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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Natasha went into premature labour. Victoria told Shane that they were going to be delivering the baby via c-section. Natasha gave birth to a baby boy
- Frederick decided to buy the Wilkins Estate
- Adam left the visit with Helens parents early as he was tired of Reg constantly putting him down
- Donovan told Craig he'd go out with him only to learn from Craig that he was dating someone
- Jeff told Meggan to stay away from Paige
- Rebecca allowed Cory to see her in her underwear. He was attracted to her

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Shane slowly pushes the wheel chair that Natasha is sitting in through the ICU as they look for their baby's incubator. Natasha is pale and looking weak as she hasn't been able to sleep since she woke up and learned that she had delivered her baby via c-section. Shane has been telling her to keep up her rest but she has insisted of seeing their child. They finally got the okay from the doctors to go and see the baby boy.

"I think there he's right over there," Shane tells Natasha as he continues to push her towards the baby.

They arrive at an incubator and see a small child inside. He's wearing a small blue toque and has some tubes running through his nose. The child is so small it appears as though he would rest comfortably in Natasha's palm.

"He's so small, Shane," Natasha gasps at the sight of her son for the first time. She feels her eyes swell with water at the sight of her tiny baby in this state. She never imagined the first time seeing her baby would be like this. "What are those tubes in his nose?"

"They are helping him breath. Because his lungs are so under developed still, they are there to ensure that he will breathe on his own," Shane informs her. "They are really a preventative measure. You see, he is breathing on his own."

Natasha looks up at her husband. "He's so beautiful Shane," she gasps as she grabs his hand, feeling overwhelmed. "I can't believe we created this beautiful little being."

"He is our little miracle," Shane replies to her as he smiles through a few tears of his own. "I have faith he will be okay. It may be touch and go for the first little while, but he's strong like his mother."

"I'm trying to be strong Shane but ..."

"No buts," Shane stops her. "You are strong and brave. I'm so proud of you for how you've handled this."

She wipes her eyes and looks up at her husband again. "I guess we should give him a name so the nurses can start calling him something other than baby Glubbs."

"We didn't even discuss names ..." he says to her, not sure if he knows what he'd like to call his son, though he has many ideas in his head.

"I know but I was thinking," Natasha replies to him. "How about Jacob, after your father?"

Shane leans down and gives his wife a kiss on the lips. "I love that idea," he says as their lips part.

"Jacob Glubbs," Natasha says as she looks at her son with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes. "I like the ring to that."

Scene Two - The Sugarbowl

Andy puts some sugar into his coffee before he stirs the hot liquid around in his cup. He needs another coffee this morning as he has a splitting headache from his previous night's drinking of whiskey. He didn't realize how much he had drank but he couldn't stop himself from drinking to try to stop himself from thinking about Reese; the pain he is feeling from losing his husband has become too much to bear and he drank his sorrows away. He's not worried by this as he hopes that the pain will slowly start to subside as time goes by.

"I won't drink today," he whispers to himself as he takes a drink of his coffee. "Besides, I'm out of whiskey."

He turns around and is on his way out of the coffeehouse when Frederick and Lukas enter. Frederick immediately spots Andy and approaches him. "Andy Spinnes?" he asks the young man, who looks up.

"That'd be me," Andy replies as Lukas looks over at him.

"Dr. Frederick Richardson," he introduces himself to Andy. "And this is my son Lukas."

"Nice to meet you both," Andy replies to him. "I'm guessing this is more than just a meet and greet since you have sought me out, or so it seems."

"It is," Lukas says back to him confidently. "We are actually here to talk to you about the house that is for sale."

"Oh, actually you should talk to my sister in law Madeline," Andy corrects them. "It's her house that is for sale."

"But we understand that you're living there currently," Frederick tells him as Andy nods back to him.

"I am because I lived there with my husband," he quickly blurts out. "He's dead so I can move out whenever." Suddenly the words that just came out of his mouth and he puts his head down, ashamed he was so brutally honest. "Sorry, I shouldn't have been so blunt."

"It is fine," Lukas tells him. "We are sorry for your loss. We spoke to Madeline and she told us to let you know that we have bought the house."

Andy nods back to them. "I see," he says quickly. "Well, I'll be out as soon as I can. Maybe by the end of the week?"

"Yea, that sounds good," Lukas tells him. "And like we said, we are sorry for your loss."

"I appreciate that, thank you."

Frederick and Lukas watch as Andy leaves the coffeehouse. Frederick turns to Lukas. "Was it just me or did he say his husband died?"

"It wasn't you Dad," Lukas says back to him, thinking that Frederick has no clue about homosexuality.

"Right," Frederick uneasily nods back to him, as Lukas rolls his eyes and realizes this is exactly why he can't come out to his father.

Scene Three - The Victors Mansion; Vinny & Daisy's Home

"So, what's on your agenda for the day?" Daisy asks Vinny as she pours herself another cup of coffee from the pot that rests on the bar cart. She turns around to face her fiancé, who is sitting on the arm chair looking at his phone.

"I have a number of meetings at City Hall today," he winks at her. "Maybe we can grab lunch together?"

