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Written by: Dallas Walsh Originally Released: April 17, 2016

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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Natasha had a memory flash of the night of the accident when she fell down the stairs. Dawn, meanwhile, was determined to keep what happened a secret. Natasha confronted Dawn as her memory seemingly returned
- Victoria continued to tell Robbie that she didn't support his actions towards Jeff. Jeff and Meggan shared a kiss. Paige, meanwhile, moved into the Calimo mansion
- Rebecca was shocked to see Melissa back in town. Dominick told Rebecca not to hurt Cory and Robin. Cory got a phone call from his wife
- Helen blamed Adam for Reg's death

Scene One - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

"I heard that Reg passed away, I'm very sorry," Natasha says back to Dawn as they stand in the living room of the Black house. Natasha came over to the house this afternoon because she had to see Dawn. The other day she started having memory flashes of the night she fell down the stairs. She knew she had to come and see Dawn to put all of the missing pieces together.

"Thank you," Dawn replies to her. "So, what brings you by?"

Natasha looks back at Dawn and then looks over at the staircase where she fell. "I needed to see you," Natasha slowly says as she moves to the stairs. She covers her mouth as she looks at the place that changed her life. She reaches out and her hand touches the railing of the stair case. Suddenly, she starts having memories come flooding back to her.


"Believe me, I do know," Adam says back to her. "I think Helen and I are further apart than ever before."

She looks up at him and deep into his eyes. "I'm sorry, I wish I could help."

"I know you do. And I wish I could help you with Shane," he says back to her, looking into her eyes. "I hate seeing you so sad."

She shuts her eyes when his hand caresses her face. When she opens her eyes, they lock into Adam's. She finds herself pulling him closer to her and their lips touch again. They kiss becomes more passionate until she pulls back. They both look at each other before they lean in and kiss again.


Natasha opens her eyes for a moment before she has another memory come to her.


Dawn can hear Natasha start talking to her about something minor like the weather. Dawn moves over to the counter in the room and opens a drawer. She finds a syringe that she is supposed to use to give Jacob his medication. She looks over her shoulder and sees Natasha's back to her, still rambling on. That's when it happens, Dawn gets a sly grin on her face. She takes the seal off the needle but doesn't fill it with any medication.

"Okay, all ready," she smiles as she moves over to the baby. "Do you mind giving me a little space? I'm still new at this."

"Oh, yes, of course," Natasha replies as she moves away from Jacob.

Dawn doesn't give the child any medication. She waits a moment longer before she turns with a smile on her face. "There, all done," she smiles back to Natasha.

"Thank you Dawn, that was pretty fast. You may be new but you're sure getting the hang of this," Natasha says back to her as Dawn drops the needle in the garbage can.


"Oh my God," Natasha whispers to herself as she gets tears in her eyes as more and more of her memory continues to come back.

Dawn watches Natasha slowly for a moment, wondering what is going on in her head. She can tell that Natasha is starting to get emotional.


"What's wrong, cat got your tongue?" Dawn sneers to Natasha after she just revealed that she saw Adam and Natasha having sex. "You have nothing to say for yourself for sleeping with my father?"

A dumbfounded Natasha looks back at Dawn as she gets tears in her eyes. She and Adam believed that no one knew about their affair; she quickly wonders how Dawn learned the truth. She quickly turns around and bites her lower lip.

"That's right Natasha," Dawn continues to taunt her. "I was at the hospital the night of the gala. I saw you on your husband's desk, how disgusting! You're a whore!"

Natasha turns around and looks at Dawn as a tear runs down her face. "I'm so sorry," Natasha whispers back to her. "We never meant to hurt anyone…"


Natasha turns around and looks at Dawn as a tear falls down her cheek. "I remember," Natasha tells Dawn. "I remember the night of the accident!"

Dawn looks back at her in shock, not wanting Natasha to remember everything that happened. She doesn't want to get into trouble for withholding Jacob's medication or have the truth about Adam and Natasha's affair come out; if it does, she knows her family may never recover from that and her family is already strained because of Reg's death.

"You remember falling down the stairs?" Dawn asks her slowly, knowing the truth is that she pushed her.

