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Previously on One Day at a Time
- At the hospital gala, Donovan and Craig flirted some more until Donovan asked Craig to meet his boyfriend
- Shane and Natasha continued to bicker about him taking the Chief of Staff job. Adam, meanwhile, felt left out when Helen and Dawn decided to go and visit Reg. Adam and Natasha ended up kissing again outside of Shane's office
- Andy got drunk at the gala
- Meggan offered Jeff a place to stay after Robbie kicked him out of Leah's house. Jeff was upset when Paige told him she was going to live with Robbie and Felicia. Meggan, meanwhile, wondered how she could break up Vinny and Daisy now that she wasn't living with them
- Dominick saw Frederick kiss Felicia
- Cory told Rebecca that they could only be friends, she agreed. Later, he caught her having a phone call with Melissa but she covered

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Adam and Natasha's lips part and they look at each other, both realizing what they are doing. Natasha quickly pulls away from him, knowing that she can't be kissing another man, yet alone a married man like Adam. While she and Shane are having their problems, she can't rely on Adam for comfort; they both have too much at stake.

"I'm sorry," she finally tells him. "I shouldn't have kissed you."

Adam shakes his head and runs his hand over his face. "Don't apologize," he tells her. "We both let it happen. I think it's that we are both tired of feeling shut out in our marriages."

Natasha turns to him with tears in her eyes. "I guess I'm just tired of feeling like my feelings don't matter with Shane, you know? Our baby is in ICU and all he cares about is that damned Chief of Staff position."

Adam moves closer to her again. "I know and I wish I could make him understand."

"The way I wish I could make Helen see that she shouldn't be taking sides in this thing with her father," Natasha says, their eyes locked again. "Don't look at me like that."

"Like what?" he asks, still looking at her.

"Like you want to kiss me again," she says as she bites her lower lip.

"What if I want to?"

Natasha doesn't say anything back to him. Instead, she pulls him in and they kiss again. He pushes her up against the wall as the kiss becomes more passionate. Their lips part again and she looks at Shane's office door. She grabs the door handle and they move inside the office, closing the door behind them.


Dawn opens the door to Reg's hospital room and steps inside. She looks at her the man that she just learned is her Grandfather. She moves closer to his bed as he lays sleeping. He hasn't woken up since he had his stroke but the doctors claim that it is normal as his body is still recovering. She looks at him as she sits next to him and grabs his hand.

"Hi Grandpa," she says as she moves some hair behind her ear with her other hand. "It's me, Dawn. I know that I haven't been here to see you yet but I'm here now. I wish you could see me in my dress for the gala, I think it's pretty," she continues to tell him.

Behind her, Helen opens the door a little and listens to her daughter talk to her father.

"I really want you to wake up," Dawn says to Reg. "Mom and Dad, they keep fighting and all I want is for it to stop," she continues to say, unaware Helen is listening to their conversation. "If you wake up, I really think you and Dad could repair your relationship and we could try to move on together as a family. You have no idea how much it means to us that you and Grandma have come into our lives. We just have to make this work. The first step though is for you to wake up."

Dawn smiles at her Grandpa and leans in to give him a kiss on his forehead. "I'm going to go back to the party upstairs, but next time I'm here, your eyes better be open."

Helen closes the door and moves into the hallway. She takes a deep breath and suddenly feels guilty for shutting Adam out of the visit with Reg. After hearing Dawn talk about wanting her family to get along, Helen knows that she has to try to make this work with Adam. One way or another, her family will get over this.

"I have to make this right," she whispers to herself as Dawn opens the door and comes into the hallway to join her mother.

"How was your visit?" Helen asks her, turning with a half a smile on her face.

"It was alright. I hope he wakes up soon," Dawn replies to her.

"Me too dear," Helen tells her. "Look, I think I may have been too hard on your father. Do you want to go and find him? He should come and be with us while we visit Reg."

Dawn's face lights up. "I think he'd appreciate that Mom," Dawn tells her. "Dad isn't the bad guy here. He just wants Grandpa to show him some respect."

"When did you become so wise?" Helen asks her as she gets water in her eyes. "Go get your father, it's time our family heals."


In the recreational room where the gala is taking place, Shane grabs a glass of champagne. He looks around the room and all the guests that are seemingly have a good time. He doesn't see his wife, however.

