Episode 322
Mistaken for a Vision
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: January 03, 2016

Episode Theme song: "Fiction" The xx

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Natasha began to feel dizzy as Jacob was placed on medication to help with the development of his lungs
- Craig realized that Lukas was thinking of past times with Donovan while they were together
- Helen learned that Reg had woken up from his coma after he suffered a stroke
- Dawn saw Adam and Natasha making love the night of the hospital gala
- Bob spotted Kim and Tyler having a close moment with baby Blake during the holidays
- Chris and Trenyce kissed on New Year's Eve as they wondered how to move forward with Savannah

Scene One - The Glubbs House; Shane, Natasha & Jacob's Home

Natasha looks around the living room trying to remember to grab everything that she needs to put into Jacob's diaper bag before she has to take him to the hospital for a check-up this morning. While she is thrilled that her son is home from the hospital, she knows that Jacob can't afford to miss any of his hospital visits; the doctors have to make sure that the medication he is on is still working and his lungs are developing nicely and helping prevent infections. Natasha never imagined having a premature baby or the amount of work he would be, but she will do anything she can to make sure that he is in the best health.

She looks back at the baby, who is sleeping already in his stroller and smiles at the sight of him. "Oh Jacob," she says to herself. "You will be just fine. Everything between your Daddy and I is slowly getting back to normal. Nothing will stop us from being a happy family now." She knows that things were tense between her and Shane for months because of the Chief of Staff job, to the point where she slept with Adam. The affair made her realize that Shane and her marriage are so important to her; she hates that she betrayed him like that but that's also why she's determined to keep it a secret from him.

She stands up from the sofa and feels herself become light headed for a moment. Natasha quickly grounds herself and grabs a hold of the stroller handle. She shakes her head and wonders why she's so dizzy.

"What's going on with me?" she asks herself, as she thinks back to Christmas morning when she also felt a little dizzy. "I must just be over doing it. I need to remember slow down."

She looks back behind her at the sofa and picks up the diaper bag and places it on the back of the stroller, realizing that she has to get to the hospital or she will be late.

"Okay Jacob," she whispers down to her son. "Let's get you to the hospital then we can come home and relax."

Scene Two - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I'm surprised that you're here," Helen says to Adam, as he enters the waiting room of the hospital. She has come to the hospital today to visit Reg, who recently woke up from his coma after he suffered a stroke. Helen knows, however, that her father and Adam do not see eye to eye, which is why she is surprised that Adam has arrived at the hospital. The last thing she wants is for Adam and Reg to have a heated encounter and thus possibly cause Reg to have a set back with his health. She wants her family to start moving forward, if that's possible.

Adam moves into the waiting room and passes her a coffee from the Sugarbowl. "I didn't want you to have to suffer from the coffee in the cafeteria," he tells her as he sits next to her. "I don't know how they get away with serving that stuff."

Helen smirks a little at her husband. "Thank you, I appreciate this," she says before she takes a drink of the coffee. "Two cream, one sugar, just the way I like it."

"I do know what you like, Helen," he tells her as he grabs her free hand. "How is Reg doing?"

"He's awake and seemingly back to himself," she replies to him quickly. "You didn't have to come here today."

"Yes, I did," Adam says back to her. "Your father and I haven't gotten along but Helen, he is still your father. And I really meant it when I said I want us to start being a team again. I want our marriage to be as strong as it used to be and that means that I have to get over myself and make a real effort with Reg. I'm going to try to make amends with him."

Helen looks back at her husband and feels her heart warm. The words that he just spoke to her are words that she never thought that she would hear. All she has wanted was for her family to come together and be together. The fact that Adam is willing to try to make that happen makes her very happy.

"You're a wonderful husband, you know that?" she says as she leans in and gives him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Well, you're an amazing woman. I am so lucky that you have stuck with me for so many years," he says back to her as their lips part as he tries to force the guilt of sleeping with Natasha out of his mind. He doesn't know why is suddenly creeps into his mind but he wishes it would stop.