"It would have to be an early lunch, I'm in council all afternoon," she replies to him. "But I'd love to have lunch with you."

"Then it's a date," he says as he stands up and moves closer to her to give her a quick kiss.

Meggan enters the living room and clears her throat. She knows that she should feel bad for interrupting but she secretly doesn't. She has something to tell the couple and she is torn about how she really feels about it. On one hand, the fact that Frederick has purchased the Wilkins estate is good for her and her family because it gives them their own space but, on the other hand it means she will be leaving Vinny's and her chances of getting closer to him become that much smaller. She had hopes of trying to end his engagement to Daisy.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything," she fakes a smile on her face as the couple break from their kiss.

"You interrupt? No, never," Daisy quips to her as she takes another sip of her coffee.

"What's going on with you this morning Meggan? It's not often you come out of your wing of the house," Vinny says turning to her to face her, being more civil than Daisy.

She shrugs a little. "I have news that you two need to hear," she reveals to them causing both Vinny and Daisy to turn their attention back to her. "My family has purchased a home, we will be moving out."

Daisy's mouth opens in surprise; this is the last thing she expected Meggan to reveal this morning. "Wow," Daisy finally says back to her. "I was not expecting this news today."

"This is great news," Vinny says, trying to be more civil than Daisy. "Congratulations to you and your family."

"Yes, congratulations." Daisy replies to her. "This is wonderful news."

"I really want to thank you Vinny," Meggan tells him as she comes up to him. "You have been so generous to me and my family. It really means a lot to us. A lot to me."

Daisy shakes her head as she watches Meggan pull him into a tight hug. "I don't know how I will ever repay you."

"You don't have too," Vinny says to her as they exit their embrace and Meggan looks deeply into his eyes.

Scene Four - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

Dawn lays on the bed in her large bedroom listening to the latest Beyonce song on her radio. She can't really hear the song lyrics, though, because she can hear Adam and Helen downstairs having an argument. Dawn hates that her parents are fighting, again, over Reg and Barbara. When Dawn came home and learned that Helen had found her parents, the last thing she thought would happen is it would start to tear her family apart. She believed that having her Grandparents around would be a positive thing, instead it has been the opposite. Dawn feels bad for Adam, though, because she saw how rude Reg was to him and to everyone, really. He is not the grandfather she thought she would be getting. Helen, though, thinks Adam is at fault for leaving the visit early.

She stands up from her bed and moves over to the radio and turns the volume up. She hopes that the increased level of the music will be an indication to her parents that they can hear the fighting and she wants it stop.

"I can't believe that they aren't getting the hint," she says to herself shutting the radio off and moving quickly to the door of the bedroom. She races downstairs and moves into the living room.

"I'm not going to continue to defend myself to your arrogant father!" Adam yells to Helen as Dawn enters the room. Adam notices her and looks at Helen, causing her to look back around and see Dawn. "Dawn, I didn't mean for you to hear that," Adam quickly tells his daughter, lowering her voice.

"Yea, sweetheart, we were just talking," Helen tries to cover her tracks as well.

"Really? Just talking?" Dawn asks them fed-up. "I live in the same house. I heard everything upstairs. Can you guys please stop this fighting? We get it, Dad doesn't like Grandpa and Mom is pissed off about it. Get over yourselves already."

"Dawn!" Adam yells at her, not about to tolerate her tone.

"No, she's right," Helen says looking back at her husband. "Us fighting about this same thing won't change the facts."

"So what do you suggest we do?" Adam replies to her knowing that they can't keep going at the rate that they are.

"I'm going to go back to Baltimore for a little while to see my parents," Helen announces to Adam and Dawn. "Dawn, do you want to come?"

Dawn shakes her head no. "I want to stay here with Dad. No offence Mom but Grandpa was rather rude to Dad. I get why he's pissed off."

Helen looks back at her in surprise. "Well, I guess I will take this time to figure things out with my parents."

"We will be here waiting for you when you get back Mom," Dawn tells her. "Dad and I will be able to reconnect while you're gone, right Dad?"

Adam nods back to her. "Yea, absolutely we can. We love you Helen, don't forget that. This shouldn't come between our family."

"Only it has Adam," Helen snaps back at him before she leaves the room, leaving Adam and Dawn looking each other.

Scene Five - The Sugarbowl

"I haven't gone to see Natasha or the baby yet," Donovan tells his sister as they sit in the coffeehouse, each having a coffee as he thinks about the fact that their half-sister gave birth to a premature baby. "I want to give them space after everything that has happened."

Victoria takes a drink of her of her coffee before she looks back at her brother. "Well, I was there so I can tell you that Natasha is doing well. The baby is still in a tough situation but I think he will be fine too."

"That's good to know," Donovan nods back to her.

"Anyways, let's talk about something else. I need to escape from work for a while," Victoria tells him. "What's going on with you? Are you working on the hospital gala for Mom still?"

Donovan nods back to her. "I'm supposed to be working with Craig Benton," he reveals to his sister.

Victoria arches her eyebrow. "Wasn't he the guy that was asking you out all the time?"

Donovan chuckles back to her. "Yea and when I finally got the nerve to say yes, he told me he was seeing someone else."

