Episode 346
Before a War
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: June 19, 2016

Episode Theme song: "City With No Children" Arcade Fire

Previously on One Day at a Time
- At Victoria's encouraging, Jeff sued Robbie for half of Leah's estate. Both men showed up at the court house for the trial
- Shane saw Dawn & Natasha in a heated encounter and wondered what was going on between the two of them. Shane realized that the key to uncovering the truth about Natasha's odd behaviour could be Dawn
- Barbara overheard a conversation between Adam & Natasha. She then told Helen that Adam wasn't the man for her
- Trenyce couldn't stop thinking about her real child, thanks to Jemma encouraging her to find her baby
- Felicia finally remembered everything that happened leading up to Leah's death

Scene One - Twin Peaks Court House

"All you have to do is be honest," Josh Levitt tells Jeff as they sit beside each other in the court room, as the judge is reviewing some notes before he will start the proceedings. Jeff nods back to his lawyer, hoping that this will work. He knows that he has been suffering so much since Leah died last year; the fact that Robbie kicked him out of his house that he was sharing with Leah has made everything so much worse. In Jeff's mind, being kicked out of the house has caused much of his relationship strain with Paige. This is Jeff's last chance to make sure that he is doing everything he can to preserve Leah's memory and making sure that everything is the way that she would have wanted it to be.

"I'm ready to proceed," Judge Franklin Ross announces to everyone in the court room as he looks out at Jeff and then over to Robbie. "It appears that each side will have their party speak and then just one other witness that each side has requested speak. Is that correct?"

Robbie looks at Natasha before she stands up. He gulps realizing that he and Jeff must have both asked for Paige to be there today to say something. He wonders what his daughter will say as she must feel torn between him and Jeff.

"That's correct," Natasha says back to the Judge.

"Very well," Franklin replies to them. "We will start with Mr. Levitt's side as Mr. Claus is the one who requested the petition to contest the estate of the late Leah Robertson. Mr. Claus, please move forward and take the stand."

Jeff looks at his lawyer one final time as he takes a deep breath and then he slowly walks over to the stand. As he is sworn in, the door to the court room opens and Paige appears. She slowly walks in, her eyes on Jeff as he sits down. She sits in the back row as Robbie turns and looks at her. Robbie gives her a quick smile but she doesn't respond to his gesture. She hates that she is there, being forced to testify in a trial that pits her two Dad's against each other. She looks forward and towards Jeff.

"Mr. Claus," Josh Levitt begins to say as he stands up and moves towards the stand. "Can you please tell the court what your marital status was when Leah Robertson passed away last year?"

Jeff pauses for a moment, trying to collect himself. "I was married."

"And, to whom were you married to?"

"Leah Robertson," Jeff replies to the court. "We got married in Lake Tahoe right before she died."

"I'm terribly sorry for your loss," Josh says back to him. "Is there a reason that you decided to sue Mr. Calimo for half of your wife's estate?"

"Yea because he got everything that I should have got!" Jeff quickly replies to him, suddenly realizing how heated he got in his answer.

"Why did Mr. Calimo receive so much from Leah's estate?" Josh asks him.

"Leah and Robbie were married for a long time," Jeff explains to his lawyer. "My marriage to Leah and her death happened so quickly that Leah didn't have time to update her will. So, everything that she would have left to me, Robbie got instead."

"Do you honestly believe that your wife would have left you the house in which you two were living in together before she died?" Josh asks him next.

"Of course I do," Jeff replies to him. "My wife wouldn't have wanted me to move out of the house we shared together. The house we shared with our daughter, Paige. I absolutely think that Leah would have wanted me to have the house. Everything happened so quickly, she never got the chance."

"No further questions," Josh to Jeff as he looks at the Judge.

"Very well," Franklin explains to everyone. "Seeming the nature of this trial, I don't think it will be necessary for the other side to cross examine each other. Ms. Calimo, please get your client ready for his testimony."

Natasha looks over at Robbie and nods her head to him. "You'll be fine," she whispers to him, as he turns around and looks at Paige, who finally makes eye contact with him.

