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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Cory and Robin escaped from the mental hospital but Caroline appeared with her gun. Melissa watched as the couple made a run for it and Caroline fired her gun at Cory
- Donovan and Lukas almost kissed while together during the summer storm in the elevator
- Savannah's will was read and she left custody of Andrew to Frederick
- Victoria continued to hide the fact that she was the one who told Jeff to sue for half Leah's estate to Robbie
- Under hypnosis, Frederick told Felicia that she didn't love Dominick anymore. Later, Felicia told this to Dominick, who was stunned by her admission

Scene One - Raven's Meadow Mental Institution

Cory and Robin look at each other as the run through the snowy field towards Cory's vehicle. She smiles at him and grabs his hand. "We are doing it, Cory!" she says through her breaths. "We are really escaping from this hell!"

Cory nods back to her. "Come on, we still have a ways to go."

"STOP!" Caroline yells from the opened door of the hospital where she is standing. Without thinking, she aims her gun until she sees Cory in her target. She fires three shots and the bullets quickly fly through the air.

From the second floor, Melissa watches the action unfold from Caroline's office. She covers her mouth in horror as she sees Cory's body freeze in the field. Robin stops and looks at her husband, who goes pale. Cory falls to the ground, blood oozing out of his back as all three bullets hit him. Melissa can hear Robin scream out in pain and horror as she rushes over to her husband, who collapses into the snow. The white powder quickly turning a red from all the blood.

"Cory! Oh my God! Cory!" Robin cries as she leans over her husband and touches his back. When looks at her hand, sees the blood on it and realizes that Cory has been shot multiple times. "Oh Cory," she says to him as tears stroll down her face. "Stay with me, We've come too far for this to happen now…"

She looks back at the mental hospital. "Help me!" she yells through her tears. "Somebody help me! My husband has been shot! Somebody help me please! Dear God, this can't be happening! HELP ME!"


Melissa appears at the lower door where a stunned Caroline is standing. While she always said that she would shoot Cory if she had to, she has never actually shot anyone before. She's stunned and unable to grasp what has happened. Melissa looks at her as wraps herself up in her jacket.

"Nice aim," she smirks before she starts walking towards Robin.

Caroline looks at her gun then out at the body on the field. Slowly, she walks back into the hospital, still shocked by what has happened. She starts to tremble a little and she drops her gun. She takes a deep breath and then slowly picks the gun up and rushes off.


Melissa arrives at Robin and looks down at her daughter. "Robin? What happened?" Melissa asks her, trying to act like she has no idea what has happened.

Robin looks at her mother with tears in her eyes. "Cory's been shot! We have to help him, Mom! We have to do something! Please, we have to hurry!"

Scene Two - The Sugarbowl

Craig and Lukas walk slowly side by side up to the coffee house. The two know that their relationship has been a little rocky lately because of Lukas' reluctance to come out to Frederick and Craig is tired of hiding their relationship. In Craig's mind, Lukas is old enough to know that this is who he is and he shouldn't be worried about what Frederick thinks about his son's sexual orientation.

"I'm glad we agreed to come out for hot chocolate," Craig smiles to Lukas as they come close to the front door.

Lukas pauses and looks at his lover. "I think it's for the best that we talk, don't you? I don't like where things have been with us lately."

Craig is a little surprised to hear this coming from Lukas, who has been stand-offish since the summer storm. Craig has no idea what is going through Lukas' mind. "You've been a little distant lately, so I was surprised that you wanted to go out and talk."

Before Lukas can reply, he turns his head and looks inside the coffeehouse. He can see Donovan sitting at a table with Victoria, the two siblings chatting together. Lukas immediately thinks back to the night of the summer storm where he was trapped in the elevator with his ex and they almost kissed. He has seen Donovan since then, and he can't deny that he is still very attracted and drawn to him. Part of him never got over Donovan, he thinks to himself.

He finds himself looking back at Craig and gulping; he knows that he couldn't possibly go into the coffeehouse and let Donovan see him with Craig. "On second thought, why don't we go back to your place and have something stiffer to drink?" he quickly says to Craig, who arches his eyebrow.

"But, we've walked all the way here," Craig protests as he moves closer to the window and looks inside. He can see Donovan and Victoria as well. "Is this because Donovan is inside? I don't think he will care to see us together. He knows that we are dating."

"I know that," Lukas quickly replies to him. "I just feel like having a drink not hot chocolate, come on, let's go."

Craig grabs Lukas' arm and pulls him around. "Tell me what's going on? You wanted to come out and talk and how you want to go home? I don't understand."

Lukas feels himself growing more frustrated. "Just drop it okay? I want to go and have a drink, are you coming or not?"

"Not until you tell me what's really going on."

"I was with Donovan the night of the summer storm, okay? Are you happy now?" Lukas asks Craig, who opens his mouth in shock.

"You and Donovan were together the night of the storm? That happened weeks ago, why are you only telling me this now? Where were you two? Why were you together?" Craig asks him quickly back, his mind racing with a million different questions.

