Episode 332
Running From Rooms
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: March 13, 2016

Episode Theme song: "Versions of Violence" Alanis Morissette

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Shane surprised Natasha at the hospital by bringing Jacob for a visit. Shane was put off when a depressed Natasha didn't want to hold Jacob as she was secretly dealing with the miscarriage
- Helen, Dawn and Barbara were devastated when Reg passed away
- Tyler continued to try to pursue Kim but she continued to tell him she wanted to make her marriage to Bob work
- Trenyce overheard Daisy bad mouth Danielle
- Cory learned that Robin had started to ask for him. He ended his affair with Rebecca, who pretended to be okay with his decision
- Dominick and Robbie teamed up to get revenge on Bob for his role in Leah's death
- Jeff and Meggan kissed again
- Kim vowed to help Andy with his drinking

Scene One - The Tower's, Floor One; Andy's Condo

Andy looks out the window of his condo and takes a deep breath. He looks down and sees his hands start to shake a little. He shakes his head and runs his hand through his hair. He has been trying to cut back on his drinking lately because he knows that his friends and family are starting to get worried about how much he has been turning to the bottle. In his mind, however, he doesn't see it as a problem. None of his friends or family has lost the love of their life recently, he thinks to himself.

"And really," he whispers to himself. "It's not like I am drinking that much. So, I've gone to a few parties and have one too many, who can't say that?"

He turns around when he hears his cell phone make the jingle that he received a new text message. He walks over to the coffee table where it is laying down and he picks it up. He reads the message from Kim indicating that is going to come over with lunch so they can talk.

"Great," he says to himself. "She's basically feeling sorry for me so she's coming over to keep me company. When will everyone realize that I just need to have time to get over Reese and his death? It's not something anyone just gets over."

He looks over and realizes what will help him get through lunch. He moves into the kitchen and opens a cupboard, seeing four fresh bottles of whiskey in there. He pulls one out and unscrews the top.

"Just having one drink before Kim get here won't hurt," he says as he grabs a glass. "In fact, it will help take the edge off," he whispers as he gets a grin on his face.

Scene Two - The Sugarbowl

Tyler puts some cream into his coffee and slowly moves it up to his lips to make sure that it is at the flavor he wants it to be at. He semi burns his mouth on the hot coffee, causing him to pull back quickly.

"That tastes alright," he says to himself as he grabs a lid and puts it on his cup. He didn't get a lot of sleep the previous night because he kept replaying his visit with Kim and Blake in his mind. He went to see Kim to see if she got the roses he sent her; while she did receive them, she still insisted that she wants to try to make her marriage work to Bob. He kissed her in hopes of trying to convince her to that they belong together but it still wasn't enough. Tyler knows that he has to try to make a family for him and his son with Kim but he must admit that it's starting to wear on him being constantly rejected by her.

He sighs and takes another sip of his coffee. He starts walking and as he does he puts his hand into his pocket and reaches for his phone. He puts his head down and suddenly bumps into someone.

"Ah!" Trenyce cries out as she spills her coffee on the ground. She looks up to see who she bumped into and sees Tyler. She has seen him around before and always thought he was incredibly attractive. "I'm so sorry."

"No, it was my fault," he replies to her as he grabs some napkins. "I should have been watching where I was going. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," she smiles back to him, looking at the attractive man. "Are you okay? You didn't burn yourself, did you?"

"Nah, I'm fine," he says as he starts to wipe more of the coffee up. For a brief moment, their hands touch one another and they look into each other's eyes. Trenyce can't help but feel butterflies in her stomach. She doesn't know what comes over, maybe it's all the stress she has been under lately with everything that has happened with Chris, Savannah and overhearing Daisy trash talk Danielle, but she licks her lips a little.

"I'm usually not so forward but do you have plans right now?" she finds herself asking the attractive man.

He looks back at her and can feel some electricity between them. "Free as a bird, what's on your mind?"

"Come with me," she says as they leave the coffeehouse together.


"I have to tell you, Cory, this is wonderful news," Dominick tells his son-in-law as they sit in the back booth of the coffeehouse. Dominick just heard the news from Cory that Robin has finally reached out to her husband, which makes Dominick very happy. He knows that Cory had been struggling with the lack of communication from his wife while she has been away getting over the death of their daughter. "I knew that it was only a matter of time before Robin came around and reached out to you again."

Cory nods back to him as he takes a sip of his latte. "You were always in our corner Dominick, I appreciate that very much."