He recalls how Natasha told him that she was going to check on Jacob, who is still in the ICU. He checks his watch quickly and realizes that she has been gone for some time. While he knows that Natasha is upset that is officially about to take over the Chief of Staff position at the hospital, he doesn't believe that she would miss his speech, which is going to happen shortly.

"Where are you Natasha?" he asks himself before he takes another sip of his champagne.


Meggan grabs a glass of sparkling water and looks around the room, taken aback by how nice the venue looks. She has been to these hospital gala's before and they usually fall flat but this year, she is pleased by how good it has turned out.

She rolls her eyes and turns around when she sees Vinny and Daisy sharing a laugh together across the dance floor. The last thing she wants to do this evening is see Vinny and Daisy being all lovey dovey together. She realizes that now that she is no longer living at the mansion with them, she is going to have a more difficult time in trying to break them up and getting back together with Vinny.

"I won't give up though," she whispers to herself as she sees Jeff standing alone with a glass of champagne. She looks at the man and realizes that he looks sad. She can't imagine what it's like being at a big event like this having just lost his wife. She moves closer to her new roommate. "Hey stranger," she says with half a grin on her face.

Jeff looks at Meggan and smiles back to her, even though he's forcing himself to smile. He had told himself once he was done his glass of champagne he was going to leave. He doesn't want to be there anymore, especially after Paige has told him that she isn't going to move in to the Richardson estate; instead, she's going to live with Robbie and Felicia.

"Hey," he finally says to her.

"You look a million miles away," she observes to him. "I gather, you're not having a good time?"

He shrugs a little. "I was planning on leaving shortly, that should tell you how good of a time I'm having."

She laughs a little. "I get it, I'm sure playing dress up and drinking champagne is the last thing you want to do."

"Pretty much," he winks back at her. "You look great, though."

Meggan blushes a little. "Thanks, that's nice of you to say." She takes a sip of her water as she continues to look at him. "So, why don't you tell me what's really bugging you."

Jeff sighs and looks back at her. "Is it that obvious that something is wrong?"

Meggan nods back to him. "It's Paige," he reveals to her. "She's decided that she's not going to be moving into your place. She wants to live with Robbie and Felicia."

"Oh Jeff," Meggan says as she moves closer to him. "I'm so sorry," she continues as she pulls him into a hug. "If I can do anything to help, please let me know."


"Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?" Robbie asks Paige as he comes up to her at the food table.

Paige grins back to the man that she believed was her father for so many years. "Thank you," she smiles to him. "This is some party, hey? It's so fancy."

"I guess it is the first time you've been old enough to attend something like this," Robbie replies to her. "It's is pretty nice. Your mother always loved coming to these kind of parties."

"I was thinking about that earlier," Paige reveals to him. "I was thinking about the kind of dress that Mom would have been wearing tonight."

"She would have looked beautiful, no doubt," Robbie says back to her. "You look so much like her."

Paige smiles at the compliment. "I saw Jeff earlier," Paige informs him. "He asked me to move in with him."

Robbie's eyes open wider. "Oh yea?"

"I told him that I wasn't going too. I want to live with you and Grandma, if that's okay with you."

"Of course it is," Robbie quickly says back to her, trying not to seem overly excited with her decision.

"Thank you. I didn't want to move out of the house that Mom lived in. I feel so close to her there," she continues to tell him.

"I understand," Robbie says back to her as he pulls her into a hug. "You know I love you, right? I'm so glad that we will be living together again Paige."

"Me too Daddy," she says, realizing that she called Robbie Dad. She finds herself hugging him tighter than before.


"Did you see Meggan?" Daisy asks Vinny, as he passes her another glass of champagne.

Vinny watches Daisy as she takes a sip of her champagne before he replies to his fiancé. "I did, but I don't want this night to be about our ex's," he says to her with half a grin.

Daisy nods back to him. "You're right, I'm sorry I mentioned it," she quickly says back to him. "Now that she's moved out, we can try to move on with our lives."

"Exactly," Vinny replies to her. "Let's just focus on us and our wedding plans."

Before Daisy can reply, Andy comes up to them carrying a whiskey on the rocks. "Hi hi Daisy!"

Daisy looks at the young man and realizes that he's extremely intoxicated. She feels her heart break inside her chest because she knows that he is still dealing with the loss of Reese, but she also realizes that drowning his sorrows in alcohol is not the way he should be coping with that.

"Andy, hi," she finally replies to him. "Are you having a good time?"

