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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Bob and Kim were horrified when Dominick revealed that Johnny was really his long lost son Tyler. Kim fainted after she experienced stomach pain
- Robbie agreed with Felicia when she blamed Jeff for Leah's death. Paige couldn't handle the confusion of being torn between Jeff and Robbie
- Natasha and Shane continued to be at odds over this possibility of him taking the Chief of Staff job at the hospital
- While visiting Adam, Helen & Dawn, Reg made it very clear he didn't like Adam
- Chris and Savannah had sex

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"When will I hear something about my wife?" Bob demands to know from a nurse, who quickly scurries off to find out something about Kim, who was admitted to the hospital after she collapsed at Roboto.

Bob moves back into the waiting room and takes a deep breath; everything has seemingly happened very quickly for his liking. He was talking to Kim earlier in his office, trying to figure out if she give up some kind of information about the affair that she had when Dominick came in and started to blast him for his role in Leah's death. When Johnny entered, all hell broke loose as Dominick revealed that Johnny is really his son Tyler. As the fighting picked up, Kim suddenly got stomach pains and collapsed in pain. Now, he is here waiting for news about her and her child. While he is livid with her that she had an affair on him and is carrying another man's baby, he doesn't want to see anything bad happen to Kim or the baby. Deep down, he does still love Kim, Bob realizes.

"Thank God I sent Dominick and Tyler Robertson away," he says to himself as he recalls telling Dominick and Tyler not to come to the hospital when the paramedics arrived at his office. "I couldn't handle them anymore. Not today. I can't believe I was such a fool for trusting Johnny. I should have known he was really Tyler. All these months, he's been lying to me, to everyone.""

Bob thinks back to the last year of his life, the entire time in which he has employed Tyler; first as his pool boy then as an executive at Roboto. He shakes his head. "I was such a damn fool," he scolds himself.

Before he can continue his train of thought, Victoria enters the waiting room holding a file folder in her hand. She clears her throat causing Bob to look up at her. "Victoria," he says as he stands up. "Do you have news about Kimberly? How is she? Please tell me that she will be okay."

Victoria looks back at Bob. "I do have an update for you but you need to brace yourself because I'm not sure if you're going to like this."

Scene Two - The Glubbs House; Shane & Natasha's Home

Shane helps Natasha take her sweater off as they just got home from the hospital as they had a checkup with their OBGYN about their baby. In Natasha's hand, she holds the picture of ultrasound that they just performed. She still feels overwhelmed by the image of her baby on the screen and in the picture she is holding; seeing her baby has made the entire experience very much more real even though she's due for another couple of months.

"I'm glad that everything is going so well with the baby," Shane tells her as he joins her in the living room of their house.

She moves over and pours herself a glass of water. She takes a sip before she looks back at her husband. "So am I," she smiles to him. "It's hard to believe that in a few weeks I will be giving birth and the baby will be here. The time has gone by so quickly."

"There's still a bit of time to go too," he winks at her. "These last few weeks are some of the most critical for the child because he or she will finish developing. In some ways, it is the most critical time for the baby."

"I'm so glad I married a doctor," she says with a laugh to him. "Seriously, thank you for coming with me today. I couldn't have done this without you."

"I wouldn't be anywhere else Natasha," he tells her as he comes up to her and puts his hands on her shoulders. He leans in and gives her a quick kiss on the cheek. "You and our baby mean more to me than anything else in the world."

Natasha feels her heart skip a beat at the words he is saying because she knows that things may not always stay this way if Shane takes the Chief of Staff position at general hospital. She still has many fears that the job will take Shane away from her and the baby and that is the last thing that she wants to have happen. She doesn't want to feel like a single parent.

"That's usually when you say you're grateful to have me too," he laughs back to her.

She turns away from him and puts her water down before she puts her hands on her hips. "As wonderful as today was, I can't help but think about what will happen once you get the Chief of Staff job. Will days like today even happen?"

