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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Natasha was upset with Shane when he revealed that he accepted the Chief of Staff position, despite their son Jacob, being in ICU as he was born premature
- Daisy asked Trenyce not to hurt Savannah. Chris and Savannah, meanwhile, continued to grow closer
- Meggan and her family moved out of Vinny's house and into the Wilkins estate. Meggan and Jeff started being civil to each other
- Rebecca and Cory continued to grow closer while Robin was away at the mental facility
- Helen went back to Baltimore to visit her parents after Dawn broke up a fight between her and Adam
- Andy drank heavily after Reese passed away

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"How is he doing? He looks like he is getting bigger," Natasha says to a nurse, as she looks at Jacob, who is laying in his incubator in ICU. Natasha hopes that Jacob is making progress because there's nothing more that she would like than to take him home so she can start being a real mother to her. She feels like so much of her time is spent worrying about Jacob; she just wants this part of her life to be over and try to get back to normal.

"He is getting better," the nurse smiles back to her. "He just got back from his latest test results and his lungs are doing better than we had hoped. It shouldn't be too much longer before he gets to go home, as long as he continues to develop at the rate he is. We have to ensure he doesn't get any infections, he's very prone to them right now."

Natasha feels her heart warm and she gets tears in her eyes. "That's fantastic news," she whispers to the nurse, who nods her head before walking away. Natasha turns her attention to Jacob. "You hear that my little man? You're getting bigger and stronger each and every day," she says as a tear falls down her cheek. She quickly wipes it away. "Now that Mommy has been discharged from the hospital, it's time for you to do get well so you can come home too. We have to be a family together."

Natasha looks at her son, who is sleeping still. She thinks back to her last conversation with Shane; he has decided to take the Chief of Staff position, despite of everything that is currently going on with them. It was bad enough that Natasha felt like Shane's priorities may not be the same before Jacob was born; now that they have a premature baby, she feels like it will be even more of a challenge for Shane to be a full time father, husband and be the Chief of Staff.

"It would have been so nice if your Dad was here to hear the news of you getting better, hey little man?" Natasha whispers to her son. "He will be so proud of you. He will want to know," she shakes her head thinking that this could be how their future is from now on; Natasha and Jacob alone and her wanting for Shane to be there.

"I hope he changes his mind," she says to herself. "I really hope he changes his mind."

Scene Two - The Sugarbowl

Vinny grabs his coffee and moves to the coffee bar. Just as he finishes putting his lid on his coffee, he moves it to his mouth and takes a drink needing the caffeine fix this morning.

"Looks like we had the same idea," Meggan announces to Vinny as she comes up to the bar and puts her coffee down and pours some cream into it. "It's going to be a long day, I can feel it."

Vinny looks over at his ex-wife and nods back to her. "I'm guessing you're moving today?" he asks her, knowing that Meggan, Lukas and Frederick have bought the Wilkins estate and thus will be moving out of his house.

Meggan sighs. "The worst day ever," she says with half a chuckle. "Not that I'm sad to be leaving your house, I know you and Daisy want your space. It's just … I hate packing and unpacking."

Vinny looks back at her and arches his eyebrow. "What? What is that look for?" she asks him with a sly grin on her face.

Vinny shrugs his shoulders. "Let's be honest here Meggan, you're not going to be doing any moving. I'm sure you've hired people to do that for you."

Meggan laughs. "You know me too well," she winks back to him. "Seriously though, I want to thank you again for letting my family and I stay with you for so long. You've been very generous."

Vinny smiles back to her. "I'm glad I could help. And despite you and my fiancé not getting along, I hope we can be friends."

Meggan laughs because she knows her and Daisy not getting along is an understatement. "Maybe if she sees me with someone new she will lighten up," Meggan reveals to Vinny, who again gives her a second look. The last thing he thought he would hear from Meggan is that she is interested in a new man.

"Is there someone in particular that you're seeing?" he asks her, curious by her remark.

Meggan shakes her head no. "Not right now but I have been seeing a lot of Jeff Claus lately," she admits to him, causing Vinny to arch his eyebrow.

"You know just lost his wife, right?"

