Episode 35 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously on One Day At A Time
-Cory and Natasha came face to face in her office
-Leah and Robbie had a revealing conversation. She finally told him the truth about Jeff and Noah
-Jackson surprised Kim
-Victoria had a troubling dream about Vinny shooting her
-Helen awaked, but didn’t remember anything

Scene 1
Setting: The Legal Firm; Natasha’s Office

Memories continue to return to Cory, as he holds Natasha in his arms. Memories of his life with Natasha, his love for Natasha. They slowly exit from the embrace.

"This is just so overwhelming," Cory says softly, as he continues to graze his hand over Natasha’s face. "I thought...I mean, everyone thought you were dead. This is amazing."

Natasha smiles through her tears. "I know. I can explain everything, but not now. I don’t want to ruin this." Natasha hugs Cory again. "I’ve missed you so much. I love you so much Cory. You have no idea how hard it’s been, being away from you."

"I know. It’s been hard for me too," he replies. Suddenly Cory’s cell phone begins to ring. "Excuse me for a moment," he says as he pulls out his cell phone. "Hello," he replies. Cory hears Robin’s voice on the other end, and freezes. Suddenly he realizes what Natasha being alive means to his life.

Natasha watches Cory talk on the phone. She smiles to herself. ‘This has gone better then I had hoped,’ Natasha thinks to herself. ‘He still loves me, and he still wants to be with me. And I love him.’

Cory hangs up the phone and looks at Natasha. She can tell by the look in his eyes that something is wrong.

"Cory? What is it? What’s wrong?" Natasha asks, moving closer to him.

Cory takes in a deep breath, and he sighs. "We’ve got a problem....no, I’ve got a problem," Cory says.

Natasha becomes confused. Suddenly she realizes that it was Robin on the telephone. "Cory, I have to confess. I know. I know about Robin. I know you are married to her."

Scene 2
Setting: The Towers; Floor Twelve; Adam’s Apartment

Victoria hangs up the telephone. She looks up and realizes that taking the afternoon off work was the best thing for her. After her troubling dream, she didn’t want to go back to work. And, it’s not like she had any appointments in the afternoon. She wants to concentrate on the dream, and what it meant.

The words continue to haunt her. Vinny taunting her, telling her that she knows too much.

"What do I know? What could I possibly know that would make Vinny shoot me? To try to silence me?" she wonders aloud, as she enters the kitchen and pours herself a cup of coffee. She slowly takes a drink. The hot liquid hits her mouth, and she swallows slowly. She then lightly blows on the coffee.

She walks back to the sofa, and sits down. She puts her coffee down on the table, and continues to think about her dream. Suddenly there’s a knock on the door. Victoria gets up and walks to the door. She looks through the spy hole and sees Vinny standing outside in the hallway.

‘What does he want?’ she thinks to herself. Victoria wonders if she should open the door. ‘I will not be intimidated by Vinny Victors,’ she tells herself.

Victoria opens the door.

"Vinny, what a pleasant surprise. What can I do for you?" Victoria smiles.

Vinny enters the apartment. "We need to have a talk, Victoria."

Victoria shuts the door, and returns to her coffee.

"I know you have contact with Daisy Davenport, with the hospital regulations," Vinny says, as he sits in the lazy-boy arm chair.

"Yes. We discuss hospital business. What do you care?"

Vinny looks at Victoria. "Look Victoria. We both have things we know about each other. You know I shot you. I know you stabbed me. We are even. But I need you to help me out here, I need help with Daisy," Vinny says.

"I’ll agree to help you Vinny, if you agree to tell me something."


"What do I know that made you shoot me Vinny? What secret do I have on you that you would want me dead?"

Vinny freezes. He doesn’t exactly know what he should say, or how he should respond. Does he tell Victoria the truth? No, too risky, he thinks. He has to come up with something, quickly.

"I’m not sure what you mean Victoria," Vinny says, although he realizes how stupid he sounded as soon as he said it.

"I had a dream Vinny."

"A dream?" he muses.

