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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Craig learned that Donovan and Lukas dated in Europe. Lukas and Donovan, meanwhile, caught up. When Donovan asked Lukas if Frederick knew he was gay, Lukas didn't respond
- Chris proposed to Savannah and pressed her to get married sooner rather than later. Frederick, meanwhile, lied to Trenyce by telling her that he was on to her and Chris
- Rebecca and Cory continued to grow closer
- Dawn saw Adam and Natasha having sex the night of the hospital gala

Scene One - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

"How was your first shift at the hospital?" Helen asks Dawn, who walks into the living room of the house in which she grew up in. Helen is pouring herself a cup of tea and takes a sip before she looks at her daughter, who just got home from her first shift as a candy striper at the hospital. Helen is so proud of Dawn for taking the volunteer position at the hospital; her daughter is really growing up and Helen couldn't be happier with the choices she is making.

Dawn puts her bag on the ground and moves over to where Helen has the tea pot. Dawn pours herself a glass of water as she tries to get head into a good space. She has felt extremely distracted since the night of the hospital gala because she saw Adam and Natasha having sex in Shane's office. She enjoyed going to the hospital today because at least for a few hours, she was able to get her mind off her father's affair. She still has so many questions but doesn't know if she will ever get answers.

She finishes taking a drink of her water before she turns to face her mom. "It was good," Dawn finally says, trying to keep her composure. She can't let her mother know that something is bugging her. "I think it'll be good for me to get out of the house and focus on something."

Helen arches her eyebrow when Dawn rattles her sentence out quickly. She wonders if there is something more going on with Dawn than meets the eye. "Is everything okay Dawn? You seem … distant or like something is bothering you. Is there something you'd like to talk about?"

Dawn gulps and shakes her head no. "I'm fine," she covers with her mother. "I guess the shift was longer than I realized and I'm just tired."

"That's understandable," Helen replies to her.

Before Dawn can say anything, Adam comes into the living room carrying a tray of cookies. "Oh Dawn, I thought I heard you come home. Did you have a good shift at the hospital?"

Dawn glares at her father, the man who is having an affair on her mother. The sight of him makes her feel sick to her stomach. "Ask Mom, I already told her about it," she spits to him, taking another drink of her water, before she starts to leave the room.

Adam looks back at her. "I think Dawn is just tired from her long shift," Helen tries to justify Dawn's attitude to Adam, as Dawn picks up her bag.

"Yea, that's what's wrong," Dawn says back to them both, as she rolls her eyes at her father. "I'm going to shower."

They watch their daughter leave the room before Adam looks down at Helen. "The joys of having a teenage daughter," he says with half a grin on his face, unaware that his daughter knows his darkest secret.

Scene Two - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Natasha slowly walks down the hallway of the hospital until she reaches the door to Shane's office. She and her husband made plans to meet at his office to talk about Jacob as he the infection in his lungs has finally cleared and the parents want to talk about what could be next for their son. Natasha, however, can't help but think about the night of the hospital gala; she and Adam were talking in this very spot that she is standing when he kissed her again. She shuts her eyes and sees Adam lean in to her. She opens her eyes and quickly scolds herself, knowing that her affair was a mistake.

"It can never happen again," she whispers to herself, knowing that no one can ever know the truth. Suddenly, she feels a little dizzy and puts her hand on the wall to hold herself up. "Get yourself together Natasha," she tells herself. "You have to pretend that nothing happened. You have to act … normal."

She takes a deep breath and opens the door to her husband's office. She sees Shane sitting at his desk, the very desk that Adam and her made love on a few weeks earlier.

"Nat, hi," Shane says with a grin on his face, happy to see his wife although, oblivious to her internal struggle. "Thanks for meeting with me."

"Of course," Natasha says back to him, trying to act normal as possible.

"I saw Jacob this morning, he's getting so much," Shane tells her, hoping that they can avoid another one of their arguments. He wants their lives to get back to normal, especially with Jacob getting to go home rather soon.

Natasha nods back to him, her eyes fixed on his desk. "And I heard from the doctor that his lung infection has cleared up, which is fantastic news."

Shane looks at his wife, who is moving closer to the desk. Natasha puts her hand on the desk and shuts her eyes for a moment. She feels a tear forming in her eye. When she opens her eyes, a tear falls and she covers her mouth as she gasps a little, as she can't believe what she has done.

Shane comes up behind her and looks at his wife. "Natasha, what is it? What's wrong?"

She shakes her head. "Nothing," she lies to him, as she wipes her damp eyes.