"I know," Meggan replies with half a grin. "I'm just saying we are spending time together. He's leaning on me in this rough time. It'll probably turn into friendship, but it's nice to have company."

Vinny nods back to her, not sure if he likes the feeling he has in the pit of his stomach. Meggan can see from the look on his face that she has gotten to Vinny, which makes her pleased.

"Anyways, I will see you around Vinny. I need to go and start overseeing the movers," Meggan winks at him. She turns when she's at the door to make sure he was watching her leave. Outside she smiles to herself, "Mission accomplished."

Scene Three - The Tower's, Floor One; Andy's Condo

Andy opens the door to the condo he and Kim shared for so many years. He steps inside and looks around. Much of the furniture is still inside, he just has to put in some of his personal touches to the space again. He pulls his suitcase inside the condo and then shuts the door. He has moved out of the Wilkins estate as Frederick and his family bought the house from Madeline so he has moved back into the condo. He doesn't mind, though, as the house was filled with memories of Reese everywhere he looked.

He looks at the living room and quickly sees a picture on the bookshelf of him and Reese. He moves closer to the picture and realizes that it's from a few years earlier. "Kim must have left this here when she moved into the Calimo mansion," he whispers to himself as he picks up the picture. He looks at the smiles on his and Reese's faces.

"We were so happy," he says as he places the picture back on the shelf. "How did we get to this point?"

He quickly moves into the kitchen and opens a cupboard to find a glass. He moves to his suitcase and opens it, quickly finding his bottle of whiskey. He pours himself a whiskey into the glass and quickly drinks it all. He finds himself pouring another one before he moves back into the kitchen. He opens the freezer on the fridge.

"Of course there's no ice," he says rolling his eyes. "Guess whiskey neat will have to do."

He finishes his glass and pours himself another one. He moves back over to the picture on the shelf of him and Reese. Andy raises his glass and looks at the picture. "Welcome home," he whispers before he drinks his whiskey again.

Scene Four - The Graveyard

Trenyce slowly walks through the graveyard on the autumn day. The leaves on the trees are turning bright reds, oranges and yellows. Some of the trees have already started to lose their leaves; a clear indication that winter is right around the corner, which is the furthest thing from Trenyce's mind.

Trenyce keeps moving on the pathway, her head is filled with thoughts about this plan that Chris came up with to try to get Andrew back from Savannah. It all began after the judge awarded Savannah custody of the young boy; Chris was determined to get Andrew back so he decided to woo Savannah to the point where he will ask her to marry him. Once they are married, he will have access to Andrew and then divorce her, and sue for custody again. Trenyce knows that Chris is in over his head at this point as he has taken Savannah to bed many times. To make matters worse, Daisy overheard Trenyce and Chris talking about their plan and is now asking Trenyce to stop whatever it is before Savannah gets hurt. How Daisy it altogether, Trenyce doesn't know but she hates lying to Aunt.

Trenyce moves off the paved pathway and moves into the graveyard itself. She moves quickly to a newer tombstone. She looks down at Reese's gravesite and kneels down to place some flowers at the base of the tombstone.

"Reese," Trenyce says as tears fill her eyes. "I can't believe you're not here anymore. I miss you so much," she says to her friend as she moves her hand and touches the tombstone. "You always gave me the best advice when I needed it and I feel like I need it right now."

Trenyce wipes a tear off her cheek. "You see, I think I'm doing something that I know I shouldn't be and I don't know how to stop," Trenyce tells the tombstone. "I've been trying to convince Chris to let go of this plan with Savannah but … I don't know how."

"I just feel like everything is spinning out of control," Trenyce continues to tell him. "And of course, there's Andy and he's not dealing with you not being here very well. He continues to shut me out and I … I wish you were here," Trenyce says as more tears stroll out of her eyes. "I wish you hadn't left us when everyone here still needs you so much."

Trenyce stops talking as her weeping takes over. Suddenly, she feels a hand touch her shoulder. Trenyce looks up and sees Lukas standing above her. Trenyce stands up and finds herself collapsing into her new friends arms as her weeping increases.

