Episode 369

Can't Face the Truth
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: November 27, 2016

Episode Theme song: "Not In That Way" Sam Smith

Previously on One Day at a Time
- After Daisy and Vinny revealed their plans to marry in the summer, Jemma fainted
- Robin was thrilled to learn that Cory should make a full recovery following his shooting
- On Thanksgiving, Helen told Adam that Dawn had run away from home
- Paige revealed to Robbie that it was Victoria who convinced Jeff to sue him for half of Leah's estate

Scene One - The Victors Mansion; Vinny, Daisy & Jemma's Home

"Thank you so much for coming by on such short notice," Daisy tells Frederick as he enters the living room of the mansion. Daisy looks over at Vinny with an uneasy look on her face as she recalls how the previous day, Thanksgiving, she and Vinny announced that they were going to get married in the summer and the news seemingly caused Jemma to faint. Since then, Jemma has been resting in her bedroom but Daisy knew that she had to get her Aunt checked out by a doctor. Since Jemma refused to go to the hospital, she asked Frederick to come over to ensure Jemma is healthy. Daisy needs to be sure that nothing serious is going on with Jemma.

"Can I get you anything at all?" Vinny asks the doctor as he arrives in the living room.

"No, thank you, I'm fine," Frederick replies to Vinny. "So, can you tell me again exactly what happened with your Aunt?"

"Sure," Daisy quickly nods her head back to him. "We had people over for Thanksgiving, Vinny and I just announced our plans to get married in the summer time and before any of us knew what had happened, Jemma was on the floor. She said she fainted but I just want to make sure that she is okay and that there isn't anything seriously wrong with her."

"Of course you do," Frederick tells her. "Leading up to the fainting spell, was Jemma acting normal? There were no signs that this fainting spell was on its way?"

Daisy and Vinny look at each other for a moment. "Not that I can think of," Daisy replies to him. "Can you think of anything that would have caused the fainting Vinny?"

Vinny shrugs his shoulders. "Only that maybe she was hungry since lunch was taking a little bit longer than we anticipated. But she seemed fine before she fainted, she was her usual self. Or so it seemed."

"Okay fair enough," Frederick tells them both. "Does she know that I'm here? I don't want to upset her by going in and telling her that I'm there to check on her."

"She doesn't know," Daisy informs him. "How about I go upstairs to her room and tell her that you're here and in five minutes or so, you come on up?"

Frederick nods back to her. "I'll be right behind."

Daisy leaves the room and walks up the spiral staircase in the foyer that leads to the second level. She hopes that her Aunt isn't too upset with her for calling the doctor but she had no choice in the matter; she has to make sure that Jemma is okay physically.

Daisy reaches her Aunt's bedroom door and knocks softly before she opens the door and moves inside the room. She looks at the bed and sees Jemma's eyes closed. "Jemma, are you awake?" Daisy asks her as Jemma stirs in the bed a little.

"I was just restin' my eyes," Jemma replies to her as her eyes open a little. "Could you be a doll and pass me my water."

Daisy moves closer to the bed and passes her Aunt the glass of water on her end table. "I've done something and I hope you're not upset with me."

Jemma finishes drinking her mouthful of water. "What have you gone and done?"

Before Daisy can reply, Frederick walks into the room. "Jemma, I heard that you had a little fainting spell. I came to make sure that everything is alright."

Jemma looks back in shock at Frederick and then at her niece, stunned that he is in her bedroom. Daisy uneasily smiles back to her before she looks over at Frederick.

Scene Two - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Robin opens her eyes as she had fell asleep in the chair next to Cory's hospital bed. She looks over at her husband, who still hasn't woken up since he's had surgery from the gunshot wounds. She is holding on to the hope from when Shane told her that Cory should make a full recovery. Still, Robin hopes that Cory wakes up sooner rather than later as the waiting is what is killing her.

She moves closer to her husband and grabs his hand. "I'm ready for you to wake up," she says to him as she squeezes his hand. "I need to know that you're going to be okay Cory. I need to know that us escaping the hospital wasn't for nothing. Don't you remember when we were leaving, you promised me that we would be starting our lives over again?"

She puts her head down for a moment and when she looks back at up, she gasp a little as Cory's eyes start to flutter. Soon, his eyes are open. "Cory? My goodness, you heard me! You're awake!"

Cory nods back to her a little, still sensitive from everything he has been through. "Robin," he says slowly.

"Shh, don't try to talk just yet," she replies to him as she smiles. "I'll get the doctor and they can make sure that everything is okay."

"Wait," he says stopping her from leaving him. "I'm fine, I just want to be with you for a moment. I just want to tell you that I love you."