"You're acting funny," he says back to her. "I know you better than anyone else Natasha, I know when something is wrong with you, so tell me, what's wrong?"

Scene Three - The Sugarbowl

"So, wait, you broke up with Robbie?" a shocked Donovan asks his sister as they sit across from each other in the coffeehouse. Victoria just told her brother that she gave Robbie his engagement ring back the night of the hospital gala because she felt like he is too obsessed with Leah and making Jeff pay for her death, which is crazy because Jeff is not responsible for Leah's death. The behaviour increased to the point Victoria couldn't take it anymore.

Victoria finally looks at her brother and nods her head. "I didn't feel like I had any other choice," she admits to him. The more she has thought about it, the more she realizes that she did the right thing. "Robbie has become someone I don't know. Leah's death has changed him and I don't think it's for the best."

Donovan sighs and looks at his sister. He can tell that she believes that she is doing the right thing in the situation. "I hope that you know what you're doing, Vic," he says back to her.

"What does that mean?" she asks him, as she takes a drink of her mocha.

Donovan shrugs a little. "I just know that you love Robbie. We all go through things in life that force us to change who we are. It is in those times that we rely on the people we love the most. I hope you're not throwing Robbie away when he needs you the most."

"I appreciate what you're saying," Victoria says back to him. "I think some space is what we both need right now."

"That's fair," Donovan relies to her. "Just don't shut him out if he needs you because that's a mistake you may live to regret."

"Why do I get the feeling we are no longer talking about Robbie and I?" she asks him back, knowing that something went down between Donovan and his ex in Europe, but she doesn't know what exactly happened. The way Donovan is talking, however, it makes her think that he's talking from experience.

Donovan blushes a little as he recalls his talk with Lukas in the park the other day. He can't believe that the man he has called the love of his life is back in town and dating Craig. During their conversation, Donovan asked Lukas if Frederick knew that Lukas is gay yet; Lukas, unfortunately, didn't answer because Craig interrupted.

"Earth to Donovan," Victoria chuckles to her brother. "You look a million miles away right now."

"Sorry, I guess I was just thinking," he admits to her.

"I can see that. Thinking about anything in particular?" she asks him.

Donovan locks eyes with his sister. "My past is back Victoria," he cryptically tells her. "And I have no idea what that means for me or anyone else."


Trenyce opens the door to the coffeehouse feeling her heart racing. She hasn't been able to stop thinking about the visit that Frederick paid her at her office recently and he let on that he knows about her and Chris' plan. Trenyce, of course, has been telling Chris that their plan to use Savannah to get Andrew back would blow up in their faces and if Frederick actually does know the truth, she knows that a lot of people would be left hurt.

She scans the coffeehouse quickly and doesn't see Chris present. "He hasn't answered any of my texts," she whispers to herself as she then orders a coffee. She needs something to keep herself going in her search for Chris. She has to find him and let him know that Frederick is on to them. "We have to do something before it's too late."

Trenyce turns around from the coffee bar and sees Savannah enter the coffee house, a smile beaming on her face. Trenyce quickly turns around again, hoping that Savannah doesn't see her. The very last thing Trenyce wants to do right now is deal with Savannah and anything she may have to say. She has to find Chris, and she has to do so quickly.

She slowly turns around again but Savannah is approaching her. "Trenyce," Savannah smiles as she comes up to her, oblivious to who Trenyce is actually feeling. "Do you have a moment? I'd like to talk to you about something?"

Trenyce fakes a smile on her face. "Sure Savannah," she replies to her. "Just for a minute though, I'm running late for a meeting."

"Of course," Savannah says back to her. "You were at the hospital gala when Chris and I got engaged but we've been talking and we've decided to get married sooner rather than later."

"That's great, congratulations," Trenyce replies to her quickly, trying not to sound overly sarcastic.

"Thank you," Savannah says to her. "Look, I know we haven't always been close Trenyce but, when Reese was sick you offered for us to have a truce where we can put the past behind us and move forward."

Trenyce nods back to her. "I meant that Savannah."

"I know you did," Savannah says. "And that's why I was hoping you'd agree to be my maid of honour."

Trenyce's eyes open wider in shock. "You want me as your maid of honour?"

Savannah nods back to her. "I know it's a surprise, but I don't have that many friends in Twin Peaks and I was hoping this could be the start of something new for both of us."

Trenyce looks at her uneasily, not sure of what to say. "The only duties you would have to do is really look after Andrew while I plan the wedding," Savannah tells her. "That's the other thing I want to start doing more of, Andrew seeing you and the rest of your family. I think he's had a lot of adjustment period and you and your family are so important to him."