Lukas sighs and looks at him. "Nothing happened, okay? I happened to be at Robertson Enterprises and we both got on an elevator and we got stuck for a couple of hours."

"You were alone in an elevator with your ex for a few hours and you didn't think I would want to know this?" Craig asks him flabbergasted.

"Nothing happened," Lukas repeats himself to Craig. "And, it's not like it has come up. It's part of the reason I wanted to talk tonight."

"I see," Craig replies to him. "You know what? I'm not interested. Go grab your drink alone, and I'll do the same."

Lukas calls out to Craig, but he doesn't stop walking away from his boyfriend. Lukas runs his hand through his hair and wonders if he even still has a relationship with the doctor anymore.


"You're being very coy about what is going on with you," Victoria smiles to her brother inside the coffeehouse before she takes a sip of her latte. "And do not try to tell me nothing is going on because I know that something is."

Donovan arches his eyebrow before he takes a sip of his hot chocolate and looks back at his sister. He knows that things have been different for him since the summer storm when he and Lukas were together in the elevator and they ended up almost kissing. Since then, he hasn't been able to stop thinking about his ex-boyfriend, even though he knows that Lukas is dating Craig.

"Come on, Donovan," Victoria chuckles to him. "You have to tell me something."

"Okay, okay," Donovan replies to her. "Remember how you knew that my ex from Europe was back in town?" he asks her as she nods her back to him. "Well, I recently spent some time with him."

"You and your ex are getting back together?" she asks in surprise as a smile creeps on her face. "Oh, Donovan, this is amazing news."

"I didn't say that," he quickly replies to her. "He's dating someone else. But while we were together, it just felt like old times. I don't know Vic…"

"I do," she says back to him. "You're still in love with him, aren't you?"

Donovan looks down and feels his cheeks blush. He looks back to his sister and nods to her. "Yea, I guess I am. I still love him…"

She reaches over and grabs his hand. "Donovan, that's great news. I know he's seeing someone else but if this time you two shared together meant that much to you, maybe it meant that much to him too. You'll never know if you don't try."

Donovan uneasily nods his head back to him. "We'll see sis. I don't want to get my hopes up. Now, enough of that. I can't believe you haven't told me your news yet."

"What news?" she asks him.

"Well, I'm not blind. I can see that huge diamond on your hand. When were you going to tell me Robbie proposed?" he asks her with a grin on his face.

She looks at her engagement ring and smiles at the sight of the large diamond on her finger. She couldn't be happier that Robbie has finally proposed to her, only she knows that if he ever found out her dark secret, he would probably never forgive her.

"It's very recent," she tells Donovan. "I'm sorry I haven't told you about this sooner. I was hoping to tell you, Mom and Natasha all at once."

"It's okay, I know we are all busy. I'm happy for you, Victoria," Donovan smiles back to her. "You and Robbie have been through a lot, it's nice that you have gotten to this place."

Victoria nods back to him and gulps at the same time. "Thank you Donovan, that means a lot to me."

Donovan looks at his sister and can tell that something isn't right with her. "What is it? You just grilled me about knowing something was going on and now I am going to do the same with you. I can tell something is troubling you with this? What is it? What could possibly be wrong with being engaged?"

Victoria gulps and knows that her secret is weighting on her. "If I tell you something, will you promise not to tell anyone? I mean it Donovan, this is something I haven't even told Mom about."

"Of course," Donovan replies to her. Behind Victoria, at the coffee bar, Paige adds some cream to her coffee and her ears perk to the fact that Victoria is about to tell Donovan something that she hasn't told anyone else before. She starts stirring her coffee slower so she can hear what Victoria is about to reveal.

"You know that Jeff sued Robbie for half of Leah's estate, right?" she asks him, as Donovan nods his head back to her.

"Yea, Jeff won the house back in court, how could I forget that?" Donovan asks her.

"Yes, well," Victoria continues to tell him. "I was the one who first put the idea of suing Robbie into Jeff's mind. Robbie losing Leah's house … that's all my fault."

Paige quickly turns and leaves the coffeehouse without being seen by Victoria or Donovan, shocked by what she just overheard from Victoria. Donovan, meanwhile, grabs Victoria's hand. "What do you think Robbie would do it he learned the truth?"

Victoria shakes her head quickly. "That's just the thing, he can't learn the truth. Robbie can never know the truth."

Scene Three - The Pampa Grill

Dominick sits at the bar sipping a brandy as his mind races about the recent on-goings in his life. Eva has dumped him because he won't divorce Felicia and recently, Felicia told him that she doesn't think she loves him anymore. The latter came as a huge surprise to Dominick because he always felt like he was Felicia's one and only love. He isn't sure where the suddenly change in feelings came from.

He sips his brandy as Eva comes up to him. He arches his eyebrow, surprised to see his ex. "Good evening to you," he says as he sets his glass down on the bar. "You can join me for a drink, if you'd like too."

Eva smiles back to her former lover and takes a seat next to him. "Thank you for the invite," she says back to him. "I was going to head home but this seems more acceptable. As long as you realize that this doesn't mean we are getting back together."