"I know that you weren't happy with me about trying to fake Robin's death last year," Dominick tells him. "But I was just trying to help. I recognize that I didn't go about it the right way now."

Cory chuckles a little as he recalls the drama that Dominick is talking about. "I think we've moved past that," he tells him. "I understand why you did what you did. The most important thing is that Robin has seemingly gotten the help that she needs and she is on her way back to us. Hopefully sooner rather than later."

"I couldn't agree more," Dominick tells him. "Do you know when you're going to call her or see her?"

Cory shrugs his shoulders. "I'm just waiting to hear back from her doctor again. It's one thing for her to ask for me but I think they want to make sure she's in the right space mentally before she has real communication with me."

"That's understandable," Dominick replies to him, as he thinks about Felicia also going through something similar with her mental state. "How is everything else going? How is living with Rebecca?"

Cory freezes and wonders if Dominick somehow knows about his affair with Rebecca. He looks down and plays with the bottom of his coffee cup for a moment. "It's fine. Everything is fine."

Dominick arches his eyebrow, wondering about Cory's reaction. "Is there something you're not telling me?"

"Of course not," Cory says back to him. "It's just that everything is fine. Really, I'm just excited to hear from my wife again."

Meanwhile, Rebecca watches Cory and Dominick from the front window bar. She tries to make herself hidden from them, but she is desperate to know what they are talking about. She is positive that Cory is filling Dominick in on the latest with Robin but she hopes that he isn't dumb enough to expose their affair. That would ruin so much of what she has been working towards.

"He wouldn't do that," she whispers to herself. "No one can know about this. It's too soon."

She grabs her phone and starts to send a text message to her mother. "Things are going okay. Please try not to worry."

She puts her phone away and finishes her coffee. "I should leave before they see me," she says to herself as she exits the coffeehouse, not having been seen by Cory and Dominick, who continue to talk in the back booth.

Scene Three - Twin Peaks Police Department; Lois Kam's Office

"I'm so sorry for your loss," Lois Kam tells Adam, Helen, Barbara and Dawn as they sit in her office of the police department. The DA was called into read Reg's will as he was out state and Reg's regular lawyer couldn't make to Twin Peaks. It's a rather common practice because Twin Peaks is a smaller city.

"Thank you," Helen replies to her, as she holds Barbara's hand. Helen knows that her mother is really struggling with the death of her husband. They were married for so many years, it's only natural that she is upset by his passing. Helen is also struggling because she feels like she just found her father and now he has already been taken away from her.

"If you're all ready to go, I can read Reg's last will and testaments," Lois says back to him.

"That would be lovely, thank you Ms. Kam," Barbara finally says to the DA.

Lois begins reading the will to the family. It doesn't come as a surprise that he left almost everything to Barbara and some money to both Helen and Dawn. Not much, mind you, as he didn't have much money to begin with.

"It doesn't seem like there was any surprises in the will," Adam announces to everyone after Lois finishes her reading.

"Well, not in the will itself," Lois replies to him. "There is something further that we need to discuss, however."

"There's more? What else could there be?" Dawn asks the DA, confused by what is happening.

"I'm not sure, Mrs. Mills, if you were aware of these?" Lois asks Barbara as she passes her a file folder.

"What is all of this?" Barbara asks her back as she grabs the folder and opens it and she starts flipping through papers.

"Your husband's debt was rather large," Lois informs her. "Before anyone gets a dime of his estate, they all have to be paid."

Barbara looks up in shock. "How much money are we talking about?"

"Around $30,000," Lois replies to her as Barbara's mouth opens in shock. "That's more than Reg left for you, but I need to know a payment plan before we leave here today."

Scene Four - The Calimo Mansion

"I was planning to stop by later to see Natasha," Bob tells Shane, as they move into the living room of the Calimo mansion. Bob was rather surprised to see his son in law this morning because he knew that Natasha was just released from the hospital and he thought that Shane would want to be with his wife and son right now.

"She'd probably appreciate that a lot," Shane replies to him. "I know you're probably wondering why I am here and not at home with my wife."

Bob turns to him with a slight grin on his face as he pours himself a cup of coffee. He passes a cup to Shane. "I was wondering that, yes. What's on your mind? It must be important."

"Thanks for the coffee," Shane says as he takes a sip of the hot liquid. "I'm a little worried about Natasha and wanted to hear your thoughts about it."

"Worried about her? How come? I thought she checked out okay from her fall?" Bob asks him, wondering what Shane is talking about.