Scene Two - The Pampa Grill

"Are you sure you don't want to be at the court house today?" Eva asks Dominick as they sit across from each other as they have lunch together at the restaurant. Eva knows that today is the court case that will determine how Leah's estate will be handled, which means that Dominick could be impacted by the outcome.

Dominick waves his hand in the air before he picks up his gin and tonic. "I'm positive," he says to her as he takes a drink. "Robbie and Jeff are both grown men, they don't need me there to hold either of their hands. Whatever happens, will happen."

"I'm worried about Paige," Eva replies to him. "I can't imagine what she's going through today."

Dominick nods back to her. "I know," he says to her. "She's the one who is really suffering from all of this fighting. I just hope that after the court case, Jeff and Robbie start putting my Granddaughter first."

"You know," she says back to him as she picks up her glass of white wine and she gets a sly grin on her face. "I have an idea that could make all the difference to Paige moving forward."

Dominick arches his eyebrow and puts his fork full of salad back down to his plate. He looks over into Eva's eyes. "And, what would that be?"

She reaches across the table and grabs his hand. "Let's finally get married," she tells him. "I've waited for so long and I'm tired of waiting, Dominick," she continues to tell him. "Now that Felicia has remembered everything that happened in Lake Tahoe, there is nothing holding us back. And, just imagine how it will look to Paige, you and I standing united together to help her through this rough time."

Dominick can't help but smile back at her. "I know that's what you want," he replies to her. "And, you have been so patient."

"Why do I feel like there's a but coming…" she interrupts him.

"But," he looks back at her. "I want to make sure that Felicia is really okay with her memory coming back before I do divorce her. Too much too soon could be upsetting to her."

"Of course it could be," Eva rolls her eyes back to him. "Everything is always about poor Felicia!"

"Eva," Dominick says back to her, trying to make her understand.

"No Dominick," she cuts him off. "Save it for someone who wants to hear it."

Before he can reply, Eva stands up and quickly walks away from the table. Dominick picks up his gin and tonic and quickly takes another drink of it.


"How are you feeling today?" Frederick asks Felicia as they enter the restaurant and are quickly shown a seat. They don't notice Eva storming out of the restaurant after they move into the main dining room. Frederick hopes that Felicia is finally starting to feel better about everything that she remembered about the events in Lake Tahoe, although he would understand if she was still shaken by her role in Leah's death.

"I'm feeling a little bit better," Felicia says back to him as they sit down across from each other. "I'm trying to remember that I wasn't in the right frame of mind. Not that it justifies my role in…"

"Please," Frederick interrupts her. "Let's not say what happened. It's painful enough."

She smiles back to him, realizing that he cares for her. "You're right," she says as she takes sip of her lemon water. "I do want to thank you though."

"Thank me?" Frederick asks as he arches his eyebrow.

"I couldn't have done this without you. I couldn't have remembered everything that happened to my daughter without you suggesting that I undergo hypnosis and then you actually putting me under."


"No," she stops him. "Let me finish. I was so desperate to remember," she continues as she gets tears in her eyes. "And, while the memories are painful and hard to handle, I'm glad that I know what happened. There are no more uncertainties. I will always be so grateful to you for helping me remember."

He reaches over and grabs her hand as a tear falls down her cheek. "You have to know that I only want the very best for you, Felicia. I am happy that I could help you and I will continue to help you in any way that I possibly can."

Felicia wipes her eyes and looks back at her doctor. For a moment, they get lost in each other's eyes before she shakes her head. "Something else has been on my mind lately."

"What is that?" he asks her, still looking into her eyes.

"Well, while I was under hypnosis I remembered everything about Leah's death," she begins to say back to him. "But, I'm wondering, what else did I say while I was under hypnosis?"

Frederick gulps as he thinks about the sessions where Felicia admitted to him that she is still in love with Dominick. He had long hoped that she would be over her husband so they could be a couple together but, alas, if she admitted while under hypnosis that she still loves Dominick, that must be where her heart lies.

"Nothing of importance," he finds himself telling her and she nods back to him.

"I'm relieved to know that," she says back to him. "I can't imagine anything else worthwhile coming out of my mouth."

"You're right," he says to her. "There was nothing worthwhile."