"I wouldn't think anything like that," he smirks back to her. "Not that I would complain if you wanted to get back together with me. I miss having you around."

Eva takes a sip of her red wine that has arrived and chuckles back to him. "You don't have Felicia to keep you warm?"

Dominick takes another sip of his brandy and looks back at Eva. "There have been some surprising developments on that front."

Eva arches her eyebrow and wonders what could have possibly happened. The last time she saw Felicia, Eva told her to go after her husband if that's what she wanted. "I'm not sure I understand. What has happened?"

"Well," Dominick begins to tell Eva. "I've spoken to Felicia and she claims that she doesn't love me anymore."

Eva opens her mouth in surprise as this was the very last thing that she thought he would tell her. "That doesn't make any sense. Ever since she came back into town, she has claimed that she wanted your marriage to work. Why would this change now?"

Dominick shrugs his shoulders. "I really don't know. I find it a little odd myself."

Eva takes a sip of her wine and looks back at him. "I agree, this is very odd indeed. Something isn't adding up to me."

"What are you saying?" Dominick asks her.

"I think there's more going on here than meets the eye," Eva replies to him quickly.

Scene Four - The Graveyard

Chris slowly walks through the cleared pathway in the center of the graveyard until he sees a still relatively fresh plot just ahead. He leaves the trail and starts walking on some of the snow towards the tombstone. He hasn't been to the tombstone of Savannah yet but he knows that he has to come and see the woman that recently died. He has felt rocked since he learned of her death; he feels like so many things went unsaid between the two of them. At least, he thinks, he got to apologize for his plan of getting Andrew back from her. The fact that when Savannah's will was read, Frederick was left with custody of the boy still stings though, if he is honest with himself.

He reaches the tombstone and places a bouquet of red roses at its base. "I brought these for you," he says as he reads Savannah's name on the stone. "I know that roses were your favorite."

He kneels down and reaches his hand to touch the tombstone before he looks down at the ground. "This all seems so unfair, Savannah," he says as he looks up at the tombstone again. "You didn't do anything wrong. You were the victim in all of this mess. First, by having Dave steal Andrew from you. Then, when the truth came out, people thought you were the bad guy for taking Andrew away from Trenyce when you just wanted your son back. And, finally, then in my horrible plan to use you to get Andrew back."

He feels himself getting water in his eyes but he fights the tears back. "I know I said I was sorry for that plan but, God, it doesn't feel like enough now. It all seems so pointless. All this time we wasted fighting when the only important thing was Andrew and his happiness. I just hope that you can, wherever you are, forgive me. Please Savannah, send me a sign that you forgive me."

Suddenly Chris looks up and sees some large snowflakes starting to fall from the sky. He smiles a little and looks back at the tombstone and nods his head to her. "Thank you for this," he says with a grin on his face. "I miss you and despite everything that happened, I did love you."

Scene Five - The Pampa Grill

Rebecca opens the door to the restaurant and quickly scans around. She is desperately trying to find Dominick after she got an urgent text message from Melissa telling her that Cory had been shot. Rebecca feels her heart racing a million times a minute thinking about the man she loves been injured like this; Cory getting shot was never supposed to be a part of the plan. And now, she realizes, that the plan has gone way too far.

She spots Dominick sitting at the bar and quickly rushes over to him. "Dominick, thank God I found you," she says, as a tear falls down her cheek.

Eva and Dominick look over at Rebecca. "I don't know if you realize this," Dominick begins to say back to her. "But you're interrupting a private conversation between me and Eva."

"I know and I'm sorry but this couldn't wait. It's about Robin and Cory," Rebecca continues.

"You look upset, what's wrong?" Eva asks her, seeing that she is crying a little.

"Robin and Cory escaped the mental institution," Rebecca begins to tell them. "And, I don't know all the details but," she is unable to continue as she covers her mouth as more tears fall down her cheek.

"What happened? Where is my daughter?" Dominick asks her as he fears the worst.

"She's fine as far as I know but Cory…" Rebecca begins to say as she takes a deep breath to control herself. "He was shot!"

Scene Six - Raven's Meadow Mental Institution

"Yes, I'm at Raven's Meadow," Melissa says into her telephone with a sense of urgency in her voice. "And my son in law has been shot. Please hurry! We need to get him to the hospital immediately."

Robin looks back at her mother with tears streaming down her face. "Where is the ambulance?" she asks Melissa, as she hangs up the phone.

"They are on the way," Melissa tells her. "Don't worry, Robin. Everything will work out just fine, you'll see."

"That's easy for you to say! Your husband is laying in a pool of blood right now! My God, how did this happen? Who would want to shoot Cory?" she asks her mother before she turns back to her husband and puts her head closer to his. "You stay with me Cory, do you hear me? We've come too far for it to end this way. You hang on … please, Cory… I can't lose you. I love you! God, where is that damn ambulance?"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Things get out of hand between Natasha & Dawn
- Trenyce supports Tyler in his time of need
- Eva suspects something is going on after she sees Frederick & Felicia together

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