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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Jeff and Meggan shared a couple of kisses as they grew closer after Paige told Jeff she thought he killed Leah and that she was going to live with Robbie
- Victoria called off her engagement to Robbie feeling like he had changed since Leah's death. On Christmas, she longed to reach out to him
- Andy continued to drink following Reese's passing
- Donovan was shocked to learn that Craig's new boyfriend is actually Donovan's long-lost love from Europe, Lukas
- Frederick stopped Savannah's wedding to Chris, exposing his plan with Trenyce to use Savannah to get Andrew back. Savannah slapped both of them
- Dawn saw Adam and Natasha having sex and started to lash out at Adam. Helen and Adam, meanwhile, tried to put their relationship back together. Natasha and Shane grew closer after Jacob was released from the hospital
- Bob saw a close moment between Tyler and Kim
- Cory and Rebecca shared another kiss after Robin refused to take another one of Cory's telephone calls

Scene One - The Pampa Grill

"This was certainly a nice idea," Meggan says back to Jeff, as she takes a sip of her sparkling water, as she recalls Jeff asking her to dinner on New Year's Eve. Meggan didn't have any other plans, so she agreed to go to dinner with Jeff. She hasn't been able to stop thinking about how close the two have seemingly gotten since he has moved into her family's house, including sharing a couple of kisses. She knows that Jeff is still grieving Leah, but she can't help that is she very much attracted to the man sitting across from her.

Jeff looks over at her as he takes a sip of his water. "You reminded me on Christmas that no one should be alone," he says to her. "New Year's Eve is sort of the same idea. You should always have someone to ring the new year in with."

She smirks back to him. "Are you sure you don't want something other than water? You don't have to not drink because I can't."

"I'm fine with water Meggan," he says back to her. "The last thing I want to do is make you uncomfortable in any way."

She blushes a little. It's been a long time since any man has paid this much attention to her. "You're very sweet, you know that?"

"I'm just trying to pay it back to you," he admits to her. "I think you've been very kind and generous in this dark time to me. I don't know where to begin to repay you."

Meggan smiles back to him and reaches over and grabs his hand. "You don't have to repay me for anything Jeff. I'm glad that I've been here to help. I mean that."

"I know you do," he says back to her, looking deep into her eyes. "I never thought I'd say this, but I'm really enjoying spending time with you and getting to know you more."

"The feeling is more than mutual," she says back to him.


Robbie enters the restaurant and quickly moves to the bar as he ordered some food to go. He is hoping that Victoria will end up joining him at his house for a romantic New Year's eve celebration. While he knows that she has called off their engagement, the last thing he wants to do is believe that they are not going to work it out. They are meant to be, he tells himself.

"Tonight will show Victoria that I really do want her back and that I'm trying to make things right with her," he whispers to himself.

He looks at the bar and knows that Victoria told him that if he wanted to make things right in their relationship again, he would give Leah's house back to Jeff because he was Leah's husband when she passed away. He knows that he can't do that because he still believes that Jeff is the one that is more responsible for Leah's death than anyone else. He still has a lot resentment towards Bob for his role in her death too, but he believes that had Jeff not pressured Leah into going to Lake Tahoe, she would still be alive today.

Moreover, Robbie can't believe that on the night of the hospital gala, he saw Jeff and Meggan kiss. He knows their history and the fact that Leah hasn't been gone for that long, yet Jeff is with another woman makes Robbie see red. It's a complete disgrace to Leah and everything she stood for.

"Here's your order Mr. Calimo," a waiter says from behind the bar as he passes a bag to Robbie.

"Thank you," Robbie nods to him as he grabs the bag and begins to turn around. Robbie freezes though when he sees Jeff and Meggan sitting together at a near table. "Unbelievable," he whispers to himself as he starts to walk towards them, ready to call Jeff out. He freezes, however, when he spots Jeff lean across the table and give Meggan a quick kiss on the lips.

Robbie shakes his head before he leaves the restaurant quickly.

Back at the the table, Meggan looks at Jeff as their lips part. "What was that for?"

Jeff shrugs and looks back at her. "It just felt … right," he says back to her as he picks up his water and takes a drink of it, his eyes still locked on hers.


"Are you sure you don't want to be somewhere else?" Andy asks Donovan as they sit across from each other in a back cornered booth. Andy picks up his glass of whiskey and takes another swig of it.

Donovan watches his friend and feels his heart break inside his chest. He knows that Andy has not dealt with the death of Reese very well only because many people are concerned about his increased drinking, including tonight with Donovan.