Dawn comes into the waiting room and watches her parents for a moment. She should be happy that her parents are still close after so many years but seeing them together like this actually makes her sick to her stomach. She can't help but think about seeing Adam having sex with Natasha the night of the hospital gala; since that night, Dawn's entire life has been turned upside down. She can't stand the fact that her father is lying to everyone, especially Helen. Dawn feels like her entire life has been turned into a lie and it's all Adam and Natasha's fault.

"Oh Dawn, I didn't see you standing there," Adam announces to his daughter, causing her to snap out of her train of thought. "What are you doing here?"

"I have a candy striper shift," she quickly says back. "Mom, you should get to Grandpa's room right away."

Helen arches her eyebrow as she stands up. "Why? What's going on?"

Dawn shakes her head. "I was walking by and I heard him shouting. I think he and Grandma are having a disagreement."

Helen looks at Adam, both knowing that Reg is stubborn and is probably laying into Barbara over something small and meaningless. "Let's go," Helen says to Adam as they walk out of the waiting room and towards Reg's hospital room, not wanting him to over extend himself.

Scene Three - The Pampa Grill

"So, you have to go to the hospital after breakfast?" Lukas asks Craig as they sit across from each other at the restaurant having breakfast together. Lukas keeps moving his eyes around to make sure that his father doesn't come into the restaurant and spot him having a meal with Craig, although he already knows his cover story if Frederick does happen to spot them. A part of him hates that he has to be so secretive but he isn't ready to tell Frederick that he's gay; in fact, he may never be ready, he realizes.

Craig puts his orange juice down and looks over at his lover with a sly grin on his face. "I do," he says back to him. "I wish I didn't. I'd love to go home and spend the day in bed with you."

Lukas winks back at him. "That sounds amazing but keep your voice down … if anyone heard you…"

Craig laughs a little. "Relax Lukas," he says back to him. "I'm not about to out you to your family. But I'm also not going to keep my thoughts to myself. You're sexy and we just had a great time together over the holidays … it'd be nice to keep that going."

"It was nice," Lukas agrees with him as he thinks back to their New Year's Eve with champagne and each other's company. "I think we really got to know each other on another level."

Craig nods back to him knowing that their relationship is still pretty new, so getting to know each other is always a good thing. Craig also knows, though, that Lukas is also thinking about his past with Donovan. He doesn't know everything that went down between the two ex's but he can tell that their romance was intense. Both Lukas and Donovan have made reference to their relationship while they were in Europe and when Craig asked Lukas about their past, he went silent, not saying anything. He is positive that seeing Donovan again rattled Lukas, which isn't easy to do.

"Where did you just go?" Lukas says back to Craig, causing the doctor to come back to his boyfriend in front of him. "You looked a million miles away."

Craig smirks back to Lukas. "I guess I was just thinking."

"About what?"

"You and Donovan," Craig admits to him. "When I asked you about your relationship with him on New Year's Eve, you got quiet and didn't say anything. You know, one day, I'd like to know what went down between the two of you."

Lukas puts a piece of bacon in his mouth and quickly chews it before he picks up his coffee and takes a drink of it. The last thing he wants to do is about his past relationship with Donovan.

"You're not going to say anything at all?" Craig asks him back, realizing that his lover is ignoring him.

Lukas shrugs back to his lover. "There's nothing to tell. We dated, we broke up and we've moved on. End of story," he quickly lies to Craig. "Look at the time, I really should be going."

Craig is left dumbfounded as Lukas stands up and walks away from the table. Craig picks up his orange juice, left thinking that Lukas and Donovan's relationship was far more intense than anyone is letting on, since he was the one on the time crunch this morning; Lukas had nothing else to do, he just didn't want to open up to Craig.