"Yes. And you kept saying ‘You know too much’ before you shot me," Victoria says, getting a little teary.

Vinny smiles. "You can’t take a dream seriously Victoria. It’s not reality. It’s a dream," Vinny says.

Victoria wonders if Vinny is covering, or if he is actually making sense. She decides not to ponder about it at this time.

"Fine, I’ll help you with Daisy. Call me later with the details. I have a meeting," Victoria says.

Vinny gets up and walks to the door. "Yea, so do I."

As soon as Vinny leaves, Victoria gets up from the sofa. "I will find out your secret Vinny. I will."

Scene 3
Setting: Wild Night

Rebecca walks into the club and gracefully moves toward the usher on staff, quickly getting his attention with the knockout number she is wearing.

"Can I help you, miss?" he asks enthusiastically with a smile.

"I have a reservation under Glubbs." She states in a soothing tone, not realizing that the usher’s eyes are fixated on her. "Hello?"

"Oh… Glubbs" becoming alert, he quickly looks through the book. "Yes, right this way!" He saunters her down the aisle to a table adjacent to the window. "There should be a waiter with you shortly." He says and then departs as Rebecca thanks him.

Shane then arrives within two minutes of the usher’s departure. "Hey, sorry to keep you waiting, last minute council at the hospital."

Rebecca replies understandingly, "That’s fine, I haven’t been waiting long."

Shane then takes a seat across from her, taking notice of how beautiful she looks tonight. "You look very nice tonight", which immediately invokes an internal thought; ‘Oh god, did I just say nice?’

Rebecca then reciprocates the compliment, "You don’t look so bad yourself." She says with a comforting smile easing Shane’s mind.

"How can I not when ingratiated with the pleasure of your company?" He gives a slight grin as Rebecca tilts her head down to prevent from blushing.

Scene 4
Setting: The Towers; The Penthouse; Cory and Robin’s Home

Cory and Natasha emerge from the elevator and walk towards the door to the Penthouse.

"You have no idea how grateful I am that you understand about my marriage to Robin," Cory says as they walk.

Natasha smiles. She wants to be the understanding wife, but she’s secretly upset that he married again so quickly after she was gone. Did he love her less? Or does Cory just need to have someone with him? She wonders. She decides against talking to him about it right at this moment, as they were about to approach Robin.

Cory opens the door, and enters the penthouse. Natasha slowly enters as well. She walks into the den, and quickly becomes overwhelmed with emotion.

"Natasha? Are you alright?"

Natasha turns to him and smiles. "I’m fine. I’m fine," she assures him. "I’m just happy to be home."

Suddenly Robin emerges at the stairs. She walks downstairs, without seeing Natasha.

"I’m so glad your home, sweetie. I’ve missed you today," Robin says. Robin reaches the bottom of the stairs, and her smile fades when she sees Natasha. "What the hell is going on here?" she demands to know.

Cory looks at Robin. He realizes that she’s not in shock to see Natasha alive. He realizes that Robin must have knew that Natasha was alive before hand. "It’s Natasha, Robin. She’s alive."

"I can see that," Robin spits.

"This is unbelievable," Cory yells at Robin. "You knew! You knew and you didn’t tell me?"

Robin is taken aback. "What are you talking about?"

"You knew that Natasha was alive. I can tell by your reaction Robin! How long have you been lying to me?" he demands to know.

Natasha intervenes. "She’s known for a few weeks. Maybe a month. We met when at the hospital. It was the first day I was back in Twin Peaks."

Robin glares at Natasha.

"I think it’s best if I leave Cory. You and Robin obviously have a lot to talk about," Natasha says.

Cory walks Natasha to the door. After embracing, Natasha leaves. Cory turns to Robin, who is crying.

"I think it would be best if you leave too," he says.

"What? Why do you want me to leave? I’m your wife!" Robin cries.

"I don’t know what I’m going to do right now Robin. I need time to think," he says.

"Fine, I’ll go. But I’ll be back in the morning," she says.

