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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Bob saw photographs of Kim and Tyler kissing. Disgusted that his wife was sleeping with Dominick's son, Bob arranged for a romantic dinner setting at the Calimo mansion and invited both Kim and Tyler. Kim and Tyler arrived and wondered who set up the evening after realizing it was neither of them
- Robbie and Felicia told Paige that Jeff was responsible for Leah's death
- Frederick was with Felicia when she had a flash memory of when Leah was killed in Lake Tahoe
- Donovan agreed to represent Robertson Enterprises in planning the hospital gala. Eva informed him he would have to work with Craig
- Eva wondered about her future with Dominick since he's not legally divorced from Felicia

Scene One - The Calimo Mansion

The dark sky outside allows the roaring fireplace in the Calimo mansion living room to create light and warming glow to the room. Tyler continues to look at the very pregnant Kim in front of him and wonders why he was invited to the mansion. He recalls getting a text message from Kim asking him to join her for dinner, however when he arrived she claimed that she had not asked him to the mansion.

"I'm not sure I understand," he whispers to her, as some candles flicker around them. "If you didn't ask me here, then who did?"

Kim sighs and looks at her former lover wondering the same thing that he just asked her. She suddenly sees Bob emerge from behind Tyler and she feels her heart skip a beat at the sight of her husband.

"Aren't you going to answer him?" Bob asks in a low, stern voice.

Tyler turns around and looks at his former boss. "It was you? But why would you ask me here?" Tyler asks him, trying to figure out what kind of game Bob is playing. The entire evening is a mystery.

"I'd like to know the same thing," Kim says back to her husband. "The last time we were with Tyler, you basically told him to stay out of our lives. After all the lies he told us with his fake identity, I would think the last thing you'd want to do is invite him into our home. And with candle light dinner, no less."

Bob gets a devilish grin on his face. "How about some champagne?" he asks as he walks over to the table where the champagne is chilling. "I, of course, have some sparkling water for you Kim. I wouldn't want you to drink in your condition."

"I don't understand this Bob," Kim replies to him as he passes around the champagne and Kim her sparkling water. "What is going on? What are we toasting?"

Bob raises his glass and looks at his wife and then Tyler. "To my wife and the man she had an affair with," Bob informs them as he takes a drink of his champagne. "And, to the father of her baby."

Kim's face goes pale as she looks at Bob and then over at Tyler. "Is this some kind of sick joke?"

"No, my dear, this is not a joke," Bob's demeanor suddenly becomes darker. "I know that you've been fucking my enemy's son. And I know that he is the father of her your baby."

Kim lets a tear fall out of her eye, devastated that the truth has come out. She shakes her head no. "No, Bob, no! He's not the father. You're the father of my baby. I love you!"

Bob glares back at her. "You have no fucking concept of the word love. You slept with this creep! This man who is Dominick's son! Do you think I will ever forgive you after this?"

"Wait a minute," Tyler says interrupting Bob, trying to understand everything that has just been revealed.

"I don't want to hear your voice!" Bob yells at him. "This is between Kimberly and I."

"No, it's not, not if I'm the father of the baby," Tyler raises his voice back to Bob.

"That's impossible," Kim says, wiping her eyes. "Bob, my husband, is the father of my baby."

"That's where you're wrong Kim," Bob says in a haunting whisper. "Because me being the father of your baby is impossible."

Scene Two - The Pampa Grill

"This was a nice surprise," Eva smiles to Dominick as they sit across from each other in the restaurant. "I wasn't expecting to get to have dinner with you this evening."

Dominick picks up his glass of red wine and looks over at the woman he is in love with. "We both have to eat, it's always better to do together, don't you think?"

Eva nods back to him. "I've been meaning to ask you," he says to her. "How are Natasha and the baby?"

Eva gets a huge smile on her face at the thought of her grandson. "She's named him Jacob," she informs Dominick. "He's still small and his lungs are developing but he's so precious. And Natasha seems to be doing well. I think once she's released from the hospital she will feel even better about things. She can focus all of her energy on Jacob and helping him grow."

"That's great to hear," Dominick replies to her. "I know that the doctors will do everything they can to make sure Jacob's lungs develop properly."