Chris opens the door to the restaurant and moves inside quickly as the bitter cold winter air nips at him. He is grateful to be inside; he's always hated the cold in the winter's, especially in Twin Peaks where it can get really chilly. He looks around for Bob, as he is supposed to have a breakfast meeting with him today. He doesn't spot his boss, but he does see Savannah sitting at the bar with a coffee and a muffin in front of her. He looks at the woman that was thin close to being his wife until Frederick exposed his plan that he was using Savannah to try to Andrew back. He hates that he hurt her because, if he's honest with himself, he actually was starting to care for Savannah. He hasn't wanted to admit that to anyone but Chris would have stayed married to Savannah and tried to be a good husband to her. He regrets hurting her but has no one to blame but himself.

He finds himself moving towards her, bracing himself for her chilly response. The last time he saw her, at the church at their interrupted wedding, she was livid with him; Not that he can really blame her. He can still feel her slap across his cheek.

"Good morning," he says as he reaches the bar, trying to be pleasant.

Savannah looks back at Chris and feels her blood boil at the sight of her ex-fiancé. She still can't believe that she was such a fool for believing that Chris loved her. She was completely taken in by him and played badly. "It was good until you showed up."

"I suppose I deserve that," he says back to her. "I know that you're upset with me…"

"Upset with you?" She asks him back as she starts to laugh a little. "That's probably the understatement of the year. I can't stand the sight of you Chris! You used me to try to get my son away from me. How the hell do you think I should feel about you?"

Chris sighs and looks back at her, his heart breaking inside his chest for the pain he has clearly caused her. "It may have started that way Savannah," he continues to remain calm to her. "I mean, using you to try to get Andrew back. But you know what? Somewhere along the way something happened."

"What are you talking about?" she asks him, still being cold with him.

"You happened," he says moving closer to her. "You showed me the real you and I fell in love with you. Every time I said those words to you, I meant it. I never lied to you about my feelings. I know that you are angry with me right now and you have every right to be but I'm hoping that one day you can forgive me and we can try to put this back together."

Savannah breaks out in laughter again after Chris is done speaking to her. "You can't be serious? Wait, you are? Oh Chris," Savannah says as her laughter stops. "Let me tell you something, I will never forgive you for what you did to me. Now, get out of my face so I can finish my breakfast in peace. And the next time you see me, don't stop and say hi; just keep walking and leave me alone."

"Savannah…" he starts to say back to her but she puts her hand up. "Sorry I bothered you."

He slowly moves back away from Savannah but he looks at her for a moment longer before he turns around and walks away from her. He just hopes that one day she will be able to forgive him.


"Thank you so much for taking me out for breakfast," Felicia smiles to Tyler, taking her eyes off a sleeping Blake for a moment before she looks back at her sleeping grandson. "He's the most precious little thing in the world."

Tyler can't help but smile seeing his mother interact with his son. He wishes that he had been able to have Blake with his family more over the holidays but he also understands why Kim wanted him close to her. He hopes that the fact that he and Kim spent so much time together during the holidays that it means that they could potentially get back together. Tyler would like nothing more than to give his son a real family with Kim. If only he can convince her that them together is what's best; she still thinks reuniting with Bob is in the cards. He doesn't want Blake to be near Bob, however. The man has caused his family, including his mother, too much pain to be in Blake's life.

"He is pretty awesome," Tyler says back to his mom. "I'm sorry it's taken so long for us to have some real time together."

Felicia moves some of her hair behind her ear as she moves the blanket closer to Blake's sleeping face. "Don't be silly," she says as she looks over at her son. "Any time with you and this baby is precious. I am a mother, I understand why Kim wanted Blake at home for the holidays."

"I spent a lot of time with Kim and Blake during the holidays which was nice," Tyler informs her.

Felicia takes a sip of her coffee. "I remember you left Christmas day early to go be with Blake and Kim," Felicia says to him. "I take it things are going well between you and her?"

Tyler puts his orange juice down on the table and looks over at his son for a moment. "Yea, things are going really well. I mean, having a child with someone is bound to bring two people closer together, don't you think?"

Felicia nods back to him. "Yes, your father and I have always stayed close because of our children," she says back to him. "I just hope Kim isn't playing games with you."

