Episode 31 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Scene 1
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital

The warm sun shines brightly over the town. A beautiful summer day enchants Twin Peaks. A slight breeze takes away some of the heat of the sun.

At Twin Peaks General Hospital, Cory Calvin pulls his black sports car into the parking lot. He pulls up to the main entrance. His wife, Robin Navy opens her door and slams it shut. She turns and sees Cory parking the car.

She turns and proceeds to enter the hospital. Memories of the disturbing phone call race through her mind.


"Why are you calling? Is something wrong?" Robin asks, getting concerned.

"We aren’t sure. She’s in the hospital getting checked out. She wanted me to call you." Jason tells her.

"We are on our way!" Robin says, hanging up.

Robin turns to Cory. "We have to turn around. Rebecca’s in the hospital."

Cory is stunned. "I hope she’s alright," he says, as he turns the car around.

[End of Flash]

Robin shakes her head, and tries to reassure herself that Rebecca is fine. She enters an elevator and pushes the number three button.

The elevator slowly starts. Robin leans back against the wall. "She’ll be fine. I know she will be," she whispers to herself.

The elevator door lets out a quiet "ding" as they open. Robin rushes out. She turns to her left and walks quickly down the hall. She looks up and sees that she has gone the wrong way.

"Great, I’m in the doctor’s offices. Not the patient exam rooms," she says to herself. Robin turns the corner and stops dead in her tracks.

In front of her stands her husband’s dead wife...Natasha!

Robin freezes. Natasha slowly turns around. "Robin?" Natasha asks.

"Oh....my....God," Robin says getting tears in her eyes. "Natasha? You’re....alive? This can’t be happening." Robin says, covering her eyes.

"Robin. I know this is a shock. But I am alive, and I am back to get my life back." Natasha says calmly.

Robin lifts her hand from her face. Tears have ruined her mascara. "What exactly do you mean ‘your life back’? You do realize that Cory has moved on."

"I’ve been informed that Cory has married again. To you, no less."

"How dare you!" Robin spits. "Stay away from my husband Natasha. Go back to being dead!" Robin says before rushing off.

Natasha takes a deep breath after Robin leaves. "Well, things are about to get very interesting," she says to herself.

Scene 2
Setting: The Roboto Offices; Leah’s Office

Leah Robertson-Calimo sits in her large office, behind her desk. Her desk is cluttered with file folders and a computer.

She sits typing at her computer, when she hears her door open.

"Robbie, I told I would be busy today," she smiles, but doesn’t look over.

"It’s not Robbie," a man’s voice says. Leah freezes. She knows the voice.

"Jeff?" Leah asks. She slowly turns and sees Jeff standing in front of her. "My God! It is you! What the hell are you doing here?" she demands to know.

"Is that anyway to say hello to you ex-husband?" Jeff asks.

Leah glares at him. "What do you want?"

"Someone needs to see you. It’s been far too long." Jeff says as a young boy enters the office. "This is Noah...our son!"

Leah is floored as the 10 year old boy enters her office.

"What is this? Some kind of sick joke Jeff?" Leah says, trying to remain calm in front of the young boy.

Jeff looks at Leah, and then bends down to Noah. "Hey buddy," he says. "Why don’t you go sit on the sofa, and color a picture. Remember how we put your coloring book in your backpack?"

The young boy nods his head, and then runs over the sofa.

"What’s wrong with you? Is that anyway to talk in front of your son?" Jeff asks Leah.

"He’s not our son. Our baby died. Your parents told me in the hospital Jeff."

"That’s a lie!" Jeff says angrily, but refraining from yelling.

"No, it’s not. Let me tell you what happened. We had just gotten married. Your parents hated me. They always had. But we married because of the baby. I had the baby in the hospital. I never saw the baby. Never. And you know why? Your parents told me that it died. They told me you wanted the marriage annulled. So, I went through with it. I was a mess after the baby died. It took me a long time to move on Jeff. A long time." Leah recalls to Jeff.

Jeff looks at Leah, a tad surprised by the story she just told him. "Are you sure this is what happened?"

