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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Tyler kissed Kim, which was witnessed by Bob. When the two men started to argue, Kim went into labour
- Robbie kicked Jeff out of Leah's house. Victoria told Robbie that Jeff, as Leah's husband, deserves more than this. Meggan, meanwhile, offered Jeff a place to stay
- Paige accused Jeff of killing Leah
- Andy continued to drink following Reese's death
- Lukas continued to hide the fact that he is gay from Frederick. Meanwhile, the Richardson family bought the Wilkins estate
- Rebecca was secretly calling her mother, Melissa, within regards to a plan involving Cory and Robin. Rebecca and Cory kissed

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Ahhhh!" Kim screams out in pain as she is wheeled into the hospital on a gurney. She was at the Calimo mansion when Tyler showed up to see her. She was taken aback when her former lover planted a kiss on her lips; of course, Bob saw the kiss and the two men started to fight in front of her. The stress of the situation caused Kim's water to break and she is now about to give birth to her child.

"I didn't think it would hurt this much," she cries out, as Bob and Tyler follow behind her. Craig approaches her and quickly reviews her file before he looks at Kim.

"It doesn't appear that you're far enough long yet to actually have the baby," he tries to tell a sweating Kim. "I'll be in shortly, until then, try to remember your breathing skills that you learned in your Lamaze classes."

Kim is moved into a private room as Craig comes up to Bob and Tyler, both of whom are waiting to hear some kind of update about her and the baby.

"How is Kimberly?" Bob asks the doctor, hoping that she is ok. He doesn't want anything bag to happen to his wife or the baby, despite her affair with Tyler.

"Oh, she will be fine," Craig says back to him with a grin. "Everyone that gets pregnant has to go through this eventually. The good news is that the she and the baby seem healthy and ready for this."

"So, how long before the baby comes?" Tyler asks him, who is also feeling nervous since he is about to become a father.

Craig looks over at the younger man. "That really depends on how quickly Kim's body adjusts to being pregnant. She has to be ready but we are monitoring it very closely. She's only 4 centimeters dialated."

"Can we see her?" Tyler then asks, as a horrified Bob glares at him.

"Both of you?" Craig asks, arching his eyebrow. "Usually only the mother's husband is allowed to be with her."

Tyler shakes his head. "But I'm the baby's father. I want to be there when my child comes into this world."

"You heard the doctor," Bob snaps back at him. "The husband gets to go in. That's me Tyler. It's probably best if you left and I dealt with my wife."

"Like hell I'm going anywhere," Tyler says back to him trying not to raise his voice, knowing very well what Bob is trying to accomplish. "I'm not going to miss the birth of my child. And if you think you can stop me, you're dead wrong."

Scene Two - The Tower's, The Penthouse; Cory and Robin's Home

Rebecca walks out of the kitchen holding a cup of coffee with her cell phone to her ear. She's listening to her mother, Melissa, talk to her on the other end. Rebecca has been working with her mother in a secret plan that involves Cory and Robin. The last few months, Rebecca has made good strides with their plan as she has allowed Cory to see her in her underwear and then her bikini. Knowing that Cory is still a man, man without his wife right now, Rebecca wasn't surprised when she and Cory shared a kiss soon after. Of course, Cory quickly told her that it was a mistake and they could only be friends. Rebecca had to agree to that because if she didn't, she would tip her hand.

"I told you, everything is going the way we suspected," Rebecca says to Melissa, as she takes a sip of her coffee. "Cory immediately told me that we could just be friends after we kissed. We knew that was going to happen."

Rebecca rolls her eyes when her mother continues to talk her ear off on the other end. It's not that she doesn't love her mother but sometimes she thinks that her mother doesn't trust her with the plan that they have come up with.

"I told you that I understand!" she says back to Melissa, growing frustrated with her mother. "Yes! I got it, okay?"

Before Rebecca can say anything else, Cory comes down the stairs of the penthouse and looks at Rebecca with an arched eyebrow. "What's going on?" he asks her. "I could hear you upstairs. Who are you talking to?"

Rebecca gulps and looks back at Cory. "I'll have to call you back," she quickly says to Melissa. "Yea, I'm fine. Okay, bye."

Rebecca looks over at Cory, forcing herself to put a smile on her face.

"Well?" Cory asks her. "Who were you just yelling at on the telephone?"

Scene Three - The Pampa Grill

"You look a million miles away," Vinny says to Daisy as he takes a bite of his pasta that he is having for lunch. They decided to get away from City Hall for a quick lunch together as they were busy at work for most of the morning.