Scene Five - Chris' Townhouse

"I hope you're not mad at me," Savannah says as she sits on the sofa in Chris' townhouse and he brings her a glass of red wine. She just revealed to Chris that she happened to tell Daisy that they were seeing each other. Savannah just hopes that she hasn't jumped the gun on telling anyone, more importantly Chris' ex-wife.

"I'm not mad," Chris replies to her as he sits next to her and they toast their wine glasses together. "In fact, I'm actually a little surprised."

Savannah finishes swallowing her mouthful of wine before she looks back at him. "Why are you surprised?"

Chris winks at her. "Because it means we are officially an item if you're telling people."

Savannah smiles back at him. "Well, I do enjoy spending time with you. You've really made me feel like a woman again. I haven't felt this way in a very long time."

Chris moves closer to her. "I like making you feel like a woman," he says as he lips move to her neck. This is the part of the plan Chris enjoys; he can't help but be genuinely attracted to Savannah.

Savannah giggles as she puts her wine glass down before she puts her hand on Chris' neck, pushing him closer to her. He looks at her and they kiss passionately.

Their lips part for a moment and she looks at him. "I …"

"What?" he says, his eyes full of lust. "What is it?"

"I think I'm falling in love with you," she admits to him, as she feels her cheeks turn red as she hasn't felt this way in a long time.

Chris kisses her again and then looks at her, thrilled that she is felling him this. "I'm falling in love with you too," he replies to her, smiling at her, knowing that his plan is working. "Now, where were we?" he says as he leans in and kisses her again.

Scene Six - The Tower's, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin's Home

Cory moves to the bar and pours himself a gin and tonic. He takes a drink as he thinks about Robin being alone in the mental facility. He knows that it's the best place for his wife to get better but he misses her especially since she has stopped talking his calls. He just wishes he could communicate with her again. He takes another drink of his gin and tonic before he sighs.

"One day, you will come back to me Robin," he says to himself as he moves back to the sofa. He turns around when he hears the front door open. Rebecca comes into the penthouse wearing a workout outfit that consists of tights and a sports bra. She has a white towel wrapped around her neck.

"At the gym?" he asks as she moves into the living room, wiping her forehead with a towel.

"Yea, you know this building has great amenities," she says as she moves to the bar and pours herself a glass of water. She turns around to face him. "What's wrong? You look a little down."

"Nah," Cory replies to her, unable to not check her out in her tight clothing. "I was just thinking about Robin."

She finishes her water and puts her glass down. "I know it's been difficult for you," she says as she comes up to him. "Just know that she is getting better each and every day. When I saw her, I could tell that she was slowly coming back to us Cory. We just have to be patient."

Cory nods back to her. "Yea, I'm trying to be patient. I guess there's a lot of things that I miss about her."

"I'm here for you Cory," she relies to him as she moves closer to him again. She finds herself putting her hand on his cheek. "I meant it Cory, whatever you need, I'm here for you."

Cory looks back at her and finds his hand overlapping hers, which is still on his face. He shuts his eyes and she moves closer to him. He opens his eyes and sees Rebecca standing in front of him.

Before he knows what is happening, he leans in and kisses her on the lips. The kiss lasts for only a minute and they quickly part ways afterwards. He looks at her before she moves in and kisses him passionately again.

Scene Seven - The Mills House, Baltimore; Reg & Barbara's Home

"I'm glad that you decided to come back so soon after the last visit," Barbara tells Helen as she passes her daughter a cup of tea as they sit in the living room.

Helen takes the tea and quickly takes a sip of it. She recalls how she and Adam were having more and more arguments because Adam didn't appreciate Reg or Reg's attitude towards him. Their fights continued to escalate until Dawn broke up a fight and Helen decided to come back to Baltimore to give her and her family some space. She wants to be with her parents and wished that Adam understood that.

"I didn't like how we left things," Helen replies to her mother. "I never wanted to leave as quickly as I did."

"Well, it's understandable as to why you did," Barbara tells her as she moves to the sofa to sit next to her daughter. "Your husband left without you. Of course, you had to follow him home to make sure everything was alright. Is everything alright?"