"Of course it will," he tries to reassure her, realizing she still has apprehensions.

"Let's not talk about this right now," she interrupts him. "I don't want this ongoing fight to spoil the nice day we are having."

"I agree it has been a nice day but there is something that you should know Natasha," Shane tells her as she turns around to face him. "I've actually been offered the Chief of Staff job."

"You have?" she asks, surprised that this is happening so quickly. She hadn't even realized that Eva officially stepped down from the role.

"And I'm going to accept. I'm going to be the new COS at the hospital."

Scene Three - The Riverside Delicatessen

"Thank you for meeting me for lunch today," Frederick tells Savannah as they sit across from each other, each having a sandwich and a juice. "It's too bad that Andrew couldn't make it but maybe next time."

"I don't like interrupting his daily schedule," Savannah informs Frederick as she takes a sip of her apple juice. "He will always want to get picked up from day care to have lunch with me if I do it once or twice. The girls will think I've created a monster."

Frederick laughs thinking back to his own children at that age. "It's been so long since I've had a child in my life but I do remember those times well. They don't always understand, do they?"

"No," Savannah smiles. "The good news is that he is really coming around nicely since I was awarded custody. The adjustment period is really calming down."

"I'm very happy to hear that," Frederick tells her. "I knew that it would only be a matter of time. What else is going on with you? Things at Robertson Enterprises are still good?"

Savannah nods back to him thinking about how busy she always is at work as a model at Robertson Enterprises. Really, the main thing in her life right now is her budding romance with Chris. At first she wasn't sure that she wanted to go out with the man who Andrew thought was his father for so long but now that they have been going out, things are really nice. They even took the next step recently and made love for the first time.

"The look on your face tells me that there is something else going on in your life other than work," Frederick observes to her.

"Why would you say that?" she replies feeling her cheeks blush.

"People don't get lost into space over work," he winks back to her. "Who is he? It's not my son, Lukas, is it?"

"Lukas?" Savannah asks shocked by his ask. "Why would I be involved with your son?"

Now it's Frederick's turn to blush. "I was hoping I wouldn't have to tell you this but I told my son to ask you out on a date."

"You didn't!?" Savannah laughs a little. "I can't believe you did that."

"I just thought it would be good for him to get out of the house more since he's new to the Twin Peaks. I knew you were relatively new as well…"

"I'm not dating your son, I'm sorry to disappoint you," Savannah replies to him.

"So, then, who is he?" Frederick asks her.

"Chris Michaels," Savannah reveals to him as his mouth opens a little in surprise. "I know, I know, it doesn't seem like it's a good idea but I'm having a really good time with him.

Frederick pauses and recalls how he recently spotted Chris and Trenyce talking at the Pampa Grill; he couldn't place it but their conversation seemed rather intense. He looks back at Savannah, who is glowing with happiness. Something immediately doesn't sit well with Frederick. Chris, thinking he was Andrew's father for years, is now romancing Savannah, all the while having private conversations with Trenyce? It's odd, he says to himself.

"Do me one favor?" he asks her as she nods back to him. "Be careful, the last thing I want is for you to be hurt."

"Oh Frederick," she gushes. "Thank you. And yes, I am being careful. But I am really enjoying my time with Chris."

Frederick nods back to her and takes a bite of his sandwich. He isn't going to say anything to Savannah but he knows that he now has to keep an eye on Chris. Something about what he witnessed between Chris and Trenyce isn't sitting well with him and he doesn't want the young woman in front of him to be hurt by Chris.

Scene Four - The Mills House; Reg & Barbara's Home

"What are you doing up here?" Helen asks Adam as she opens the door to their guestroom of her parents' house where they are staying currently. The entire family had been downstairs talking when suddenly Adam got up and came up stairs. Everyone has been waiting and wondering where Adam went too, so Helen finally came up stairs and decided to see what was going on.

