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Previously on One Day at a Time
- After fighting with Shane about the Chief of Staff position, Natasha went into premature labour. Shane rushed her to the hospital
- Bob received a mysterious package but he couldn't open it because of Natasha's medical crisis
- Adam left Baltimore early when Reg made it clear he didn't like him. Helen wasn't very pleased with her husband's decision
- Cory was upset when Robin stopped taking his phone calls while in the mental facility. Rebecca suggested she would go and check up on Robin
- Kim rejected Tyler, blasting him for lying about his secret identity

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Victoria, please give me an update on Natasha," Shane says to the doctor, rushing out of the waiting room when he sees Victoria going into the OR room. He had been waiting to hear some kind of update about Natasha and their baby and he finally got tired of waiting; he needs to know what is going on with his wife. He keeps blaming himself for everything that has happened. If he hadn't continued to strive for the Chief of Staff job, none of this would be happening.

Victoria turns around and looks at him. "I thought the nurse had spoken to you," she replies to him, noting that she doesn't have too much time. "Natasha has been given an epidermal. Because the baby is so premature we are going to do an emergency caesarean section. We have no other choice right now."

Shane runs his hand over his face, his concern growing by the moment. "How long do you think this will take? How is Natasha?"

Victoria arches her eyebrow. "Well, like I said, she's comfortable now. It was just a light dose because we want her to be alert after the procedure. The baby is early Shane, you know that. I have ICU ready and waiting for the arrival of the baby. We need to assess how the baby is because it will be very early, the sooner we can assess the situation, the better."

"Victoria, I'm begging you, please do whatever you have to do to make sure my baby and Natasha are okay," Shane pleads with her.

"I have to get in there now," Victoria tells him. "Don't worry Shane, I'll do anything I can to make sure the baby is delivered just fine."

Shane watches as Victoria turns and walks into the OR. He can feel the blood drain from his face. "Please let Natasha and the baby be okay. Please God, don't let anything happen to them."


In the waiting room, Robbie and Bob sit patiently as they wait for some kind of news of Natasha. Robbie looks over at his father and feels his blood boil; he still hasn't forgave his father for the role he played in Leah's death. He doesn't know if he will ever be able to forgive Bob for giving Felicia her fake medications and thus Felicia kidnapping Leah which ultimately resulted in her death.

"I wonder what's taking the doctors so damn long," Bob finally says under his breath.

"I'm surprised you haven't paid someone off to get you an update on Natasha. That seems to be how you roll," Robbie snaps back at his father, unable to hide his disgust.

Bob looks over at Robbie and sighs. "When will you let go of this anger you have Robbie?"

Robbie lets out a chuckle. "My anger? You think I'm supposed to just get over the fact that you assisted in Leah's death? Maybe I will get over that when Leah comes back."

"Leah isn't coming back Robbie, she's dead."

"Exactly," Robbie replies to his father. "I will never forgive you for what you have done."

"Have you decided what you're going to do? Jeff is living in your house," Bob asks his son, trying to change the topic.

Robbie thinks of Leah's will reading and how because she hadn't updated her will in a few years, he and Paige were left with everything. "That's none of your business," he spits back to his father.

Bob shakes his head in disgust, not knowing what it will take for him to get through his son. He hates that Robbie is so upset with him. Bob hopes that he will be able to get through to his son one day.

"Can we please focus on your sister?" Bob says back to his son. "She should be our focus right now. Not dwelling on what has happened in the past."

"Of course you'd say that," Robbie tells him. "Anything to get out of taking responsibility for your actions."

Before Bob can reply, Shane comes back into the waiting room interrupting the bickering men. "They just took Natasha into the OR."

"How long should that take?" Robbie asks him back, worried about his sister.

"It shouldn't be a long procedure," Shane informs him. "Victoria is a great doctor; Natasha is in good hands."

"Good because Bob was just about to leave," Robbie says as he glares at his father. "We could all use some peace."

Bob glares at Robbie, knowing very well he doesn't want to leave. When Robbie glares back at him, Bob realizes that the tension in the room isn't good for anyone. He sighs defeated. "Fine, I'll go," he announces as he looks at Shane. "Call me at once when something has happened?"