"Physically, she will be okay," Shane informs him. "But the weirdest thing happened the other day. I took Jacob to visit her in the hospital and Natasha didn't even want to hold him. She hadn't seen him in a few days because she had been in the hospital. I dunno, I found the entire ordeal very odd."

Bob nods a little as he takes a sip of his coffee. "That doesn't seem like Natasha," he agrees with Shane. "She loves her son so much. She is a wonderful mother."

"Which is why I found this behaviour so odd," Shane continues to tell him. "I understand that maybe she's in a funk or something from the fall but not even wanting to hold her son? I don't understand this Bob."

"You think there's more to it?" Bob asks him.

Shane shrugs. "I hope not but I was hoping that you could talk to her and see if she will open up to you? She hasn't said much to me at all."

Bob nods back to him. "I can't make you any promises Shane, but I will certainly try to have a talk with Natasha."

"I appreciate that Bob, thank you."

Scene Five - The Glubbs House; Shane, Natasha & Jacob's Home

Natasha slowly walks over to the tea pot and pours herself a cup of tea. It's her first full day at home and she isn't sure how she is coping thus far. She can hear the nanny that she and Shane hired busy in the kitchen while she is trying to get back into the swing of things. She takes a sip of the tea as her mind continues to race about the events leading up to her fall.

"If only I could remember what I was doing at the Black house," she says to herself as she takes a sip of the tea. "Did I realize I was pregnant and I went to tell Adam?"

She puts her hand to her stomach and feels her eyes swell with water at the thought that she has lost her child. She hates that she really didn't even know, or at least from what she can remember, that she was pregnant.

"I let you down in so many ways," she bites her lower lip. "I don't know how I will ever forgive myself for this."

Suddenly, she turns around when she hears Jacob crying on the baby monitor. She walks over to it and picks it up, listening to her son cry. She lets a tear fall down her cheek.

The nanny appears in the room. "Would you like me to go and check on Jacob?"

Natasha wipes her cheek and turns to the nanny. "Yes, please, Lindsay. Thank you," she tells her, still not ready to face her son. She can't bear the thought of seeing him when she is still grieving her unborn child. She just hopes that this passes sooner rather than later.

"I have to get it together," she whispers to herself, not knowing how she plans on doing that, but with Shane worried, she has to do it soon.

Scene Six - The Pampa Grill

Victoria opens the door the restaurant and quickly moves inside. She scans the restaurant looking for Donovan, as she is meeting her brother for breakfast. She stops when she spots Jeff and Meggan sitting at a table together. Victoria sighs at the sight of them because she knows that the couple having a relationship is causing problems for a lot of people. Victoria knows that part of the reason she feels like she doesn't know who Robbie is right now is because he isn't taking Jeff and Meggan's relationship very well. Not to mention, Paige is upset with it as well.

Victoria knows all too well that Jeff is entitled to start moving on with his life because no one expects him to remain single for ever, but the fact that he's moving on with the woman that killed Leah's son years ago is troubling. She finds herself moving over to the table where the couple is sitting.

"Good morning," she says as she reaches the table.

Jeff and Meggan look up from their conversation and see Victoria standing there. "Victoria, this is a surprise," Jeff says to her, not sure why she is stopping at their table.

"Do you mind if I sit with you for a moment?" she asks as she pulls out an extra chair and has a seat.

"Oh, sure, by all means," Meggan rolls her eyes back to Victoria. "We weren't in the middle of anything."

"I won't be long," Victoria replies to her. "I'm just wondering if you guys know what you're doing? I mean, really what you're doing?"

"We are having breakfast," Meggan replies to her, her answer full of sarcasm.

"I realize that you're both adults and you're free to do whatever you want to do," Victoria tells them. "But just know that you're playing with fire with this relationship. And sooner or later someone is going to get burned badly. I just hope it's not Paige."

Jeff looks at Victoria and back to Meggan. "Sorry for bothering you," Victoria says as she stands up. "Have a good breakfast."

Jeff watches as she leaves the table and looks back at Meggan. "I can't believe her," Meggan snaps.

"I don't think she meant any harm," Jeff replies to her quickly. "You know that, she dumped Robbie?" he informs her as Meggan's eyes open wider in surprise. "I know. I think she really wants what's best for everyone in this situation."

"What is best for everyone, Jeff?" Meggan asks him, wondering if he is having second thoughts about the two of them being together.