Natasha nods back to her. "I remember…everything," Natasha replies to her, her eyes glaring at Dawn as the horrible truth has returned to her. "I remember why I came over here that night. I remember you telling me that you know about…"

"Stop!" Dawn yells at her. "I don't want to rehash your disgusting love affair with my father! Don't you understand, Natasha? We were all better off with you not remembering a God damned thing!"

"But I do remember, Dawn," Natasha tells her as another tear falls down her cheek. "And I want all of this to be put behind us. "

"I know that you had a baby," Dawn quickly blurts out to Natasha, who opens her eyes in shock. "I know that the baby died when you fell down the stairs."

"Only, I didn't fall, did I? You pushed me! You caused me to lose my baby!" Natasha yells at Dawn.

Dawn slaps Natasha hard across the face and glares back at her. "How dare you! You will never say those words out loud again, do you understand me?"

Scene Two - Robertson Enterprises; Dominick's Office

"Hey, I came over as soon as I got your message," Cory announces to Dominick as he opens the front door to Dominick's office and moves inside. Cory had been working at Wild Night when he got a text message from Dominick asking him to meet him at his office. Cory doesn't really know what his father in law wants to discuss with him but he is assuming it has something to do with Robin.

Dominick puts down his pen and looks up at his son in law. Dominick knows that Cory has been getting more and more hopeful that Robin would be returning from the mental facility sooner rather than later but Dominick has also wondered about Rebecca's intentions with Cory and Robin. Something in his gut is telling him that Rebecca is up to no good where Robin is concerned.

"Thank you for dropping everything and coming over," Dominick tells him as he stands up and moves to his bar. He pours Cory a drink and passes it over to him.

"Thanks, cheers," Cory says back to him as they toast each other. "So, what was so urgent that you wanted to see me so quickly."

"I wanted to talk to you about Robin," Dominick replies to him, which gains Cory's attention. "Have you heard anything further from her?"

"I have actually," Cory informs him with a smile on his face. "She called me a few weeks ago. I can't tell you how great it was to hear her voice again."

"That's wonderful," Dominick says back to him. "I just got off the telephone with her doctor and I'm very impressed with her prognosis of Robin. It really seems like my daughter is on the mend."

"I think it's great as well," Cory tells him. "I'm hoping that within a couple of months Robin will be home. Maybe even sooner."

Dominick nods back to him. "I hope for that as well," he tells Cory. "But that's also why I wanted to call you over here."

Cory arches his eyebrow. "You know when Robin gets home, she will still be rather fragile."

"Of course," Cory quickly says back to him. "It will be a huge transition for her."

"I just want to make sure that nothing will hurt Robin. I want her to be protected."

Cory nods back to him. "I think I understand what you're saying."

"You haven't done anything to hurt my daughter, have you Cory?" Dominick asks him.

Cory gulps. "Of course not," he lies to Dominick. "And, I was actually thinking of having the nursery in the condo replaced with a library. You know, remove the traces of the baby we lost."

Dominick smiles back to Cory. "That's probably a very good idea Cory. I'm glad we had this conversation."

"Me too Dominick," Cory replies with a sense of uneasiness, knowing Dominick would explode if he knew of his affair with Rebecca. "Me too."

Scene Three - The Pier

"We can't keep meeting this often," Rebecca tells Melissa as they sit on a bench near the river side on the pier. Rebecca is wearing large sun glasses and has her hair pulled back into a pony tail, hoping that no one will recognize her as the pier becomes a rather popular running spot during the spring and summer months in Twin Peaks. "If anyone sees us, they will know that something is going on."

"No one is going to see us," Melissa replies to her daughter as she takes a drink of her coffee from the Sugarbowl. "You have to stop worrying so much."

"How can I not worry?" Rebecca tells her. "You're now in town. The plan was supposed to be you stay in Boston."

"That was the plan until you told me that you're not sleeping with Cory anymore," Melissa snaps back at her, knowing that their plan has changed drastically. "Everything has changed."

"It's not my fault that Robin is getting better," Rebecca replies to her. "We knew that this day would come."