"Of course I'm sure that I don't want to be anywhere else Andy," Donovan says back to him. "We haven't spent that much time together lately and I didn't have any other plans."

"And, of course, I didn't have any other plans either, right?" Andy quips as he takes another swig of his whiskey.

"I didn't mean it like that," Donovan tells him. "I just mean, it's nice for us to be together tonight."

"I'm sorry," Andy quickly regrets being a touch bitchy with his friend. "I guess I'm just so used to pretending with everyone."

"You don't have to pretend with me Andy. I know that losing Reese was the most difficult thing you've ever had to go through," he tells Andy as he reaches over and grabs Andy's hand. "Tell me how you're really doing?"

Andy looks at his whiskey and swirls it in his glass before he looks up at Donovan, tears fill his eyes. "I miss him so much Donovan, I can't even describe it to you," Andy says as he bites his lower lip. "I mean, I guess it's been better since I moved out of the Wilkins estate but … I just feel like I see Reese everywhere I go."

Donovan squeezes his friends hand. "I'm glad you moved out of the house," Donovan says back to him. "It's probably for the best. Have you thought about going back to work at the Sun?"

Andy picks up his glass and takes another drink. "No, I can't," he quickly replies. "I can barely make it through a day on my own. I can't be in that environment where I have to produce articles for the newspaper. I just can't …"

"I wish I could do something to help," Donovan admits to him.

"Just by being here you're helping Donovan. I know I'm a mess but I appreciate you being here more than you know."

"Oh Andy," Donovan sighs as he looks at his friend. "So many people are in your corner. You're are not alone in this. Remember that, okay?"

Scene Two - The Tower's, Floor Five; Craig's Condo

"What can I bring you to drink?" Craig asks his boyfriend, who is laying across the couch with his IPad in his hands. The two men have decided to have a low-key New Year's Eve this year, mostly because Lukas is not out yet and he doesn't want to risk the chance of anyone, especially his father seeing him out with another man; it would be disastrous.

Lukas looks up from his IPad and sees his boyfriend. "It's New Years, you have champagne?"

"I got three bottles earlier," Craig winks back to him, knowing that his boyfriend has expensive taste. Not that he minds, he knows that Lukas grew up in a privileged home and is used to the best things in life.

"Awesome," Lukas says back to him, as he hears the cork in the kitchen pop. Immediately, he flashes back to another time in his life when he was younger and living in Europe.


"I can't believe that you got the job!" Donovan happily says over to Lukas, as he pulls him to a hug. "Do you have any idea how proud I am of you?"

Lukas smiles back to his lover and leans in and kisses him passionately. "You're so good to me," Lukas says to him as their lips part.

"You haven't seen anything yet," Donovan says as he moves past him in the small European kitchen. He opens the tiny fridge and pulls out a bottle of champagne. "I suspected this would happen, so I planned ahead."

Lukas gets a grin on his face. "You know I like champagne after making love," he winks to his lover. "Pop the cork and then …"

"I'll meet you in the bedroom?" Donovan replies to him as he looks Lukas in the eyes.


"Here's your champagne," Craig says as he extends his hand to Lukas, who is still daydreaming. "Earth to Lukas," Craig says to him as he places the champagne on the coffee table and sits next to his boyfriend. "Where were you just now?"

Lukas looks back at him and picks up his champagne. "Sorry, let's have a toast. To the new year that is upon us."

Craig arches his eyebrow and looks back at his boyfriend, realizing that Lukas is dodging the question. "Cheers," he says back to him as they click their glasses together. After taking a mouthful, Craig looks back at Lukas. "You were thinking of Donovan, weren't you?"

"What?" Lukas asks, trying to sound surprised and taking another drink of his champagne.

"You don't have to pretend with me Lukas," Craig says back to him. "Don't pretend that Donovan wasn't a part of your life at some time. Maybe you won't today, but one day, I'd like to hear about your relationship with him. It's so I can get to know you better."

Lukas nods back at him. "Maybe one day," he says uneasily to Craig.

Scene Three - The Victors Mansion; Vinny & Daisy's Home

"I just can't believe that Trenyce was involved in a plan like that with Chris," Daisy says to Vinny as he pours her a glass of champagne to celebrate the New Year. Since they had such an exciting Christmas day being at the non-wedding of Savannah and Chris, the couple decided to stay in and be together for the New Year. Daisy, though, can't get over the fact that Frederick stopped the wedding and exposed Chris and Trenyce's plan for Chris to get close enough to Savannah in hopes of trying to get Andrew back. Daisy feels like a food because she sensed that something was going on with Trenyce and Chris but she never could place it; when she asked Trenyce, she was told not worry.