Andy nods back to her as he takes another drink of his whiskey. "They have the good stuff," he says raising his glass a little.

"How much have you had buddy?" Vinny asks him, noting that Andy smells of booze.

"Not too many," Andy says with a chuckle. "Maybe four? No, no, maybe five? I've lost count."

Daisy looks over at Vinny, who nods back to her quickly. Vinny grabs his cell phone and makes a phone call.

"Andy, I think it's time you go home," Daisy tells him as she puts her arm around him and they move to the door. "Vinny is calling you an Uber right now."

"But the party is just beginning," Andy slurs his sentence out.

"I think it's almost over, actually," Daisy says back to him, still moving him closer to the door. "I want you to go home and try to sleep. And please call me first thing in the morning, okay? I want to make sure that you're okay."

Andy looks at her and she can see the tears forming in his eyes. "I don't want to sleep Daisy. I always see Reese when I close my eyes. I don't want too Daisy," he says before he stumbles a little.

"Oh Andy," she says as she hugs him. "This is what's best for tonight, okay?"

Andy nods back to her. "You've always known what is best," he says.

"The Uber is here," Vinny announces to them as he approaches them.

"Let me finish my whiskey!" Andy laughs before he downs the liquid left in his glass.

Daisy watches as the young man leaves the room. She takes a deep breath and puts her hand on her chest, hoping that Andy starts to cope with the loss of Reese a little bit better.


"Darling, there you are!" Eva says as she approaches Dominick, and he quickly passes her another glass of champagne. "The evening turned out beautifully, don't you think?"

Dominick raises his glass to her and they have a quick toast. "I couldn't agree more," he says back to her. "I love the thought of tying Robertson Enterprises in with the gala. I just spoke to Trenyce and Donovan, and the Robertson merchandize is selling extremely well."

Eva smiles back to him, thrilled with the news. "How are you feeling?" he asks her, knowing that she is about to give a speech and step down as the Chief of Staff. "Are you ready to step down as COS?"

She takes a sip of her champagne before she looks up at him again. "I am," she says back to him. "I'm ready for a change of pace in my life. I'm just so happy that this night turned out the way it did as my swan song."

"And you are clearly the most beautiful woman in the room," he winks at her as he leans in and gives her a quick kiss.

"You are certainly the charmer," she smiles back to him as their lips part.

She suddenly notices that Dominick's demeanor changes. She looks over her shoulder and sees Frederick and Felicia enter the ballroom. She looks back at Dominick, who is watching their every move.

"Are you surprised that they came together?" she finally asks him.

Dominick continues to watch Frederick and Felicia. He recalls how a few weeks earlier he saw Frederick kiss Felicia in the park, so he isn't surprised that they showed up together. Still, there's something about Felicia's doctor that he doesn't trust. He can't place it but there is something about Frederick that doesn't sit well with him.

"No," he finally says back to Eva, as he fakes a smile on his face. "Come on, let's get another glass of champagne. Eva sighs a little though, she doesn't like that Dominick is still so concerned about Felicia.


Donovan walks up to Craig, who is standing in the corner by some of the balloons. He looks at his organizing partner in putting together the gala and can't help but think that Craig looks really good in a tuxedo. He shakes his head to himself because he knows that he can't be having any sort of thoughts about Craig like that as he has a boyfriend. The last thing Donovan wants to do is come between a relationship, he's not that kind of guy.

"There you are," Donovan says to him, as he reaches Craig.

Craig looks at Donovan. "Did I go somewhere?"

Donovan smiles back to him. "I thought I was going to get to meet your boyfriend," Donovan admits to him. "You know, this mystery man. I'm beginning to think that he doesn't exist."

Craig laughs. "Trust me, he's real," he winks back to Donovan. "Actually, he's right over there," Craig says as he points to a man at the food table.

Donovan looks at the man and gasps. Lukas turns around with some food on his plate and smiles at Craig. Donovan, however, immediately recognizes Lukas.

"It can't be," Donovan whispers to himself, thinking about his ex-lover from Europe. "Lukas?"

Craig looks at Donovan just as Lukas comes up to the two men. "Wait, you two know each other?"

Lukas gets a sly grin on his face. "Donovan Moretti," he says. "How long has it been, man?"

Donovan blushes, shocked that his ex is standing in front of him. He doesn't know how this is happening; the ex that he loved so much is standing in front of him, but also dating Craig. Instead of replying to Lukas, Donovan quickly walks past him and leaves the ballroom flustered.

