Episode 341
You Lost Your Lights
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: May 15, 2016

Episode Theme song: "The Sun Will Rise" Kelly Clarkson

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Felicia had a memory of Bob drugging her before Leah's death. At his birthday party, she confronted Bob and slapped him across the face
- Shane continued to worry that something was up with Natasha
- Savannah revealed to Frederick that she is devastated by what happened with Chris and Trenyce. Trenyce, meanwhile, fought her feelings for Chris and had a one night stand with Tyler
- Daisy wondered if Jemma was hiding something in her past. Jemma, meanwhile, saw Frederick and recognized him
- Melissa made a call and said to keep Robin where she is. Rebecca struggled with her new found feelings for Cory

Scene One - The Calimo House; Robbie & Felicia's Home

In Felicia's bedroom, she lays on her bed with her eyes closed as she has just been put into a state of hypnosis because she is desperate to remember everything that happened the night that Leah died in Lake Tahoe. Earlier, she had remembered that Bob was drugging her leading up to the events that occurred last summer and that she rented a car and drove to Lake Tahoe. She hopes that, today, she will finally remember everything that happened before her daughter passed away.

Frederick looks at his patient and then back at his notes before he begins. "Felicia, as always, you are in a safe environment today. Anything that you say and remember will stay between us. There's nothing to worry about," he explains to her, as she keeps her eyes closed. "Now, right before I ask you more questions, you said you remembered something about last summer. Do you remember what that is now?"

Felicia licks her lips and nods back to him. "I remember," she says back to him. "That Bob Calimo was drugging me. He had replaced my medication with different pills; he was trying to drive me over the edge."

"And, do you still remember driving to Lake Tahoe?"

"In the rental car, yes, I remember that as well."

"Good," Frederick tells her. "Now, let's try to go back to you driving the car. Do you remember arriving in Lake Tahoe? Do you remember seeing anyone that you may have known, like Dominick or Leah?" he asks her, growing a little uneasy. He is fully aware that Felicia will have a hard time dealing with the fact that she is partly responsible for Leah's death when her memory comes back; he just has to hope that he can be there for her to soften the blow.

Felicia pauses for a moment as she tries to think about what happened that day. She finally realizes that she does remember something else. "I remember arriving at a hotel…" she tells Frederick. "And … oh my God! No! No!" she says as she starts to cry and shake her head back and forth. "I couldn't have! No! Oh, Leah! Oh my God!"

"Felicia," Frederick replies to her as he leans in and grabs her hand. "What is it? What are you seeing? What are you remembering?"

"I remember! I remember everything!"


In the living room of the house, Dominick slowly paces back and forth as Eva sits in one of the arm chairs and watches her lover. She knows that he must be a nervous wreck thinking about what is happening between Frederick and Felicia; she hopes that today is the day that the truth comes out because if it is, maybe Dominick will finally be ready to divorce Felicia so they can be together.

"You're going to burn a hole in the floor," she finally says to him, causing Dominick to stop and look at her.

"Sorry," he replies to her quickly. "I'm just worried about Felicia. I don't know how she will handle the truth if she remembers it."

"Yea, it will be pretty hard for her to grasp that she kidnapped Leah and started the fire at the farm house and ultimately killed her daughter," Eva says back to him, knowing that Felicia may not deal with the truth. "But, I do think that she needs to remember. It will be the start of the healing process for her. For everyone, I hope."

"I hope that too," Dominick tells her as he pulls her into a hug. "I really hope everything turns out for the best."

Scene Two - The Pampa Grill

Chris opens the door to the restaurant and doesn't wait for a hostess to show him to the bar. He isn't interesting in having dinner, he just wants to have a beer before he heads home. He has been under a lot of stress lately and hopes that the beer will be a nice way to calm himself down. He feels largely like he is at a crossroads right now in his life; after everything that happened with Savannah, he doesn't know where to go next. A part of him still has feelings for her, despite the fact that Savannah has told him time and time that she can't forgive him for using her in hopes of getting Andrew back. Chris also remembers recently when he and Trenyce shared a kiss; he has no idea what that means but he can't deny that he enjoyed the kiss very much.

He sits at the bar, orders his beer and takes a swig as soon as he gets it. "Must have been a long day," the voice of the man sitting next to him says.

Chris looks over and quickly notices Tyler, who is also having a beer. He knows Tyler from when he was working at Roboto, but still under the name of Johnny. "It has been," Chris quickly replies to him. "Looks like it could the same for you?"

Tyler gives him half a grin back as he recalls how Kim told him, once again, that they had no chance at a future together. Tyler wants nothing more than to have a family unit with himself, Kim and their son, Blake, but the more she puts him off the more he thinks it could be a lost cause. Of course, his mind is also going back to the night of passion he shared with Trenyce; she gave him something that he hadn't had in a while and being a man, something he needs.

"You could say that," he finally replies to Chris.

"Let me guess, woman problems?" Chris chuckles back to Tyler.

"How did you know?" Tyler asks him back.

Chris raises his glass and nods to him. "We are probably in the exact same boat, man."

