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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Dawn blackmailed Natasha into silence regarding the push down the stairs which resulted in Natasha losing her baby. Natasha, then, became distant from Jacob which caused concern for Shane
- Barbara overheard Natasha and Adam talking about Natasha grieving the loss of their child
- Cory was thrilled to learn that he was allowed to visit Robin at the mental facility. Rebecca alerted Melissa to this fact
- Donovan and Craig shared a close moment at Bob's birthday party as Craig started to feel like an outside in his relationship with Lukas because Lukas won't come out to Frederick
- Eva worried about Dominick when Felicia remembered everything that happened leading up to Leah's death

Scene One - The Pier

"I hope you have a good explanation as to why you wanted to see me this early in the morning," Dawn snaps at Natasha as she walks up to the woman whom had an affair with her father last winter. Dawn had received a text message from Natasha asking her to meet on the pier early in the day. It's Dawn's day off from working a shift at the hospital, so she was hoping to sleep in, obviously Natasha had other arrangements. Dawn also knows that she doesn't want to get too far on to Natasha's bad side because at any time, Natasha could reveal the truth: Dawn pushed her down the stairs that night at the Black house. And, that's the very last thing that Dawn wants to have happen.

"Good morning to you too," Natasha says back to turn, as she turns away from looking at the river and at the young woman. "I needed to see you and I thought early in the morning on the pier would be the best time. It gives us a chance to be alone."

Dawn arches her eyebrow. "What is this about?"

"I think you know exactly what this is about," Natasha replies to her quickly. "It's about the fall and the baby I lost."

"You mean the baby you and my father lost," Dawn quips back to her. "I haven't forgotten any of that."

"I know you haven't," Natasha says as she moves a piece of hair behind her ear. "But I can't go on like this, Dawn. The truth has to come out. I have to tell my husband that I had a miscarriage."

"Over my dead body," Dawn tells her as she moves closer to her. "Do I have to remind you what's at stake here? If you say anything to anyone, I will make sure that Shane knows all about your sorted affair with my father. And, mark my words Natasha, he will take your baby away from you!"

"Don't you get tired of this?" Natasha replies to her as she tries to stay strong and focused on the conversation with Dawn. "Don't you wish all the secrets and lies could just go away?"

"I'm not the one who started this mess," Dawn snaps back to her. "You did that when you slept with my father behind Shane and Helen's back. None of this would be happening right now if you had kept your legs shut!"

Natasha turns around from the woman and bites her lower lip. She has never wanted to say this out loud before but Dawn is reminding her so very much of Cassie; in some ways, it makes sense to Natasha because when Dawn was born, Cassie stole her from Adam and Helen and passed her off as her and Shane's child.

"You're not saying anything," Dawn continues on to Natasha. "I guess that means that you're finally realizing that there's only one way to handle this and that's my way?"

Natasha turns back around and looks at her. "You're just like her, you know that?"

"Like who?"

"Cassie," Natasha spits at Dawn. "You're just like that monster!"

Scene Two - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

Barbara takes a bite of her toast and looks over at Helen, who is sipping on a cup of tea. Barbara wonders if she should discuss with her daughter about what she witnessed the other day: Adam and Natasha were talking in the living room about Natasha grieving and not telling Shane something. While they didn't say anything out of turn, Barbara got the feeling that the two of them were hiding something much deeper than meets the eye. She wishes she knew what, if anything, Adam was hiding because she could warn Helen about it.

"You're awfully quiet this morning," Helen finally says to her mother as she moves the cup of tea away from her mouth. "What's on your mind?"

Barbara shrugs and looks down at her plate of food. "I suppose I was just thinking about your father and how he loved the mornings. Breakfast was always his favorite time of the day."

Helen reaches her hand across the table and squeezes her mother's hand. "This will get easier you know," she whispers back to Barbara. "You won't be in this kind of grief for the rest of your life."

"I know," Barbara nods back to her. "I just miss him so much."

"I do too."

Barbara shakes her head not wanting to get overly emotional this morning. "Where are Adam and Dawn this morning?"

Helen takes another sip of her tea before she looks back at Barbara. "Adam had to go to work," she replies quickly. "One final wrap up at school before the summer break. And Dawn, well, I'm not sure. She doesn't have to work at the hospital today, so I'm not sure where she could have disappeared too."

"So it's just us at home then," Barbara says slowly, not realizing she's speaking out loud.

"It appears so," Helen smiles back to her mother. "What is it Mom? I can tell that you have something that you want to say to me, so just tell me."