Trenyce finds herself getting water in her eyes. Chris was right, she realizes, this plan could help them get Andrew back. "Okay, you sold me," Trenyce smiles back to her. "I'll be your maid of honour."

Savannah squeals in delight. "Oh my goodness," she says as she hugs Trenyce. "Thank you so much Trenyce! This is going to be such an amazing wedding!"


Outside the coffeehouse, Frederick peers through the window at the sight of Savannah and Trenyce hugging. He looks forward and arches his eyebrow as he recalls telling Trenyce that he was on to her and Chris, even though he has no idea what they're really up too. He still can't shake the feeling that they are up to something. The last thing Frederick wants to see happen is Savannah getting hurt. He now considers Savannah family, and no one will hurt his family, Frederick thinks to himself.

"I have to do something to get to the truth," he whispers to himself. "What can I do to get Chris and Trenyce alone where they will spill the beans about what they are up too?"

Suddenly he gets an idea. "That's it," he says as a grin comes across his face. "I know exactly what I have to do."

Scene Four - The Towers, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin's Home

Rebecca opens the door to her bedroom, which is just off the living room, when she hears Cory on the telephone. She suspects that he is, once again, calling the mental facility where Robin is staying in hopes of getting better. She knows, however, that Robin has been refusing to take his calls or see him, which is working out to her benefit with the plan that she with her mother, Melissa. She has purposely been growing closer to Cory in this time, to the point that they shared a kiss recently. Rebecca, of course, went back to just being friends with Cory when he told her the kiss could never happen again. She has to play her cards right, or the entire plan could implode on her and her mother.

"What do you mean?" Cory says into the phone, trying to stay calm as the nurse on the other end is once again refusing to put his call through to Robin. "I'm her husband, damnit! I just want to say hi to her and make sure that she's okay!"

There is a slight pause before Cory continues to speak into the telephone. "I know that I'm on the list of people that she doesn't want to take calls but do you understand that I'm her husband? I'm the one that checked her into the facility! I can check her out just as easily…"

"Fine, fine! But please tell her that I called and that I love her," he says before he hangs up the phone. He runs his hands over his face before he moves over to the bar and pours himself a gin and tonic.

He takes a drink before he turns around and sees Rebecca come out of her bedroom. "Are you okay? I couldn't help but over hearing some of the conversation," she admits to him as she purses her lips together.

He looks at her and shakes his head. "I just … I don't know how much more rejection I can take from Robin, you know? I've been patient with her but this is getting crazy," he says, trying to stay calm and then taking another drink.

"I know," she says as she comes up to him. "I can go back and see her again if you'd like me too?"

"I appreciate that Rebecca but it's not necessary," he says back to her as they lock eyes. "I just need to stay focusing on me, I suppose."

She nods back to him. "I agree, you do need to focus on you. You have so much stress and tension built up in you. You need to find a release," she says, still looking at him.

He watches her and licks his lips a little. "I am pretty stressed," he admits back to her. She starts to move away from him, but he reaches out for her and grabs her wrist, spinning her into him.

"Ah," she says with a little smile on her face.

"Sorry," he says, as he puts his hand on her waist. "I wanted you here."

"I'm here Cory," she whispers back to him as he leans in and kisses her passionately on her lips. They part for a moment. "Right here, Cory," she says again as their lips touch again.

Scene Five - The Tower's, Floor One; Andy's Condo

Donovan steps off the elevator and moves down the hallway of Andy's condo. After seeing his sister, Donovan decided to come and check on his friend since he knows that Andy has been having a hard time dealing with Reese's death last summer. With Christmas coming up, he believes it will only get harder on Andy before it gets better.

As he turns the corner, he sees Craig and Lukas about to knock on the door to Andy's apartment. "Guys, what are you doing here?" Donovan asks them as he comes up to them.

Craig looks at Donovan and then Lukas to see if there is any reaction from the ex's. Craig then looks back at Donovan. "I wanted to come see how Andy is doing," Craig admits to him. "We aren't together anymore but it doesn't mean that I don't still care for him. And I don't know if you know this, but I was meeting Lukas the Barcode a couple of weeks ago, and Andy was there more drunk than I've ever seen him. I sent him home in a cab."

Donovan arches his eyebrow. "That seems to be happening more and more often these days," he says back to the guys. "I hope that we can do something to help Andy."