"What is it with girls? You know? You try to bend over backwards to please them and…"

"Sometimes it doesn't matter what you do…" Chris tells Tyler. "You just have to move on if it's not working."

"Are you giving me advice? Or telling yourself what you have to do?" Tyler asks him, noticing that Chris is looking into space while he talks.

"That, my friend, is the million dollar question," Chris smirks back to Tyler.


Trenyce picks up the glass of merlot in front of her and takes a drink of it. She has needed an escape today from everything that is going on in her life. First, she is still wrestling with these feelings that she is harbouring for Chris, which is crazy to her because the man used to be married to her Aunt Daisy. Then, she only complicated things by having a one night stand with Tyler. The good news, in her mind, is that Tyler agreed that it couldn't happen again. What is also troubling her, however, is that her Aunt Jemma told her that she shouldn't be focused on getting Andrew back anymore, instead she should be focused on finding her real child. Trenyce doesn't know why she hasn't even thought of that before; from the time she learned that there was a baby switch, she has been determined to get Andrew back in her life because she raised him since he was an infant; she hadn't even considered the fact that her real baby was out there somewhere.

She takes another sip of her wine and sighs a little. "The problem is," she whispers to herself. "I wouldn't even know where to begin to look for my child. I have no idea if I had a baby boy or a baby girl."

Before she can continue her train of thought, she notices Savannah moving to a nearby table. She watches her former friend be seated and immediately feels bad for everything that went down last winter. She had been warning Chris over and over again that their plan to use Savanah to try to get Andrew back would blow up in their faces, but he continued their plan regardless of her warnings. Of course, Frederick uncovered the truth and on the day of Savannah's wedding to Chris, he revealed the sorted plan.

Trenyce finds herself standing up and quickly moving over to the table where Savannah is sitting. "I know I'm the last person that you want to see," Trenyce announces to Savannah as she sits across from her. "But I have to something to say to you and you need to hear it."

Savannah arches her eyebrow and looks back at Trenyce. "I really don't want to hear anything you have to say."

"I know," Trenyce replies to her quickly. "And I get that. If I was in your shoes, I would feel the exact same way. But what I wanted to tell you was that I'm sorry."

Trenyce's apology takes Savannah back and she doesn't know what to say. "You don't have to say anything," Trenyce tells her. "Just know that I am really sorry for any hurt I caused you. You're a good person, Savannah and a very good mother to Andrew. I should have stopped Chris … I was stupid and foolish and because of that you got hurt. I hope one day you can forgive me."

Before Savannah can reply, Trenyce stands up and moves back to her own table, leaving Savannah with tears in her eyes.


"Are you sure we're meetin' Miss Trenyce here?" Jemma asks Daisy as they move into the restaurant and look to see if they can find Trenyce's table.

"I'm sure Aunt Jemma," Daisy replies to her with half a grin on her face. "She said she would get us a table and we'd join her when we could."

"A'right, a'right," Jemma says back to her. "And where is Vinny this evenin'?"

"He had a late meeting," Daisy tells her, still waiting for the hostess to show up and show them to their table. "But that's okay, it'll be nice just having us three girls together. It'll be like old times."

"Ain't that the truth!" Jemma chuckles back to her. "It's been far too long since us women have been together!"

"I'm glad you think so," Daisy says. "Before we go to the table though, there's something I've been meaning to ask you. Now that we are alone, it's a good time as any."

"What's on your mind, child?"

"Is there something in your past that you're not telling us about? I don't know why I think this, but there's been a couple of times when you've seemed like you haven't wanted to talk about something. It's fine if you don't, I'm just curious, that's all," Daisy responds to her Aunt, who seemingly gets a little pale.

Jemma gulps and tries to hide the fact that there is something she doesn't want to talk about; she can't talk about it now and she won't ever want to talk about it with Daisy. "There is nothin' that you need to know 'bout me, okay Miss Daisy? I ain't got no big hidden secret or anything dramatic like that."

Daisy grabs her hand and smiles back to her. "Okay," she replies to her, feeling relieved. "I believe you."


"That was some birthday party for your Dad," Shane tells Natasha as they sit across from each other in a back booth of the restaurant. Shane decided to take her out for dinner this evening so they could have some alone time; he specially requested the back booth so they could have more of an intimate table.

"Kim certainly out did herself," Natasha replies to him. "It makes you wonder how much longer my Dad could stay mad at her. After a party like that, you'd think he could forgive her."

Shane shrugs a little. "I dunno. Having an affair on your husband and having another man's baby is a pretty big deal," he tells her, causing Natasha to suddenly go pale. All of the memories of being in the hospital and learning that she had miscarried Adam's baby seemingly flood her mind now. "Was it something I said?"

Natasha shakes her head no quickly as she takes a mouthful of water. "No, I'm fine."

"You look pale suddenly. Are you feeling okay?"

"I said I'm fine," she snaps back at her husband as she sets her water glass down.

Shane leans forward and looks back at his wife as he reaches for her hand. "I wish you could open up to me, Nat. I can tell that something is troubling you. You haven't been the same since the accident. What's going on?"

Natasha gulps and shakes her head as tears fill her eyes. "It's … it's just not remembering is really bugging me," she lies to him. "I wish I could say that there was something else, but I can't."