"I hope so," Eva says back to him as she takes a sip of her wine. "How are you? I know things can't be easy for you right now with Robin being in the mental facility and Leah being…" she stops herself before she says the words out loud knowing that it is still a sensitive subject for him.

Dominick looks up at her and feels the blood drain from his face. He hates that Leah is gone forever and people are walking on eggshells with him still. He knows that nothing will ever bring his daughter back.

"I'm fine," he tries to reassure her. "I'm really just trying to move forward and think about happier things."

"Anything in particular?"

"Tyler, my son, he's home," Dominick reveals to Eva, who looks back at him in surprise. "It will never bring Leah back but at least my son is back in my life."

"That's wonderful news," she replies to him. "Felicia must be happy as well."

Dominick arches his eyebrow knowing that Frederick recently told him not to visit Felicia alone as the doctor is worried that someone will slip and reveal what happened in Lake Tahoe to Felicia instead of letting her memories come back on their own.

"Do you know where you and your wife stand currently?" Eva asks him, as Dominick stays deep in thought. The last thing Eva wants to do is come between Dominick and Felicia if they want to be together; in fact, if Felicia wants their marriage to work, Eva will happily step aside. She doesn't want to hurt a woman who has been mentally unstable for years.

Dominick chuckles a little with her. "There is no status to tell you," he says back to her. "I want to be with you and nothing has changed."

Eva gives him half a smile wondering what that really means. It's like Dominick is dodging the question at hand.

"What's more troubling to me is that Frederick doesn't seem to think it's a good idea for me to see Felicia right now," he reveals back to Eva, changing the subject.

"Why not?"

"He seems to think that I could slip and reveal what happened in Lake Tahoe to Felicia before her memory comes back," Dominick informs her. "He wants Felicia's memories to come back all on their own."

"That doesn't seem unreasonable," Eva replies to him.

"I know," Dominick agrees. "It's just the way Frederick told me. I don't know, maybe I'm being over protective but I still don't trust that man. I think he's up to something."

Scene Three - The Sugarbowl

Frederick moves to the coffee bar with his coffee to add some cream to his hot liquid. As he stirs his coffee, he can't help but think back to earlier in the day when he was with Felicia and she claimed to have a memory flash of seeing Leah in Lake Tahoe. He knows that when her entire memory returns, Felicia will be devastated all over again because she will realize how much of a role she played in her daughter's death. He needs to be there when that happens so he can ensure she deals with it accordingly.

"Oh Felicia," he whispers to himself. "What am I going to do with you?" he asks himself as he moves over to the window bar and has a seat. He looks out at the quiet street and tries to collect his thoughts.

"If I tell you about Lake Tahoe before your memory comes back, you may not believe me," he thinks out loud to himself. "But if I wait until your memory comes back, you could be completely shattered because you kidnapped Leah."

Frederick sees the pros and cons of doing both but he knows that he should stay on course with letting her memory come back on its own.

"I will be there to help you when your memory returns," he says to himself. "In reality, none of this would be happening if it hadn't been for you Dominick. You have no idea what you've done to Felicia. If anything else happens to her, so help me God you will pay. I will see to it that you pay for hurting Felicia."


In the back booth, Daisy and Trenyce sit across from each other. Trenyce is picking away at a brownie and Daisy has a latte.

"I'm not sure why you wanted to come her for dessert," Trenyce admits to her aunt as she puts some of her brownie in her mouth.

"Are you saying you don't love the brownies here?" Daisy winks over at her with a slight chuckle.

"They are the best in the town," Trenyce laughs back at her. "Seriously though, this is nice. We don't get to spend one on one time together very much anymore."

"I know and that has to change," Daisy replies to her. Daisy thinks back to earlier in the day when she saw Savannah and Savannah revealed that she was seeing Chris. Daisy immediately thought of when she saw Chris and Trenyce talking about some plan. Even though Trenyce and Chris explained that to Daisy, she still has a hunch that something more is going on. Daisy just hopes that it doesn't involve Savannah.

"You look a million miles away," Trenyce interrupts Daisy's train of thought. "Where'd you go just now?"

