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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Reg suffered a stroke while Helen was visiting him and Barbara. Helen had Reg transferred to Twin Peaks General Hospital and shocked Adam by revealing that she told her parents they could stay with them after Reg was released from the hospital
- Shane and Natasha continued to be at odds over him accepting the Chief of Staff position at the hospital. Adam and Natasha shared a kiss and quickly regretted it
- Paige told Felicia that she hates Jeff for killing Leah. Robbie, meanwhile, kicked Jeff out of Leah's house as she left it to her ex-husband in her will. Robbie asked Victoria to move in with him but she said no
- Chris told Trenyce that he has Savannah right where he wants her
- Andy continued to drink heavily following the death of Reese
- Donovan and Craig worked together on the hospital gala

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

On the fifth floor of the hospital, there is a recreational room. The room is usually used for families to use if a member of the family is in the hospital for long term treatment. They are able to hold family functions there and include the member of the family that is in the hospital at the time. Tonight, however, the recreational room has been transformed into the hospital gala that happens each year. There are red, black and silver balloons throughout the room as they are the theme colours of this year's gala, there is a food table, a bar and music playing so the guests can dance if they'd like. Along one wall, there are many different Robertson Enterprises booths; everything from makeup to perfume to Trenyce's clothing designs. Of course, any of the items can be purchased and part of the proceeds to go the hospital fundraiser.

"You've done a wonderful job," Eva smiles to Donovan and Craig as they stand side by side, each holding a glass of champagne. "This place looks amazing."

Craig and Donovan grin at each other and then back at Eva. "I'm glad you approve Eva," Craig says back to her. "I'm sure this night is bittersweet for you since it's your last official night as COS of the hospital."

Eva tilts her head a little. "It is but I'm so proud that this event will be my going out event," she says back to him.

"Enjoy this night Mom, you've earned it," Donovan says to her as he leans in and gives her a kiss on her cheek. "Let us know when Dominick arrives so we can say hello."

"I shall baby," Eva replies to him as she starts to walk off, leaving the two men alone together. "You two enjoy yourselves, you've earned it."


"I can't believe how great this place looks," Adam says to Helen, Dawn, Shane and Natasha as they stand over by some balloons as he observes the space.

"They really outdid themselves this year," Natasha replies to him.

"You must be excited tonight Shane," Helen says to him. "Word on the street is that you're taking over the Chief of Staff position tonight."

Natasha rolls her eyes, which Adam notices. "I am indeed," Shane says with a grin on his face. "I'm looking forward to the challenge of it all."

"I think it's great," Dawn replies to him. "Working at the hospital seems like it would be such a rewarding job."

"Are you interested in the medical field Dawn?" Natasha asks her, curious to the young woman's future goals and interests.

Dawn nods her head back to Natasha. "I think so, I mean, I haven't really thought too much about it."

"You know, if you want Dawn, I could pull a string or two so you could be a candy striper. They are young girls and boys that think they may want to come into the field. It is a volunteer position."

"What does the candy striper do?" Dawn asks him back, curious by the prospect.

"Well, they do all sorts of things depending what is high on the priority list," Shane explains to her. "Some days, you'll help the nurses take food to patients, other days you may just have to file and what not."

"Does that sound like something you'd want to try?" Helen asks her daughter.

Dawn moves a piece of hair behind her ear before nodding. "Yea, I think I would. Thank you Dr. Glubbs."

"My pleasure," he winks back to her. "And outside of the hospital, call me Shane."


Paige enters the room and looks around at the beautiful space. She moves over to the bar and grabs a sparkling water since she's still too young to drink. She takes a sip before she wonders what Leah would have been dressed in tonight. She always thought her mother had an amazing sense of style and class.

"I'm sure you would have looked beautiful," she whispers to herself, still thinking of her mother.

She turns around and sees her father approaching her. Paige takes a deep breath as the last person she wanted to run into was Jeff. She has been thinking more and more lately that Robbie and Felicia are correct, Jeff is the one that is to blame for Leah's death. Had he not pressured Leah into going to Lake Tahoe, she would still be alive, Paige believes.

