Episode 362

I Know I'm Fooled
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: October 09, 2016

Episode Theme song: "Atlantis" Ellie Goulding

Previously on One Day at a Time
- After Savannah died, Frederick saw Chris and Trenyce talking. He vowed that they would never get their hands on Andrew
- Dawn had strong words for Adam as he was moving out of the house. She also encouraged Paige to go after her crush, Shane
- After Natasha admitted to cheating with Adam, Shane asked his wife to leave him alone. Later, he was released from the hospital
- Eva dumped Dominick and told Felicia she could have her husband
- Robin and Cory planned an escape from the mental institution. They went into a vent and heard the alarms going off, as Melissa told Caroline to find them

Scene One - Lois Kam's Office

"Are you sure we should be here today?" Trenyce asks Chris as she fixes her blouse and looks in her compact mirror before she applies another layer of lipstick to her lips. Chris looks at her and nods his head quickly back to her.

"Of course we sure be here," Chris tells her as he puts his hand on her leg, causing her to look at him and not focus on her make up for a moment. "Just because Frederick told us that we wouldn't get Andrew back doesn't mean that's what Savannah wanted. She knows how sorry we were for what we did to her. And, she knows that Andrew loves us, you in particular, more than anything else in the world."

Trenyce nods back to him and tries to not get her hopes up. The thought of getting Andrew back, now, after all this time is almost more than she can bear. "You're right," she whispers back to him. "I did help her with Andrew when the truth first came out and he had a hard time adjusting."

"Exactly," Chris says back to her. "And, she would have to want Andrew to be with people that he is comfortable with now that she is …"

"Please don't say it," Trenyce tells him as she bites her lower lip. "I still can't erase the image of Savannah's body in that bathtub from my mind."

He pulls her into a hug. "It's okay, Trenyce," he whispers into ear. "Just know that I'm going to be next to her while you get through this."

Trenyce and Chris exit their embrace and she gulps as they look into each other's eyes. She is trying to supress the feelings she has for him but she is close to pulling him in and kissing him hard right now.

"Well, well, well," Frederick announces as he opens the door into the reception area of Lois Kam's office and sees the two of them sitting there. "What the hell are you doing here? Do you really think that Savannah left the two of you with anything?"

Chris stands up and looks at Frederick, his blood boiling. "You know what? I've had just about all I can take of these snide remarks of yours, doc. You better stop while you're ahead."

Before Frederick can reply, the door to Lois Kam's office opens and she steps up. "I'm glad you're all here," she says as she licks her lips. "I'm ready to read Savannah's will, please come in."

Chris turns and grabs Trenyce's hand as she stands up. "Are you ready?" he asks her.

"As I will ever be," she replies to him as they walk towards the door.

Scene Two - The Sugarbowl

"I can't believe this," Paige gasps a little as she takes a sip of her of mocha, shocked at the story of Natasha and Adam's affair that Dawn just told her. Paige knows that the last time she saw her friend, Dawn quickly left because she just found out that Helen had learned the truth of the affair.

Dawn nods back to her. "Believe it," she tells her friend. "Now maybe everyone can realize why I have had this dislike for Natasha for so many months."

"How long have you known about this?" Paige asks her, still trying to adjust to the news.

Dawn takes a sip of her drink because she doesn't really want anyone to know that she saw Adam and Natasha having sex last year at the hospital gala, which ultimately caused Natasha falling down the stairs and losing her unborn child. Dawn gulps at the thought of the stair fall because she knows that she pushed Natasha, not realizing that she was pregnant.

"Awhile," she admits to her. "I overhead them talking about it," she lies to her friend. "I didn't know what to do or say, so I just kept it to myself."

"My God," Paige replies to her as she reaches over and grabs her friend's hand. "Dawn, if you ever learn about something like this again, you have to tell me or Max or someone. Don't just keep it to yourself. That's why you have friends."

Dawn smiles back to her. "Thanks Paige, I really appreciate that," Dawn tells her. "I didn't want to bug anyone about this."

"You're not bugging me," she replies to her quickly. "I want to be there for you. That's what friends are for."

"Okay, enough of this drama, what's going on with you? Anything new with your Dad?" Dawn asks her, changing the subject.

"I haven't seen him since I told him we aren't moving forward if he is with Meggan," Paige admits to her. "So I have no idea. I'm assuming he will be in touch soon, with the holidays quickly approaching."

"And how are things at the hospital?" Dawn asks her, arching her eyebrow. She knows that Paige has a crush on Shane and is now working as his assistant. If she can convince Paige to go after Shane, it may be the best way to get revenge on Natasha for hurting her family so badly.

"Things are good," Paige says sheepishly.

"Do you love working with Shane?" Dawn asks with a smirk as Paige nods back to her. "You have to make your move, Paige. Especially now with Natasha's affair out in the open," Dawn encourages her. "Shane could use the…companionship."

"You think so?"

"I know so," Dawn tells her, knowing that this would be another way to seek revenge on Natasha. "Go after him. Now's the time."