"Of course," Shane nods back to him.

Scene Two - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

Adam opens the door to his SUV and steps out. He just got back from the gym, needing a work out. His mind has been racing about how upset Helen was that left the visit of Reg and Barbara's early in Baltimore. He understands that Helen is excited that she has finally met her parents but he wishes she could see his side of it. Time and time again, Reg made him feel like he wasn't welcome in the house or in Helen's life. It finally got to the point where Adam needed to get out of the house; he couldn't stand there and be treated that way any longer. He refuses for anyone, including Helen's father, to treat him that way.

"Once Helen gets home, I will make her understand," Adam says to himself as he walks to the front door of the house. He unlocks the door and moves inside. He immediately notices that something is different in the house than when he left for the gym. He can smell tea, which is odd to him.

"There you are," Helen says coming up to her husband, holding a cup of tea.

Adam looks up in surprise. "I can't believe you're home," he says coming up to her and giving her a kiss on her cheek. "What made you decide to come home early?"

She crosses her arms and looks at her husband. "I came home because it was weird with my parents trying to dodge all of these questions as to why you left early. They didn't understand. My mother, in particular, was upset. She thought she wasn't being a good host or something."

"Your mother was not the problem," Adam replies to her as he moves into the living room. He moves to the pitcher of water and pours himself a tall glass.

"I know," Helen sighs back to him. "You think my father didn't like you."

"It was pretty obvious that he didn't," Adam says back to her after he finishes drinking his water. "He made it very clear."

"You really didn't give him a chance," Helen snaps back at him. "And of course, you left so early that he couldn't make it up to you, had we discussed it as adults."

"I don't want to fight with you about this," Adam replies to her as he comes up to her. "I'm glad you're home. I really am."

"I think you need to understand something Adam," Helen continues to be cold with him. "These are my parents and they aren't going anywhere. They will continue to be a part of my life so you better get used to that. I finally have them back in my life."

Helen turns and walks out of the room, leaving Adam alone with his glass of water. He shakes his head in disbelief. "Maybe a thank you for welcoming me home," Adam sighs to himself, wondering how he can get Helen to see Reg for the jerk he really is.

Scene Three - The Sugarbowl

"How does it feel about being able to be yourself finally?" Dominick asks his son, as they sit across from each other in one of the booths of the coffeehouse. Dominick recalls how he was at Roboto confronting Bob about his role in Leah's death when Johnny came in; Dominick announced to a shocked Bob that Johnny is really his son Tyler.

Tyler takes a sip of his coffee before looking back at his father. He knows that Dominick is proud of the scam they pulled off against Bob. What Dominick doesn't know, however, is that Tyler slept with Kim and he has real feelings for her. He doesn't know what Dominick would do if he learned that his son slept with his rival's wife, though he suspects Dominick would be proud.

"It feels great," he admits to his Dad. "I'm glad I don't have to sneak around anymore. It was really difficult, especially with everything that happened to our family in the last few months."

"You must be talking about your mother," Dominick replies to him, knowing that everyone has been concerned about Felicia and how she is dealing with Leah's death. The last time he was with Felicia, she didn't even remember everything that happened in Lake Tahoe. At the time, he thought that would be best as he doesn't want her to have another setback.

"And Leah," Tyler tells his father, still upset that his sister is gone. "It was the hardest thing in the world not being able to go to her memorial service. And not come and see her for months while I was in town. And now, I will never get the chance. And, of course, Robin is away too."

Dominick reaches over and puts his hand on Tyler's shoulder. "You know son, I'm proud of you for what we have accomplished. I know it doesn't change anything with Leah and we are all still grieving Leah, we always will be. But the truth is out now and we can try to move on without lives. As for Robin, she will come back to us one day. We have to believe that."

Tyler nods and looks back at him. "I was thinking of going to see Mom today. Do you think that's a good idea?"

Dominick smiles. "I think that's a great idea."


"I was surprised you called," Cory tells Rebecca as they sit at the bar at the window. "You weren't at the penthouse this morning when I left so I was under the assumption that you were still at the mental facility checking in on Robin."

