Episode 36 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously On One Day At A Time
-Vinny asked Victoria to help him with Daisy. Victoria tried to get learn what Vinny’s secret is
-Cory and Natasha came face to face and reunited. He realized that he has two wives. Natasha, Robin and Cory came face to face. Cory asked Robin to leave the Penthouse until he sorts out his life
-Shane and Rebecca’s date ended with a kiss
-Daisy worried when Chris didn’t come home from work

Scene 1
Setting: The Calimo Home; Robbie and Leah’s Home

Leah is holding Robbie’s arm, helping him walk down the stairs. The sun is out, so the house is bright, despite no lights being on. Robbie’s eyes are covered. Leah smiles. She knows her husband is about to get the shock of his life. His sister, Natasha, is alive. And she’s waiting in the den.

"Leah, what is this surprise you have for me?" Robbie asks as they approach the den.

"You’ll just have to wait and see," Leah grins.

They enter the den. Natasha gets up from the sofa, and faces Robbie, beaming with excitement.

"OK, Robbie. Take off the blindfold," Leah says.

"This better be good..." Robbie says as he takes off the blindfold. As soon as it’s off, he sees Natasha. "Natasha? Oh my God...how is this possible?" he asks, as he embraces his sister.

"It’s a long story Robbie, but I’m back. I’m alive. I’m well. And I’ve missed you so much," Natasha says, hugging her brother back.

Scene 2
Setting: Rebecca’s Condo

Rebecca stumbles into her kitchen, not entirely awaken and over to the counter, where she usually keeps a fresh pot of coffee heated only to find it empty.

"What…no coffee", she says as she rummages through the above cabinet for some coffee bags only to realize she forgot to go shopping yesterday. "Great! Looks like I am going to be spending this glorious morning in a checkout line." She remarks in a defeated, but sarcastic tone.

She paces out of the kitchen as the doorbell rings, "Who could that be at this hour," she says in frustration of not having her morning coffee.

"Who is it?" she asks as she approaches the door.

A man shouts in a gruff voice, "Special Delivery."

"You must have the wrong condo, I didn’t order anything." She informs the man as she heads back towards the stairs.

"This is the residence of Rebecca DeWitt, is it not?" the man inquires. "Yes, but I did not order anything." She embarks growing tired of the conversation and again attempting to make her way up the stairs.

"Madam, this package is addressed to Rebecca DeWitt and you admit that’s who you are, which mean this package is yours." The voice declares.

Rebecca then steps back down from the bottom step and voices her frustration as she approaches the door, "Look, I did not order anything, so will you please--", stunned by the figure she spots when she opens the door. "Jason!" she says still caught off guard.

"0Yeah, I thought you might want some coffee and fresh, cooked English Muffins, but--"

She cuts him off. "Don’t be silly, come on in!"

Scene 3
Setting: The Michaels Home; Chris and Daisy’s House

Daisy steps out of the washroom, wearing a dark rose red business suit. She looks at the empty bed, which still hasn’t been made. ‘Chris never came home last night,’ she thinks to herself, as she looks in the mirror applying some lipstick the same color as her suit. ‘Where is he? Why didn’t he call?’

Daisy puts her lip stick away, and takes a deep breath. "Everything’s fine Daisy. He just forgot to call, and he got stuck at work," she tries to tell herself, as she gathers her things before she heads off for work.

Scene 4
Setting: The Towers; Floor Twelve; Adam’s Apartment

Adam lays in his bed, sleeping. Victoria emerges in the doorway, with her hair wrapped in a towel as she has just come from the shower. She looks at Adam sleep.

"You can have the shower," she snaps at him, causing him to wake up.

Adam looks up at Victoria, who is changing. He yawns. Victoria looks back, and glares at him.

"Good morning to you too," he says, trying to cheer up the grumpy Victoria.

"Don’t talk to me Adam. Don’t say anything. Just get up and go for your shower," Victoria rumbles.

Victoria finishes getting dressed. As she is taking the towel off her head, Adam emerges from the bed.