Scene 5
Setting: Wild Night

Rebecca and Shane have ordered from the menu and are now enjoying their meals. After several minutes of awkward silence and glances at one another, Rebecca finally takes the plunge. "So, tell me some things about yourself?" she asks.

"Well, what do you want to know?" asking as he moves closer.

"I could ask you all those basic get to know you questions, but that’s so boring" stating as she jerks her head, tossing her hair back. "I am a curiosity seeker, so tell me why a man like yourself isn’t tied down already?" asking exquisitely.

"I guess you can wrap it all up to bad luck, my first wife slept with another man. And...," he pauses, wondering if he should reveal his feelings for Natasha. He decides to keep the conversation going. "...the second woman I made the mistake of falling for is in love with another man" states painfully.

"Maybe you haven’t found the right woman yet", she says reaching across to touch his hand. She smiles at him and he back at her, she then pulls her hand back steadily starting to feel a moment of uneasiness as Shane takes over.

"All right, enough about me, now it is time to put you on the spot", ending with a sly grin.

"Not too personal, we women have to have some secrets, I especially thrive on it." She gracefully moves forward and gives a wink.

"It’s a pretty simple question, would you like to dance?" asking with slight hesitation as he stands.

"But there’s no..." the sudden sound of music intercedes her comment.

"You were saying?" asking hypothetically with a grin.

"I’d love to!" she smiles, standing and holding her hand out. Shane then escorts her to the dance floor.

Scene 6
Setting: Patricia’s Condo

Patricia sits in the living room, with the fire place roaring in front of her. She’s snuggled up in a blanket and a book. She quickly throws the book down, as she can’t concentrate on the print in front of her. She slowly looks around the room. She still gets the feeling she’s being watched from time to time, and now is one of those times. She pauses, and gets up slowly. She jumps when she hears the door bell ring.

She walks to the door and opens it. It’s Vinny.

"Vinny! What a surprise! Come in," she says. "Can I get you anything?"

"No, just your time." he replies.

"I’m glad your here. I’m going a little stir crazy, being by myself all the time. Although, I have made a few new friends."

Vinny looks at her. "Friends?" he asks. "Who the hell as been here to see you?"

Patricia quickly becomes a little scared. "No one. I mean, I talk with people when I go out. You know, food or whatever."

"You better watch what you say Patricia. No one can know anything!"

"I know. We’ve been over this time and time again."

Vinny grabs her and looks her in the eyes. "I’m just concerned that you aren’t getting this. No one can know. Victoria is getting very close. We may have to do some damage control there."

"Let me help. Please. I’m dying in here. I need to get out," Patricia says.

"I’ll think about it. I’ll call you tomorrow." Vinny says, leaving.

Scene 7
Setting: Wild Night

Rebecca and Shane have been dancing for nearly an hour, enjoying the sound of light, mellow music.

"I guess being married gave you some insight on the proper way to cut a rug." Rebecca says as she moves toe to toe with him.

"Well, it definitely helps when you have the right partner", saying as he swings her towards the other dancers and then back towards him, very closely.

She tosses her hair back gently, still remaining in the close embrace, "And what makes me the right partner?" she asks.

"Well, the right partner", he says as he tips her over causing her to gasp, "is always prepared." Locked in that position, they gaze into each other eyes and caught in the intensity of the moment, Shane kisses Rebecca, whom reciprocates. Shane then gradually pulls her back up after releasing lips and Rebecca after regaining consciousness of what occurred becomes frazzled.

"I have to go!" She says abruptly and leaves, leaving Shane in a lurch.

Scene 8
Setting: The Michaels’ Home; Chris and Daisy’s Home

Daisy sits in at the desk in the study. She looks at the clock, and then gets up and looks outside. No sign of Chris’ car. Where could he be? she worries. She doesn’t want to wait up too much later, as she has the meeting with city council in the morning. She realizes that she’ll leave him a note and go to sleep. She’ll find out where he was so late in the morning.

Next on One Day At A Time
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-Natasha is reunited with Robbie
-Jason and Rebecca get romantic
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