Scene Three - Twin Peaks Court Room

As Robbie is getting sworn in for his testimony, Jeff sits at the table next to Josh Levitt and tries to collect himself. His heart is racing a million miles a minute as he just finished testifying. He only hopes that he was able to convince the Judge that he does deserve what is rightfully his: half of Leah's estate. If nothing else, he hopes that he will be able to get his house back. He wants to live in the house he shared with Leah and Paige. He turns around and sees Paige sitting in the back of the court room.

Paige can feel her father's eyes on her. Just as she did with Robbie, she doesn't make eye contact with Jeff because she hates what the fighting between them. She just wishes everything would go back to normal, like when Leah was still alive.

"You may be seated Mr. Calimo," Franklin tells Robbie, who sits down in the chair.

"Mr. Calimo," Natasha starts to speak to her brother as she stands up from her chair. "How long were you married to the deceased, Leah Robertson?"

Robbie looks at Natasha and then over at the Judge. "For well over 10 years," he replies to her.

"That's a long time to be married to someone," Natasha says back to him.

Robbie nods to her. "Leah and I were very happy together."

"What happened to cause a happy marriage to fall apart?" Natasha asks him next.

Robbie sighs before he starts to reply. "It's never just one thing," he admits to her. "But one of the biggest issues we had was when Leah was unfaithful to me."

"Your wife had an affair? Do you know the other man that she slept with?"

Robbie tries to put a smile on his face as he relives the harsh memories from the past. "I do," he finally says back to his sister. "It was Jeff Claus, the very man who is suing me today."

"So, the man who caused your marriage to break up is now suing you?"

"That's right," Robbie nods back to Natasha.

"Why do you think you were left everything in Leah's estate?" Natasha continues to grill him.

"Honestly? I think I was left everything because Leah felt bad for what happened," Robbie tells her and the Judge. "I'm not saying that Leah didn't have feelings for Jeff because I'm sure she did. But they didn't have what we had together. We were married for over 10 years. We thought we shared a child together. We had this amazing life together … and when it was over, I think Leah felt horrible for everything that happened. Deep down, I don't think either of us stopped loving each other in some capacity."

"Thank you for being so open and honest," Natasha says back to Robbie. "I have nothing further."

"You may step down, Mr. Calimo," Franklin instructs him. Robbie nods back to the Judge before he makes his way back to his seat.

"As we have one more witness that both parties requested speak, I will do the question asking for her," Franklin announces to everyone as Jeff and Robbie both look at their lawyer's. "Paige Claus, please step forward."

Robbie and Jeff both turn around to Paige, who puts some hair behind her ear as she stands up and slowly starts to walk to the stand.

Scene Four - Chris' Townhouse

"I hope that this is important," Chris tells Trenyce as she moves into the living room of his townhouse, knowing that she had to see him. "I have a lot of work to do today."

Trenyce shuts her eyes for a moment and knows that she has to be honest with Chris about what Jemma told her about their real child still being out there. She doesn't know why she is so nervous about telling him about the baby but she can feel her heart racing inside her chest.

"I know you do," she replies to him. "I do too so I will try to make this quick."

"We could have met at the Pampa Grill and had lunch," he says as he comes up behind her. "I must admit, why you wanted to meet me at my place alone has my mind racing with possibilities."

Trenyce turns around and faces him, unable to not smile at his blatant attempt to flirt with her. "It's not what you're thinking."

Chris smiles back to her. "Then, please, enlighten me. What is this all about?"

"You know my Aunt Jemma is in town, don't you?" she asks him as he nods his head as he recalls seeing Jemma at the Pampa Grill. "Well, you know, she's always had this way of showing me and telling me things that I never saw before. And I can't believe that I never saw this before."

Chris arches his eyebrow. "I still have no idea what you're talking about."

"I'm talking about Andrew," Trenyce replies to him. "I mean, I'm not talking about Andrew but …"

"Did Jemma give you another idea on how we can get Andrew back?" Chris asks her, still confused about what Trenyce is trying to tell him.

Trenyce shakes her head. "No, just the opposite. She told me that I should give up on Andrew," she reveals as Chris' eyes open wider in surprise. "She told me that I should start to focus on finding our real child."

Chris puts his hands over his mouth for a moment. "I never thought of it either," she continues to tell him. "But, because there was a baby switch, it means that we have a child out there somewhere, Chris. That's what Jemma told me; she told me to start trying to find our real child."

