Episode 352
Summer Storm, Part I
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: July 31, 2016

Episode Theme song: "Go Ahead" Alicia Keys

Previously On One Day at a Time
- Donovan, Trenyce & Savannah told Kim about Andy's continual drinking. They all agreed to hold an intervention at the Calimo cabin in hopes of getting through to Andy how serious his drinking has become
- Dominick saw Tyler and Kim kissing and snapped a photo of them. He then told Robbie that he knew how he was going to get revenge on Bob
- Kim told Tyler that she had left Bob
- Shane hired Paige as his assistant unaware of the crush she has on him
- Natasha thrilled Shane by starting to act "normal" again

Scene One - The Cascade Apartments, Apartment 204; Savannah & Andrew's Home

"Now, you have to promise me that you're going to be a good boy while Mommy is gone," Savannah tells Andrew as they sit on the sofa together and Savannah is putting some toys into his backpack. She looks at her son for a moment and realizes that she won't be gone for very long, hopefully just over night, but she will still miss him. She has grown to love being around him all the time. But, this invention is something she has to do. She, along with Donovan, Trenyce and Kim are going to the Calimo cabin to have an intervention with Andy for his drinking. Savannah knows that she has to do this for her friend, and for Reese's memory. She misses her friend dearly; she knows that he would be proud of her for helping his husband.

"When will you be home Mommy?" Andrew asks her, as a loud boom of thunder can be heard outside. Savannah turns her head and looks outside; the dark sky is ominous for what is about to occur.

She looks back at Andrew and smiles at him. "Hopefully tomorrow morning. You'll only be staying at Frederick's tonight."

"Can I go swimming in the pool at Frederick's again?" Andrew asks her.

Savannah chuckles a little and pulls her son into a hug. "Of course you can baby," she says as she holds him. "And like I said, don't worry, I will be home tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay," Andrew replies to her as they look at each other. "I love you too, Mommy."

Savannah smiles back at her son. "Okay, let's get going. I want to get on the road before this storm hits."

Scene Two - The Tower's, Floor One; Andy's Condo

Andy turns his head to the window when a bright, crackling bolt of lightning strikes through the sky. He pulls his sweater in closer to him as he turns back and looks at his duffle bag on the sofa. He recalls how he was asked to go to the Calimo cabin for the weekend with Kim, Trenyce, Donovan and Savannah. They claimed that they wanted to have a friends get away and he agreed because he thought it would be nice; he knows that he has been spending way too much time alone. And, when Andy is alone lately, all he does is drink and think about Reese.

"I have to make sure they think that I'm okay this weekend," he whispers to himself as he moves closer to the sofa and looks inside his duffle bag. "They all think that I have a drinking problem, but I'm fine."

He arches his eyebrow as the wheels in his head start to turn. "Although, if they all saw me drinking and knowing my limit, maybe they would stop saying I have a problem," he tells himself as he nods his head. "Yea, that's exactly what I will do. I will drink and show them how responsible I am with it."

He moves into kitchen as he can hear the rain start to hit the ground outside of his condo. "That's some storm brewing out there," he whispers to himself as he opens a cupboard and looks at the alcohol he has. He grabs two bottles of whiskey and quickly moves back to the sofa and puts them in his bag before he zips it up.

Thunder booms in the clouds above as Andy gets a sly grin on his face and then he moves back into the kitchen. He grabs his opened bottle of whiskey. He finds himself taking a quick swig of it.

"Ahh," he says after he finishes swallowing the whiskey down. "I needed that. It will help with the long drive. I still can't believe Savannah wants to drive me because of the car accident I was. I'm not incapable of driving but whatever," he tells himself as he takes another shot of whiskey.

He puts the cap back on the bottle when he hears his cell phone. He moves back into the living room and looks at his phone. "Savannah's waiting for me," he says as he moves and grabs his bag. "Let's get on the road…"

Scene Three - Robertson Enterprises; Donovan's Office

Donovan closes the last folder that is on his desk and he takes a deep breath. "Finally, I'm done everything that I had to do today," he says as he can see some lightning in the sky. He looks outside for a moment longer and shakes his head a little.