Chris passes her a glass of the bubbly and moves to sit next to her. "I know you were hoping that there wasn't a big scheme going on but I mean, I just hope that they have learned from this and can try to move on."

"Move on?" Daisy asks him as she sighs. "They have shattered Savannah. Just when she was starting to let us get closer to Andrew again, this has to come out. I don't know if Savannah will ever let out family near that child ever again, and you know what Vinny? I wouldn't blame her."

Vinny looks back at her and grabs her hand. "I know that you're upset with Trenyce," he tells her. "But we can't do anything about it tonight. Let's focus on us tonight, how about that? I'd love nothing more than to ring in the New Year with you thinking of happy times."

Daisy smiles back to him. "Sorry for getting all upset about that," she tells him. "You're right, the rest of the night will be about us."

"You know what I want more than anything for 2016?" he asks her as he looks deep into her eyes.

"What's that?" she smiles back to him.

"For you to become my wife," he replies as he leans in and gives her a kiss on the lips. "I want to marry you Daisy."

She smiles back to him as their lips part. "I somehow think that can be arranged," she winks at him. "But in the meantime, I like when you kiss me."

"Then I won't stop," he replies to her as he leans in and gives her another passionate kiss.

Scene Four - Chris' Townhouse

"What are we supposed to do now?" Trenyce asks Chris as she paces back and forth in the living room of his townhouse. She can't believe that their plan has been exposed although, she was worried about this happening since Chris first came up with this plan. She knows that Savannah was absolutely devastated at the church but so was Daisy. Trenyce hates that she let her aunt down in that sense.

Chris looks up to Trenyce as she sits on the sofa, enjoying a glass of red wine. "Are you sure you don't want a glass of wine?" he asks her. "It might help take the edge off."

"No!" she says back to him. "I want to know how the hell we are going to fix this! Don't you understand, this is exactly what I was worried about the entire time? I knew that this plan would end up blowing up in our faces. And now what? We may never get to see Andrew again."

Chris stands up and moves towards her. "I know you think that all is lost," he says as he looks into her eyes. "But I still believe if I have the chance to talk to Savannah, I can make her understand. She told me she loves me Trenyce. She told me that she wanted to have a future together. Not all is lost."

"You're delusional," Trenyce says back to him as she shakes her head. "We can't have any more plans! We have to end this now."

"And do what?" Chris asks her back. "Just let Andrew go? I don't know that I'm ready to do that."

Trenyce bites her lower lip and feels her eyes fill with water. "I don't know what to say anymore Chris," she tells him. "I just feel like I'm tired of losing Andrew over and over again. I … I just want this mess to end."

Chris uses his hand and moves her head up to look into Trenyce's eyes. "I think we know what we want to have happen," he says in a whispered voice. "Don't cry."

She looks deeper into his eyes and before she knows what she's doing, she leans in and kisses him on the lips. He moves away from her before he leans in and kisses her again.

Scene Five - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

"We are so glad that you guys were able to come over tonight," Helen says as she welcomes Natasha and Shane into her house, as Natasha carries a sleeping Jacob in her hands. "And my goodness, Jacob seems to get cuter by the day."

Natasha smiles up at her friend feeling proud of her son. She knows that the first few weeks of Jacob's life were touch and go because he was premature but now that he has been released from the hospital, she believes that they can get on with their lives and move forward with their lives. Of course, she knows that she did dread having to come over to the Black house for New Year's eve because of her recent affair with Adam but she couldn't say anything to not come over without raising concerns with Helen and Shane.

"Thank you Helen," Natasha says back to her. "I'm so thrilled that he is doing better and that he's out of the hospital."

"We can't imagine what you went through when Jacob was in the hospital," Adam says to both of them, as he makes eye contact with Natasha.

"We appreciate your support," Shane says back to his friends. "We couldn't have done it without you."

Dawn comes down the stairs after hearing voices from her bedroom. She freezes midway down the stairs when she sees Natasha in her house. She can't believe that the woman that she saw sleeping with her father the night of the hospital gala is in her house and, by the looks of it, about to spend the evening with her family. What bothers Dawn most about this entire situation is how Natasha and Adam are acting like nothing ever happened. If only everyone knew the truth, Dawn thinks to herself.

"My goodness Dawn," Natasha says as she looks up and sees the young woman. "Don't you look beautiful this evening."

Dawn glares back at her and finishes coming down the stairs. She moves past her parents and starts to walk into the kitchen.

"Sorry," Helen apologizes for Dawn ignoring Natasha's comments. "You know what it's like being a teenager, don't you?"