Daisy sighs and looks back over at her niece. "I want you to be very honest with me. Can you do that?"

"Of course I can," Trenyce replies to her. "What's going on?"

"I saw Savannah earlier today," Daisy reveals to her.

"So?" Trenyce looks back at her with confusion.

"She admitted to me that she and Chris are growing closer," Daisy says as Trenyce puts her head down and looks at her half eaten brownie. "I think they may be dating."

"I think Chris mentioned that to me as well," Trenyce says, still not making eye contact with her aunt.

"Trenyce," Daisy says as Trenyce looks up at her aunt. "If this is a part of that plan I heard you and Chris talking about, it has to stop. Savannah has been through a lot, she doesn't need to be hurt any more than she already has been. It's time we all start moving forward."

"I couldn't agree more," Trenyce says back to her. "If they are dating, there's nothing I can do. But I promise you Daisy, I'm not in any plan with Chris. There is nothing going on."

Unbeknownst to Daisy and Trenyce, Frederick is listening to their conversation now. He arches his eyebrow and wonders what they are talking about. What plan and how is Savannah involved? He asks himself before he quickly leaves the coffeehouse before either of them see him.

"I hope you're right," Daisy says back to her.

Trenyce nods uneasily knowing that she has to figure out a way for Chris to listen to her and stop this plan he has against Savannah before someone gets hurts or learns the truth.

"Trust me," Trenyce smiles back to her. "I am."

Scene Four - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Craig's Office

"I think these look pretty good," Craig says feeling exhausted, as he puts some papers down on his desk and looks over at Donovan, who is sitting on the sofa in his office. The two have been brainstorming ideas for the hospital gala that is coming up in a few weeks.

"Yea, I think so too," Donovan says looking up from his IPad that he was making some notes on.

"Did we just agree on something the first time?" Craig asks with a little chuckle.

"I think we did," Donovan says looking at him. "See, we can work together."

Craig stands up and moves over to the sofa and sits next to him. "Yea, we can. We make a pretty good team. This gala will be amazing."

"I just hope Dominick and Eva think so," Donovan says with a laugh.

Craig shrugs. "Dominick, you should care what he thinks. But I don't care what Eva thinks. I know she's your mother and everything but she's not going to be my boss for much longer."

"Fair enough," Donovan laughs back at him. Donovan turns and looks at Craig and their eyes lock on each other before Donovan turns his head, his cheeks blushing from being so close to Craig. "So, when do I get to meet your boyfriend?"

Craig looks forward and sighs a little knowing that he was, despite having a boyfriend, still flirting with Donovan. Of course, Craig thinks, Donovan has to bring up his boyfriend.

"I guess we'll have to arrange a formal meeting since you keep asking," Craig winks back over to him.

Donovan shrugs. "It's not that," he says. "I just…"

Craig moves his hand on to Donovan's leg. "It's just what?"

Donovan looks over at him and smiles. "It's just that, I like to meet new people all the time. And you and I seem to have become friends, so of course I'd like to meet the guy that has captured your eyes."

Craig nods back to him. "Mmhmm, well like I said, we'll have to arrange something."

"Yea, sure," Donovan says as he stands up and begins to collect his things. "I will send you an email tomorrow covering everything we went over tonight about the gala."

"Sounds good," Craig replies to him.

Donovan finishes collecting his things and heads to the door. He looks back at Craig, who is watching him. "Have a good night Craig," Donovan says before he leaves the office. Once he closes the office door, Donovan leans up against it for a moment and shuts his eyes. He could feel the chemistry with Craig, but he refuses to get involved with a man that has a boyfriend. For a moment, he thinks about his ex from Europe and sighs before he opens his eyes. Despite flirting with Craig, he still can't shake the ex from his past, the man who broke his heart.

"Maybe love just isn't my thing," he whispers to himself as he walks over to the elevators. One door opens and Donovan enters the elevator. Just as his elevator door closes, the elevator beside his opens and Lukas steps off the elevator.

Lukas looks around before he continues to walk into the hospital and makes his way towards Craig's office.

