Episode 327
With Beauty & Rage
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: February 07, 2016

Episode Theme song: "Ultraviolence" Lana Del Rey

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Natasha overheard Dawn admit that she purposely withheld medication to Jacob which caused his relapse. Shane asked Natasha what was wrong, but she kept mum and she went to confront Dawn
- Adam was with Reg when he went into cardiac arrest. Helen and Barbara were crushed when Reg died
- Tyler continued to try to convince Kim to give them a chance together
- Robbie confronted Jeff about his new relationship Meggan
- Dominick supported Paige as she admitted that she is feeling lost since Leah died
- Daisy agreed to invite her Aunt Jemma to Twin Peaks for her wedding to Vinny

Scene One - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

Dawn takes a long sip of her tea as she tries to relax from her day as it has been a long one for her. She had to work a shift at the hospital as a candy striper and as soon as that was over, she was shocked to learn that Reg had suffered another stroke. She hopes that her Grandfather is doing okay; she didn't want to leave the hospital but Barbara and Helen insisted that she go home and get some rest as she had the long day at the hospital. Dawn isn't too upset that she came home because she is tired from the day. She is trying to calm herself down so she can get some sleep as she has to work another shift in the morning.

"Mom told me she would call me if there was any change with Grandpa," she whispers to herself as she finishes her tea and places her cup in the kitchen sink. "I guess I will go upstairs and get ready for bed. I will leave my phone on in case Mom calls."

Dawn moves out of the kitchen and prepares to walk up the stairs. She stops when she hears the doorbell ring. She turns around and quickly wonders who would be at the house at this hour. She sighs before she turns and around and walks to the door. When she opens it, she freezes at the sight of Natasha on the other side. The last person she wants to see is the woman who slept with her father the night of the hospital gala.

"Dawn, good you're home," Natasha announces as she moves past the younger woman so she is in the foyer of the house.

"My parents aren't home," Dawn replies to her as she closes the door. "And, I was just about to go to bed, so this isn't really a good time."

"I'm not here to see your parents," Natasha says back to her. "I need to talk to you about something and it can't wait."

Dawn rolls her eyes at Natasha. She has grown to hate Natasha and now that she's in the house demanding to speak to her about something is really annoying to her. "Well, hurry up. Like I said, I was on my way to bed."

"I know what you did," Natasha tells her, knowing that she overheard Dawn tell Paige that she purposely withheld medication to a child at the hospital. Natasha has put it all together and realized that Dawn didn't give Jacob his medication, which is why Jacob had his relapse. "And I want to know why."

"What are you talking about Natasha?"

"I know that you didn't give Jacob his medication," Natasha continues to inform her. "I overheard you admit it to Paige. Do you realize that Jacob had a relapse? He almost died because of what you did! How could you do that to my son?"

Dawn feels the blood drain from her face. She never wanted anyone to know what she did because she has felt bad for her actions. She had hoped no one would ever find out the truth and this would all be water under the bridge.

"Do you have nothing to say for yourself?" Natasha asks her as she puts her hand on her hip, waiting for some kind of explanation from Dawn.

"I…I never meant for anyone to be hurt," Dawn finally says back to her, still shocked that someone has learned the truth.

"My son could have died!" Natasha yells at her. "How could you do that? I'm not leaving here until I get answers, Dawn, so start talking!"

"How could I do that?" Dawn yells back at her, feeling all of her rage come to the surface. "What about everything you have done? Don't you have to answer for any of your actions?"

Natasha shakes her head in confusion. "What I have done? What do you mean, what have I done?"

Dawn glares her eyes at Natasha. "You're such a self-righteous bitch, you know that?"

"How dare you speak to me that way?" Natasha gasps in shock. "What has gotten in to you?"

Dawn shakes her head in disbelief at the gull of Natasha.

"Answer me Dawn!"

"I know," Dawn whispers as she looks over at Natasha. "I know that you slept with my father!"

