Episode 342
Lead Me to War
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: May 22, 2016

Episode Theme song: "Bel Air" Lana Del Rey

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Victoria overheard Robbie tell Bob that he still loved Leah. Andy, meanwhile, crashed Bob's birthday party and got drunk. Desperate to leave the party, Victoria agreed to leave with Andy. On their way back to the city, they got into a car accident as a drunk Andy lost control of the car
- At Victoria's urging, Jeff decided to sue Robbie in terms of contesting Leah's will; Meggan was floored to learn
- At Bob's party, Donovan and Craig shared a close moment
- Paige witnessed Felicia confronting Bob about him drugging her last summer
- Chris realized he was at a crossroads. Savannah, meanwhile, told Frederick she was devastated by what Chris and Trenyce did to her. Trenyce, however, apologized to Savannah
- Daisy asked Jemma if she was hiding something, Jemma said no
- Felicia remembered everything leading up to the events of Leah's death

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Dr. Glubbs, we have a car accident coming in!" a nurse tells Shane, who is working the ER on his shift at the hospital. He arches his eyebrow as he listens to what the nurse is telling him. "There are two people in the car. They were driving back from the Calimo Mansion and the car crashed."

Shane immediately thinks of Bob's birthday party and wonders which guests could have possibly have been in an accident on the way home from the party. He looks back at the nurse before he nods his head. "How much longer before the ambulance crew have them here? Do you know anything else about who was in the car?"

"All I know is that it's a man and a woman," she replies to him. "But they should be here any time…"

Before she can continue, the automatic sliding doors open and two bodies are wheeled into the ER. Shane immediately can see that it's Andy and Victoria, although they are both badly cut from the wind shield having been cracked.

"My God," he whispers before he moves closer to them. He turns back to the nurse. "Call Bob Calimo immediately; tell him his wife's brother Andy and his son's fiancé have been in a car accident!"

"Yes, doctor," she replies to him before she scurries off.

Shane then turns his attention to the emergency respondent's. "What do we have here?" he asks, desperate to start working on Andy and Victoria so he can try and save their lives.

Scene Two - The Richardson Estate; Frederick, Meggan & Lukas' Home

"I was hoping you were home," Jeff announces to Meggan as he opens the door to her bedroom and sees her sitting in an arm chair reading. He can't help but think back to a few days earlier when it was the anniversary of Noah's death and he treated Meggan badly because he was grieving his son and, of course, she was the driver who hit Noah that day. He realizes that he can't keep blaming Meggan for what happened or he will never get back to normal, whatever his new normal is.

"Here I am," she responds to him before she returns her focus to her book. She isn't sure she wants to see Jeff right now, not after everything that has happened recently.

"Look, Meggan, I know that I'm probably the last person you want to see but I had to come and talk to you alone. There' something I need to say to you and I want you to hear it," he says back to her.

She sighs heavily before she closes her book and sets it down on her end table. She stands up and looks back at the man that she has grown very close to in the last few months. "Okay," she says back to him. "What is it that I need to hear?"

"I'm sorry," he tells her as she gets a look of surprise on her face. "For the way I treated you the other day."

Meggan suddenly clues into what he is talking about. "You mean, the anniversary of Noah's death?"

Jeff nods back to her. "I know I was rude and I'm sorry."

"I don't think you should apologize," she quickly says back to him. "What I did is unforgiveable."

"I have forgiven you," he whispers back to her as he moves closer to Meggan. "That's why we have been able to get closer. I… I just want you to know that I'm sorry for my treatment of you. It was wrong of me."

Meggan can't help but get a little grin on her face. "Well, I appreciate that. I really do. I was thinking that we wouldn't…"

"What?" he asks her as he licks his lips. "Do this again?" he continues before he leans in and gives her a kiss on the lips.

After they part, she smiles back to him. "Yea, I guess that."

"Well don't worry," he looks into her ears. "I want that just as much as you do."

Without another word being spoken, he kisses her again, this time more passionately. She responds and soon her hand his behind his head, grabbing some of his hair. He looks back at her as they part for a moment and he throws her down on the bed before he crawls on top of her, kissing her passionately all over again.