Natasha chuckles back to her. "It's fine, I'm sure she is just surprised that you guys have company tonight."

They move into the living room and Dawn comes in from the other side. "How did your first shift as the candy striper go?" Shane asks her, as he puts a sleeping Jacob in the corner of the room.

Dawn looks back at Shane and knows that she has to be nice to him because he is innocent in all of this. "It was a really good," she tells him. "I had a good time and I am looking forward to helping more people."

"That's great," Shane says back to her, as Helen and Adam smile each other thinking that Dawn is coming out of her shell.

"Maybe you'll get to see me and Jacob one day soon," Natasha replies to her, cutting in their conversation. "He has to go in for his check up's pretty often.

Dawn looks back at her and sighs loudly. She leaves the room and stomps up the stairs. Natasha uneasily looks over at Adam and Helen, who shrug. "Must have been something I said?" Natasha asks as she arches her eyebrow, curious by the girl's attitude.

Scene Six - The Calimo Mansion; The Guesthouse

"Are you sure you want me to stay until midnight?" Tyler asks Kim as he comes into the guesthouse, after he called and asked if he could come and see Blake on New Year's Eve. He knows that he was invited to spend the evening with Felicia but he really wanted to see his son on his first New Year's.

"Of course I'm sure," Kim replies to him. "Unless you have somewhere else you have to be?"

Tyler shakes his head no. "I don't," he says back to her. "I'm glad that we are able to spend tonight together with our son. It's his first New Year's. It's a pretty big deal."

Kim chuckles a little. "Isn't it though? I wonder if he will be awake at all tonight."

Tyler looks at her and then pulls out a bottle of red wine from under his jacket. "I brought this in case you wanted to have a glass with me. I thought, you and I could talk while Blake was sleeping. I mean, we aren't going to sit here in silence, right?"

"Right," she replies to him. "I'll go get two glasses."

He watches as the mother of his child walks into the kitchen. He feels his heart skip a beat quickly he wonders if things between him and Kim can get back to how they were before; only this time, they wouldn't have to keep their relationship a secret. Ever since Blake has been born, Kim and Tyler have been getting along, which has to be a good sign.

"Two glasses," she says as she sets them on the bar. "I'll start a fire if you pour the wine."

"I can do that," he says to her. "This is nice Kim, really nice. I mean, you and I…"

Kim looks up from the fireplace and arches her eyebrow. "Tyler, I hope you know I'm doing this for Blake. I still want my marriage to Bob to work. I'm determined to make that happen."

Tyler gulps as he pours the wine into the glasses. He smiles to him as he passes her a glass and she stands up, with a fire roaring.

"I know that's what you want," he tells her. "But just so you know, I'm not going to give up on us or our family without a fight. I guess, we'll see what happens in the New Year."

Kim smiles at his determination. "I suppose I can drink to that," she says as they toast and take a drink of the red wine.


At the main house, Bob looks out of the French doors that peer into the garden. He slowly opens the door and walks outside, the brisk cold air immediately is felt on his face but he doesn't stop or turn around to get a jacket. He moves a few more feet until he approaches the monument that he had made for Sofia after she passed.

He looks at the stone that has her name on it and he slowly reaches his hand to touch it. "My darling," he says to Sofia. "I can't believe that it's been four years since you were taken from me."

He knows that this night is always one of the hardest of the year for him because it was the night that Sofia died in a car explosion. He has never been able to truly get over the loss of his wife and he still misses her very much to this day.

"So much has happened since you left me and so much of my life seems to be in crumbles right now," he whispers to the tombstone. "Robbie can barely talk to me because of my role in Leah's death; Jacob nearly died after he was born and Kimberly, well, she slept with Dominick's son and has a bastard child with him. I don't know how I'm going to get past all of this but I'm really looking for you to help me. I need you more than I've ever needed you before my love."

He shuts his eyes for a moment and in a rare moment for Bob, he lets a single tear fall from his eye. "I love you Sofia, with everything I am, I still love you."

Scene Seven - The Tower's, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin's House

"Are you sure you don't have to go to Wild Night to make sure everything is running smoothly?" Rebecca asks Cory, who is standing at the bar opening a bottle of wine for the two of them to enjoy this evening. In her mind, she can't stop thinking about how the other day when Cory was once again refused by Robin at the mental facility that he kissed her, not once, but twice. She is thrilled that her plan is working.

Cory turns to her and nods. "The staff prefer when the boss isn't around on super busy nights," he informs her. "I tend to micro manage. They all know what they're doing, the club is in good hands," he continues to tell her as he pours two glasses of wine. "Besides, I think it's good that we send tonight together. I think we have to talk about what's been going on."