"I hope this storm passes over," he whispers to himself. "I don't really want to have to drive up to the cabin in this rain."

He looks at his watch and realizes that he is running late as he, Kim and Savannah were going to meet at the cabin for dinner time. Trenyce, because of Daisy's dinner party, will be joining them later. "I better get home so I can make it up to the cabin on time. I don't really want Savannah to be alone with Andy for too long, especially if he starts drinking at the cabin."

He leaves his office and moves into the hallway. He sees an elevator start to close. "Hey, wait for me!" he yells as he runs to the elevator. The door opens again and Donovan moves in to it.

"Thanks for holding the elevator for me," he says as he steps on.

"You're welcome," Lukas smiles back to him.

"Lukas, what are you doing here?" Donovan asks him as he pushes the ground level button. He knows that Lukas hasn't had a job since he has been back in Twin Peaks, so he is surprised to see Lukas at Robertson Enterprises.

"I was hoping to see Trenyce," Lukas explains to him. "But she wasn't at her office."

"Yea, I guess Daisy is having some big dinner party tonight," Donovan replies to him, trying not to look over at his exboyfriend too often.

"Oh, damn, yea, I forgot about that!"

"You're going to Daisy's dinner party?"

Lukas nods back to him. "She invited my entire family, my Dad and sister are going to her place. I was surprised by the invite too."

"Yea," Donovan nods back to him. "Seems a little odd, but I hope you have a good time."

Lukas smiles back to him a little. "Thanks, Donovan. Some storm out there, huh?"

Before Donovan can reply, the lights in the elevator flicker and suddenly the elevator jolts to a stop. Both men grab on to the walls, hoping not to fall from the suddenly jolt. The lights come back on and the men look at each other.

Donovan quickly starts pushing some buttons on the elevator before he looks back at Lukas. "I think we're stuck," he says uneasily.

Scene Four - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Shane's Office

Shane stands at his filing cabinet and begins to pull out some files when he pauses as he can hear the rain banging against the window in his office. He looks outside just as some lightning strikes across the sky, brightening the blackened sky for a moment.

"I hope everyone is safe out there," he whispers to himself before he looks back at his files.

He turns his head when he hears his door open. A smile creeps on his face when Paige moves into his office. "I was able to find some of the files for you," she tells him as she moves up to his desk and sets the files down on his desk. The folders part a little, and one of the hidden file folders has the name "Natasha Calimo" written on it.

"Thank you, Paige," he tells her. "I must admit, you're doing a great job as my assistant. I never knew I would need you as much I did."

Paige blushes a little at the compliment from the doctor, whom she also happens to have a crush on. "Well, thank you. I'm trying to do my best to please do."

"I think you're a natural," he winks back to her. "But listen, I want you to take the rest of the day off. I want you to go home. I don't want you to have to drive in this storm. It's only going to get worse."

"Are you sure?" Paige asks him. "I haven't even been here for my full shift yet."

"Don't worry about that," Shane waves his hand. "Go and be safe."

"Okay," she smiles back to him. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yes, you will," he waves as the young girl turns and leaves the office. He never thought that having an assistant would work out so well for him but he can't complain one bit about the work that Paige is doing for him.

He closes his filing cabinet and moves back to his desk. He looks at the folders that Paige brought him. He goes through them and then stops when he sees Natasha's file. He holds it in his hands for a moment.

"This is Victoria's," he says to himself as another loud boom of thunder echoes behind him. "Natasha is her patient. Paige must have grabbed it by accident."

"I will have to give it back to her," he says as he drops on his desk. "But it will have to wait until after my rounds."


"So, I think you're looking fine," Victoria tells Natasha as they sit in Victoria's office. Natasha just had another check-up following her fall down the stairs a few months earlier. She is glad that she is seemingly getting back to normal, in every possible way.