"What’s your problem today Victoria? What have I done now?" Adam asks.

Victoria looks at Adam, the towel in her hand. She is about to speak, when she looses her balance, and falls to the ground.

"Victoria!" Adam says, rushing to her side.

Adam lifts Victoria to the bed. She sits on the bed.

"Are you alright? What happened?" he asks her.

Victoria slowly opens her eyes and looks at Adam. "What time is it? Why is my hair wet?" she asks.

Adam looks at her, puzzled. "You don’t remember? You’ve been up for about 45 minutes. You’ve had a shower already."

Victoria gets a dazed look on her face. Adam looks at her waiting for her to respond. ’Why can’t I remember getting up this morning?’ She asks herself. ’What’s wrong with me?’

"I remember. Must have been a momentary thing," she lies to Adam.

"OK. I’m going to shower. We can ride to the hospital together," he says. Adam walks out of the room, still concerned about Victoria. ’Her mood changed quickly,’ he notes to himself.

Scene 5
Setting: Rebecca’s Condo

Rebecca chews into English Muffin, but tries to remain diligent as she is a woman and she doesn’t want to turn Jason off by demonstrating bad eating habits. She puts down the muffin and drinks some of her coffee as Jason looks on.

"My god, you’re a life saver." She whispers as she salivates in the warmth of her coffee.

Jason then replies, "I guess food can be used to get a woman’s heart as well."

Rebecca giggles. "Oh, I am not that easy Jason." She says in a low, sexy voice.

"You seem pretty desperate to get that coffee off my hands," he comments.

"I was", Jason’s skeptic look causes her to pause before she could deny it. "Fine, maybe I was, but that’s only because I forgot to go shopping, new place and all." Saying as she takes another bite of her English Muffin.

"I thought you were out shopping last night, you weren’t in when I called." He says, as Rebecca becomes nervous at where this discussion might lead.

"You really have to tell me the name of the bakery where you got this muffin, it has a very sensual taste." She expresses trying to gear away from the subject of last night.

"Where were you last night?" He inquires with a curious look on his face.

"Out and about, saw some people," she says cutting herself off. "I didn’t ask, how was your trip?" inquiring in hopes of changing the subject.

"It was fine, but I’m more interested in these people you had to see." Informing her with as he gestures closer to her.

"That’s so boring though, I can think of something much more interesting worth doing." She replies as she moves closer to him.

"Really?" he queries as both their eyes meet. His eyes become captivated by her moist lips, as they utter, "yes" and he leans further across the table and kisses her. Rebecca welcomes the kiss as she lifts her neck and Jason lips move down. He starts to pull back, but Rebecca pulls him back towards her knocking over her coffee.

Rebecca then tells him, "let’s go up stairs!"

Scene 6
Setting: The Towers; The Penthouse; Cory’s Home

Cory finishes getting dressed. He slips on a black silk shirt to match his matching black bottoms. He puts on a little cologne and walks downstairs. As he approaches the bottom, the doorbell rings. ’Perfect timing’ he says to himself.

He opens the door and sees Robin. She quickly embraces him.

"Oh Cory, I missed you so much last night. I couldn’t sleep," she begins, looking at him. She kisses him. "I needed you last night." Robin continues to kiss him. She pushes her way into the penthouse, and shuts the door, all the while kissing Cory.

Cory quickly pulls back. "Robin, stop" he says, holding her back. "We need to talk."

"You sound serious," Robin says, adjusting her lipstick.

"It is," Cory begins. "I’ve been in touch with the justice of the peace. I explained our situation," he continues, sitting on the sofa. "I have some bad news. We aren’t married."

Robin gets a look of shock on her face. "Excuse me?"

"We aren’t married. Not legally."

Robin sits next to Cory on the sofa. "But we took vows, in the church," she says, getting tears in her eyes.

"I know. But we thought Natasha was dead. But she’s alive. Natasha and I are still legally married."

Robin begins to weep. Cory embraces her.

Scene 7
Setting: The Calimo House; Robbie and Leah’s Home

Robbie and Leah sit at the table, finishing their breakfast.