She arches her eyebrow as he passes her a glass of wine. He sits next to her on the sofa and looks at her. "I suppose I know where this is going," she says back to him before she takes a drink of the wine. "We kissed again the other day. Twice, actually."

"Are you counting?" he winks back at her before he gets a more serious look on his face. "And yes, we did kiss again. I just…"

"Look Cory," she interrupts him. "I know what you're going to say and I agree with you. We do just have to be friends. We both just have to be more careful about things going forward."

Cory nods back to her, agreeing that they can't allow their attraction to keep moving forward. "I actually thought of something else," he says to her as their eyes lock. "I think it would be for the best if you moved out. I know it's short notice, so I'm willing to pay for a room at the executive hotel until you find a place."

Rebecca is shocked at what he is telling her. She puts her wine down and covers her mouth with her hand as she tries to generate tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry if this is upsetting to you, I just think it's for the best."

Rebecca looks at him with tears in her eyes. "I never wanted any of this to happen," she lies to him. "When I came back to town I wanted to be there for you and Robin. Instead, all I'm doing is creating problems for you."

Cory sets his wine glass down and grabs her hand. "It's not your fault Rebecca," he tells her. "It's just a product of a situation."

"I know that you're only attracted to me because Robin is away," she quickly tells him.

"Don't say that," Cory replies to her. "I never said that."

"You wouldn't have kissed me or looked at me like that if she was here."

"If Robin was here, I would still find you attractive Rebecca. You're a beautiful woman."

"Really?" she asks him, looking into her eyes. "I guess I don't feel that way. I feel like I am coming between you and…"

"You're not doing that," Cory tells her as he looks into her eyes. "If you remember, I kissed you last time."

"I remember," she says licking her lips. "I know it was wrong, but my God I liked it."

"So did I, which is why…" he starts to say before he leans in and kisses her again. They part lips and she pulls him again for another kiss, as he crawls on top of her.

"Don't stop Cory," she whispers in between kisses. "Please don't stop this time…"

Scene Eight - The Calimo House; Robbie, Paige & Felicia's Home

Robbie paces around the living room, having witnessed Jeff and Meggan kiss at the Pampa Grill earlier in the evening. Robbie is livid that he Jeff is moving on so quickly after Leah's death, and with Meggan of all people.

"What the hell is he thinking?" he asks himself. "This is exactly why I shouldn't feel bad for kicking him out of this house. I don't care what Victoria says, I can't give that man this house back. No, I refuse to do so."

Before he can say anything else, the doorbell rings. Robbie quickly walks over to the door and opens it, seeing Victoria on the other side.

"Vic, hey," he smiles to her. "I'm glad you could make it."

Victoria enters the house. "I came because on the phone it sounded you like were really going to try to make an effort with us and our relationship."

"You know that I love you," he says as she enters the living room and sees a romantic table for two set up. "I ordered us dinner, would you like to sit down."

"Before I do," she tells him. "I hope you know not communicating with you over Christmas was very difficult and I just hope this means you're ready to be fair to Jeff."

"Actually Victoria, I'm willing to make us work but I'm changing anything with how I've dealt with Jeff. Not a God damned thing."

Victoria shakes her head in disbelief. "I don't know why I got my hopes up," she says as water fills her eyes, thinking that Robbie was ready to do the right thing. "You haven't changed or even want too."

"Victoria, please," he says as he reaches for her. "Don't go."

"I have to Robbie," she says looking back at him. "Happy New Year."

Before Robbie can stop her, he hears the front door slamming close and Victoria driving off in her car. He looks back at the romantic dinner setting and sighs. "This is all your fault Jeff," he whispers to himself, realizing that he has to do something to get revenge on Jeff and Bob for taking Leah away from him.

Scene Nine - The Richardson Estate; Frederick, Meggan & Lukas' Home

The door to Meggan's bedroom door opens and Jeff pushes her inside. He comes after her after he closes the door and their lips touch again. She starts unbuttoning his top as he continues to kiss her.

They finally part and she looks into his eyes. "Are you sure you're ready?" she asks him, lust fills her eyes

He kisses her again as he unbuckles his belt. "I need you so badly tonight Meggan," he tells her as he pushes her on the bed and crawls on her. "I want you."

"Make love to me Jeff," she whispers into his ear. "Please, make love to me."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Reg is awake and seemingly back to his verbally abusive self
- Dawn makes a bold decision
- Craig pleads with Lukas to open up to him

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