Scene Two - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Adam moves into the waiting room of the hospital carrying a couple cups of coffee for Helen and Barbara. He can see just by the looks on their faces that they are not handling the death of Reg very well; if he's honest with himself, he can't even believe that Reg is dead either. What he keeps replaying in his head are the last few words that Reg spoke to him; how Reg kept telling Adam that he is worthless and not good enough for Helen. The words will probably haunt him for the rest of his life.

"I brought you some coffee," Adam announces to his wife and mother in law. "I just thought it would be nice for you guys. I'm not sure what else I can do."

"There's nothing anyone can do anymore," Barbara whispers back to him, as she wipes her damp eyes. "My husband is gone and he will never come back again."

Adam moves next to Helen and touches her hand. She looks over at him and pulls away. She knows that he means well but the fact that he was with Reg when he died, she wonders what they were talking about that sent her father to death.

"How are you holding up?" Adam asks his wife, sensing that she is growing distant from him.

Helen sighs and looks over at him until Shane moves into the waiting room. "Shane, what's going on?" she asks him, ignoring Adam's question to her.

"I just wanted to give you this box of personal belongings that were in Reg's hospital room," he says as he passes Adam the box. "His room has been cleaned out."

"Thank you Shane," Adam replies to him. "We appreciate that. What should our next step be?"

"Reg is in the morgue. As soon as you have the funeral arrangements made, he can relocated to the funeral home," Shane tells them.

Barbara stands up and looks at Shane. "My husband is in the morgue?" she asks him as Shane nods back to her. "I want to see him. I want go to see my husband."

"Mom, I'm not sure that's a good idea," Helen tells her Mother.

"I want to see my husband and that's final," Barbara replies to everyone as a tear falls down her cheek. "I'm not taking no for an answer."

Scene Three - The Sugarbowl

Jeff sighs, not wanting to deal with Robbie tonight as Robbie has come up to him and started to grill him about his relationship with Meggan. Jeff knows that he and Meggan had sex on New Year's Eve but he has since told her that they can't have that kind of relationship. He knows that Paige is not handling the fact that Jeff moved on so quickly from Leah's death; he has to ensure that his daughter comes first. To make matters worse, Paige overheard Meggan confirm everything to Robbie about them becoming lovers. He had rushed out in hopes of finding Paige but he came back to the coffee house when he couldn't find his daughter. He has, instead, sent her a text message asking her to come and meet him so they could talk.

"I don't have a girlfriend," Jeff snaps back at Robbie. "And if you don't mind, I really don't have time for this right now."

"You damn well better make time Jeff because you're going to listen to what I have to say to you," Robbie grits his teeth together as he glares at Jeff. Robbie hates that Jeff is continuing to make bad decisions and putting Paige through more hell. "You sleeping with Meggan is beyond disgusting. How could you do that to your family?"

"What I do in my personal time is my business! Not yours, not anybody's," Jeff replies to him quickly.

"So, you're not denying it. You are sleeping with Meggan?" Robbie asks him as Jeff turns around.

"I'm not saying anything to you about this," Jeff tells him as he turns around to face. "You need to mind your own business."

"If it impacts Paige, it is my business," Robbie replies to him. "And you have no idea what this has done to her!"

"You need to remember that Paige is my daughter! You're not her father," Jeff informs Robbie, trying to make a sting to the other man.

"In name only, I raised her for more than half of her life," Robbie corrects him. "And how appropriate that she's still living with me and not you!"

"Because you kicked me out of MY house," Jeff yells back at him, as the fight escalates to the point where other patrons in the coffeehouse are watching them.

"That was the best thing I've ever done. God knows Paige doesn't need to see you and your disgusting whore in her house!" Robbie yells back to him.

Jeff is about to reply when he pauses and looks over Robbie's shoulder. Robbie turns around and is shocked to see Paige, who was listening to their fight with tears in her eyes.

"Paige," Jeff tells her, as Paige starts to rush out of the coffee house. Jeff sighs and runs his hands through his hand. "Great, are you happy now?"

Robbie looks back at him. "You're decisions are driving her away. No one else's, remember that," Robbie snaps before he walks out of the coffee house and rushes after Paige, hoping to make her understand why he was attacking Jeff.