"You're right, there is," Barbara replies back to her daughter. "It's about your marriage to Adam. I think you should leave him and don't look back. I don't think he's the man for you, Helen."

Scene Three - Raven's Meadow Mental Institution

"So, you see Mr. Calvin the facility here is top notch," a young nurse tells Cory as they walk through the hospital where Robin has been staying in hopes of getting better after their child was stillborn two years earlier. Cory can't help but think that it's been a very long journey to get to this point; the point where Robin is well enough again to see him. He has missed her so very much. He can't wait to see her and give her a big hug.

"I can see that," Cory smiles back to the nurse. "Are you sure that it is okay that I visit my wife? I don't want to rush her into anything."

"Not at all," the nurse tells him. "Robin has been doing much better lately. I just hope that seeing you will be the boost she needs to take the last step in getting better."

"Me too," he says back to her.

"Okay, this is her room. You'll be alone for about ten minutes before the doctor comes in and gives Robin her medication. After that, she should only be able to communicate with you for about another thirty minutes because the medication will make her tired. She needs a lot of rest while she's here. We believe that getting back to mentally healthy means resting the brain and thoughts often."

Cory nods back to her. "That makes sense."

"And if you need anything at all, there is a nurse's call button in the room. We'll be here if we see you guys need anything," she smiles before she opens the door to the room.

"Thank you," Cory replies as he looks inside the room. He moves into the room, which is white. The bed is small with white linens. There is a separate room, with no door, that is the washroom. To the left of the room, there is a small window with white curtains. He notices that the windows are covered with bars on the outside. There is a small white love seat and a coffee table with some magazines on it. Sitting in one of the arm chairs, is Robin. He feels his heart skip a beat at the sight of her: she looks like her usual self. Her long hair is pulled back into a loose pony tail and she's wearing a white hospital gown; just like the one she was wearing the day in the hospital when he learned their daughter was dead.

"Robin?" he finally calls out as she turns and looks at her husband.

"Cory?" she gasps as she stands up and rushes into his arms, as tears roll down her cheeks. She has missed her husband so very much. She can't believe that he's actually standing in front of her again. "I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too baby," he says as he holds her. They part and look at each other again before the hug again. "You look good. You look really good."

"I've been working so hard trying to get back to you," she whispers into his ear. "I have wanted to go home since the day I got here."

"I know," he says as they exit their embrace. "I hope you know why I wanted you to come here."

She nods as she wipes her eyes dry from the tears. "Of course, I do," she replies to him. "I wasn't in a good space. I know that now. But, I'm ready to put all of that behind us. We've lost so much time. I just want to get out of here so we can be a family again."

"Me too," he says back to her. "I want that more than anything else in the world."

Before she can reply, there's a knock on the door and a doctor enters the room. "Robin, it's time for your medication," he announces as Robin looks at Cory.

"Don't leave," she tells him. "I'll only one a moment."

"I'm not going any where."

Scene Four - The Tower's; The Penthouse; Cory & Robin's Home

"I can't believe you asked me to meet you here," Melissa announces to Rebecca as she moves into the penthouse and Rebecca shuts the door behind her mother. "What if someone saw me?"

"Don't worry," Rebecca tells her mother. "The building security is down because of a malfunction and Cory went to visit Robin this morning. We have the entire place to ourselves."

"What if Cory has bugged this place?" Melissa asks as she takes off her large black sunglasses and moves around the living room. "And, God, does this man have any taste at all? This furniture is so grotesque."

"Mother," Rebecca says in a firm voice. "Cory did not have his own apartment bugged. Trust me, we are fine being here. Cory trusts me completely."

"Very well then," Melissa replies to her. "What is it that was so urgent that you had to see me this morning?"

"It's about our plan," Rebecca says quickly back to her. "I know I told you I didn't want to be a part of it anymore."

"You most certainly did," Melissa rolls her eyes. "But if you think that's going to stop me from keeping Cory away from my daughter. That man doesn't deserve Robin, or you."

"Can you just listen to what I have to say, please?" Rebecca pleads with Melissa, who stops and turns to look at her daughter. "I want you to stop this plan, Mom. All parts of it. You have to stop planning to destroy Cory."

"I beg your pardon?" Melissa gasps back in shock. "I don't think you know who you're talking too!"

"And, I don't think you realize what your plan could do to this family!"

"You slept with your sister's husband," Melissa reminds her.

"That was a mistake," Rebecca whispers back to her. "Please, Mom, stop whatever it is you have planned."

Melissa sighs and puts her sunglasses back on, knowing that she has worn her welcome thin. "I'm afraid it's too late for that my dear," she says as she walks to the front door. "Things are in motion that can't be undone."