Shane nods back to her, still thinking that there is more to her story than what she is telling. There has to be a way for Natasha to reveal the truth to him, but how? He asks himself.

"Okay," he finally says back to her. "I hope you know that you can talk to me about anything."

Natasha uneasily nods back to him. "I do know that."


"Have you heard from Robin again?" Rebecca asks Cory as they sit across from each other in the restaurant. Rebecca wonders how much longer she will have Cory alone before her sister comes back from the mental facility. While Rebecca isn't working with Melissa anymore on this secret plan, she still would love to have more alone time with Cory, the man that she has fallen in love with, before Robin comes home.

Cory picks up his glass of wine and takes a sip. "I haven't in a few days, but I think that's pretty normal. I don't believe she would get a phone every day especially not when she's making so much progress."

Rebecca nods back to him. "That is understandable. Still, you must be very excited about the idea of her coming home."

"You have no idea," Cory says back to her. "It's been a very long year for us."

"Despite everything that has happened, I'm excited that she is coming home too. I haven't seen my sister healthy in a very long time."

Cory looks back at her and nods his head a little. "You know, I do want to thank you for being so understanding in all of this. You could have made things very complicated but you have been great."

Rebecca smiles back at him as she moves a piece of hair behind her ear. "I don't want to hurt Robin. And had we continued doing what we were doing, someone would have been hurt."

Cory nods back to her. "I agree, but still, I do appreciate it."

"Anything for you, Cory," she says as she purses her lips together.

Scene Three - Raven's Meadow Mental Institution

Melissa sits outside a doctor's office and patiently taps her cell phone on her lap as she waits. She is at the office today for a very special reason today; she needs to get an update on Robin and she isn't going to leave until she has heard from Robin's doctor exactly how she is doing. After all, Melissa is family, so she has every right to know how her daughter is doing.

Melissa knows that she has to act on plan B now since Rebecca has seemingly backed out of their original plan. She had a feeling that Rebecca would get cold feet, but if there's one thing Melissa knows for sure, it is that Cory doesn't belong with her daughter's. He's always been a womanizer and she refuses to accept her daughter's with a man like that.

"Excuse me, Ms. Young," a young nurse comes up to Melissa. "The doctor can see you now."

"Thank you," Melissa replies as she stands up and quickly moves into the office. She looks around the room and sees many university degrees hanging on the wall. She moves up to one to get a closer look but someone approaches her from behind.

"You must be Melissa Young, Robin's mother?" the doctor asks standing behind Melissa.

"Yes, I am. And I need to know exactly how my daughter is doing. Is she getting better?" Melissa asks her, hoping for some good news, or at least good news for her plan.

Scene Four - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

Dawn comes down the stairs of the house and looks into the living room. She can see her mother pouring herself a cup of tea causing Dawn to roll her eyes. The last thing she wants to do is another round with her parents; Dawn knows that neither Helen or Adam were happy that she left Bob Calimo's birthday party early. What they don't know, however, is that Dawn left to hang out with Max and the two got stoned together. Dawn has been turning to pot more and more often as a way of coping with everything that has happened in the last few months.

"Oh Dawn," Helen notices her Dawn trying to sneak out of the house without been seeing. "Would you come in here for a moment?"

Dawn slowly moves into the living room, dreading what kind of lecture she could be getting from Helen this time. "Yes?"

"Would you like a cup of tea with me?" Helen asks her, sensing that Dawn is on edge. "We could chat."

"I don't really want to chat, Mom." Dawn says back to her. "I was just on my way out to meet a friend."

"Oh, is it anyone I know? Paige maybe?"

Dawn sighs and throws her hands up in the air. "It's not Paige! And I'm old enough that I don't have to run every single detail of my life by you!"

"Where is all of the anger coming from, Dawn?" Helen asks her daughter, not understanding the change. "You never used to be so angry all the time."

"Well, things change. Nothing stays the same forever," Dawn snaps back at her and then turning around and leaving the house.

Helen shakes a little when she feels the door slam shut. She takes a sip of her tea, "What has gotten into you?" she asks herself, wondering how she can uncover what is going on with Dawn.

Scene Five - The Calimo House; Robbie & Felicia's Home

Dominick turns around when he hears someone coming down the stairs and he notices Felicia and Frederick slowly emerging. He looks at his wife for a moment and realizes that something has happened as Felicia has red eyes, presumably from some tears that she has shed.

"Felicia?" he asks her quickly. "What is it? What's wrong?"

Felicia and Frederick enter the living room and Felicia immediately goes into Dominick's arms, causing Eva to gulp. She hates seeing Felicia in the arms of her lover.

"Felicia has had a breakthrough," Frederick announces to Eva and Dominick.

"What kind of breakthrough?" Eva asks back.

"I remember," Felicia gasps, as she pulls Dominick tighter into an embrace. "I remember everything that happened leading up to Leah's death … and it's all my fault!" she says as she starts to cry into Dominick's shoulder. "I killed our daughter!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Tyler tries to comfort his mother
- Andy & Victoria are rushed to the hospital following their car accident
- Jeff and Meggan make love

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