Daisy looks over at him before she grabs her glass of red wine and takes a quick sip of it. Her mind is racing about how a few days earlier she saw Frederick at the Sugarbowl and she thought it was odd that she barely spoke to him in the months that the Richardson family was staying at the mansion with her and Vinny. While she understands that Vinny gave the family their own wing but still, she saw plenty of Meggan and Lukas. The few times that she did speak with Frederick, he came across distant and stand off-ish. Something about him, isn't sitting well with Daisy.

"Sorry, I guess I was just thinking," she finally says back to her fiancé.

"Well that much is obvious," he replies to her. "Is this still about Trenyce and Chris and this mysterious plan?"

Daisy shakes her head no. "No, something else is bothering me."

"It won't get better unless you talk about it," he says to her. "What's going on? Maybe I can help."

Daisy smiles back at him, grateful that she has such a great man in her corner. "You're too good to me, you know that?"

Vinny grins back to her. "I love you, that's why. Now, what's up?"

"I saw Frederick Richardson the other day," Daisy reveals to him. "It just made me realize that I barely interacted with him while he was staying with us. All those months and we barely said anything to him."

"That doesn't seem out of the ordinary," Vinny says back to her. "He's a busy doctor and I did give the family their own wing."

"I know, I know," she replies to him. "I don't know, I just have this feeling in my stomach that there's something off with that man."

"I'm sure it's nothing," he tries to reassure her.

Daisy nods back to him. "I hope so. I can't say that I'm upset that they've moved out. There's something about that man and that family that I don't trust."

Vinny reaches over and grabs her hand. "Like you said, they've moved out. We don't have to interact with them anymore if you don't want too."

"I wish I knew why I was feeling this way," Daisy admits to him. "Usually my intuition is spot on."

Vinny chuckles a little at her. "Why don't we focus on our wedding instead? Something we can actually control."

Daisy smiles back to him. "I like that idea."

Scene Four - The Richardson Estate, Formerly the Wilkins Estate; Frederick, Meggan & Lukas' Home

"So what do you guys think?" Frederick says to Meggan and Lukas as they move into the newly decorated living room of the house that they have just purchased. The furniture is much more modern than what the Wilkins had it decorated it as.

Lukas looks around and nods in approval. "It is not as stuffy looking as it was before," he says to his family. "I can handle this."

Frederick smiles, thrilled that his son is happy with the space. He knows that Meggan is easier to please so the fact that Lukas likes it is a good thing.

"Yea, Dad, you did a good job," Meggan agrees with her brother.

"I'm so pleased," Frederick replies to them. "I hope we can have a lot of good times here as a family. We can really start to put some roots down in this town. I really think being here will be a good thing for our family."

"I agree," Meggan says back to him. "Now that I have my own business to run here, I think I am getting used to being back in Twin Peaks."

Lukas looks back at them and is wondering if they are waiting for him to reveal something about his current life in Twin Peaks. While he hasn't exactly found a job of any kind, yet, he is seeing someone. The problem, of course, is that he can't very well say that to his father because his father doesn't know that he is gay. If he tells his father that he is seeing someone, Frederick will demand to meet her and that can't happen. He looks closer at Frederick and how he is interacting with Meggan. Maybe, Lukas thinks to himself, now is the time to tell his father the truth. He wouldn't have to hide anymore and he could start to live the life he has always wanted. But then again, if Frederick wasn't supportive, he would lose everything in his life; his car, his house, his money. Lukas shakes his head and realizes that he can't tell his father the truth, not now, not ever.

"You're pretty quiet over there Lukas," Frederick observes to his son.

Lukas turns around and looks at his father. "I'm just thinking if I should go check out the hot tub or not," he says with a sly grin. "The best days to use it are when it's cold outside."

"That sounds like a great idea," Frederick replies to him. "But I'm running late for an appointment. You'll have to tell me how it is later."

"Will do," Lukas replies as he quickly rushes out of the living room.

Frederick looks back at Meggan, who realizes that Lukas is still struggling with the idea of coming out to their father. She just hopes her brother can come to terms with this.

Scene Five - The Calimo House; Robbie, Paige & Felicia's Home

Paige knocks on the bedroom door before she opens it slowly. She moves in and sees Felicia sitting at her desk, writing in her journal. Paige looks at her Grandmother for a moment and realizes how happy that she is to have her back in her life. Growing up, she believed that Felicia was dead so having her back now is a wonderful thing.

She clears her throat causing Felicia to look over and see Paige standing there. "Oh darling," Felicia says getting a grin on her face. "I didn't realize you were there."

"If this is a bad time," Paige begins to say to her.