"Paige, sweetheart," Jeff says as he approaches her. "I'm so happy to see you. You haven't been returning my telephone calls."

"Sorry, I've been busy," she says with half a smile on her face.

"Well, I'm glad that you decided to come tonight. It could have been easy for you to stay home and not come to tonight, you know, with everything that has happened lately," Jeff tells her, knowing that she is still struggling with Leah's passing. He hates that he is walking on eggshells with his daughter.

"I knew that Dawn would be here and I thought it would be good to get out of the house," Paige says back to him. "Have you found a place to live yet?"

"I have," Jeff replies to her. "I'm going to be staying with the Richardson's for a while until I find my own place."

"Wait, what?" Paige asks him, shocked by what he just told her. "You don't mean Meggan Richardson, do you?"

Jeff nods back to her. "She offered me a room. Her family just bought the Wilkins estate, it's a huge house."

"So, you tell me to stay away from Meggan but you're moving in with her? Wow Dad, that's not hypocritical or anything," Paige snaps back at him, floored by his decision.

"I know what I said," he says to her. "But I think I was wrong about Meggan. She really seems to have changed. I was hoping you'd move in with me. I don't like being away from you."

Paige shakes her head. "Absolutely not, I'm not moving into that house. I like living in the house with Robbie and Grandma. It makes me think of Mom. I'm not leaving."

"But Paige…"

"No buts Jeff," she says, suddenly realizing that she didn't call him Dad. "I'm happy where I am. I see Dawn over there, excuse me."

Jeff watches as his young daughter walks away from him quickly and sighs. He feels like he's losing his daughter and that's something he does not want to have happen since he just lost Leah. "I have to get through to you," he whispers to himself, wondering how he can get through to her.


"There you are," Robbie says as he comes up to Victoria, who is grazing the food table. "I brought you a glass of champagne."

Victoria looks over at her fiancé and accepts the glass of champagne from him. "Thank you," she tells him, as she knows that they are not exactly seeing eye to eye lately. Victoria still believes that Robbie is a little too obsessed about hurting Jeff in the wake of Leah's death. She thinks Robbie went too far in kicking Jeff out of Leah's house as he is Leah's husband, and she certainly can't believe that Robbie asked her to move in with him. The very last thing that Victoria wants to do is live in the house that Robbie shared with his deceased ex-wife.

"You look beautiful tonight," Robbie tells her as he smiles at her, hoping to make up with her.

"Thank you," she says again to him as she nibbles on a carrot.

"Is that all you have to say to me?" he asks her, sensing that Victoria is being stand offish with him. "I'm supposed to be your fiancé."

"You don't have to remind me of that," she says back to him, as they move away from the table and off into a corner of the room so they can be as alone as possible in the full room. "I just feel like I don't know who you are right now Robbie."

He shakes his head at her. "I'm the same man that you fell in love with Victoria," he tells her. "Leah's death has changed both of us though."

"I barely knew the woman," Victoria says back to him. "I just think you're taking it really, really hard and I'm sorry for your loss. But grieving doesn't give you an excuse to behave in the manner in which you are."

"And how am I behaving? I'm doing what I think Leah would have wanted me to do," he tries to justify his actions to her.

"And you honestly think that Leah would have wanted you to kick Jeff, her husband, out of their house? Please Robbie, you're trying to punish Jeff because you have this crazy idea that it's his fault that she is dead."

"It is his fault!" he says with a raised whisper.

"I can't believe this," she replies with a slight roll eye. "You're obsessing with your dead ex-wife and you know what? I can't take this anymore."

She starts to walk away but Robbie grabs her arm and pulls her around so she is facing him. "What are you doing?" he asks her. "What can't you take anymore?"

"This," she says throwing her hands up. "I'm sorry Robbie but…" she starts to say as she takes her engagement ring off and puts it in his hand. "It's over. I'm done with this."


"Your booth looks amazing," Chris tells Trenyce as he comes up to her with a glass of champagne in his hands. He takes a sip as Trenyce finishes fixing one of the dresses that is on a manikin before she turns around to face him.