Leah laughs. "You must think I’m a pretty creative person to come up with that kind of story. What happened Jeff? Your parents realized that I married Bob Calimo’s son and wanted to get some of their money? So you all came up with this story? Please. Get out, before I call security."

Jeff looks at Noah. He turns back and sees Leah sitting back down at her desk. Jeff walks over the desk. "No. My parents lied to you to get you out of my life. They lied Leah. Noah is our son. He never died. I’ve raised him since I was 16 years old. He needs a mother. He needs you." Jeff says.

Leah looks at Jeff again. "Do I have to call security? Is it going to come to that?"

"Fine. You win. This time. But this isn’t over Leah. That little boy is your son," Jeff declares. He walks away from Leah’s desk. He helps Noah put his crayons away. Together they leave the office.

When they are gone, Leah looks up from her computer. With tears in her eyes and her lower lip quivering, Leah wonders if it could be true. "Did Jeff’s parents lie to me? Could I be a mother?"

Her train of thought is interrupted by Robbie entering her office. He quickly notices Leah crying.

"Baby? What is it? Why are you crying?" he asks his wife.

Leah quickly wipes away her tears. "It’s nothing. Trust me. Just a woman thing," Leah says getting up and hugging her husband.

Robbie feels how tight Leah is holding him. He senses something is wrong with Leah, but he realizes that now is not the time to pressure her. "If you say so," he replies.

Scene 3
Setting: The White Cove Medical Clinic

Adam waits in the waiting room at the White Cove Medical Clinic. The waiting room is very small and only has four chairs. The green and blue plaid chairs aren’t very comfortable, or good looking, but they seem to suit the small room fine. In the corner there is a small white table with some magazines. Adam just paces. The doctor had kicked him out of Helen’s cubical when she awoke and didn’t remember anything.

He looks at the clock. Fifteen minutes had passed since he was sent out of the cubical. He leaves the waiting room and arrives at the front desk. He sees the nurse, Denise.

"Any change with Helen?" he asks, as he approaches the desk.

"I’m sorry. The doctor hasn’t come out yet. I’ll tell you when I hear something," Denise replies.

"Damn! I’m tired of waiting. I need to know what’s happening," Adam says.

He doesn’t have to wait much longer. Dr. Steven Zanker appears.

"Doctor, what’s going on with Helen?" Adam presses.

"I’m afraid it’s not good news Mr. Black. Helen seems to be suffering from severe head trauma. I’m not sure of the extent because we don’t have the medical equipment. I’ve called for a ambulance to take her to Twin Peaks General Hospital."

Adam pounds his fist into the desk top. "Damn! She has to be alright. I’m driving to the TPGH."

"That’s a good idea. She should be there when you arrive as well."

Adam leaves the medical office.

Scene 4
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital

Robin arrives at the waiting room. She quickly spots Jason. He gets up from his seat and greets her.

"How’s Rebecca?" Robin asks impatiently.

"She’ll be fine. Turns out it was just a spider bite. Nothing serious," Jason says.

"Thank God. I can’t stay here. I have to get home," Robin says. "Thank you for calling me. I’ll see you around though."

Robin quickly exits the waiting room, brushing past Jason.

"That was weird," he says to himself.

Robin walks outside. She literally runs into Cory.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Cory asks, holding his wife back.

"Let’s go. I want to go home." Robin demands.

"What’s going on? I thought we needed to see Rebecca."

"She just got bit by a stupid spider. She’s fine. Let’s go."

"Robin, what’s wrong?" Cory asks.

"Cory. Let’s go home!," Robin yells at her husband.

"OK, OK. Let’s not fight over something this minor," Cory says, trying to ease his wife.

They walk to the car.

Meanwhile, Shane emerges from his office and find Natasha with a glass of water in her hand and looking visibly shaken.

"Natasha? What’s wrong? What happened?" he asks.

"I had a run in with someone."


"Robin. She saw me Shane. And we had it out."

"Good God Natasha. Are you alright?" he asks, putting his arm around her.

Natasha begins to cry. "I think so. It’s just...I’m taking everything away from her. She’s happy. Cory’s happy. My returning is going to ruin everything."