"Yes, we did, didn't we?" Melissa snarls back to her. "The only problem is, I've been getting this feeling that you are getting cold feet. Are you second guessing everything we have set into motion, Rebecca?"

Rebecca gulps and looks at her mother; Melissa has always been able to read her like an open book. "The fact that you're taking so long to reply says everything I need to know," Melissa quickly replies to her.

"Mom, it's just…complicated," Rebecca finally replies to her.

"Complicated? How exactly is this complicated?" Melissa asks her back, continuing to sense that her daughter is getting cold feet with the plan.

Rebecca pauses and looks back at her mother. "It's just that…" she begins to say to her mother. "I … I love Cory."

Melissa stops and takes off her sun glasses and looks at her daughter. She rolls her eyes before she picks up her coffee and takes a drink of it. "What the hell is it about this man that my daughter's fall for him?"

"It doesn't matter," Rebecca replies to her. "I'm telling you that I am in love with him! And that means, that this plan is over. I can't do this anymore. I can't hurt him."

"Rebecca…" Melissa begins to say back to her daughter.

"No, this is over Mom," Rebecca replies to her mother as she stands up. "I can't do this anymore."

Before Melissa can reply, Rebecca is leaving the bench where she is sitting. Melissa watches her daughter move away from her and she sighs heavily. She can't believe that Rebecca has fallen for Cory.

"Another daughter falls under this asshole's spell," she whispers to herself as she pulls out her cell phone from her large Gucci bag. She dials a number quickly. "It's me," she says into her receiver. "Keep Robin exactly where she is. She can't come home yet….I know she's my daughter! Don't forget who is paying your bills! … Thank you, we'll be in touch."

Scene Four - The Calimo Mansion

"I'm so sorry to interrupt you Miss," Rosario announces to Paige as she enters the living room of the large mansion and sees Paige pouring herself a glass of water. "But you have a visitor. I told him that you didn't want to be disturbed but he insisted."

Paige looks back at Rosario and nods back to her. "That's fine Rosario, thank you," Paige replies to her as Jeff moves past the maid and looks at his daughter. He turns his head and watches Rosario scurries out of the room leaving him alone with Paige. He looks back at his daughter and feels butterflies start to fly in his stomach, which seems silly. But he doesn't know how she will react to him coming to see her today; he knows that they haven't exactly been getting along lately because of his new relationship with Meggan and because Paige has been blaming him partly for Leah's death.

"Hi," Jeff finally says to his daughter as she finishes taking a sip of her water.

"I was wondering when you'd show up," Paige replies to him quickly.

Jeff arches his eyebrow. "Is that a bad thing?"

"No but since Robbie stopped by to make sure I got settled, I knew that you would do the same. I am fine here, Dad," she tells him. "Grandpa Bob has made sure that everything is just perfect for me."

"That's good to hear," Jeff says back to her. "I know you feel like you need your space and I want you to know that I'm going to give that to you. I just hope at the end of this road we can get back to having our old relationship back."

Paige sighs and moves closer to her father. "I was having dinner with Grandpa Dominick a few days ago," Paige reveals to him. "And he told me that nothing will ever be the same again. And, you know, he's right. That includes our relationship, it will never be the same again."

Jeff moves closer to her and grabs Paige's hand. "You know what will never change? How much I love you. That's forever Paige. Nothing will ever make me stop loving you. Just remember that as you are taking this time for yourself, okay?"

Paige moves a piece of hair behind her ear and nods back to him. "I will be in touch Dad, once I have everything settled in my mind."

Jeff nods back to her. "Okay, I won't pressure you. Just remember what I said."

Scene Five - Riverside Delicatessen

Victoria grabs her sandwich and grapefruit juice and tries to find a table in the rather busy deli this afternoon. She is just on a quick break from the hospital and decided to get out instead of eating at the cafeteria. She has never been a big fan of the hospital food so she tries to get out as much as she can for her lunch breaks.

As she moves to an empty table, she can't help but notice that Meggan is sitting at a table by herself. She finds herself moving towards the woman who was once her rival. She normally wouldn't, but Victoria feels like they could, potentially, have a lot to talk about.

"Do you mind if I sit with you?" Victoria asks as she reaches Meggan's table.