"There are no games Mom," Tyler replies to her. "She tells me that she wants to work things out with her husband…"

"But?" Felicia interrupts his sentence.

"But," Tyler says back to her with a sly grin on his face. "I'm still going to do anything and everything in my power to make my family a reality. I would love to be a family with Blake and Kim. I think I owe that to my son."

Felicia reaches over and grabs Tyler's hand. "You know that you have my full support, don't you my son?"

Tyler nods back to her. "Thanks Mom, I'm glad that you have my back."

"Always," she says to him. "And you're right, you have to do anything you can to make sure that you precious baby has the best life possible."

Scene Four - The Calimo Mansion

"Rosario told me that you were in here," Bob announces to Kim, as she stands by the roaring fire in the living room of the Calimo mansion. He stops and looks at his wife for a moment; while he wouldn't admit this to her, he does miss having her around the house. After Sofia died, the mansion was so very quiet and empty; after Kim moved in, that all changed. She brought a new life and energy into the house. With her living in the guest house, the mansion has returned to being silent; too silent. "What's going on Kimberly?"

Kim turns around and looks at Bob, who tries to make it appear that he is busy looking for another file in the corner of the room where there is a desk. She hopes that she can try to build the gap that is between them right now.

"I wanted to see how your holidays were," she says to him as she moves closer to him. "I didn't get to see you as much as I would have liked. The joys of having a new born, they take up a lot of your time."

"The holidays were just fine," Bob quickly replies to her, still looking at some papers in a file folder by the desk. His mind quickly goes back to Christmas Day, however, when he went down to the guest house to see Kim and he saw her having a good time with Blake and Tyler. The images of the three of them together have been embedded into his brain; he wishes he hadn't see them at all. "They came and went as they always do."

"Bob," Kim says back to him as she approaches him. She reaches out and puts her hand on his forearm. "Can you please talk? I mean, put the file down and let's really talk."

Bob looks at her and then slowly puts the file down on the desk. He turns back to her and looks her in the eyes. "And what would you like to talk about, exactly, Kimberly? How you cheated on me with Dominick's son? How you had his bastard child? Do you really want to bring all of that up again?"

Kim shakes her head back to him. "No, I don't want to talk about that," she says slowly, trying to stay calm with her husband.

"What else is there to talk about?"

"How about how much I love you?" she says back to him with a little smile on her face. "And how much I know you still love me. If we can just get past all of this nonsense and get back to loving each other."

Bob looks back at her as she moves even closer to him. He licks his lips a little as she continues to lean into him. "We were so good together and we can be again," she whispers as she shuts her eyes and leans in to give him a kiss.

He suddenly grabs her arms and moves her back from him. "If you think you can come in here and kiss me and we can just go back to how things once were, you're sadly mistaken Kimberly," he grits his teeth back to her. "I don't know if I will ever be able to get over the fact that you have a child with Dominick Robertson's son. But until then, we can't get past anything."

Kim nods back to him. "I hope that when you're ready to move on Bob, I'm still waiting for you," she whispers back to him as a tear runs down her cheek. "I can't take rejection forever."

"You slept with another man!"

"I'm sorry," she says as she rushes over to the sofa and grabs her purse. "I won't give up on you Bob. You mean too much to me and I know that somewhere, despite all of this hurt, you still love me too."

Bob watches as Kim leaves the room. He sighs after she is gone and runs his hands over his face because he knows that she is right; he does still love her, but how can he get over the pain that she has caused him?

Scene Five - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Adam and Helen rush down the hallway as they can hear Reg's loud voice getting louder and louder as the approach his hospital room door. Helen looks at Adam wondering what is going on before he opens the door and walks into the room. They see Barbara crying up against the wall, as Reg lays in the hospital bed, his face beat red. On the floor is part of Reg's meal, which he clearly threw on the ground.

"What the hell is going on in here? We could hear you half way down the hallway?" Adam asks Reg, as Helen moves over to Babrara. Adam doesn't mean to have the volume in his voice that he does.