Scene Three - The Tower's, Floor Five; Craig's Condo

"That was some party, hey?" Lukas asks Craig as they enter his condo and Lukas immediately starts to disrobe. He has been feeling cooped up in his clothing for a while now; he wants nothing more than to strip down to his underwear and have a night cap with his lover. If it leads to something happening in the bedroom, even better.

Craig turns back and notices Lukas starting to take all of his clothes off. He can't help but admire his lover's toned body. "It was," he says back to him as he licks his lips a little. "Not that we got to spend that much time together."

Lukas rolls his eyes a little, knowing that Craig is referring to the fact that Lukas didn't want to be seen with Craig the entire party because if it had got back to Frederick, it may be an indication that he is gay. The last time Lukas wants, or needs, right now, is for his father to realize that he is gay and have the drama that may follow with that.

Lukas finally says back to his boyfriend. "We can spend all the time we need to right now."

Craig notices that Lukas is only in his white underwear and he can't help but want him. He comes up to Lukas and kisses him passionately. They move away from each other and Lukas looks back at him, lust in his eyes. "That's what I'm talking about," he grins to Craig.

"That's what you want, huh?" Craig grins back to him.

"It's been a long day," Lukas replies to him.

"Well, I'm not in the mood …" Craig bursts his bubble. "I'm beginning to think that all I am here for is your sexual pleasure. I don't get that vibe from Donovan."

"What the hell does Donovan have to do this?" Lukas asks him, shocked by what Craig just said to him.

"We had a good chat at the party," Craig reveals to him, as Lukas looks back in surprise. "We were in the garden while you were inside. You know, right before I met you, I was trying to date Donovan."

"Ah, so now you want my ex?"

"I didn't say that," Craig replies to him as he comes back up to Lukas. "But you know what?"

"What?" Lukas asks him, not sure he likes where this conversation is going.

"I like getting a rise out of you," Craig winks back at him before he moves his hand down to Lukas' package. "And suddenly, I'm really in the mood too."

Lukas kisses him hard and Craig pins up against the wall as he kisses Lukas back passionately. Lukas wraps his legs around Craig's waist, and Craig carries them both to the bedroom.

Scene Four - The Pampa Grill

Savannah sits at her table, alone, and picks up her glass of chardonnay. She slowly takes a drink and thinks back to a few hours earlier when Trenyce stopped by her table and told her that she was sorry for everything that she did in the plan for Chris and Trenyce to use Savannah in hopes of getting Andrew back. Savannah has no idea if she should take what Trenyce said at face value, but she appreciates that Trenyce did apologize. While Savannah has been trying very hard to stay cool and calm about everything that happened, if she is honest with herself, she is completely devastated by what happened. She never in a million years believed that Chris was using her to get Andrew back for himself and Trenyce. A part of her feels like such a fool but she knows that Chris was very convincing in his role. She hopes this feeling won't last forever.

"What's worse," she whispers to herself. "Is that I let that man into my bed. He has made me feel so utterly cheap."

She shakes her head trying to get her mind to think about something else but no matter how hard she tries, she ends up thinking about it over and over again.

Before she can think of anything else, she notices someone standing at her table. She looks up and is shocked to see Chris standing there.

"I'm probably the last person that you want to see right now," he says to her as he looks down at the woman that he was using but he has since realized that he actually has feelings for. "But I really need you to hear me out."

"I've said everything to you that I need to say to you Chris," she replies to him, thinking back to the last time she saw Chris and she told him to go to hell. "There's nothing left to say."

"That's where you wrong," he says back to her as he sits across from her. "There is something that I need to say to you. And I really think you should hear it."

"Fine!" she snaps back at him as she picks up her wine. "Just make it quick."

"Well, for starters, you look beautiful," he tells her as she gulps. "And for whatever this is worth, I am so sorry for what happened. I know Frederick thinks I'm this evil man who was using you, and that is how it started out but somewhere along the way, Savannah, I fell head over heels in love with you. And knowing that I hurt you, I am so very, very sorry."

Savannah looks back at him with tears in her eyes, not knowing how to process what he is telling her. "I just hope that one day you can forgive me," he says back to her as he gives her a quick smile. "Okay, that's all I had to say. Enjoy the rest of your evening."