Rebecca takes a drink of her latte and looks back at her brother in law. She knows that Robin has seemingly stopped accepting any telephone calls from Cory while she is in the facility so she offered to go and visit her sister for him. She has done so and now she is back to tell Cory about how things went.

"You didn't seem me because this is the first stop since I've been back," she purses her lips back to him.

"How is Robin? How is she doing? Did you see her?" Cory rattles off a few questions, hoping to hear about his wife. He has been so consumed with worry over her.

Rebecca chuckles a little. "One question at a time," she says with a grin. "I saw Robin, yes. The doctor only allowed me in for about 5 minutes or so. But she is doing well. Not once in the time I was with her did she mention your baby, so I'm thinking that things are getting better for her."

"That's amazing," Cory replies, his heart beat coming back down to normal after hearing that Robin is okay. "I was going to go and see her but the receptionist told me that I was on the "do not visit" list."

"The doctor told me that as well," Rebecca replies to him. "She claimed that it was Robin's idea. I'm thinking that she just needs more time to get over everything before she'll be ready to see you."

Cory sighs and looks back at her. "I hope you're right. I really want to see my wife again."

Cory turns around and sees Dominick leaving the coffeehouse. Dominick looks over at Cory and gives him a smile and a nod; Cory continues to glare at him, knowing that this is his fault for letting Robin get to this stage. Had Dominick not tried to fake Robin's death, some of this may not be happening. He will do anything he has to do to ensure that Robin is going to get better.

"Hey, she will get better," Rebecca tells him, drawing Cory's attention back to her.

"I know. I just hate waiting. I really hate waiting," Cory replies to her, growing impatient with the process.


Dominick steps outside and takes a deep breath of the air. He hates that Cory is still upset with him for trying to fake Robin's death so he could send her away so she could get help with her mental problems. He shakes his head trying not to think about that. He just hopes one day Cory and Robin will be able to forgive him.

"Once Robin gets better, my relationship with Cory and Robin will be healed," he whispers to himself, hoping that what is he saying is true.

"You know, they say talking to yourself is the first sign of madness," Frederick tells Dominick as he approaches him.

Dominick arches his eyebrow at Felicia's doctor. "You'd probably be the best one to know that," Dominick quips to him. "Lovely day, isn't it?"

"I'd say so," Frederick nods back to him.

"I was thinking of going to see Felicia in a little while. Have you seen her lately?" Dominick asks him, hoping the doctor can tell him how his wife is doing.

"I have," Frederick replies to him. "And I don't think it's for the best if you visit her right now. She's still very confused about what has happened with Leah in Lake Tahoe. I don't want anyone or anything confusing her."

"And you think I will confuse her?" Dominick asks him, growing concerned about Frederick's decisions regarding Felicia..

"I would rather be there if you visit her. You were there in Lake Tahoe, I don't want anyone filling in the gaps for her. She has to remember what happened on her own. If not, it would be harmful to her recovery."

"Fine, let's schedule a time I can see my wife. I want to see my wife," Dominick reinforces his material status to Frederick. The last thing he wants is for Frederick to dictate to him.

Scene Four - The Robertson House; Jeff & Paige's Home

Felicia opens the front door when she hears the doorbell and gets a smile on her face when she sees her son standing outside. "Tyler!" she gasps, surprised to see him, as it has been years. "When did you get home? I can't believe this is happening."

Tyler hugs her after he moves into foyer of the house. "Let me look at you, come in here," she says grabbing his hand. "It's been so long since I've seen my son. You have no idea how much I've missed you.""

"I'm here Mom," Tyler continues to smile. He hadn't realized how much he had missed his mother until he saw her. "How are you doing? Really? I know that you have had some difficult times in the last little while."

Felicia pats her sons leg as they sit next to each other as she gets water in her eyes. "I miss Leah each and every day," she admits to him, thinking of her daughter. "I still can't believe my beautiful girl is gone."

"I know, it seems surreal," Tyler admits back to her. "I wish I had been here for the memorial service."