Natasha smiles back to her. "Thank you for that," she tells her doctor. "The last few months have been very difficult, I'm just glad that I'm getting back to normal, whatever that is."

"I hope you know Natasha," Victoria replies to her. "That you went through a very traumatic experience. Not only did you fall down the stairs but you lost a child and I know you haven't told Shane about the miscarriage but he loves you very much. He would want to know that you two lost a child. He would want to grieve with you."

Natasha looks down as she hears some thunder in the sky outside. A single tear falls down her cheek and she quickly wipes it away. "I know you mean well Victoria, and I appreciate that, I really do," Natasha's lips quiver as she speaks. "But this is something that I need to do on my own. And, please, promise me that you'll never say anything to my husband about what really happened."

Victoria sighs back to her sister. "You know that I can't say anything to Shane, it's doctor-patient confidentiality. But, Natasha, I'm also your sister. I know that Mom and Donovan would want to be there to support you as well. You shouldn't have to go through this alone."

Natasha nods back to her uneasily. "I know," she says as another tear falls down her cheek. "But I'm getting better. I promise, I'm feeling just fine now."

"I hope so," Victoria replies to her. "You know that I'm here if you ever need to talk, right?"

"I do, thank you," Natasha tells her. "Okay, I better go. I'd like to pick up Jacob from Adam and Helen's sooner rather than later. That storm is ugly looking."

"It is, drive safe Natasha," Victoria stands up to show Natasha out of her office. "And, remember what I said. I'm here, if you need to talk."

Natasha hugs her sister. "Thank you Victoria, " she whispers into her ear as some lightning flashes across the sky.

Scene Five - Tyler's Townhouse

"Thank you so much for watching Blake for me tonight," Kim tells Tyler as she moves into the house and shakes off her umbrella.

Tyler smiles back at the woman who mothered his child. "Of course, I love having my little man with me," he tells her. "Come in for a minute and dry off? Sit by the fire and get warm before you have to go."

"Thank you," Kim says back to him. "I'd like that a lot. I'm hoping that this rain will calm down before I leave."

"Where is it that you're going again?" Tyler asks her as they move into the living room. She immediately starts to feel the warmth of the fireplace.

"To the Calimo cabin. It's about an hour and a half drive north of the city. I'm taking my brother there to try to get him to realize how serious his drinking is."

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Tyler asks her as they sit on the sofa. "And, when did Blake fall asleep, so I know when to wake him for his dinner."

"He's only been sleeping about 10 minutes, you know how car ride's do that to him," she smiles at the thought of her son. "And, yes, I think going to the cabin to help Andy is a good idea. We have all sat by and watched his drinking get worse and worse. And, he's started to put other people in danger, he was in a car accident with Victoria. This has to stop."

"Okay, okay," Tyler tells her, trying to calm her down. "I just hope you know what you're doing."

Another loud thunder bolt booms in the sky and Kim shakes a little. Tyler immediately puts his arm around her. "It's okay, it's just a silly summer storm…"

She finds herself curling into him a little as the fire place crackles in front of them. She realizes that they are cuddling and she quickly looks up, directly into his eyes. "You're so beautiful," he whispers to her, looking back into her eyes.

Before Kim knows what's happening, Tyler's lips are on hers. She moves her hand to his face to pull him into a deeper kiss. They part for a moment before she leans in and kisses him again.

Scene Six - Roboto; Bob's Office

Bob pours himself a brandy as he watches the storm from inside his office at Roboto. He takes a sip of the brandy as another lightning bolt emerges in the dark sky. Thunder follows the bright streak in the sky. Bob shakes his head at the storm, knowing that Twin Peaks doesn't often get summer storms this intense.

"At least I have a good view of it from my office," he whispers to himself as he takes another sip of his brandy.

"You know what they say, don't you?" a voice asks from the doorway of Bob's office. "That talking to yourself is the first sign of being crazy."

