Episode 361

Trying to Survive
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: October 02, 2016

Episode Theme song: "Capsized" You+Me

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Shane read Natasha's hospital file and learned that she suffered a miscarriage. Devastated that she would cheat on him, he got into a car accident. Natasha admitted the truth to Shane, who asked her to leave. Victoria, meanwhile, discovered her file in Shane's office and realized he read the file
- Bob awoke from his stroke and asked for Kim
- The town reeled from the news of Savannah's death
- Eva dumped Dominick. Frederick, meanwhile, put Felicia back under hypnosis and told her that she didn't love Dominick
- Paige told Jeff that their family wouldn't move forward if he was with Meggan

Scene One - Twin Peaks Hospital; Shane's Room

"Craig has the day off today," Victoria announces to Shane as she enters his room and he over his shoulder as he is packing his small bag. "So, I am here to get you to sign your release papers."

Shane nods back to her as he grabs the file and opens it. He reads over the document, even though he knows what he says because he gives them to his patients all the time. After he reads it, he signs the document and passes it back to Victoria.

"Thanks Vic," he says slowly back to her as he returns to putting things in his bag. He isn't feeling very happy because Natasha admitted that she cheated on him last fall with Adam and she was pregnant when she fell down the stairs of the Black house. It's not only that Natasha slept with Adam behind his back, it's that she lied to him for months and even rejected Jacob after she miscarried. The pain is all too fresh for him.

"You're welcome," she replies to him as she moves closer to him. "Look, this may not be any of my business but…"

Shane stops folding some clothes and shuts his eyes for a moment. "I don't know that I want to hear this," he whispers. "I'm sure I was the laughing stock of the entire town being the only who didn't know about Natasha…"

Victoria puts her hand on his shoulder and squeezes it. "No, that's not it at all. I was going to tell you how sorry I am that Natasha didn't tell you about the baby," Victoria continues to tell him. "I begged her to let you grieve the baby that you lost together."

When Shane doesn't respond, Victoria gasps a little. "My God," she covers her mouth in shock. "It wasn't your baby, was it?"

Shane looks at her with tears in his eyes. "I don't want to talk about this."

"That's fine," Victoria replies to him. "But you should know that I that do know how you found out about the baby."

Shane stops and again looks back at her. "I know you read Natasha's hospital file," Victoria continues. "And Shane, I hate to say this to now with everything else going on but, if anyone else learns the truth, you could lose your medical license! You broke doctor-patient confidentiality."

"You don't think that I know that?" he says back to her quickly. "But if I hadn't, I still wouldn't have known about Natasha sleeping around behind my back. All this time, I thought I could have it all … A good career and a good family," he continues to tell her, as his heart sinks in his chest. "And now, I could lose both."


"Yes, Dad is awake Kim," Natasha says into her phone as she stands in the waiting room. She had heard that Bob woke up and so she raced to the hospital so she can see her father; she has been so worried about Bob's condition, the fact that he has awoken is a good thing. Now, the doctors will able to assess how bad his stroke was. "That's fine if you're busy now, but please try to come as soon as possible. I know things aren't great with you two right now but he would love to see you, I am sure … okay, bye."

Natasha hangs up the phone and turns around to see Helen standing in the waiting room behind her. Natasha looks at her former friend and can see the hatred on Helen's face now. She knows that Helen is not happy with her because of the affair that Barbara revealed the other day. Nat hates what this has done to her friendship.

"Helen," Natasha says to her as she moves closer to her. "What are you doing here?"

"I was hoping to see Shane," she replies to Natasha. "But as I was walking by, I saw you standing in here and couldn't pass up the chance to see you."

Natasha moves a piece of her hair behind her ear. "Why did you want to see my husband?"

"Does he know the truth yet?" Helen asks her as Natasha nods her head back to Helen. Natasha recalls how Shane already knew about the affair which is part of the reason he was involved in the car accident. "Well, that will make my visit easier."

"I hope you know…" Natasha begins to tell her, knowing that she has to apologize again and agan.

"Don't," Helen cuts her off. "Don't you dare tell me how sorry you are, Natasha. Because, I don't believe you for one fucking minute!"

"Helen, if you would just listen to me…" Natasha pleads with her.

"No," Helen snaps back at her. "I don't have to do anything you want me to Natasha. You slept with my husband! You don't get to ask anything of me!"

Natasha nods back to her. "Okay, just know that if you ever want to talk, I'm still here."

