the broken glass and brandy on the floor. "Rosario!" he yells as he moves to the bar to pour himself another drink. "Please come clean up the mess in here," he says as he swallows another mouthful of brandy.

Next on One Day at a Time
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- Madeline says goodbye to her brother
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