Scene Four - Robertson Enterprises; Dominick's Office

Dominick sits at his desk trying to focus on some of the files he has to work on. His life has been so hectic lately that he feels like he has been ignoring his business and that's not something he enjoys. He knows that the for the last few years he and Bob have been in a corporate battle, each one always trying to gain the upper hand. He is determined to ensure that Robertson Enterprises stays on top in the power game.

However, his mind is also thinking about how Bob has impacted his personal life lately. After Dominick had dinner with Paige this evening, he knows that his Granddaughter is still suffering because of Leah's death. He misses Leah, too, each and every day. Dominick still blames Bob for Leah's death as it was his rival that was giving Felicia her fake medication, which allowed Felicia to lose her mind and kidnap Leah.

Dominick stands up and walks over to his bar. He pours himself a brandy and takes a sip of it as he thinks about how his family has been turned upside down since Leah's death. He looks out the window of his office and sighs heavily.

"If there's one thing I know, it's that I have to make you pay for what you've done Bob," he whispers to himself as he takes another drink of his brandy. "No one hurts my family like this and gets away with it."

He turns back and around and sets his glass back down on the bar. "The only question is," he continues to talk to himself. "What am I going to do to get back at you?"


Tyler types furiously into his keyboard on his laptop as he works on a report that is due in the morning for his father. He, like Dominick, is under a lot of pressure in hopes of keeping Robertson Enterprises at the top of its game. While he types however, he can't help but think of his personal life; becoming a father for the first time recently has come as a total shock to him as during Kim's pregnancy, she led him to believe that Bob was the father. However, since Blake has been born he and Kim have really been growing much closer as they've bonded with their son. He knows that he would like to have a family with Kim and Blake, but she seems convinced that she can make her marriage to Bob work out.

"I have to make you realize that you belong with me," he stops working for a moment and talks to himself, still thinking about his relationship with Kim. "You, me and Blake, we should be a family," he continues to say to himself.

He recalls how Felicia even encouraged him to anything he can to make sure that his son has a real family. He taps his fingers on the desk trying to think of a way to make Kim realize that they belong together. He knows that he can't give up on her because that would mean he would be giving up on the idea of the perfect family.

He picks up his phone and dials a number. "Yes, this is Tyler Robertson," he says into the receiver. "I need a dozen red roses delivered to the Calimo Mansion. There's a guest house on the property…a card? Uh, let it read 'It's not too late for our family, love Tyler'," he says with a grin. "Thank you so much."

He hangs up the phone and smirks to himself. "If she won't believe me with words, I'll start to woo her with gestures," he tells himself, hoping that Kim likes the flowers that he is sending her.

Scene Five - The Victors Mansion; Vinny & Daisy's Home

"I know you called me over Daisy but if this is about another lecture over what happened with Chris and Savannah, I'm not interested," Trenyce explains to Daisy as she walks into the foyer of the large mansion Daisy lives in with Vinny.

Daisy looks at her niece and gives her a small smile. While she was upset with Trenyce for her role in Chris' plan to use Savannah so they could try to get Andrew back in their lives, Daisy did not call Trenyce over for that reason tonight. She has a much bigger surprise for her niece tonight.

"You know that I'm still upset with you about your role in that plan," Daisy replies to her quickly. "But I didn't call you over here to discuss that again. I want to move on with our lives and I've come up with the perfect way to do that."

Trenyce arches her eyebrow. "What are you planning?"

"My wedding to Vinny," Daisy reveals with a surprise. "And I've done something that I wanted you to be a part of."

"You've certainly got my attention now," Trenyce replies to her, curious as to what her Aunt has planned. "What's going on?"

"Come into the living room with me," Daisy says as she grabs Trenyce's hand. "I have something to show you."

Trenyce follows Daisy into the living room where she immediately sees a woman standing at the bar fixing herself a drink. The woman turns around and Trenyce gets a look of happiness and surprise on her face.

"Aunt Jemma?" Trenyce squeals in delight at the sight of her great Aunt.

"In the flesh doll," Jemma smiles back to Trenyce, who rushes up and hugs her. "I came as soon as Miss Daisy called me. How could I stay away from her weddin'?"