"There was just a misunderstanding," Barbara says in between some tears, trying to compose herself after her fight with her husband. "I'm sorry if we caused any sort of disruption."

Adam looks back at Reg. "Do you have anything to say for yourself? Your wife is in tears, your food is on the floor ... what's gotten into you?"

"Don't you dare read me the riot act!" Reg starts to raise his voice back to Adam, ready for a fight with his son in law. Reg doesn't want to Adam to tell him how to live his life.

"Don't raise your voice," Adam warns him. "You're in a hospital, you're not the only person here recovering. You need to stay calm."

"Then get out of my room! Get out! I don't want to see you in here again!" Reg points his finger at Adam. He looks over at Helen and Barbara, "Get this punk out of here! I can't stand him and his arrogant attitude."

"Come on Adam, you should probably get out of here," Helen says coming up to her husband and pulling him out of the hospital room, growing more upset with the conflict between her husband and her father.

Barbara looks back at her husband and shakes her head, wishing that he could control his temper. "Don't you start with me Barbara," he warns his wife, sensing that she is about to say something to him.

Outside the hospital room, Helen looks at Adam. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," he says back to her quickly. "I'm sorry, this isn't exactly how I wanted to make amends with your father."

Helen shrugs. "It's fine, I'm beginning to think you've been right all along. Reg isn't exactly the most stand up man out there, huh?"

Adam hugs her. "But he is your father."

"I know," she says back to him. "But it doesn't make his behaviour acceptable. What are we going to do with him?"


Natasha sits in a chair in a hospital room as she waits for Jacob's doctor to arrive. She is holding baby Jacob in her arms as he is now awake from his nap and playing with him a little.

"Soon the doctor will be here and we will make sure that everything is perfect with you, won't we little guy?" she smiles to him as she keeps bouncing him on her knee. "Trust me baby, you will be just fine."

The door to the room opens and Dawn walks into the room slowly. She immediately rolls her eyes when she sees that she has to help Natasha and Jacob as part of her candy striper position. She doesn't have anything against Jacob, obviously, but she hates Natasha for sleeping with her father.

"Oh Dawn!" Natasha says with a smile on her face, oblivious to Dawn's feelings for her. "Are you going to help the doctor with Jacob's check-up? This is wonderful, I had forgotten that you're a candy striper now."

"Obviously you forget a lot of things about your husband," Dawn snaps back to her, knowing that Shane got her the job at the hospital but quickly realizing that she has to be civil. She doesn't want anyone to know what she saw the night of the hospital gala.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Natasha asks her back, confused by her comment.

"Never mind, can you lay the baby down on the bed, I have to administer his medication before the doctors arrive," Dawn informs her as she reads the baby's file.

Dawn can hear Natasha start talking to her about something minor like the weather. Dawn moves over to the counter in the room and opens a drawer. She finds a syringe that she is supposed to use to give Jacob his medication. She looks over her shoulder and sees Natasha's back to her, still rambling on. That's when it happens, Dawn gets a sly grin on her face. She takes the seal off the needle but doesn't fill it with any medication.

"Okay, all ready," she smiles as she moves over to the baby. "Do you mind giving me a little space? I'm still new at this."

"Oh, yes, of course," Natasha replies as she moves away from Jacob.

Dawn doesn't give the child any medication. She waits a moment longer before she turns with a smile on her face. "There, all done," she smiles back to Natasha.

"Thank you Dawn, that was pretty fast. You may be new but you're sure getting the hang of this," Natasha says back to her as Dawn drops the needle in the garbage can.

Dawn picks up the file and looks back at Natasha, who is now holding her baby. "The doctor shouldn't be too much longer Natasha. Have a nice day."

"Thanks Dawn, you too. And thank you again for taking such good care of Jacob," Natasha says back to her as Dawn leaves the hospital room.

Outside the room, Dawn takes a deep breath as she tries to calm her racing heart. She doesn't want to hurt Jacob. "But Natasha needs to be taught a lesson," she whispers to herself before she moves away from the door. "And, I will teach her a lesson."

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