"Thanks Chris," she says back to him. "I appreciate that coming from the competition," she winks back to him, knowing that he works for Roboto and she's working for Robertson Enterprises.

He laughs at her. "I know a good thing when I see one," he says back to her. "And your designs are great."

Trenyce blushes a little. "Thanks. Where's Savannah?"

Chris looks over his shoulder to see if his date has arrived yet but he doesn't see the young model. "We are meeting here in a little while. She should be here any time."

"Ah," Trenyce says back to him. "Well, I hope you have a good time tonight."

"Trust me Trenyce," Chris says as he leans in closer to her. "I have Savannah right where I want her. And I'm not about to back down now. After tonight, everything will change."

Trenyce arches her eyebrow. "What do you have planned?"

"Just watch," he says in a whisper to her.


Savannah walks into the room and is taken aback at the sight of the party. She thinks the setting looks absolutely perfect. She looks in her purse and grabs her phone quickly. She wants to see if the babysitter has sent her any updates about Andrew, even though he was already tucked into bed when she left the apartment. She breathes a sigh of relief to have not gotten any updates from the sitter.

She moves closer to the bar and suddenly arches her eyebrow. She sees Andy getting a whiskey on the rocks. She moves closer to her friend. "Andy?" she calls out, as Andy turns around and smiles when he sees her.

"Savannah!" he says as he slurs her name. "What a great par-tay, hey?"

"Are you drunk?" she asks him, as she can smell the booze coming off him.

"It's a party, of course I'm drunk," he laughs back at her. "I'll wait here for you if you want to grab a drink yourself."

Savannah smiles back at him. "I think I'll pass right now. How many have you had?"

Andy takes another mouthful of his whiskey. "Not too many…" he says as he laughs again. "Who cares, it's a benefit, right? It's all going to a good cause."

"Yea, right," Savannah says back to him, worried about her friend and the state that he's in. "When you're ready to go Andy, come find me. I'll call you a taxi, okay?"

"Sure thing boss," he winks back to her as he takes another swig of his whiskey.


"That's great that Dawn is interested in becoming a candy striper," Shane tells his wife as they move over to the food table.

"Yea," Natasha fakes a smile on her face as she moves a piece of her hair behind her ear. "That was nice of you to offer to get her the position."

"I thought it was the least I could do," he replies to her. "Did you see Jacob?"

Natasha nods back to him. "Right before I came up here. Of course, you could have been with me had not been practicing your speech to take over the Chief of Staff job."

"Nat," Shane stops and looks at her. "Let's not fight about that again, okay? It's done, I've accepted the job. We should focus now on making sure Jacob is better and that making this new arrangement work."

"Right," Natasha snaps back at him. "The arrangement that you decided for our family, completely ignoring my wishes and thoughts on the subject, yea I think I'll let you make that arrangement work all on your own."

Shane watches as Natasha moves past him. "Where are you going?" he asks her, causing her to turn around and face him.

"I'm going to check on Jacob," she says to him. "Don't worry, I'll back to hear your big speech."

Shane sighs as she continues to walk away. He needs to get his wife to understand why he took the job and how it won't affect his role in their family. "But how I will make you understand when you're being so stubborn?"


"Are you excited?" Adam asks Dawn as he and Helen have another glass of champagne handed to them by a waiter. "Becoming a candy striper, that's a big deal."

Dawn grins back to him. "I am excited actually," she says to her father. "I think it will give me purpose and maybe help me decide what I'd like to do with the rest of my life."

"I think it's a wonderful opportunity for you," Helen agrees with her daughter. "Dawn, would you like to go see your Grandfather? I know he'd love to see you."

Dawn looks back at Helen and nods. "I know he hasn't woken up yet, but I would like to say hi. Do we have time before the speeches begin?"

"We have lots of time," Adam says back to them. "Shall we all go?"

"Actually," Helen stops her husband. "I don't think it's a good idea if you come with us Adam. You know, I think my father just needs positive energy around him right now."

Adam fumes at his wife. "Oh, and I'm Mr. Negative, sorry I forgot."