Scene Five - The Cascade Apartments, Apartment 204; Savannah & Andrew's Apartment

Savannah watches Andrew play with some of his toys on the floor. The sight causes her to get a smile on her face as she loves seeing her son grow. It wasn't too long ago that she had no idea where her son was or who he was; now that she has Andrew back, she loves that they are finally getting the chance to be a mother and son.

"Mommy look," Andrew says as he shows her the train track that he has built with his wooden train set.

The fact that Andrew associates Savannah has his mother is another cause for her to smile. "Wow, baby, you did a really good job."

Savannah watches him play with the train as she finds her mind suddenly start to wonder. She recalls how a few weeks earlier, Trenyce approached her and apologized to Savannah for her role in Chris' attempt to marry Savannah so they could get Andrew away from her. While Frederick has always been skeptical of Chris and Trenyce, Savannah really felt like Trenyce was being sincere with the apology. Then, Savannah decided to extend an olive branch to Trenyce but she overheard Trenyce talking about maybe finding her real child out there. At the time, hearing Trenyce upset Savannah. But now that she's had time to think about it, Savannah realizes that it is the best possible thing that could happen.

"If she finds her real child," Savannah whispers to herself. "Maybe she will finally leave Andrew alone to be with me. Her and Chris both will have something else to focus on. And I can start to move on with my life. My beautiful life with Andrew," she smiles to herself as she continues to watch Andrew play with his trains.

Scene Six - Twin Peaks Court House

"Please state your name for the record," Judge Franklin Ross tells Paige, who has just been sworn into the trial between Robbie and Jeff.

"Paige Claus," she replies nervously into the microphone. She can feel her hands tremble as she has never been in court before.

"And, how are you related to both Mr. Calimo and Mr. Claus?" Franklin next asks her.

Paige clears her throat as she looks over at Robbie and then Jeff. "For so many years, I thought Robbie was my father," she says, her voice still cracking a little. "But then it was revealed that Jeff was my father. I've gotten used to Jeff as my Dad but I guess I feel like I have two father's."

Franklin nods back to her. "I see, this entire trial must be pretty upsetting to you then."

Paige looks up at him and nods her head, trying to smile back to him. "You have no idea," she replies to him. "I hate all of this fighting that has happened since my Mom died. It's bad enough I lost my Mom, now I have to deal with my Dad's fighting with each other all the time."

"If you were in power, how would you see the ending of this trial?" Franklin asks her next.

Paige sighs and looks back at the Judge before she looks over at Robbie and Jeff. "Honestly? I wish everything could go back to normal, the way it was before my Mom died," she says as she gets tears in her eyes. "I just want my Mom back. I just want everything to be the way it used to be. We were all so happy…I hate the fighting. I just want it to stop."

"You're a very brave young woman," Franklin replies to her as he passes her a tissue so Paige can wipe her eyes. "And I only hope the two men in your life are listening to what you're saying because I think you're absolutely right."

Scene Seven - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

Adam moves to the bar in the living room of his house and quickly pours himself rum. He quickly takes a drink of it, trying to calm his racing mind. He is thinking about so many different things these days, he finds himself overwhelmed with it all. He knows that Helen is probably still blaming him for the death of Reg, even though her father was one that had a problem with him. He also is thinking about Shane and Natasha; Shane knows that something is off with his wife but Adam can't give his friend an honest piece of advice because he knows that Natasha is off because she miscarried a baby; Adam's baby from their affair last fall. He turns and looks at the staircase where Natasha fell and he shuts his eyes. He too is still grieving the death of his unborn baby. He opens his eyes when he sees Barbara and Helen coming down the stairs, in a conversation with each other.

He turns around, not really wanting to face his wife or his mother in law right now. He just wanted to relax and try to take his mind off things.

"Isn't it a bit early to have a drink?" Barbara asks Adam as she and Helen enter the living room.

Adam finishes the rum in his glass before he sets it down and pours himself another. "I guess it is, depends who you're asking."

Barbara rolls her eyes and looks over at Helen. "Adam? Is something wrong? It's not like you to have a drink this early in the day," Helen says to her husband, as she moves up behind him.