Helen takes another sip of her tea before she sighs to her mother. She looks over and feels herself get water in her eyes. "Oh Helen, please tell me what's going on," Barbara says as she sits her tea cup down and grabs her daughter's hand.

Helen shakes her head feeling silly for getting so emotional about things. "It's just," she begins to tell her mother. "Adam really felt strongly about the way Reg spoke about him and the way he speaks to you," Helen reveals to her. "I don't know that Adam will ever be able to accept Dad for who he is."

Barbara nods back to her. "You know dear," Barbara says back to her. "Your father is very set in his ways. We come from a different generation. He means very well though," she tells Helen. Barbara is not one that would speak ill of anyone, especially her husband.

"What's this that Adam doesn't like me?" Reg asks as he moves into the living room and quickly makes his way to his arm chair. "I'll have my tea now Barbara!" he barks at Barbara.

Barbara quickly pours him a cup of tea and passes it to her husband. He sets it down and quickly lights a cigarette, quickly inhaling and then breathing a sigh of relief.

"I'm sorry you had to find out this way Dad," Helen tells him, hoping that Reg understands.. "But yes, it's true. Adam doesn't like the way you speak to Mom or the way you spoke to him."

"Why's that?" Reg asks as he inhales some smoke. "Because I speak the truth? I don't have time for bullshit and nonsense. Adam was full of both."

Helen doesn't know what to say back to her father. She picks up her tea cup and takes a drink. "These people that don't like me, they're the ones that lose out. And you know what Helen? You've lost so much time with your mother and I, he should be happy that we have reconnected. What else is there in this world other than family? I don't know how you can put up with him."

Helen looks back at him. "I love him very much Dad," she informs him. "I just … I hate that we are all fighting about this."

"Oh Helen," Barbara replies to her. "I think we can all agree that we want this work out."

"Speak for yourself!" Reg yells at his wife. "If that loser doesn't like me, he's not welcome in this home!"

"Reg!" Barbara yells back at him.

"Please! No more fighting," Helen says, thinking of her time back with Adam at home where they were fighting all the time as well.

Suddenly, Reg starts coughing a lot. Helen and Barbara look over at him, thinking he has inhaled too much smoke but they realize that his face is bright red and he's having trouble breathing.

"Dad?" Helen asks as she moves closer to him. "Dad, can you hear me?"

Suddenly the coughing stops and Reg slumps over in his chair. "Oh my God! Mom, call 911!"

Scene Eight - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Natasha opens the door to Shane's office and sees her husband sitting at his desk. He looks like he has a mountain of paper work in front of him but Natasha still enters. Shane finally looks up when he hears the door close behind her.

"Oh Natasha," he says to her. "I was just on my way down to see you and Jacob. How is he?"

Natasha rolls her eyes, fed up with the lack of presence from her husband. "If you had been with me earlier, you would know," she spits back to him, knowing that thing will only get worse with Shane being Chief of Staff.

"I'm sorry, I just had all of this work to do," he says back to her.

"Of course and this was my fear all along," she replies to him. "You haven't even taken over as COS yet but the work load has started."

"I can tell that you're upset."

"Upset? You weren't there when I was discharged and you weren't there to hear the news that Jacob is doing extremely well," Natasha continues to lash out at him. "Yea, I'd say I'm upset. I feel like I'm in this alone."

"You know that's not true Nat," he says standing up and coming up to her. "I'm just trying to make this all work."

Natasha nods back to him. "Well, I've been discharged. I am going home to shower and change before I come back. I still want to be with Jacob as much as possible."

"That's a good idea," Shane tells her. "Do you want me to come with you? Maybe we could grab a bite to eat together or something."

"No, stay here," she says back to him. "You have all that work to do."

Shane sighs as he watches Natasha leave his office. He runs his hands over his face wondering how he will be able to repair the damage to his fragile marriage. He wishes he knew how to make Natasha see how much this job meant to him and that he still cares about her and Jacob too.

"I have to get you to see this Natasha," he whispers to himself. "We've been through too much for you not to understand."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Helen and Barbara learn that Reg had a stroke
- Adam and Natasha are together when a horrifying incident occurs
- Lukas lays a shocker on Trenyce

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