"You have some fucking nerve making me seem like the bad guy here," Helen yells at her. "You disgust me, you know that? Stay away from me and my family, Natasha, or so help me God, I won't be responsible for my actions!"


Victoria sees Robbie walking towards Bob's hospital room and recalls how the other day she overheard him talking with Dominick at the hospital about their role in Bob's stroke. Victoria is still rather surprised that Robbie teamed up with Dominick to plan some kind of revenge on Bob for his role in Leah's death. Just when Victoria believed that Robbie was moving on from Leah's death, she learns this and thinks that they are back to square one.

"Robbie, wait up," she calls out to him, stopping Robbie from opening Bob's door. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Vic, yea of course you can," Robbie smiles back to his fiancé as they walk into another waiting room. As they turn the corner, Paige happens to see them go into the waiting room. She wonders if there is an update on Shane or Bob's condition so she quickly walks towards the waiting room that they just entered.

Robbie and Victoria face each other as she folds her arms across her chest. "I think you should tell me the truth," she says to him as he arches his eyebrow. "And, you know what I'm talking about."

"The truth about what? I'm not sure I know what you're talking about," Robbie replies to her as Paige reaches the doorway of the waiting room, but she doesn't want to interrupt so she stands outside the doorway.

"I heard you and Dominick talking the other day," Victoria reveals to him. "I know that you were working with him to get some kind of revenge on Bob."

Robbie runs his hands over his face before he looks back at her. "I'm sorry you had to find out that way," he admits to her. "But you have to realize why I did what I did," he continues to explain to her. "After everything that Bob did to this family in the last year, I felt like I had no other choice."

"You always have a choice, Robbie!" Victoria scolds him. "You realize that when your father learned the truth, he had a stroke?"

"Don't remind me!" Robbie yells at her, as outside the room Paige covers her mouth in shock as she realizes that Dominick and Robbie caused her Grandfather's stroke. She quickly rushes away, from the waiting room with tears filled in her eyes.

"What are you going to do?" Victoria asks him back.

"I'm going to visit my father and make sure that is okay…" he tells her as she nods back to him. "That's all I can do."

Scene Two - The Claus House; Jeff & Felicia's Home

"What did you and Paige talk about after I left the Sugarbowl the other day?" Meggan asks Jeff as she pours herself a glass of water from the bar in the living room of the house.

Jeff looks at his lover and sighs a little. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about what Paige to him: that their family will never be able to move forward while he is seeing Meggan. Jeff has struggled for the better part of the last year trying to get over Leah's death; Meggan has played such a big role with him getting over the loss of his wife. He can't believe that Paige is telling him that she won't really forgive him unless he ends his relationship with Meggan.

"I don't really want to talk about that," he reveals to her as he comes up behind her and puts his arms on her shoulders.

"It went that well, huh?" she asks with a smirk on her face.

"She basically told him that as long as I'm with you we won't be a family again," he says back to her as she opens her mouth in surprise. Meggan has been here before with Jeff; something happens in the family, and he shuts her out and rejects her.

Meggan nods back to him. "I see."

Jeff looks at her and puts his hands on his face. "But I'm falling for you Meggan," he whispers back to her. "And, my daughter will just have to realize that you're a part of my life now."

"Do you mean that?" she asks, pleasantly surprised by what he is telling her.

"Of course I do," he replies to her as he leans in and kisses her. "I don't want us to stop being us because Paige is throwing a little tantrum."

"Oh Jeff," Meggan says back to him as she leans in and kisses him again. They part for a moment and she looks at him. "Make love to me. I need you so badly right now."

Scene Three - The Pampa Grill

Eva walks into the restaurant and looks around for the hostess as she just wants to grab something to go. She doesn't want to be seen in public right now because she just ended her relationship with Dominick because he isn't interested in divorcing Felicia. She can't believe that she even went along with Dominick for as long as she did because he was saying for months that eventually he would leave Felicia, but it still hasn't happened and Eva has had enough. She freezes when she sees Felicia and Frederick sitting at a table together. She shakes her head but when she sees Frederick stand up and walk off to the restroom, Eva finds herself walking over to Eva's table.

"I'm not going to take up much of your time," Eva announces to Felicia as she arrives at the table and looks at Felicia.

Felicia arches her eyebrow. "I'm having lunch with Frederick, Eva. Can this wait?"

"I'm afraid not," Eva tells her as she sits across from her. "And, like I said, it won't take me very long."