"Oh this is just great," Adam spits back to her as he turns around to face his wife. "You're going to take your Mother's side, as usual, and I'm going to be made the bad guy because I've had a rough morning and I'm having a fucking drink. That's just great, Helen."

Helen is taken aback by Adam's outburst and she finds herself getting tears in her eyes.

"How dare you speak to her like that," Barbara comes to Helen's defense. "This woman is your wife. Have you no respect? Wait, don't answer that. I know exactly how much respect you have for her."

Helen shakes her head. "I can't handle this fighting today," she says before she rushes out of the room, tears rushing down her face. She is already on edge because of Dawn's hostility towards her and Adam, she can't cope with Adam's bad mood today.

Adam looks back at Barbara with intent. "Are you happy now?" he asks her.

Barbara glares back at him before she moves closer to him and grabs the drink from his hand. She moves over to the bar and pours it down the sink. "I wasn't done with that!" he says to her as he raises his voice.

"I think you and I need to get something straight," Barbara tells him as she turns around and faces Adam. "You see, Adam, I've been keeping my lips quiet but I don't know how much longer I will be able to do so."

Adam shakes his head. "I don't have time for this."

"You better make time," she says to him as he turns around. "Because, I know your secret, Adam. I know what you did with that woman … Natasha."

Adam freezes and turns around to face her. "Ah, I see I have your attention."

"You don't know what you're talking about," Adam replies to her, trying to hide his fear of what Barbara may actually now.. "Natasha and I are just friends. Helen is friends with her too."

Barbara nods back to him. "Well, from what I overheard the other night there's a lot more going on between the two of you than just friendship."

Adam gulps and then he runs his hands through his hair. "I don't know what you think you know but you're wrong," he says to Barbara. "Dead wrong."

Scene Eight - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Shane's Office

Shane sits at his desk looking at a file despite his mind being on something else. He knows what he has set into motion today; he just hopes that this will be the end of the mystery as to what has been going on with Natasha. He needs to know why she has been shutting him and Jacob out since she fell down the stairs at the Black house and he finally thinks he knows a way to get the truth. After he saw Dawn and Natasha in a heated conversation, he realized that Dawn could be the way to get to the truth. He only hopes the young woman will be honest with him.

He looks up when he hears a knock on his office door. Dawn moves into the office, wearing her candy stripper outfit. "I heard that you wanted to see me?" she asks him as she stands in the doorway.

Shane nods and looks back to her. "That's right, please come in and close the door."

"Have I done something wrong?" Dawn asks him as she moves closer to the desk.

"I'm just hoping you can help me with something," Shane replies to her. "I need to know about the night Natasha fell down the stairs. I know that you were at your house when it happened."

Dawn gulps and then quickly shakes her head. "I don't understand. I don't think there's anything more that I can say that I haven't already told the police."

"Natasha hasn't been the same since she fell," Shane tells her. "And I need to know why. There has to be something that you can tell me, Dawn."

"I'm sorry Dr. Glubbs," Dawn lies to him, as she tries to hide her trembling hands. "I can't help you. I don't know anything."

"Then why did I see you and Natasha on the pier having an argument?"

Again, Dawn gulps before she turns away from him. She shuts her eyes for a moment and tries to think of something. "I think you misunderstood," Dawn says before she looks back at him. "Natasha and I just ran into each other, literally. We were on jogs and we almost collided. There's nothing more than I can tell you."

Shane nods back to her and gives her a little smile. "Well, thank you for being honest with me Dawn. I appreciate it."

Dawn uneasily nods back to him. "Of course," she says back to him, suddenly relieved that he isn't going to continue to press the issue. "If I think of anything else, I'll let you know."

Scene Ten - Twin Peaks Court House

"All rise, the honourable Judge Franklin Ross presides," the bailiff announces as Jeff, Josh, Robbie, Natasha and Paige all stand up and the Judge emerges from his chambers and returns to his seat.

"You may be seated," he tells everyone. "This was a complicated case to say the least," he continues to say. "But I have made my decision about the estate of Leah Robertson…."

Next on One Day at a Time
- The Judge's ruling is in
- Jemma tips her hand to Daisy
- Dominick puts his plan of revenge into motion

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