Meggan looks up from her sandwich and wonders why Victoria would want to sit with her. She knows all too well that they don't have the best of histories with each other. "You want to sit with me? This isn't going to turn into a food fight, is it?"

Victoria smirks back to her and sits across from Meggan. "No, I promise I am coming in peace."

Meggan takes another bite of her lunch before she looks up at Victoria. "So, I am assuming that you wanted to speak to me about something specifically? I can't imagine that this is just a social call."

"I think we probably have a lot more in common right now than you realize," Victoria replies to her. "Both men that we care about right now are going through a difficult time."

"Because of Leah's death," Meggan says back to her quickly, realizing that Victoria is right as she thinks of Jeff and Robbie.

"Exactly," Victoria nods her head. "I don't know if you've spoken to Jeff but I told him that I called off my engagement to Robbie."

"Really?" she acts surprised as Jeff told her this information a few days earlier.

"He's acting completely out of control right now," Victoria continues to tell her. "Throwing Jeff out of his house, convincing Paige that Jeff is responsible for Leah's death… I can't handle it. Robbie has turned into a man that I don't even recognize."

"Jeff is having a hard time adjusting as well," Meggan replies to her. "You know, he's acting like it's not a big deal that he has to stay with my family, but it's killing him. He would love to be back in the house where he has all those memories with Leah and Paige. I can't tell you what being estranged from Paige is doing to him."

"I wish there was something I could do to make Robbie realize he's creating more pain than good right now," Victoria informs her. "But if he won't change after I broke our engagement, I don't know if anything will make him change his mind."

"I think Jeff will appreciate that you're on his side in all of this. He feels very shut out right now."

"I just want the right thing to happen and in my opinion, that means Jeff should get that house," Victoria tells Meggan, as she gets an idea. "And I think I may have just thought of a way for that to happen."


"Are you sure you're not hungry? You have to eat sometime," Helen tells Barbara as they sit in the corner of the restaurant together. Helen knows that her mother hasn't been eating as much as she should since Reg died and it is alarming because Barbara needs to keep her strength up.

"Maybe I will just nibble on your carrots," Barbara replies to her daughter as she picks up a carrot stick and puts it in her mouth. "I'm not overly hungry."

"I know," Helen says back to her. "But just remember, you have to keep living your life. I know it's difficult right now, but you won't be good to anyone if you're not in your best health."

Barbara chuckles a little. "Are you sure you're not my mother?"

"Sorry if I'm over protective," Helen replies to her with a grin. "I just don't want to lose you too."

"I'm not going anywhere any time soon," Barbara says to her daughter as she grabs her hand.

"It's nice to see you smile for a moment," Helen says back to her. "We haven't had times like this in a while."

Barbara nods back to her. "Your father wouldn't want us moping around," she tells Helen. "You're right, we have to start living again."

"That's what I like to hear."

"And what about you? When do you think you and Adam will get back on track?" Barbara asks Helen, knowing that her daughter has been blaming Adam for the death of Reg.

Helen sighs and looks back at her mother shrugging her shoulders. "I honestly don't know the answer to that," Helen admits to her. "I don't know if I will ever be able to forgive Adam for what he has done."

Scene Six - The Sugarbowl

"Sorry that I haven't been able to reach out to you and Helen sooner," Shane tells Adam as they sit in the back booth together sharing a cup of coffee and catching up. "I want you to know how sorry Natasha and I are about Reg passing away. It can't be easy for you or Helen right now."

Adam nods back to him. "Thanks, I appreciate that," Adam says back to his friend. "Helen is having a hard time with it. I just have to figure out a way to make her realize that I didn't cause Reg's stroke."

"She's blaming you?"

"Only because I was in the room when Reg went into cardiac arrest," Adam informs Shane. "But I know that this will pass."

"If I can help in anyway…" Shane says back to him quickly as Adam smiles back to his friend. "I know that you visited Natasha recently," Shane continues to tell him as he thinks back to the other day when he got home from the hospital and he spotted Adam and Natasha hugging. "Has she told you anything about how she is doing?"