"It's not that Adam and you know it," Helen snaps back at him. "I just don't want anything to get in the way of his recovery."

"Fine Helen," he sighs back to her. "Go and see your father. I'll just hang out here alone… seems like it's a common occurrence these days."

"Guys!" Dawn yells back at them, growing frustrated with her parents fighting. "Can you save this for a time when we aren't in public, please?"

"Come on Dawn," Helen tells her daughter glaring at Adam in the process.. "Let's go."


"We did good, hey?" Donovan smiles over at Craig, who takes a sip of his champagne before looking over at his attractive partner in setting up the gala.

"Eva seemed to be very impressed," Craig agrees with him. "See Donovan, we make a good team."

Donovan nods back to him. "A very good team," he says back to him.

"I guess I should be kicking myself," Craig says with half a chuckle.

"And why's that?"

Craig turns and faces Donovan and looks him in the eye. "Because if we worked this well together putting a party together, who knows how else would have worked well on."

Donovan feels his cheeks turn red knowing that Craig is flirting with him. "So, where is your boyfriend? I'd still love to meet this mystery man."

Craig chuckles a little. "I'm sure he's here somewhere."


"There you are," Savannah smiles as she comes to Chris, who is still at Trenyce's booth.

Chris turns and sees his girlfriend approaching her. "Hey, wow, you look amazing tonight," Chris tells her as he gives her a kiss on the cheek when she gets to him.

"Thank you," she smiles to him. "Hi Trenyce."

"Savannah," Trenyce replies to her, watching them and suddenly feeling more guilty and before about Chris' plan. She knows that when Savannah learns the truth that Chris is using her to get Andrew back, the model will be crushed.

"These designs of yours look absolutely amazing," Savannah tells Trenyce. "I hadn't seen these yet at work."

"That's because only Donovan, Dominick and I got to see these. I wanted them to be a surprise for the gala tonight," Trenyce explains to her.

"Well, they look great."

"Speaking of surprises," Chris says as he looks at Savannah. "I have a surprise for you."

"For me?" Savannah asks him surprised.

"Remember the night we first…." He begins to tell her as he winks, causing her to know that he is referring to the night they made love for the first time and she nods back to him. "And we said that we should live in the moment because we didn't know what the future holds?"

"How could I forget?" she replies to him.

"Well, I want to live in the moment again and make sure that I know what my future holds," he tells her as she arches her eyebrow. "Live in the moment with me Savannah," Chris says as he drops to one knee and pulls out a black ring box, causing both Savannah and Trenyce's mouths to fall open in shock. "Marry me Savannah? What do you say? Become my wife?"

Savannah feels her eyes swell with water as she finds herself nodding. "Yes, Chris, yes I will become your wife!"

Trenyce covers her mouth in shock at what she is witnessing. She realizes that Chris wasn't joking when he said that he wasn't going to back down from this plan of his.


Adam strolls down the hallway of the hospital with his hands in his pockets. He wanted to get out of the party so he could clear his head. He can't believe that Helen is seemingly shutting him out of their family and all because, Adam left her parents' house early because of Reg's verbal abuse. He doesn't feel like is the bad guy here.

He pauses when he sees Natasha come out of an office. "Natasha?" he asks, as the lawyer looks over and sees her friend.

"Adam, hi," she smiles to him. He comes up to her and notices that she was in Shane's office.

"Is everything okay?"

Natasha shakes her head no. "I just… I don't know how Shane and I got to this point, you know?"

"Believe me, I do know," he says back to her. "I think Helen and I are further apart than ever before."

She looks up at him and deep into his eyes. "I'm sorry, I wish I could help."

"I know you do. And I wish I could help you with Shane," he says back to her, looking into her eyes. "I hate seeing you so sad."

She shuts her eyes when his hand caresses her face. When she opens her eyes, they lock into Adam's. She finds herself pulling him closer to her and their lips touch again. They kiss becomes more passionate until she pulls back. They both look at each other before they lean in and kiss again.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Shane officially becomes the Chief of Staff
- Donovan meets Craig's boyfriend
- Eva makes a mental note pertaining to Dominick

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