Victoria smiles before she takes a drink of her coffee. "Funny how that stuff works out, hey?"

Donovan shakes his head. "It's probably for the best," he replies to her. "I will admit that it has made me start to think of my ex a lot again."

"The guy from Europe?"

"Yea," Donovan admits to her. "I dunno Vic, I don't think I will ever find something or someone like him again."

She reaches over and squeezes his hand. "Oh Donovan," she says back to him. "I hope you do find something that is wonderful. You deserve that much."

Donovan cracks half a smile at her. "If it's meant to be, it will."


Meggan moves to the bar after getting her mocha to put a lid on her cup. She takes a quick drink before she turns around. After telling Daisy and Vinny that her family was moving out of the Victors mansion, she needed to get out and get some air. The last thing she wanted to do was be in the house while Daisy celebrated. She can only imagine what Daisy is doing right now other than bouncing off the walls that she will be out of the house.

"Maybe I'll go for a walk," she tells herself as she moves towards the door. Just as she is about to leave the coffeehouse, the door opens and Jeff comes inside. He stops when he sees her as he quickly recalls seeing her recently and telling her to stay away from Paige. "I was just on my way out," she tells him not wanting to create any problems between the two of them again.

"Sorry, I shouldn't be standing in the doorway," he says back to her. Before he knows what he is saying, he looks back at her. "Look Meggan," he begins to say. "I'm sorry if I was rude to you before when I told you to stay away from Paige. It's just…"

"You don't have to explain anything to me Jeff," she cuts him off not wanting to rehash her past with Noah again. "I understand why you said that to me."

Jeff nods and turns around but something turns him back around to face her again. "For what it's worth Meggan," he says to her. "I can see that you've changed since you've been back in town. I hope you can continue on that path."

Meggan gives him a slight grin. "I will because I'm determined to make my life better. I don't have to rely on my alcoholism to dictate who I am anymore."

"You should be very proud of yourself," he says back to her. "Anyways, I'll let you get on with your day."

"Jeff," she calls out to him as he turns around again. "For what it's worth, I hope you and Paige are coping okay with everything that's going on. I know it's not easy when you lose someone you love. Just know it will get better, okay?"

Jeff nods back to her before he turns around and walks into the lineup. As he waits for his turn, he thinks about Meggan's words; things will get better for him and Paige. Time heals all wounds even though he knows that Leah will always be in his heart. Nothing will ever replace that for him.

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Natasha's room

"How are you doing? And don't lie to me, I can still read you like a book," Cory asks Natasha, who is back in her room laying in her hospital bed. He came to visit his ex-wife and good friend after he learned that she gave birth prematurely. Despite being divorced, they have remained good friends.

Natasha smiles back at Cory, glad that he has come to check on her. "I'm tired but good. Jacob is amazing. I just got back from seeing him."

"Jacob?" Cory asks.

"After Shane's father," she replies to him.

"It's a nice name," Cory tells her. "You have this glow to you. It must be a new mother thing."

Natasha blushes back to him. "One day it will happen for you too Cory," she says back to him, knowing that his daughter died when Robin gave birth to her. "Sorry, I shouldn't have say that."

Cory sighs and looks back at her. He doesn't want to dwell on the past with her right now. "It's fine, Nat, really. How long are they expecting Jacob to have to stay in ICU?"

"Hopefully not too long," she tells him. "The doctors just want his lungs to develop a little bit more before they release him. Shane is still with him now."

"Can you believe this is has all happened to us?" Cory says with a laugh to her. "You're a mother and I'm …"

"You're a good man Cory," she tells him. "I have faith that once Robin gets out of the hospital, you and her will pick up where you left off and maybe even try for another baby."

"I hope you're right," Cory nods back to her. "I'm just glad you're okay and that Bradley will be okay."

Natasha grabs Cory's hand and squeezes it. "I'm so grateful that you're still in my life Cory. And that you will be a part of Jacob's life too."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," he smiles back to her.

At the doorway, Shane looks through the window on the door. He sees his wife holding hands with her ex-husband. Shane sighs knowing that he shouldn't be jealous but he can't help it when he sees Cory and Natasha together.


In the waiting room, Rebecca sits in a chair waiting for Cory to be finished visiting Natasha. She came to the hospital with him because they had plans to grab some food afterwards. She smiles to herself knowing how things have progressed lately. She knows that Cory has saw her in her underwear and then in her bikini; when Cory spoke to her about it he called her attractive. Then, she offered to go visit Robin when she stopped taking Cory's telephone calls. She did so and everything is seemingly good with Robin.

She reaches in her purse and finds her telephone. She dials a number and puts the receiver to her ear.

"Hey it's me," she says into the phone. "Look, I don't have much time but everything is going accordingly to plan … I know Melissa, trust me, I know exactly what I'm doing … Yea, I will be in touch. Okay, bye Mom."

She hangs up the phone and quickly puts it back to her purse. She knows exactly what she has to do next.

"And nothing will stop me from doing that," she says to herself as she purses her lips together.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Shane tells Natasha he's still accepting the COS job
- Chris and Trenyce catch up
- Felicia begins to remember the events in Lake Taho

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