Before Rebecca can reply, the door closes and Melissa is gone. Rebecca sighs and runs her hands through her hair. "What have I done?" she asks herself, wondering how she can stop Melissa from carrying out her plan, whatever it may be.

Scene Five - The Richardson Estate; Frederick, Meggan & Lukas' Home

"I trust that everything is okay with Felicia?" Meggan asks her father as she pours herself another cup of coffee before turning around and sees Frederick take a bite of his eggs that are on his plate. Meggan had heard that Felicia finally remembered everything that happened the day of Leah's death; she only hopes that now everyone, including Jeff & Robbie, will be able to start putting the events behind them.

Frederick finishes chewing and looks over at his daughter. "She's upset, of course," Frederick replies to Meggan. "But Felicia has a very good support system. I have no doubt that she will out of this a stronger woman."

Meggan nods back to him as she takes a sip of her coffee. She quickly recalls having a conversation with Daisy recently in which she asked her about Frederick's past; there was something in Daisy's voice that had a sense of urgency. Meggan, for all she knows, doesn't think that her father is hiding anything about his past, why would he? He's always been very open and honest to them about his life before she and Lukas were born. But the fact that Daisy asked her, it must mean something. Meggan doesn't think that Daisy would come to her over just a hunch.

"You got quiet suddenly," he says to Meggan. "Is something else on your mind?"

Meggan sighs and moves closer to the seat where Frederick is sitting. "You would be honest with me if I asked you something, right?"

"Of course," he says back to her quickly. "I would never lie to you or Lukas, about anything."

Meggan gets a small smile on her face. "Okay," she replies to him. "I hate asking you this because you've always been honest with me and Lukas."

"But…?" he says with half a chuckle.

"Are you hiding something about your past Dad?" she asks him point blank. "Is there something that you haven't told us?"

Outside the dining room, Lukas listens at the doorway to the conversation between his sister and father. He waits for a moment, not wanting to interrupt what they are talking about. And, if he's honest, he wants to hear if Frederick is hiding anything.

Frederick arches his eyebrow. "I'm not sure where this is coming from Meggan."

"Just answer me," she says back to him. "Is there anything, anything at all, that you haven't told us?"

Frederick gulps and picks up his coffee. "Absolutely not," he says back to her. "You and your brother know everything that you possibly could know about me."

Meggan smiles back at him, putting herself at ease by his response. "Thank you for that,' she says to him.

Frederick smiles back to her. "Look at the time," he replies. "I should get going."

"Of course," Meggan tells him. "Have a good day, Dad."

Scene Six - The Sugarbowl

"Thank you," Donovan says as he gets passed his coffee and breakfast sandwich. He was running late this morning so he decided to stop in at the coffeehouse and grab his breakfast on his way to the office. He has a million things to do waiting for him at Robertson Enterprises, so he knows that he has a busy day. He moves over to the coffee bar and puts some cream and sugar into his coffee. He turns to leave but spots Craig coming into the coffeehouse.

"Looks like we had idea this morning," Craig smiles to his former crush.

Donovan chuckles. "My waist line will probably hate me for having this for breakfast," he winks back to Craig.

"I doubt that very much," Craig observes of Donovan's toned body. "Do you have a moment?"

"Just a moment, I'm running late," Donovan tells him as they move off to the side. "What's going on?"

Craig shrugs and looks at Donovan. "I guess I just liked our talk the other day at Bob Calimo's birthday party. I felt like you really understood what I was going through."

Donovan nods his head. "It's probably because I dated Lukas in Europe. I probably know better than anyone what is it is like dating a man who can't come out."

"That's just the thing," Craig says back to him. "Lukas could come out, he chooses not to."

"I know," Donovan replies to him. "The thing is that, Lukas really relies on his family more than he lets on. He has this tough guy exterior, but inside, he just wants everything to be perfect in his life."

"I have to tell you Donovan," Craig tells him. "It's growing harder and harder being with a closested man. I don't know what to do."

Donovan sighs and looks back at him. "You just have to be honest with Lukas. Tell him how you're feeling, and if nothing changes … you may have to make the change yourself."

Craig nods and looks at the attractive man standing in front of him. "How did that happen?"

"What?" Donovan asks.

"You are gorgeous and smart?" Craig winks back at him.

Donovan feels himself blush a little. "I should get going Craig. Good luck, okay?"

"Thanks, Donovan."