"I haven't seen you in so many years," Trenyce tells her as they exit their hug. "When did you get here? How are you? How long are you staying?"

Daisy laughs and pulls Trenyce away from Jemma to give her some space. "One question at a time, Trenyce," Daisy says back to her.

Jemma takes a sip of her water and looks at Trenyce. "I'm here for Miss Daisy's weddin," Jemma says back to Trenyce with her southern accent. "And I plannin' on stayin' until that time. Maybe even longer, that part remains to be seen."

"I can't believe this," Trenyce gasps, still shocked to see her. "Our family is coming together. This is exactly what I needed right now," she tells Daisy, as she looks at her Aunt. "Thank you for this. Thank you so much Daisy."

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"How do you think Barbara is holding up?" Adam asks Helen as they stand in the waiting room, hoping that Barbara returns from seeing Reg's body soon. Helen would like nothing more than to go home, have a hot bath and try to get some sleep; although, she doesn't think she will get much sleep tonight.

She sighs and looks back at her husband. She still has a hard time believing that Adam was with Reg when he died; she wonders what her husband could have possibly have said to her father that caused him to go into cardiac arrest.

"I'm sure she's fine," she says as she runs her hand through her blonde hair. "She's a strong woman. I'm sure she believes that Reg has gone to a better place."

Adam moves closer to her and tries to comfort her but she pulls away. Adam arches his eyebrow at the subtle rejection. "What's wrong? You've been distant from me since Reg relapsed. I'm sorry that this has happened…"

"Are you?" she cuts him off quickly. "Are you really sorry that this happened?"

"Of course I am," Adam replies to her. "How could you even ask me that?"

"Because I know how you felt about my father," she snaps back at him. "What exactly did you say to him that caused him to…" she stops as she starts to cry. "Die?"

He looks back at her and shakes his head. "Nothing Helen. I didn't say anything."

"He didn't just go into cardiac arrest on his own! You did this! You killed my father," Helen yells at him as more tears rush down her face.

Scene Seven - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

"What's wrong, cat got your tongue?" Dawn sneers to Natasha after she just revealed that she saw Adam and Natasha having sex. "You have nothing to say for yourself for sleeping with my father?"

A dumbfounded Natasha looks back at Dawn as she gets tears in her eyes. She and Adam believed that no one knew about their affair; she quickly wonders how Dawn learned the truth. She quickly turns around and bites her lower lip.

"That's right Natasha," Dawn continues to taunt her. "I was at the hospital the night of the gala. I saw you on your husband's desk, how disgusting! You're a whore!"

Natasha turns around and looks at Dawn as a tear runs down her face. "I'm so sorry," Natasha whispers back to her. "We never meant to hurt anyone…"

"Oh save your bullshit for someone else, okay? You want to know why I didn't give your baby medication? That's why! I want you to pay for what you've done to my family," Dawn yells to Natasha.

"I'm so sorry Dawn," Natasha replies to her.

"Get out of my house," Dawn snaps back at her. "I'm going to bed and I really don't want to see you ever again."

Dawn starts to move up the stairs. A shocked Natasha quickly looks up at her. "Dawn, wait," Natasha says as she rushes up the stairs after her. "I want you to understand what happened! This is all a horrible mistake! Please, hear me out Dawn!"

Natasha grabs Dawn's arms to stop her from walking up the stairs anymore. Dawn stops quickly as Natasha's force prevents her from going up the stairs. "Let me go!" Dawn yells as she yanks her arm free from Natasha's gripe. Dawn looks back at her rival and before she knows what she's doing, she pushes Natasha backwards!

"Ahh!" Natasha screams as she stumbles and starts to fall down the stairs. Dawn watches helplessly as Natasha falls down the stairs. When Natasha reaches the bottom, she lays unconscious as a cut on her forehead starts to bleed.

Dawn looks down at the motionless body and gasps in shock and horror. "Oh my God…"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Dawn awaits to hear news about Natasha at the hospital
- Andy flirts with a man while he is drinking
- Vinny meets Aunt Jemma

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