Scene Three - The Glubbs House; Shane, Natasha & Jacob's Home

"What are you doing home at this hour?" Shane asks Natasha, as she enters the living room after he has poured himself a glass of water from the bar in the corner, next to the fire place. Shane knows that Natasha is usually at the office working right now. The last thing he wants is for her to be checking up on him.

Natasha looks at her husband, who just got released from the hospital following his car accident. "I had to see you," she whispers to him. "I was at the hospital earlier and my Dad woke up."

"That's good news, I'm assuming," Shane replies to her as he takes a sip of water.

When Natasha doesn't respond, he can tell that something is wrong. "What is it? What's wrong with Bob?"

Natasha pours herself a vodka on the rocks and takes a sip quickly. "He has memory loss," she reveals to him. "He doesn't remember the last year or so."

"Wow," Shane replies to her. "A lot has happened in this last year, especially with his marriage to Kim."

"I know," Natasha says back to him. "I'm just worried about what this means."

"Well, I know as a doctor that people who suffer from strokes, need time to recover. I haven't seen his files, but I'm sure he will make a full recovery. And, sometimes, it just takes time for memory loss to return."

"I hope so," Natasha says as she turns to face him. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine," Shane nods back to her. "It's nice to be home."

"It's nice to have you home," she replies to him. "I'm sorry I haven't been here more but with my Dad."

"No, it's fine," Shane waves his hands back to her. "It's been nice having time alone with Jacob."

Natasha uneasily nods back to him. "I guess that means you're happy that I'm not around very much right now." She finds herself taking another swig of her vodka.

"I have to admit that it has been nice having time to think," he says back to her. "I don't know if things will ever get back to normal, Natasha. You slept with another man and lied to me for months about it. How do you think I'm going to react?"

Natasha shrugs her shoulders. "I know what I did was wrong," she says back to him. "I just you could see if from my point of view."

"Which is what? We were fighting over a job so you fucked our best friend?"

"It wasn't like!" she yells at him, not appreciating his choice of words.

"Then what was it like? Please, enlighten me!" he yells back at her.

She finishes her vodka and takes a deep breath, as she realizes that she did not want this conversation to end up this way. She was trying to be civil.

"Are you going to tell me how it went down?" Shane asks her again.

She shakes her head no. "I don't want to do this with you, Shane," she replies to him quickly. "I don't want to fight with you."

"Then you shouldn't have slept with Adam!" he yells at her as they are interrupted by Jacob crying upstairs. He looks at her and tries to calm himself down. "I'm going to check on our son. When I get back downstairs, I'd rather you not be here."

Natasha bites her lower lip to try to prevent herself from crying as she has no idea how she is going to fix her marriage to Shane. Not after everything she has done to hurt him.

Scene Four - The Tower's, Floor Eight; Victoria's Condo

"I'm surprised to see you today," Victoria tells her mother as she comes into the living room with some tea for them to share. Victoria had the day off and got a call from Eva asking her to meet her for tea and lunch. "Usually, you, Donovan and I meet for lunch on the weekend."

"I know, but I felt like I needed to see my daughter, is that so bad?" Eva asks her with a smile as Victoria sits across from her.

"Of course not," Victoria replies to her as she pours her mother a cup of tea. "I can tell that something is upsetting you, so tell me what it is."

Eva takes a sip of her tea and sighs a little. She has been feeling so down since she ended her relationship with Dominick. She knows that what she did was for the best but she still can't help but feel upset about; she loved Dominick very much and wanted things to work out. The fact that he wouldn't end his marriage to Felicia was the turning point for her. Eva couldn't be played the fool any longer.

"Earth to Mom," Victoria says with a grin on her face. "What's going on? You look like you're about to cry."

Eva sets up cup down and covers her mouth before she looks back at Victoria. "It's just…I ended things with Dominick."

"What?" Victoria gasps in shock as she moves over to the side of the sofa where her mother is sitting and pulls her into a hug. "What happened? I'm so sorry."

"No, it's fine," Eva replies as they exit their embrace. "I ended it with him."

"Why would you do that? I know how you feel about him."

"Because," Eva begins to tell her. "He won't divorce Felicia. He has been putting it off for months and he can't make that move. Well, I won't be played the fool anymore, Victoria. I refuse to do that."

Victoria pulls her into another hug. "Oh Mom, I am sorry," she whispers into ear. "Is there anything I can do?"

Eva shakes her head no. "But thank you sweetheart. I just wanted to be with someone I love today."

"I'm always here for you," Victoria tells her as they grab hands. "You're never alone, you know that, right?"

"I do," Eva smiles as a tear falls down her cheek. "Now, what's going on with you and Robbie? I want all the details."

"Well," Victoria replies to her with a sly grin on her face before she moves her left hand to her mother's. "He proposed!"

"Oh my goodness me!" She gasps in surprise. "Look at this diamond!"

"I know!" Victoria giggles back to her.

"I'm so happy for you," Eva says back to her. "But, why do I feel some apprehension from you? Is there something you're not telling me?"