Bob turns around and sees Dominick standing in his office. Immediately fed up with his rival, Bob turns back around. "Get out of here Dominick, before I have you thrown out. I'm in no mood to deal with you this evening."

"Is that so?" Dominick taunts his rival. "I wonder why that is? The last time I saw you at the Pampa Grill, you made it very clear that you were about to get everything that you wanted. What's changed Bobby boy?"

Bob doesn't reply to him as he knows that he thought Kim would give up baby Blake and come back to him. He never thought that she would leave him, this time for good. He doesn't want to discuss that with anyone, in particular Dominick.

"I thought I told you to leave," Bob replies to him, trying to keep his cool. "You have no idea what everything I wanted is. Nor will you ever."

"I think I have a pretty good idea," Dominick smiles back to him. "You see, the other day I was at work and I happened to see my son, Tyler."

"I don't care that you saw that miserable excuse for a son at work," Bob spits back to him.

"But you see, Bobby boy, Tyler wasn't alone," Dominick says as he moves closer to Bob. "He was with a woman. A woman whom also happens to be your wife."

Bob feels his blood start to boil. "And you know what they were doing? They were kissing," Dominick continues to taunt Bob. "That's right, Bobby, yet another one of your wives turned to a Robertson man to get her needs filled. First Sofia with me, now Kim with Tyler…"

"You son of a bitch," Bob yells as he starts to form a fist in his hand.

"Calm down Bobby, I'd hate for you to overdo it," Dominick smirks back to him. "And just in case you don't believe me, here's proof."

Dominick pulls out his cell phone and shows Bob a picture of Tyler and Bob kissing. Bob looks at the picture for a moment before he looks up at Dominick.

"You want to know what I think about this?" Bob asks through his gritted teeth. He throws the Iphone up against the wall and the glass shatters causing Dominick to start laughing.

"How does it feel Bob? How does it feel knowing that every single part of your life is falling apart? And guess what? This is just the beginning…"

Scene Seven - The Calimo Cabin

"Hurry, let's get inside before we get soaked!" Andy tells Savannah as they grab their bags from the back of Savannah's Jeep and make a mad dash to the front door of the cabin. Once they get to the door, they are under a large overhang roof, so they are no longer getting wet.

"That was some crazy drive up here," Savannah says as she tries to catch her breath and Andy unlocks the door. They move inside the cabin and turn some lights on. "I've never had to drive in that kind of weather before."

Another loud boom of thunder can be heard as Andy puts some wood on the fireplace and then lights a match. "Stay by the fire, you'll be warm in no time."

Savannah smiles at her friend. "Thank you," she tells him. "I didn't know you could start a fire so easily."

"Reese taught me," Andy replies to her, suddenly feeling sad about his husband dying. Andy quickly moves over to his bag and opens it. Savannah's mouth opens in shock when she sees him pull out the two bottles of whiskey.

"What are those?" she asks him.

"Whiskey?" he says back to her. "Want one? This will warm you up in no time," he smiles back to her as he cracks the first bottle open. "Plus, it will help take the edge off that drive. You were right, that storm is intense."

Some lightning flashes across the sky as Savannah shakes her head. "No, Andy, please don't drink. Please, I don't want that here this weekend."

Andy is already pouring himself a glass and her pleads fall on deaf ears. He takes a sip and then looks back at her. "Please, Andy, stop drinking."

"No! No, Savannah, I won't!" he says as he looks at her. "Everyone is so fucking consumed with me drinking all the time but have any of you stopped to think about what I've been going through? My husband is dead! DEAD! He's never coming back, so, yes, I drink a little to numb the pain but I don't have a fucking drinking problem!"

Savannah gulps as she watches Andy down the rest of his whiskey. He moves back to pour himself another as more thunder booms in the sky. "Now, do you want one or not?" he asks her as he takes another drink.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Andy breaks down to Savannah
- Bob and Dominick's fight has a deadly ending
- Daisy's dinner party has some fireworks

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