"Did I say thank you yet?" Robbie smiles at her.

"For what?"

"Your surprise. Thank you for bringing my sister back to me," he says, coming over and kissing her.

"You really ought to thank Shane Glubbs. He had more to do with it than I did. But your welcome." Leah continues to eat her bagel. "I miss this Robbie. I miss you and I being happy. Being in love."

Robbie looks at her. "I still love you. I will always love you Leah."

"I know. It’s just...since Jeff and Noah have come into our lives, I feel like we are at odds."

Robbie bends down and is on his knees by Leah. "Leah, let me show you how much I love you," he says as he pulls out a ring box. "Do me the honor of becoming my wife--again," he smiles.

"Yes. Oh Robbie! Yes, I’ll marry you!" she says, as tears roll down her cheeks.

Scene 8
Setting: Rebecca’s Condo; Her Bedroom

Jason and Rebecca have tired themselves after hours of relentless breathing. She is now resting in his arms with a content look on her face. Suddenly, she recalls her night with Shane.


She tosses her hair back gently, still remaining in a close embrace with him, "What makes me the right partner?" she asks.

"Well, the right partner", he says as he tips her over causing her to gasp, "is always prepared."

Locked in that position, they gaze into each other eyes and caught in the intensity of the moment, Shane kisses Rebecca, whom reciprocates. Shane then gradually pulls her back up after releasing lips and Rebecca after regaining consciousness of what occurred becomes frazzled. "I have to go!" She says abruptly and leaves, leaving Shane in a lurch.

[End of Flash]

Rebecca then becomes alert as her eyes stare up at the ceiling.

Scene 9
Setting: The Roboto Offices; Chris’ Office

The desk has papers on it. The air in the office is warm. The bright sun is seeping through the blinds.

The office is empty. No sign of Chris, or any employees. Suddenly, the telephone rings. Daisy is calling her husband, to see if he was at the office all night. As the telephone continues to ring, she quickly realizes that no one is at Chris’ office.

Scene 10
Setting: The Twin Peaks Sun; Kim’s Office

Kim’s car pulls into the parking lot. She shuts it off, and grabs her purse before leaving the car. She shuts the door, and hits the auto-lock on her key. She walks quickly through the snow until she hits the cement side-walk. She enters the Sun building and quickly walks to her office. She opens the door and finds her chair facing the wall. She looks down, and seems shoes at the bottom of the chair.

‘Someone’s waiting for me,’ she realizes to herself.

The chair turns around. Jackson is sitting in the chair. "Morning Kimberly," he smiles.

Kim smiles back. "Good morning Jackson. What do I have the pleasure of this visit?"

Jackson gets up and walks towards Kim. Kim then notices the bags of bagels and coffee on her desk. "I thought we’d have breakfast together," he replies.

Kim looks at Jackson. "Jackson, listen..."

Jackson cuts Kim off by moving in and kissing her! She immediately pulls back, and slaps Jackson. With tears streaming down her cheeks, "Get out," she says.

Jackson, confused, leaves quickly. As Jackson leaves, Kim shuts and locks the door. Rattled she moves to the desk, and throws the bag across the room.

Scene 11
Setting: The Twin Peaks Hotel; Room 112; Jeff’s Room

"Thank you very much," Jeff says, hanging up the phone with the front desk. ’They were so nice to agree to walk Noah to the bus every day,’ Jeff thinks.

Jeff looks around the room. The hotel room is very large, as it should be for the price he is paying. It has a small kitchen, with a stove and fridge. A small table, with enough room for Noah and himself. There are two separate rooms, one Noah’s room, one Jeff’s. And the bathroom.

Jeff walks to the balcony and looks out. He doesn’t go outside, as the brisk cold air would get to him. ’What do I have do to get you here Leah?’ he thinks to himself. ’For us to be a family again?’

Jeff suddenly gets an idea. He walks to the phone, and grabs her phone book. He looks up the name "Calimo". "Ah, Bob Calimo’s Europe number. I knew mother would have it," he says to himself, dialing the number.

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