Victoria gulps, knowing that she hasn't told Robbie that she is the one who convinced Jeff to sue him for half of Leah's estate. She knows that if Robbie found that out, he may not forgive her and their entire relationship could blow up in her face.

She shakes her head. "Nothing. There's absolutely nothing that could go wrong," she gulps back to her mother, as Eva arches her eyebrow.

"I hope not," Eva replies to her quickly. "Cause I don't want you to lose this happiness."

Scene Five - Raven's Meadow Mental Institution

"We are getting close to the exterior of the building," Robin tells Cory as she inches through the heat vent that she and her husband are carrying through as a part of their escape plan from the mental institution. "I can see the end of the vent."

Cory continues to follow his wife and nods back to her. "That's good. I can still hear the alarms going off, so they must still think we are close. We will have to wait until they stop before we can leave the building."

"What happens when the alarms stop?" Robin asks him as she stops moving because they reach the end of the heat vent. She catches her breath; moving through the small space is harder than it looks.

Cory stops too and they sit next to each other. He looks at her for a moment and can't help but smile at the sight of his wife. "What's so funny?" she asks him quickly.

"Nothing," he replies to her as he moves so hair out of her face. "You're just beautiful. I hope you know how much I love you."

"Of course I do," she replies to him. "You're helping me leave this horrible place. What else is love?"

He leans in and gives her a kiss. "I'm so glad that you're back to being you."

"I am too," she nods back to him as she gives him another quick kiss. "How, answer my question. What happens when the alarms finish going off?"

"Well," he replies to her. "That's when I'll unbolt that vent and we'll be able to make a mad run for it. My car isn't too car from the property. We can get to it and get back into Twin Peaks."

"What about video cameras? I'm sure this place has tons of them."

"That's why we have to run for our lives," he replies to her quickly. "Don't worry, it will all be fine. We've made it this far, right?"

Robin nods back him and grabs his hand. "We have. We are going to get out of here. I owe this all to you."

"You don't owe me anything, Robin," he says back to her. "Just know that I wouldn't do this for anyone else. Because I love you so very much."

"I love you too, Cory."


"What's happening? Why haven't they found Robin yet?" Melissa demands to know from Caroline, who just hangs up her phone on her desk. Melissa is worried that Robin will get away with Cory and her plan will be completely ruined. She has worked far too hard for anything, or anyone, to ruin this for her, especially Cory Calvin.

"We have to stay calm," Caroline replies to her.

"Calm?!" Melissa yells back to her. "My daughter is missing from this place with her husband! The very man that I have wanted to keep her from! Don't tell me to be calm!"

"Sorry," Caroline slightly rolls her eyes. "The good news is that security has completely a search of the yards, Robin is not there. She, and Cory, must still be in the building."

"How is that possible?" Melissa asks her. "Where could they possibly hide in this building without getting caught?"

"I don't have the answer," Caroline replies to her. "Or, I would have them in this office right now. But, what I do know," she continues as she picks up her gun. "Is that Cory will not leave this building alive. He will die trying to save his wife. Robin won't get away from us. Not now, not ever."

Scene Six - Lois Kam's Office

"And, here we are," Lois tells Frederick, Chris and Trenyce as they sit in her office after she has read most of Savannah's will to them. "The final item on the will."

Chris and Trenyce look at each other and feel their heart races. This is the moment of truth for them. This is the moment that they have been waiting for: who will get custody of Andrew.

"The will reads," Lois begins to read out loud. "'I wish for my son, Andrew, to continued to be raised by my dearest friend and my father figure, Dr. Frederick Richardson. I know that he will install the beliefs in my son that I would have wanted. And, as Andrew is a minor, this will be my decision.'"

Trenyce and Chris feel their hearts sink inside their chest. Trenyce quickly stands up and races out of the room; she knows that she should have known better than to get her hopes up. Frederick, meanwhile gets a grin across his face by hearing the news. He knows that he encouraged Savannah to change her will do this before she passed away; he's just glad that she followed his lead.

"Well, I suppose that sums it up then," Frederick replies to Lois. "Ms. Kam, thank you so much for everything."

"It was my pleasure Dr. Richardson," Lois says back to him.

Frederick stands up and looks at Chris. "Looks like Savannah's will didn't leave any stone unturned, huh?"

"It appears so," Chris replies to him before he quickly leaves the room. He doesn't want to get into it with Frederick today. He wants to ensure that Trenyce is doing okay. He sees Trenyce in the corner, hanging up her cell phone. He moves over to her. "Who was that on the phone?"

Trenyce turns as a tear falls down her cheek. "It was Jemma," she replies to him, wiping her eyes dry. "She told me something, trying to make me feel better."

"What is it?"

"That we need to focus on finding our real child," Trenyce tells him as another tear falls down her cheek, not realizing that Frederick is listening to their conversation. "We have to find our baby Chris. We just have too."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Felicia's admission stuns Dominick
- Gun shots are fired at the mental hospital!
- Adam is shocked by what he overhears

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