Adam gulps when he hears the question from Shane and he suddenly starts to feel guilty. He recalls how Natasha told him that she had a miscarriage when she fell down the stairs and that it must have been Adam's baby from when they slept together on the night of the hospital gala. He is somewhat ashamed that he is having coffee with Shane, his friend, all the while keep this horrible secret from him.

"She just said she was in pain and she couldn't remember the accident," Adam replies to him. "Is she not opening up to you about what is going on?"

Shane shakes his head no. "And what's worse, she's really rejecting Jacob. She can't even hold our son. I don't know what's going on with her…"

"Just give her time Shane," Adam replies to him quickly, realizing he knows why Natasha is lashing out. "Falling down the stairs and not having any memory, it's probably really wearing her down. She will bounce back from this, she always does."

"I hope you're right Adam," Shane says back to him as he takes a drink of his coffee.


Jeff grabs his coffee and moves to the coffee bar to put some cream and sugar into his cup. As he stirs, he thinks back to his visit with Paige. He doesn't think, for once, that seeing his daughter was a completely failure. They didn't fight or even mention that Leah's death, which he is taking as making progress with her. He knows that she has been so upset over her mother's death; he hopes that Paige taking time for herself will help her heal and start to mend.

"Jeff, I'm so glad I found you," Victoria announces as she comes up to him. "Do you have a minute?"

Jeff looks back at her. "Sure, but just a minute. I have a meeting at the office that I should be getting too."

They move to the window bar and sit next to each other. "I was having lunch with Meggan…"

"Wait, you and Meggan were having a civil conversation?" Jeff asks with a sly grin on his face. "I'm sorry I missed that."

Victoria waves her hand in the air. "I know, but the point is…I thought of a way for you to possibly get the house back. You could get what's rightfully yours."

Jeff sets his cup down and looks back at Victoria with intent. "You have my attention, how should I get my house back?"

Victoria pauses for a moment hoping that she's doing the right thing. "Sue Robbie. Take him to court and contest Leah's will," she tells him, realizing that she may never get Robbie back if he ever learned what she is up too.

Scene Seven - Robertson Enterprises; Dominick's Office

"You won't believe what that son of a bitch has done now," Robbie says as he slams Dominick's office door closed and moves into the office. He runs his hands through his hair as he moves to the bar and pours himself a stiff drink.

"Hello to you too Robbie," Dominick replies to him as he stands up and moves to the bar next to Robbie. "I'm assuming you're talking about your father. What has he done now?"

"He's moved Paige into the mansion," Robbie quickly informs Dominick as he takes another drink. "If Paige knew what Bob did to Felicia … she wouldn't be there! I can't believe he's using Paige to get back at me like this."

Dominick puts his hand on Robbie's back. "And we can't tell Paige the truth because she's already so fragile," Dominick says exactly what Robbie is thinking. "That poor girl, she's so lost and it's playing right into Bob's hands."

"We have to do something Dominick," Robbie replies to him as he looks him in the eyes. "We have to make my father pay for killing Leah."

"Don't worry, Robbie," Dominick says back to him with a sly grin on his face. "I'm working on it. He won't know what hit him when I'm done with him."

Scene Eight - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

"Dawn, you're scaring me," Natasha says as her lower lip quivers a little, and she puts her hand to her cheek. "I don't like when you speak like that. And, how dare you slap me!"

Dawn laughs a little. "My God, Natasha. You sleep with my father, get pregnant and act like the victim? Don't you realize that you set this all into motion yourself?"

"You know that I was pregnant? How did you know?"

"I was at the hospital, and I overheard," Dawn reveals to her. "Was it my father's baby?"

Natasha doesn't respond. "My God," Dawn covers her mouth in shock. "That makes it even more disgusting. No one can ever know the truth, no one."

"What are you saying?"

"You're not going to tell anyone what you remember, Natasha," Dawn reveals to her. "Because if you do, I will go to Shane and tell him that you slept with my father and miscarried his child. I will make sure Shane has enough on you to make sure you never see your precious Jacob again."

Natasha looks back at her in horror. "Are you blackmailing me?"

"Call it whatever you will," Dawn replies to her as a grin comes across her face. "Just do what I say, or else."

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