She watches him stand up and quickly walk away from the table. She bites her lip trying not to cry, but she soon finds herself grabbing her napkin and putting it to her eye. "Damn you, Chris," she whispers to herself. "Damn you straight to hell."


"Well, now that your question' are outta the way, we can order some food?" Jemma asks Daisy, thinking back to how her niece was asking her about her past and if she was hiding anything before they were seated. Of course, they were supposed to meet Trenyce, but Trenyce had to rush off and get back to the office. Jemma knows that she dodged a bullet with Daisy because there is stuff in her Jemma's past that she wants to stay there, in her past. There is information that Daisy, or anyone, can never know about.

"Of course we can," Daisy smiles back to her Aunt. "I'm just sorry that Trenyce couldn't stay and have a late dinner with us."

"Well, yea, but you know, the girl has to work and I'm damn proud of her for what she is doin' at that company," Jemma replies as she closes her menu. "I think I'll have the curry tonight."

"Oh, that sounds nice," Daisy tells her Aunt. "Do you want to get a bottle of red wine to share? Vinny may be able to have a glass if he gets out of his meeting early enough."

"That sounds perfectly lovely," Jemma replies to her. "So, tell me more about this weddin' y'all are plannin'."

Daisy can't help but get a smile on her face when the conversation turns to the wedding. She has been waiting so long to marry Vinny, she just hopes the day arrives sooner rather than later. "Well, I have a lot of ideas. That's part of the reason I'm so glad you're here, I need you to help me organize them!"

Daisy looks up at her Aunt and notices that she isn't paying attention to her. She looks over at the entrance of the restaurant and notices Frederick and Felicia standing there, waiting to be seated to a table; Daisy can't help but notice Jemma watch Frederick's every move. She arches her eyebrow and wonders what's going on.

"Aunt Jemma? Did you hear what I said?" Daisy asks her, causing Jemma to snap back into reality.

"Of course I did, Miss Daisy," she smiles as she side-eye watches Frederick move to his table. "You were sayin' you need my help and I'm here to tell you, you have it!"


"I trust this table will be alright?" the waiter asks Felicia and Frederick as they sit down across from each other.

"This will be just fine," Frederick replies as the waiter sets two menus down in front of them. Frederick knows that he will have to do the ordering for them tonight as Felicia is still distraught about everything that has happened in the last few hours; she has remembered everything that happened leading up to Leah's death, including Felicia kidnapping her daughter and starting the fire in the farm house that ended up resulting in Leah's death. Frederick didn't want to come out this evening, but Felicia insisted that she get out of the house so she can clear her head.

"Are you sure this was a good idea?" Frederick asks Felicia, as he notes that she is distant and almost unresponsive.

Felicia finally makes eye contact with her doctor. "I'm sure," she whispers. "I needed to get out of that house. I needed to be around people."

Before he can reply, Tyler approaches the table as he was at the bar earlier. He stayed longer than he anticipated and had dinner there; he was on his way out when he saw his mother and knew he had to say hello. "Mom, hi," he says as he looks at his mother and then immediately can tell that something is wrong. "What is it? What's happened?"

She looks back at Tyler as he sits in the chair next to her. She looks over at Frederick. "Do you think you could give me and my son a moment alone together?" she asks him as Frederick nods and stands up and leaves the table.

"Mom, you're scaring me," Tyler says back to her as he grabs her hand. "Please, tell me what's happening."

"I remember," she gasps as she covers her mouth in shock. "And I don't understand how everyone doesn't hate me. What I did … my God, it's despicable."

"You remember what happened last summer?" he asks her, shocked that she has finally uncovered her memories. "You have to know then, that it's not your fault at all. You weren't in your right mind."

"Because Bob was drugging me!" she says back to him, trying to keep her voice down.

"Exactly," he tells her. "Oh Mom," he says as he pulls her into a hug. "You can't blame yourself for any of this. You didn't know what you were doing. If there's one person to blame … it's Bob Calimo."

She nods her head as they exit their embrace. "Bob Calimo needs to pay for what he has done to this family," she says as she wipes her eye dry. "He has to pay."