"That's what we thought," Lukas says back to him. "I know that I barely know Andy, but I know what's it's like to lose someone you love with all of your heart," he says as he and Donovan lock eyes with each other. "It can be suffocating."

Donovan nods back to him as their eyes are locked on each other. "Well, I'm sure he'll appreciate anything that we can do for him. Do you guys mind if I visit with you? If not, I can come back later."

"No, you're here now, come on," Lukas tells him, before he looks up at Craig. "You don't mind, do you Craig?"

"I guess not," Craig says with half a smile, wondering if the person Lukas lost is Donovan, before he knocks on Andy's apartment door.

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Shane's Office

"Nothing is wrong," Natasha replies to her husband as she wipes her eyes dry. "I guess, I'm just emotional with all of this stuff that's going on with Jacob," she says as a cover to Shane. "And before we go on Shane, I really want to tell you that I don't want to fight with you anymore about this Chief of Staff position, okay? You took the job and I'm proud of you for getting the job. We have to start to focus on putting our family back together. I don't want Jacob to feel any tension between us."

Shane smiles back to her and puts his hands on her shoulders. "I love you so much," he says back to her as he leans in and kisses her before they hug each other.

"I love you too," Natasha replies to him as another tear falls from her eye. "What do you say? Can we start from scratch on this?"

"I'd love nothing more than to do that Nat," he smiles to her as they exit their embrace.

She nods her head. "Good," she says wiping her eyes again. "Goodness, I'm so sorry for being so emotional."

"You don't have to apologize to me Nat, I understand," he says as he hears a knock on the office door. "Come in," he calls out.

"Shane," a doctor says as she comes into the office. "Oh, Mrs. Glubbs, I'm glad you're both here."

Natasha looks at Jacob's doctor and arches her eyebrow. She quickly wonders why the doctor sought them out in Shane's office; she hopes nothing is wrong with her son.

"I wanted to tell you that I'm preparing the discharge papers for Jacob as we speak," she informs the couple. "With the infection in his lung cleared up, he is well enough to go home."

Natasha shakes her head in disbelief. "I don't believe this, we can get Jacob home?"

"The papers should be ready within the half hour," the doctor smiles back to them. "I'll be in touch with medications that he will need to take and how often he will need a checkup, but yes Jacob can go home."

Shane looks at Natasha and pulls her into another hug. "I can't believe this," she says to her husband as they hold each other.

"It's the start of our new lives Nat," Shane tells her. "We are going to be just fine going forward."

Scene Seven - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

"I was hoping to talk to you about something," Helen tells Adam, as she pours herself another cup of tea and Adam comes back into the living room.

"Shoot, I'm all ears," Adam says to his wife.

Dawn slowly comes down the stairs of the house and moves closer to the living room opening. She hears her parents talking, so she stops herself from going back into the living room. She wants to hear if Adam says anything about his affair with Natasha.

"The night of the hospital gala," Helen begins to tell Adam, who freezes wondering if somehow she found out about his affair with Natasha. "I was really rude to you and I'm sorry. I shouldn't have kept you from visiting Reg with us."

Adam arches his eyebrow in surprise. The last thing he thought Helen would say was sorry for shutting him out. "I appreciate that Helen," Adam replies to her. "I think we've both been under a lot of stress and I understand why you have been so protective of your family. I think we have to be in this together, though."

Dawn rolls her eyes at her father saying that he wants to be a team member with Helen.

"I agree," Helen smiles as she approaches her husband. "I just want you to know that going forward, I'm going to make all decisions about our family with you. Dawn helped me realize that shutting you out won't help anything, in fact it will make things worse."

Adam pulls Helen into a hug. "When did our teenage daughter get so wise?" he asks her as they exit their embrace. Dawn peaks her head around the corner and sees Adam give Helen a quick kiss on the lips. Sick to her stomach at the sigh, Dawn rushes away and back up the stairs.

"She really is special, isn't she?" Helen says back to him as the telephone starts to ring. "Oh, I'll get that."

Adam watches her move to the phone and feels relieved that Helen is trying to put their family back together. Now that he and Natasha have agreed to never speak of their affair, he feels like everything could be falling back into place. Before he knows what's happening, Helen is putting the phone down and looking back at him.

"Who was that?" he asks her.

"It was the hospital," she says, turning to him. "It's about my father."

"Is everything okay with Reg?" Adam asks her again.

Helen nods back to him. "He's awake. My father has woken up from his coma."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Dominick and Frederick come to blows
- Chris and Trenyce are trapped
- Worry about Andy continues to grow

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