She notices a bag on the bed and Adam standing over it putting some of his clothing back inside the bag. "What's going on Adam?"

Adam turns back to face his wife, his face beat red. "Shut the door," he tells her, as she turns around and closes the bedroom door. "I'm going home. I'm going back to Twin Peaks."

"What?" Helen gasps in shock as she comes back to stand next to Adam. "We've only had a few days here. We aren't scheduled to leave until the end of the week."

"I know," he says back to her. "But I can't do it anymore. I can't stay in this house a day longer."

"Why on earth not? I thought we were having a lovely time."

"No Helen," he snaps back at her. "I know that those people are your parents and you're thrilled that you've finally found them after all these years …"

"Why do I get the feeling there is a but coming…"

"But, it's very clear that Reg doesn't like me. He puts me down at every chance he possibly can. And the way he treats your mother is atrocious. I like Barbara, I really do … but your father…"

Helen feels her eyes swell with water. "So that's it? You're not even going to give him a chance? You're not going to give my family a chance?"

Adam puts his hands on her shoulders. "I just think it would be best if I left. Nothing against you or your mother, I just don't feel welcome here. Reg has made it perfectly clear that he doesn't want me here."

"I want you here," Helen tells him as a tear escapes her eye. "Doesn't that mean anything to you?"

"Of course it does," he says back to her as he pulls her into a hug. "I just need to be in a space where I feel valued and not put down every chance he gets. I hope you can understand."

"I can't say that I do," Helen replies to him. "But I can see that you've already made your decision."

"I'll see you back at home at the end of the week," Adam tries to tell her, hoping she will come around.

"Yea, I suppose you will," she sighs as she wipes her tears off her face. "I guess I'll go tell our daughter and my parents that you're leaving."

"Thanks, I'll be down as soon as I'm done packing," he says as he continues to pack. Helen moves to the door and opens it. Adam turns and looks at his wife. "Helen," he calls out, making her stop. "I love you."

Helen doesn't reply. She moves out of the door and firmly closes the door behind her. Adam sighs and runs his hands over his face, knowing that he has to get home before he loses his mind in the house. He just hopes Helen will understand when she gets back to Twin Peaks.

Scene Five - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Kim's Room

Bob opens the door to Kim's hospital room and sees his wife laying in the bed. She immediately looks over at him and smiles.

"Please tell me that everything is going to be okay," she says to him. "No one has told me anything yet."

Behind Bob is Victoria, who also comes into the hospital room. "I brought Victoria along so she could tell you what is going on herself. I think its best you hear it from the doctor and not me," Bob informs her.

Kim looks over at Victoria with worry all over her face. She hopes that her baby is okay; the last thing she wants is for something to be wrong with her unborn child. "Please Victoria, tell me that everything is fine with my baby."

"Everything is fine with you and the baby," Victoria replies to her, causing Kim to sigh a breath of relief.

"Thank God," Kim says with tears in her eyes. "I was so scared."

"But this is a warning for you Kim," Victoria warns her. "You put yourself under a lot of stress. Not only yourself, but the baby as well. You need to avoid stress from now until the end of your pregnancy. Too much stress could do real harm to your baby."

Kim nods back to her. "No more stress," she says back to Victoria. "I can do that."

"Good," Victoria nods back her. "I'll go get your discharge papers ready."

As soon as Victoria has left the room, Kim looks over at Bob and she reaches for his hand. He grabs it and looks at her. He doesn't know what to do; he couldn't possibly let on that he knows about her affair now. The last thing he wants is for her child to put at risk.

"Take me home Bob," she says as their eyes lock, both having so many secrets between them. "I want to go home with you."

Bob nods back her. "Anything you'd like Kimberly. Anything you'd like."

Scene Six - Twin Peaks Police Department; Lois Kam's Office

"I hope that Kim is okay," Tyler tells Dominick as they enter the police station together, both having just been kicked out of Bob's office. Tyler knows that he has been lying to her about his identity but he never did lie about the way he feels about her. After Kim collapsed at the office, he has nothing but worry in his heart for her. He wishes that he could be with her right now.