Scene Five - The Calimo Mansion

"Did you have a good birthday party?" Paige asks Bob as she walks into the living room and Bob is sitting by the fire with a brandy in his hand and some Roboto files in his other hand. She can't help but think back to the party when Felicia showed up and confronted Bob. While she didn't hear everything that was said, the fact that Felicia slapped Bob means that something must have went down between her Grandparents and Paige wants to know exactly what it is.

"It was lovely," Bob says back to her as he looks at his granddaughter. "Did you have a good time?"

Paige shrugs her shoulders. "It wasn't exactly my crowd, but yea, I had a good time. It was nice to see some family members that I hadn't seen in a long time."

"That's what parties are supposed to be," he replies to her. "A chance for people to reconnect over a special moment in time."

"That's true," she says to him with a smile. "You and Kim seemed to be getting back on track. Does that mean you and her will be back together?"

Bob shrugs his shoulders. "That remains to be seen, my beauty."

"I do have to ask you something about the party," Paige tells him as he leans up in his chair and puts his files down on the coffee table.

"Of course, anything."

"Why was Grandma Felicia here?" she asks him. "And why did she slap you?"

Bob arches his eyebrow and takes a sip of his brandy. "She was upset about your Mother's passing away," he says back to her. "Which is completely understandable, her death has affected us all."

"But why would she slap you about my Mom dying? This doesn't make any sense at all," Paige says back to him, trying to make sense of what has happened. "Unless there's something you're not telling me. Is there something you're not telling me, Grandpa?"

Bob takes another sip of his brandy and looks back at her. "What is it? What aren't you telling me? I can tell by the look on your face that there's something … what is it?"

Before he can reply, his telephone rings. "Excuse me for a moment," he says as he stands up and moves over to his telephone. He picks it up, "Bob Calimo," he says into the receiver. "What? When did this happen? …. Yes, yes, I will let everyone know!"

Scene Six - The Richardson Estate; Frederick, Meggan & Lukas' Home

Jeff and Meggan lay side by side in her bed, both glistening with sweat as they just finished an intense session of love making with each other. Meggan can't help but have a smile on her face; after they made love on New Year's Eve, she didn't think that this would happen again. Now that it has, she believes that she and Jeff could be moving towards having a real relationship.

"That was amazing," she finally says to him as she moves her head off his chest and looks into his eyes.

"Yes, it was," he says back to her. "So, did you have a good time at the party?"

Meggan leans up and looks back at him and smiles. "You're suing Robbie? You're going to contest Leah's will?" she asks him, seeing if he will confirm it.

"I am," he says back to her with a sly grin on his face. "I want to go after what is rightfully mine."

"I think it's a mistake," she shocks him by saying.

"What?" he asks as he gets out of the bed quickly. "Why would you say that to me? Why aren't you supporting me in this? You told me at the party that I had your support. What changed?"

"I just think if you want to move on, you will let this all go. Harbouring on the past won't help with you wanting to move on," she replies to him quickly.

"I can't let this go," he says back to her. "I want what my wife would have rightfully left for me. And you have to understand that, Meggan. You just have too."

Scene Seven - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Why haven't we heard anything yet?" Donovan asks Eva as they sit in the waiting room with Kim and Robbie, as they are all eager to hear some news about Andy and Victoria. Donovan got a call from Robbie, who heard of the accident from Bob.

"You know these things take some time," Eva replies to her son, hoping that Victoria is okay. "I used to run this hospital, so I know that they are the best care possible."

"I just wish I understood what happened," Robbie says back to all of them. "How did this crash happen?"

Kim gulps, as she recalls how drunk Andy was at the party before she took him upstairs. She had no idea that he was going to sneak back downstairs and try to drive home, with Victoria in his car no less.

"That's something Victoria can tell us when we are allowed to see her," Eva says back to him, as Kim gulps. She hopes that Andy won't be in trouble for any of this, assuming that everyone is alright.

"Shane," Kim says as the doctor walks into the waiting room. "Please, tell us, how are Andy and Victoria? Will they be okay?"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Kim makes a passionate plea to Andy
- Rebecca finds herself going back to Melissa
- Frederick gives Savannah a piece of advice

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