Scene Five - The Claus House; Jeff, Paige & Felicia's Home

Paige pours herself a glass of water and takes a drink of it. She sets her glass back down on the bar and looks around the living room of her childhood home. She still can't believe that she's back from Europe but Leah is no longer living in the house with her. She moves a piece of hair behind her ear as she walks over to the fireplace mantel. She picks up a picture of herself, Leah and Jeff. She shakes her head quickly before she puts the picture back.

While she is struggling with the death of her mother, Paige also can't help but recall what Robbie and Felicia recently told her: they blame Jeff for the death of Leah. While Paige never thought of that before, what Robbie and Felicia were claiming does have some truth to it. Had Jeff not pressured Leah into going to Lake Tahoe to get married, Leah would be alive today.

"They're right," she says as she gets some water in her eyes. "He did do this!"

"Hey, Paige, what's going on kiddo?" Jeff asks as he walks into the living room.

She turns around to face him, her face red and eyes watery. "Oh, sweetie, are you thinking of your mother?" Jeff asks her as he moves closer to her. "I actually had a rough day too. Do you want to talk about it? It might help."

She shakes her head no as she looks at him. "I can't believe you," she whispers as she wipes a tear from her eye.

"What?" Jeff asks confused by his daughter's comment. "What did I do to upset you?"

"You're the reason Mom is dead!" Paige yells at him as more tears flow from her eyes. "If you hadn't been so dead set on getting married in Lake Tahoe, Mom would still be alive today!"

"Paige," Jeff says back to her, hoping he can try to calm her down. "Listen to me now."

"NO!" she screams as he moves to try to comfort her. "Don't touch me! This is ALL your fault! You killed my mother!"

Before Jeff can reply, Paige rushes out of the room and upstairs. He shakes a little when he hears her bedroom door slam shut. Jeff feels his eyes get watery now as well. He shakes his head. "She can't really think that I did this? Can she?" he asks himself, shocked by her outburst. "No, she's just lashing out. She'll come around," he tries to reassure himself. "She has too."

Scene Six - The Calimo Mansion

"It's not impossible Bob, you are the father of my baby!" Kim pleads with her husband, needing both men to understand what she is saying. There is no way Tyler is the father of her child.

Bob takes another drink of his champagne before he looks at her. "Do you remember a few months ago when I had to go to the hospital for that minor operation?" he asks her, as Kim nods back to him. "I didn't want to tell you what it was because I didn't want to upset you at the time," he continues to inform her.

"I remember," Kim replies to him, trying to stay calm, but trying to figure out what he is getting at.

"I had a vasectomy," he reveals as her mouth opens in shock. "So, you see, as soon as you told me you were pregnant, I knew that you had cheated on me."

Kim shakes her head and looks back at him. "I can't believe you'd do that behind my back!"

"Don't try to make this into my fault!" Bob yells back at her. "I had to know the truth! I had to know who you slept with behind my back. Little did I know, it was our former pool boy!"

"It just happened Bob," Tyler tries to defend their actions to him. "Neither one of us set out to hurt you."

Bob laughs at Tyler's comments. "That's rich," he laughs back to Tyler. "You knew that screwing my wife would another knife into my back. I bet your father put you up to this, didn't he?"

"No," Tyler says, grinding his teeth. "My father doesn't have to tell me that Kim is a beautiful woman who was being neglected from her husband."

"Now you watch your mouth," Bob says pointing his finger at Tyler.

"Bob, I'm so sorry," Kim interrupts them as she moves closer to her husband. She grabs his arm, but forces her off of him and she falls to the ground. "Please Bob, please forgive me."

"Pick yourself up Kimberly," Bob spits at her, as Tyler moves over to help her.

"Don't touch me Tyler!" Kim screams at him. "Bob, please! I love you! We can make this work!"

"Make this work?" Bob yells at her, as he looks at her on the floor. "I want a divorce Kimberly! And by the time I'm done with you, you won't have anything left! You betrayed me! You betrayed us! And for what? A romp in the hay with this punk? It's over! You hear me? It's over!"

"Bob please," she cries as he starts to walk out of the room. "Don't leave me, please don't go!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Andy moves back into his condo
- Savannah has a surprising revelation for Chris
- Natasha is alone when Jacob makes improvements

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