"Okay," Felicia replies to her. "What is this all about?"

Eva looks back at her. "I just wanted to let you know to go after Dominick. I think you and he should try to make your marriage work. So, if that's what you want, by all means."

Felicia nods back to her uneasily, not sure where this is coming from. In her mind, her marriage to Dominick is none of Eva's business.

"Well, thank you for that, I suppose?" Felicia says back to her quickly.

Eva nods back and then stands up. "That's all I wanted to say. I hope you and Dominick are very happy together."

Before Felicia can reply, Eva walks away from the table and takes a deep breath. She knows that Felicia didn't know about her relationship with Dominick but she felt like she had to tell her to have Dominick now because they are over, and Eva will not go back.


Frederick emerges from the washroom and is about to go back to his table with Felicia when he sees Chris and Trenyce sitting at a table in the back corner of the restaurant. Immediately, his mind thinks of his precious Savannah, who died the night of the summer storm. He still hasn't been able to forgive them for what they tried to do to Savannah and getting Andrew away from his mother. Frederick feels his blood boil as he sees the two of them together.

"I am telling you Chris," Trenyce tells him as they sit across from each other at a table as she feels her eyes swell with water. "I don't know how I will ever get the image of Savannah lying in the bathtub out of my mind."

Chris reaches over to her and grabs her hand. "I'm so sorry you had to find her. I can't imagine what it was like."

"I've been having nightmares," Trenyce admits to him. "I just…I just can't get the image out of my mind."

"I am thinking it may get better with time?" Chris offers to her. "If not, maybe you could talk to someone about it."

Trenyce nods to him as a tear falls down her cheek. "Thanks, that might be a good idea."

"I'm not sure what is going on here but rest assured I don't like it one bit," Frederick announces to them as he reaches their table and glares at them. "You're probably thrilled that Savannah is dead and gone."

"That's not true Frederick," Trenyce gasps back to him.

"Save it," Frederick snaps at her. "I was closer to that girl than either of you ever were. And, if you think that because she is gone that you will get your claws into Andrew, you have another thing coming. I will make sure you never get that boy back, do you hear me? Not now, not ever!"

Scene Four - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Hey Nat, wait for me," Robbie calls out to his sister, who is about to open the door to Bob's hospital room. He races up to her and pulls her into a hug. The day that they have both been praying for has finally arrived: Bob has woken up after having his stroke. Now, they just need to know what the extent of the damage is to their father. "Are you ready?"

Natasha takes a deep breath. "I think so. Are you okay?"

Robbie nods back to him. "Whatever the outcome is, we have to deal with this together."

Natasha smiles. "I couldn't do this without you, Robbie. Come on, let's go see Dad."

They open the door and see Bob laying in the hospital bed. He immediately gets a smile on his face when he sees his children. "Robbie, Natasha," he says, his voice slowly getting back to normal. "I'm so glad I you two are here."

"Of course we are," Natasha replies to him as she moves up to him and hugs him. "We were so scared Daddy. You have no idea," she says as they exit their embrace.

"I'm fine," Bob nods back to him.

Before they can reply, Victoria opens the door and moves inside. "I see everyone is here," she says as she walks up to Bob. "I'd like to do the examination now, just to see if we can figure out how long Bob has to stay here."

"Not too damn long," Bob tells his doctor. "I want to go home."

"Daddy, let her do her job, please," Natasha says back to him.

"Yea, Dad, we don't want to rush anything," Robbie agrees.

"Let's start with some simple questions," Victoria tells Bob, as they look at each other. "What's your full name?"

"Robert Calimo," Bob replies to her.

"And, where do you live?"

"The mansion on top of the hill in Twin Peaks. By the way, how is Rosario?" Bob asks them.

"She's been worried but she's fine," Robbie replies with a slight grin.

"And, what's the date today?" Victoria continues to ask him the list of questions.

Bob looks in confusion for a moment. "It must be October by now," he replies to her. "2015."

They all freeze and look at each other, realizing that Bob thinks it's the year before and not the current year. Victoria quickly makes some notes on her pad of paper.

"What's wrong? Did I say anything wrong?" Bob asks them. "We are in October, aren't we?"

"Yes, we are," Robbie tells him as Natasha fights tears in her eyes. "You said everything just fine."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Savannah's will is read
- Caroline gets an update on Cory & Robin's whereabouts
- Dawn encourages Paige to go after Shane

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