"Not at all," Felicia says back to her as she closes her journal. "I always love seeing you and spending time with my beautiful granddaughter."

Paige smiles back to her and moves to the bed to sit down. Felicia quickly moves to sit next to her. "How are you? You seem like there's something on your mind."

"I guess I just feel confused," Paige admits to her Grandmother. "Now that Robbie is living here again, I don't know where I should live."

Felicia arches her eyebrow. "Why would you move out? This is your house."

"Yea, but I thought I was supposed to be living with my Dad, I mean my real Dad," Paige replies to her, still thinking that she has to explain the difference between Robbie and Jeff to people.

"You are old enough to make up your own mind as to where you live Paige," Felicia informs her. "I think Robbie taking back the house is a wonderful thing."

"You do?"

Felicia nods back to her. "I always felt like Jeff didn't like me. When I first came back from Switzerland, he didn't want me staying in the house with him and Leah. And you know," Felicia continues as she gets a small smile on her face. "Your mother, she wanted me here really badly. She fought for me to stay living here. She went against Jeff's wishes. We spent too much time apart."

Paige moves a piece of hair behind her ear as she listens to Felicia. "Jeff never wanted me here. He wanted Leah all to himself. It's why he pressured her to go to Lake Tahoe to get married, he didn't want any of Leah's family around. He never liked me and he never gave me a chance."

Paige looks back at her Grandmother. "I told him that he was the one that killed Mom, you know," Paige reveals to her.

Felicia's eyes open in surprise. "You did?"

Paige nods as she gets water in her eyes. "After listening to everything you and Robbie have been saying, it's so obvious that Jeff pushed Mom into going to Lake Tahoe. If only they hadn't gone, she would still be with us today."

"Oh baby," Felicia says as she pulls Paige into a hug as Paige starts to cry a little. "Don't you worry about anything else. You just stay living here with Robbie and I and everything will slowly start to get better."

"I hate him for what he's done," Paige cries to Felicia. "I hate my Dad for killing my Mom."


Downstairs, Robbie opens the door and sees Victoria standing on the other side. He lets her into the house but he can feel the tension between the two of them as the last time they saw each other, Robbie lost his cool with Victoria as she suggested that Robbie was going too far in taking the house away from Jeff. Victoria recalls, also, that Robbie threw his wine at the wall.

"Looks like you cleaned the wall up nicely," she tells him as she enters the living room.

Robbie gives her half a grin, somewhat embarrassed by what happened the last time they saw each other. "I'm sorry about that," he quickly says back to her. "The last thing I ever wanted to do was fight with you Victoria. I love you, I want us to be … normal again."

"What does that even mean?" Victoria asks him as she shakes her head, knowing the situation is out of control.

"Don't you remember how happy we were? It wasn't that long ago, we were in Lake Tahoe and I asked you to be my wife. You're still wearing my ring," he notes as he looks at her hand and sees the large diamond on her finger. "I want to get back to that."

"And how, exactly, are we supposed to get back to that Robbie? Ever since Leah died, you've become this different person."

"I'm grieving," he replies to her as he shrugs his shoulders. "I don't know how I'm supposed to behave when someone as important to me as Leah was dies, Victoria. All I know, is that I need you by my side. You make me want to be a better person."

"A better person?" she says back to him. "I asked you to reconsider taking this house away from Jeff and you're still here. What does that say?"

"I want you to move in here with me," he says to her. "Let's start our life together here."

"You have to be kidding me," Victoria replies to him, shocked that he even suggested her moving into the house. "I'm not moving into the house that you shared with your ex-wife. That's wrong on so many different levels. I can't believe you would even ask me that."

"This house is so much larger than your condo," Robbie tells her. "We could grow into this house, plus Paige and Felicia are still here."

"I said no Robbie," Victoria says as she stands up from the sofa. "And the fact that you even asked me that proves to me that you're still not the man that I agreed to marry."

Victoria starts to walk to the front door. Robbie looks at her. "Where are you going?"

Victoria turns and looks at her fiancé. "I don't know but I can't stay here. I barely even recognize you right now."

Robbie sighs when he hears the front door close behind Victoria. "How am I going to get through to you?" he asks himself, as he wonders how his relationship with Victoria got to this point.

Scene Six - The Graveyard

Jeff moves quickly to the tombstone that reads Leah's name on it. On the left hand side of her tombstone, is Noah's gravesite. Jeff kneels down and sees his dead wife and his dead son, side by side. He feels his eyes swell with water as he wonders how God could have been so cruel to take two of the most important people in his life away from him.