"Oh baby," Felicia replies as she looks at him. "I know you do. But you're here now and that's all that matters. Have you seen Paige? You know she's back from Europe. She's so grown up now."

"I haven't seen her but I'm sure I will. I'm really looking forward to seeing her and being a bigger part of your life," he admits to her, knowing he saw her at the reading of Leah's will but he doesn't want to make Felicia think she missed something important about Leah. "I've missed you Mom. I really have missed you."

Felicia bites her lower lip and hugs her son again. "I've missed you too my son. But I'm here and I'm getting better each and every day. Nothing will ever pull our family apart again."

Scene Five - The Calimo Mansion

"Rosario?" Bob calls out as he enters the living room of the mansion and moves to the bar to pour himself a brandy. After the day he has had, he needs to have his brandy. He just hopes that everything is okay at the hospital with Natasha and the baby. He is still worried sick about his daughter and his grandchild. He knows that Robbie didn't want him at the hospital, but the more he thinks about it the more he realizes that he needs to go back to the hospital so he can be with them. If Robbie doesn't like it, then he can leave.

"Yes Mr. Calimo," the maid says as she comes into the living room.

"Have the car pulled back around," he says as he takes another drink of the brandy. "I need to get back to the hospital."

"Yes sir," Rosario replies to him. "Oh, before you go. There was a package delivered for you. I left it on your desk."

"Thank you, thank you Rosario," Bob waves his hand to her and she scurries off to get the car pulled back around. He finishes his brandy and moves over to the desk in the living room. He sees the package sitting on the desk and picks it up. He looks at the address and realizes that it's from the PI that he hired to follow Kim around to see who she was having an affair with. He opens it quickly and pulls out the documents inside in the package.

There is a note and Bob reads it out loud. "Thought you'd like to see this as soon as you possible," he says to himself before he turns the page. In front of him are pictures of Kim and Tyler kissing in the Riverside Delicatessen. Bob feels his blood start to boil as he realizes that Kim was sleeping with Dominick's son. Not only was she sleeping with him, but she's pregnant with his baby. Suddenly, he feels ill.

"Jesus Christ," he whispers to himself, wondering what he is going to do now.

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Shane opens the door to Natasha's hospital room and sees his wife sleeping in her hospital bed. He moves in and sits in the chair next to her as he grabs her hand. "You did it my love," he whispers to her. "Our child is here. I can't wait for you to open your eyes so I can tell you everything."

Natasha stirs in the bed as her eyes slowly start to open. "Hey," Shane smiles to her as he caresses her cheek.

"Shane?" she asks, trying to figure out what is going on. "Where am I?"

"The hospital," he whispers back to her. "Do you remember anything?"

She shakes her head before she looks down and realizes that she doesn't have her large belly anymore. Her eyes open wider and she suddenly jolts up in the bed. "The baby? Where's the baby?"

"You gave birth," he reveals to her. "We have a beautiful son."

Natasha's eyes fill with water. "A son? We had a boy?" she asks in disbelief before she grows more concerned. "It's not too early? Is he going to be okay?"

"He's in ICU, we should be getting an update shortly," Shane tells her. "I'm so proud of you Natasha. You're so strong and brave."

She lays back down as a tear falls from her eye. "I want to see him. I want to see my baby," she says as she cries a little.

"You can shortly," Victoria announces as she comes into the hospital room. "I wanted to give you the update on the baby."

"How is he?" Shane asks Victoria.

"His lungs aren't fully developed yet, so he will be in ICU for a while. He has to stay in the incubator for a few weeks but he should be okay," Victoria reveals to them. "We are monitoring him very closely. While developing the lungs, he's very receptive to infections which is why he has to stay in the incubator. The next couple weeks will be telling."

"So he's out of the woods?" Natasha asks her.

Victoria shakes her head no. "There's no guarantees here. The baby is very early and if his lungs don't develop correctly on their own, there could be long term consequences."

"Oh God," Natasha cries to Shane, who pulls her into a hug. "I want to see my baby. I have to see him."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Frederick finishes buying the Wilkins Estate
- Dawn breaks up a fight between her parents
- Natasha and Shane worry about their baby

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