Lukas looks back at Craig and shrugs, as Craig arches his eyebrow wondering what exactly just happened.


"I'm glad you wanted to come to the gala," Rebecca tells Cory as they sip their champagne. "It's nice to get out of the house once in a while and have some fun."

Cory smirks back to her. "Yea, it is," he says as he takes a drink of his champagne. "Sometimes I feel guilty about it because I know Robin is probably not having fun."

"Come on now," Rebecca tells him as she looks back at him. "You have to know that Robin would want you to have a good time still. You can't put your entire life on hold while Robin is getting better."

Cory nods back to her a little. "Yea, I suppose."

"Cory Calvin," she says in a stern voice as he looks at her. "We are going to have a good time tonight, and that is an order."

Cory laughs back with her. "Okay, sorry," he says. "No more pouting. Let's have a good time."

She smiles back to him. "That's what I'm talking about," she winks as she grabs his hand and moves him to the dance floor.


Meggan and Jeff continue to hug each other. Meggan opens her eyes and sees Vinny walking towards her, as they are near the bar. Vinny is clearly walking to get another drink.

She exits the embrace and looks at Jeff. "Are you going to be okay?"

He looks down at her and nods his head with half a smile. "I will be fine," he whispers back to her. "Thank you for being here for me."

She puts her hand on his face and licks her lips a little. "It's the least I can do Jeff," she says back to him.

She quickly glances over her shoulder and sees Vinny watching them. Without thinking, she leans in and puts her lips on Jeff's.

Vinny opens his mouth in shock behind the couple kissing. Beside Vinny, Robbie comes up and also witnesses the kiss and both are left speechless at the sight of the kiss.

Jeff quickly pulls his lips off Meggan's. He looks back at her and gulps. "I should go," he says to her, not sure how he feels about the kiss. In his mind, it's too soon since Leah died to be kissing another woman.

Meggan watches Jeff walk away from her. She then turns her head and sees Vinny and Robbie watching her. She grabs her sparkling water and walks away from them, not having to defend herself to anyone. Secretly, however, she's thrilled that Vinny saw her kiss another man. "Maybe he will realize what he's missing," she says to herself with a little chuckle.


"Ladies and gentlemen, can we have your attention," Eva says into the microphone at the front of the ballroom. "Thank you all so much for coming to the annual hospital gala. As you know, all of the proceeds from tonight's events will be going to hospital's charity. We are still planning to expand the hospital so we can better serve the community in which we live in."

The audience members clap at Eva's announcement. She waits until the applause calms down before she continues. "Tonight is also a special night because tonight marks my last night as the Chief of Staff of Twin Peaks General Hospital," she tells everyone. "I've had the most amazing time being the leader of the hospital but the time has come for a change. The new Chief of Staff is a long running member of the staff and he is one of the best doctor's in the country. Ladies and gentlemen, the new Chief of Staff Dr. Shane Glubbs!"

The audience claps as Shane walks up to the podium and hugs Eva. He takes the microphone and looks out into the crowd of people. He scans the room, hoping to see Natasha, but he doesn't see his wife. He gulps and realizes that she's missing his big moment.

"Thank you," he finally says to everyone. "I don't really have much to say other than, I'm looking forward to taking the hospital to the next level and I'm looking forward of the challenge of being the new Chief of Staff!"


Dawn walks down the hallway of the hospital as she is going back to the ballroom so she can find Adam to take him to see Reg as per Helen's request. She feels happy as she knows that Helen is doing the right thing by including Adam in their family again. All she wants is for her family to stop fighting and come together like they used too.

"This is the first step of us being a real family again," she says to herself as she smiles.

As she walks by Shane's office, she hears a noise. She stops and looks behind her, realizing that she is alone. She hears another noise and wonders what it could be.

"What is that?" she asks herself as she moves closer to Shane's office door. She puts her hear to the door and listens for a moment, realizing the sounds are coming from inside.

She slowly opens the door and freezes in her tracks. On Shane's desk, she sees Adam and Natasha having hot, passionate sex. Dawn gulps and quickly shuts the door as a tear falls down her cheek, shocked at the sight of her father being intimate with another woman; not just any other woman, Natasha Calimo.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Eva tells Dominick that it's time he files for divorce
- Helen wonders what's troubling Dawn
- Tyler tells Dominick he's a grandfather

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