He shrugs his shoulders, wondering the same thing.. "I have no idea."

Scene Seven - Robertson Enterprises; Dominick's Office

Dominick opens the door to his office, having come straight from the coffeehouse to work. He moves to his desk and opens some of the files that are waiting for him already. He starts reading the first file when his door opens and Robbie comes into the office.

"We need to talk," Robbie says as he closes the door behind him and moves to the front of Dominick's desk. Robbie recalls how the previous day he was with Dominick when he agreed to help him get revenge on Bob for his role in Leah's death.

Dominick looks up at his former son in law and hopes that Robbie hasn't changed his mind about helping him with his plan to take down Bob. "What's going on? You haven't changed your mind about helping me take down your father, have you?"

Robbie sighs and looks back at Dominick. "Of course not," he says back to him. "I'm just wondering if you've thought of an actual plan. The longer we wait, the harder it will be to make him pay for everything he has done."

Dominick chuckles alittle back at Robbie. "I appreciate your eagerness," he says back to Robbie. "But these things take time. We have to wait for the right opportunity and when that opens it, we will do everything in our power to make sure Bob pays."

Robbie nods back to him. "Okay, okay," he says to Dominick. "I guess I just have to be patient."

"Exactly, we don't want to rush this."

"He will pay Dominick," Robbie replies as he grits his teeth. "He will pay for taking Leah away from us."

Scene Eight - Tyler's Townhouse

Tyler unlocks the door to his townhouse and he and Treynce enter quickly. He shuts the door as she moves into the living room.

She turns around and looks at him. "Nice place you have here," she says, not really looking around but just at him.

He flashes her a quick smile as he moves closer to her. "Thanks," he says as he reaches her.

She leans up and kisses him passionately. They part for a moment. "Are you sure?" she asks him in between kisses.

He responds by picking her up and putting her up against the wall, kissing her passionately as she wraps her legs around his waist.

"Oh Tyler," she moans in pleasure.

Scene Nine - The Twin Peaks Police Department

"I don't know where I can come up with that kind of money to pay off Reg's debts," Barbara explains to everyone in the room, as Lois just told them about how much Reg owed. "I mean, I could sell the house but …"

"That's nonsense," Helen says back to her. "You won't sell your home. And even if you did, you need that money to retire with."

"What else do you suggest?" Adam asks Helen.

"I'm going to pay for it," Helen announces to everyone, as a shocked Adam looks back at her.

"What do you mean? Where are we going to get that kind of money from?" Adam asks his wife, shocked by her revelation.

She looks back at him and glares at him, still thinking that he is part of the reason that Reg died as Adam was in the room with Reg when he went into cardiac arrest. "Don't question me on this Adam, not after everything you've done."

Helen turns her attention to Lois Kam. "I will bring you a cheque later this afternoon," she smiles, as Barbara gets a smile on her face and Adam's face turns pale from the shock of what just happened.

Scene Ten - The Tower's, Floor One; Andy's Condo

Kim walks up to the door of Andy's condo needing to see her brother. She has been trying to get over to see Andy for a while now because friends have been telling her that Andy isn't in a good place with his drinking. She recalls how Donovan told her that when he last saw Andy, he poured some of Andy's whiskey down the drain of the sink and Andy threw his friend out. Kim hopes that Andy isn't drunk today because she would like to have a real discussion about his drinking; she is worried about him and needs him to realize that he needs to slow down.

She knocks on the door and waits for him to open it. "Andy?" she calls out as he knocks on the door again. "Andy, it's me Kim. Can you open the door? I texted you about lunch, remember?"

She waits for a moment and still no one answers the door. She puts her ear to the door, hoping to hear some movement inside the apartment but she doesn't hear anything.

She opens her purse and grabs her cell phone. She dials Andy's number and waits for him to answer. She moves the phone away from her ear when she can his cell phone ringing from inside the apartment.

"Andy!" she screams at the door, pounding it harder and harder. She moves her hand to the door and tries to open it, which is able to do. "He didn't lock it, thank God."

She moves inside the apartment. "Andy? Where are you? Andy?" she calls as she starts walking through the condo. She makes her way into the living room and sees Andy laying on the ground.

"Andy!" she calls as she rushes over to him, a bottle of whiskey in his hand. She shrieks as she realizes that he's laying in a pool of his own vomit. "Oh my God, Andy!" she cries as she grabs her phone and starts to dial 911.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Paige makes a decision
- Natasha has a memory
- Dominick confronts Rebecca

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