"Listen. They wouldn’t be together if this terrible accident hadn’t occurred. This wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t Cory’s fault; it wasn’t Robin’s fault. It was sick twist of fate. And you have every right to want your life back...regardless of who gets hurt in the process."

"I just wish I could remember right before the accident. Why was in the car? I just don’t know," she sobs.

"You will remember. It just takes time."

Natasha continues to cry. "Thank you Shane. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend," she says, as she hugs him.

Shane clears his throat. As he holds Natasha he realizes that he was more then just her friend.

"You have no idea how much I cherish our friendship," he says as he hugs her.

Scene 5
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital

Rebecca arrives in the waiting room. Jason quickly gets up and rushes to her side.

"Are you alright?" he asks her.

"I’m fine. Just like the doctor said...a spider bite." Rebecca says.

Victoria approaches. "Here. This is your prescription. You can fill it up twice, but no more after that. Take it three times a day, with food."

"Thank you Dr. Franky," Rebecca says.

"No problem," Victoria says walking off.

"Why do you need drugs?" Jason asks, still concerned.

"Just to get all the poison out of the body. It’s nothing serious. Trust me, alright."

"I do. I was just worried about you, that’s all."

Rebecca kisses him on the lips. "Thank you for being concerned. But I’m fine. Take me home?"

"Yea. Let’s go."

Scene 6
Setting: Patricia’s Condo

Patricia is sitting in her house. She looks around her living room, and then looks at the clock. She continues to sit, and do nothing but stare off into space.

Suddenly she hears a car outside. She gets up and looks. It’s Vinny’s car.

"Finally!" she says. She quickly returns to the sofa and pretends that she didn’t see his car. Vinny enters the condo, and the living room.

"Oh Vinny. Good day! How are you?" Patricia asks, acting like she wasn’t expecting him.

"Great. Everything’s working out. I just got back from Daisy’s office," he tells her, as he sits in the chair that matches her dark blue sofa.

"How did things go?" she asks.

"Perfectly. I think Daisy didn’t realize what she was getting herself into when she agreed to help me. But that’s life, right!" he smiles.

"Did I tell how grateful I am that you letting me help you with everything?" Patricia asks.

"It’s the least I could, since you saved my life and all."

Patricia gets up and hugs Vinny. "You mean everything to me!"

Vinny pats her back. "Yea me too," he lies.

Scene 7
Setting: City Hall; The Major’s Office; Daisy’s Office

Daisy sits in chair, looking out her window behind her desk. She recalls her meeting with Vinny.


"I’ve come to collect on our deal," Vinny replies. "You owe me...big time." "What exactly do you want Vinny?" "I’d thought you’d never ask," he smiles.

Vinny moves to a chair directly in front of her desk. "I want to be you to give me complete support in any business adventure I choose. I mean anything."

Daisy sits back and laughs. "You know I can’t do that Vinny. What you do for a living is illegal! The mayor can’t be seen doing or promoting illegal activity."

"You can...if we do it in secret. And whose to say that all my activities will be illegal? I do have some morals, you know," Vinny cracks.

"I don’t really have a choice here, do I Vinny?"

"Not really, Mrs. Mayor."

[End of Flash]

‘Good God. If I get caught, my entire career is over.’ Daisy thinks to herself. ‘I can’t do this. I have to call Vinny and make new arrangements. This just won’t work.’

Scene 8
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital

Victoria returns to her office. She quickly spots a man’s head sitting in a chair.

"Excuse me, sir. How did you get in here?" Victoria asks, as she shuts her door.

Adam sits up and walks from the chair. "Being your lover I got in."

"Adam!" she says hugging him. "I was worried when I didn’t hear from you."

"I was in White Cove. Checking on Helen Mills."

Victoria quickly escapes from the embrace. "Helen? Why? What’s going on?" Victoria asks, pretending like she has no idea what’s going on.

"She was in some sort of accident. She has pretty bad head injuries. They are sending her here instead."

"Will she be alright?"

"Not sure. They have to run more tests here. Anyway, what’s new with you?"

Victoria looks at Adam. "I have some news. But I’m not sure how you’ll react."

"Tell me. I’ll be fine." Adam says.

"It’s about Natasha. She’s alive."

A stunned Adam looks at Victoria in shock.

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