He puts some roses at the base of Leah's tombstone and some white lilies at Noah's. "I couldn't stay away any longer," he speaks slowly. "Buddy, how does it feel to have your Mom with you again?" he says as he looks at Noah's tombstone. "I bet you're excited to see her again."

"The problem is that I don't get to see her anymore," he continues as he bites his lower lip. "And my God, I miss her so much. I miss you too Noah but I had gotten to the point where the pain wasn't as intense. With your Mother, it's slowly eating away at me."

Jeff reaches out and touches Leah's tombstone. "I miss you so very much," he says as some tears fall from his eyes. "I feel like everything is spiralling out of control right now. Paige blames me for your death; Felicia and Robbie hate me and Robbie has kicked me out of the house. I don't know … I don't know what to do Leah."

He feels himself start to weep. He tries to control himself but he just lets the tears flow steadily instead. "I wish you were here because you would tell me what to do. You would show me how to get beyond this," he says in between tears. "Of course, if you were still here, none of this would be happening."

"Damn it Leah!" he says pounding his fist into the tombstone. "You weren't supposed to leave me alone. You weren't supposed to let me live my life without you."

He looks up and wipes his tears from his eyes. "If you can hear, please Leah, send me a sign of how I'm supposed to handle all this. I need you right. I need you so very much."

Scene Seven - The Tower's, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin's Home

"Are you going to tell me who was on the telephone?" Cory asks Rebecca, as he just heard her yelling to someone on the phone.

Rebecca gulps as she puts her phone back into her purse. She knows that she can't tell Cory the truth. "It was a delivery man. I ordered some new swim suits online and they haven't arrived yet."

Cory arches his eyebrow. "You got that upset over swim suits?"

Rebecca chuckles a little. "Well, they were supposed to be here last week. I promise you, everything is fine though."

"Okay, I just wanted to make sure. It's not like you go be upset."

"Thanks for your concern," she winks back at him. "Everything is just fine."

Scene Eight - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Ahhhhhh!" Kim screams as she lays on the bed and she pushes hard. Her head is sweaty and she's looking tired and weak from the labour process. On one side of her is Bob and on the other is Tyler. When the men couldn't decide who was going in with Kim, Craig asked Kim. She couldn't ask Tyler to leave, to Bob's horror, so both men are in the room as Craig helps deliver the child.

"One more push should do it," Craig tells her, as he slowly guides the baby out.

Kim pushes hard and screams out in pain as she does so. She squeezes Tyler's hand hard as he encourages her. Bob watches the two of them together and feels like an outsider. The sight of his wife holding Tyler's hand makes him feel slightly ill, so he backs away and leaves the room. Soon, the crying of an infant can be heard. Craig wipes the baby off and takes the baby over to Kim.

"Congratulations," Craig says as he passes the baby to the new mother. "This is your new son."

"A boy?" Kim says through a light washing of tears. "I have a son."

Bob watches from the doorway as Tyler looks down at the baby and gushes over him. "We have a son," Tyler says as he smiles at Kim and the new baby. They can't believe how amazing the baby looks.

Outside the door, Bob takes a deep breath. He knows that Kim and Tyler should have this moment together, but he can't say that he likes it. Suddenly, he looks over in the waiting room and sees Andy sitting in a chair. Bob slowly walks over to the waiting room to his wife's brother.

"Andy," Bob says coming into the waiting room. "Kim just had a baby boy."

"A boy?" Andy asks in shock as he stands up. Bob notices how unsteady Andy is and as he gets closer to Kim's brother, he can smell the booze coming from Andy. "That's amazing."

"Are you drunk?" Bob asks him as he reaches Andy.

"What?" Andy asks shocked. "No, of course not!" Andy says back to him, as he almost falls over.

"Oh Andy," Bob says as he helps Andy sit back down. "You can't go in and see Kim in this state. Go home, get some sleep and then come back when you've slept this off."

Andy shakes his head. "No, no! I want to see my nephew."

"Not in this state," Bob relies to him in a stern voice. "Now, come on, before you make a scene."

"I just want to see my nephew!" Andy says back to him as his arm goes around Bob's neck and Bob helps Andy leave the waiting room. Within a few minutes, Bob returns having put Andy in a taxi on the way home. He moves back to the door and sees Kim holding the baby and Tyler hovering over them. He feels his heart sink at the sight.

"I can't believe this little guy," Tyler says as he smiles to Kim. "Look what we created together Kim."

Kim looks up at him and smiles to Tyler. "He's the most amazing thing ever, isn't he?"

"We are amazing together," he replies to her.

Next on One Day at a Time
- The hospital gala begins
- Victoria makes a drastic decision regarding Robbie
- Chris shocks Trenyce and Savannah

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