"Why do you care about Bob Calimo's wife?" Dominick asks his son, who shakes his head no. "Never mind, we can discuss that later. I see Jeff, Paige and Robbie over there. We should go over there before Jeff and Robbie come to blows."

The men approach the other three waiting. Paige looks over and sees them. "Uncle Tyler?" she asks, shocked to see him. She rushes up to Tyler and hugs him. "I can't believe you're here. When did you get back?"

"A few days ago," Tyler tells her as they hug. "Sorry it took me so long to get here but you didn't think I wouldn't come back when my sister is …"

"Gone?" Paige finishes his sentence, still having a hard time saying the words herself.

"Tyler, it's good to see you again," Robbie says shaking Tyler's hand, not wanting them to dwell on the negative energy.

"You too Robbie," Tyler replies. "And you must be Jeff. It's nice to meet you."

Tyler and Jeff shake hands. "Likewise. I wish it was under different circumstances."

"Yea, my sister's will reading isn't exactly the ideal time to meet her new husband."
Before anyone can say anything else, Lois Kam comes out of her office and smiles at everyone. "Please, come in. I've reviewed Leah's will already and can reveal to you all what her last wishes were inside my office."

They all look at each other before they slowly make their way into her Lois' office. "So, the interesting thing with the will is that Leah hadn't updated it since 2011," Lois reveals to everyone, as they all sit down.

"That was still when I was married to Leah," Robbie says as he looks over at Jeff and Paige. "We were still very much in love."

"That explains why she left her house to you Robbie," Lois reveals, shocking Jeff and Dominick. "She left half of her financial assets to Paige, the other half is divided into three equal parts; one for Tyler, one for Dominick and one for Robbie," Lois continues explains to everyone.

"So," Paige says a little confused. "My Dad didn't get anything? I mean, my real Dad."

Jeff feels his eyes swell with water. "It's fine Paige," he says, trying to stay calm but secretly devastated by what has just happened. "I don't need anything. I have your Mother's memories in my heart. That's all I will ever have."

Robbie grabs Paige's hand and squeezes it. "It's what your Mother wanted Paige. This is how it should have been."

Paige lets a tear fall from her eye as she hugs Robbie. "I hate this," she cries into his shoulder. "I hate that she's gone."

"I know baby," he says as he holds her closely, as his mind is already wondering what his next move should be. "I know."

Scene Seven - The Glubbs House; Shane & Natasha's Home

"Please tell me you're joking," Natasha says to Shane, as he has just told her that he is going to accept the Chief of Staff job at the hospital when it becomes available in November when Eva steps down. "I have told you so many times that I don't want you to have this job and yet here you are, telling me you're going to take it?"

Shane sighs and throws his hands in the air. "I've told you to trust me Nat! I can have a career and be a husband and father to you and our baby!"

"Can you? Do you know how many hours Eva puts in at the hospital? She's there all the time and she doesn't have a new born baby on the way," Natasha tries to explain to him.

"That's why this is a great time for me to take the job Natasha," he tells her. "If I take over sooner rather than later, I can have all the wrinkles ironed out before the baby comes. This will be okay. I promise you."

He moves up behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders. "Please don't touch me right now!" Natasha tells her as she turns around and looks at him. "You have taken everything into consideration except for my feelings! You are completely disregarding what I think and feel about this situation."

"Natasha," Shane starts to say to her.

"Ahhh!" Natasha suddenly screams out in pain as she clutches her stomach.

"Nat?" Shane asks rushing up to her. "What is it? What's wrong?"

Natasha looks up at him with water in her eyes. "This can't be happening," she says as she bites her lip. "But my water just broke…"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Meggan's idea surprises Frederick and Lukas
- Chris and Savannah continue to grow closer
- Kim lashes out at Tyler

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