Scene Seven - Robertson Enterprises; Dominick's Office

"You didn't return my voicemails, so I'm sorry if you're busy, but I had to see you," Eva announces to Dominick as she enters his office, causing him to look him from the paper work that is on his desk. She looks at her lover and can't help but wonder where things stand with them now that Felicia has remembered everything that happened leading up to Leah's death. Eva knows that Dominick was putting off divorcing his wife because he didn't think that she would be able to handle the truth; Eva would like nothing more than to learn that Felicia is okay and he has started divorce proceedings.

"I apologize for not getting back to you," Dominick tells her. "But I have all of this paper work to get through. It's a small price to pay for running a million dollar corporation."

"I know I'm being dramatic," Eva says back to him. "But now that Felicia has remembered everything that happened, I was hoping that we could move on with our lives. I was hoping we'd finally be able to get married!"

Dominick smiles back at her as he stands up from his desk and moves towards her. He pulls her into a hug. "I love you for wanting to be with me so badly," he whispers into her ear. "I'm still waiting to see how Felicia is really handling all of this. She just remembered that she played a key role in her daughter's death. That can't be easy for her to grasp."

"I understand that," Eva replies to him. "I'm just trying to stay patient but I feel like I'm losing it."

"I know and I understand where you're coming from," he says back to her. "Thank you for waiting with me through all of this. I do think that the end of all of this is coming very shortly."

Eva arches her eyebrow as suddenly something comes to her. "What is it? What's going on Eva? I can tell that something is going in your mind."

Eva turns away from him and then looks back at him. "I guess I was just wondering something," she replies to him.

"Wondering what?"

"What else did Felicia say or remember in her hypnosis sessions?" Eva asks him. "Neither one of us were in that room with Felicia and Frederick, what if she had said something that could have given us the green light to get married? What if…"

"There are a million what if's," Dominick cuts her off. "All we can do is go off how Felicia is coping in reality. We can't go based off what she says or does under hypnosis."

Eva nods back to him and moves back into another hug. "You're right," she whispers. "I'm just tired of all of this Dominick. I want it to end."

Scene Eight - Raven's Meadow Mental Institution

Robin moves slowly over to the sofa and sits down, fresh from taking her medication. Cory moves around and sits next to her.

"How often do you have to take your medications?" Cory asks her, trying to make conversation with Robin that will keep her engaged.

She looks at him and appears to have a glazed over look on her face. Cory arches his eyebrow wondering if her drugs always make her seem so despondent. "Robin? Did you hear what I said?"

Robin moves some hair behind her ear and looks back at him. "I did," she says slowly to him. "I think you should go Cory. I'm suddenly feeling very tired."

Cory wishes he understood the suddenly change in mood from Robin but he stands up and moves over to her. "Okay, I hope you feel better soon. I love you and can't wait for you to get out of here."

Robin doesn't respond, instead she nods back to him. He looks at her once more before he leaves the room. Outside the room, Cory sighs.

"What happened Robin?" he whispers to himself, thinking about how thrilled she was to see him when he got there. All of that changed drastically after she was given her medication. "Why did you get so reserved and distant?"

Scene Nine - The Pier

"How dare you say that to me!" Dawn yells back to Natasha, who just called her a mini-Cassie. "Do you know what the hell that woman put my family through?"

"Actually, I do," Natasha replies to her. "Because, I lived through all of it myself. And now, you are blackmailing me into this silence that isn't doing anyone any good."

Dawn moves closer to her. "Just remember," Dawn whispers to her. "If say anything to anyone, I will make sure you have no family left, Natasha. I will crush you if you breathe a word of the truth."

Natasha looks back at her and nods her head. "I don't have to tell Shane that the baby was Adam's!" Natasha says back to her. "I can tell him that it was his. I can make him believe that."

"I told you," Dawn grits her teeth together. "You say anything and I will ruin your life!"

Natasha sighs in frustration. She looks at the young woman and shakes her head. "You really have become someone I don't recognize," Natasha whispers back to her, unaware that Shane, who was on a jog has stopped and is watching them interact. "This meeting was a mistake."

Before Dawn can reply, Natasha brushes past her and leaves Dawn standing there with a slight grin on her face. Shane watches the interaction and arches his eyebrow. He can tell by the body language of the women that they were not having a friendly conversation.

"I don't know what that was about," he whispers to himself, as he recalls Helen telling him that Dawn was at the Black house the night Natasha fell down the stairs. "But I know I have to find out. It could be the answer to all of the questions about Natasha's sudden change in personality."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Bob interrupts a moment between Dominick & Tyler
- Jeff and Meggan make a decision about their relationship
- Shane grills Victoria to come clean

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