A tear falls down Robin's cheek as she looks back at her husband. "I love you so much, Cory. You have no idea how worried I was about you."

"That's all over now," he replies to her in a whisper. "Soon, I'll be getting out of here and we will be living our lives together."

Robin nods back to him. "I'm going to get the doctor so they can check you out," she tells him as she stands up and rushes out of the door, thrilled that her wishes are coming true.


"I'm surprised that you're still here," Melissa announces to Rebecca as she enters the waiting room and sees her daughter looking out the window as she holds a cup of the hospital coffee. Melissa knows that Rebeca has proclaimed that she loves Cory but she was hoping that it wasn't sure; the fact that Rebecca hasn't left the hospital since Cory was admitted proves otherwise, however. Melissa knows that she has to do something to ensure that Robin and Cory don't end up together; and she plans on using Rebecca as a part of that plan.

Rebecca slowly turns around and faces her mother. "I haven't been able to bring myself to leave," she says softly. "Not until I know that Cory will be okay."

"Didn't you hear the doctors?" Melissa asks her with a sharp tone. "He is supposed to make a full recovery."

"I did hear that," Rebecca replies to her. "I suppose I need to see this for myself."

"Suit yourself," Melissa says back to her.

"Now that we are alone, maybe you can answer a few questions for me," Rebecca replies to her mother as she looks at her.

"What questions could you have?"

"How the hell did Cory and Robin escape? And, how did he get shot? What exactly happened?" Rebecca asks her mother, needing to know all the answers. She has to know how their plan so terribly wrong.

"The minor details aren't important," Melissa informs her. "Cory helped Robin escape and Caroline ended up shooting Cory."

"And where is Caroline now?"

Melissa shrugs. "I honestly don't know. She seemed dazed after the shooting," Melissa tells her. "In any event, what has happened has happened. We can't change that."

"But Robin is out of the hospital," Rebecca replies to her. "That means our plan is over. Robin and Cory will be back together."

Melissa gets a devilish grin on her face. "Oh, this is far from over Rebecca. And, I suspect that you will want Cory for yourself, don't you?"

Rebecca doesn't answer her mother because if she's honest, she doesn't know. She would love to have Cory back in her life and in her bedroom but she doesn't know if she could hurt Robin in that way.

"Your lack of response tells me everything I need to know," Melissa continues to inform Rebecca. "So, just take it from me that I have more tricks up my sleeve and I need you to follow my every lead."


Natasha slowly walks up to Shane's office door and takes a deep breath before she prepares to knock on the door. She doesn't know if her husband wants to see her right now but she feels like she has to reach out to him to let him know that she still loves him. Natasha knows that she messed up when she slept with Adam, then lied about her miscarriage but she has to do something to make sure that Shane knows that she still cares about him. She can't let go of her marriage without a fight.

She finally gets brave enough to knock on the door and then she opens the door. She sees her husband sitting behind his desk working on some patient files. She moves inside and closes the door behind her. "Hi," she says to him, causing Shane to look up from his work.

"Hello," he replies coldly to her.

"I didn't see you on Thanksgiving, I hope you had a good day," Natasha says, trying to make small talk with her husband.

"It was alright," he continues to focus on his work. "I spent the day with Jacob and then Paige stopped by for a while."

Natasha arches her eyebrow as she recalls how Paige never showed up at the Calimo mansion for dinner. "Paige was with you? She was supposed to be at the mansion with the family."

"I guess she had other plans," Shane tells her as he finally looks up at her. "Is there something in particular that you wanted, Nat? I'm rather busy here today."

Natasha takes a deep breath. "I miss you," she admits to him. "I guess I just wanted to see you and make sure that you're okay."

"I'm fine as you can see," he lies to her knowing that he is still going through hell trying to adjust to everything that has gone in his marriage.

"Are you really?" she asks him as she moves closer to the desk. "Because, if there's anything I can do…"

"There's nothing you can do now," Shane cuts her off quickly. "You've done more than enough already."

"I deserve that," she bites her lip. "There's something else you should know, however."

Shane drops his pen and looks back at her. "Another secret? Oh boy, I'm in luck today."

"Dawn knew of my affair with Adam," Natasha reveals to him. "The night at the Black house, she pushed me down the stairs. She claims that she didn't know I was pregnant until after the fall but she was blackmailing me into silence about pushing me down the stairs. She said, if I told anyone she would tell you about my affair."

Shane shakes his head in disgust. "And God forbid you would want me to know about your little secret fling with Adam," he spits back at her. "You know Dawn is just a kid Natasha, she has no idea how to process the fact that her father was sleeping with another woman. This all started the night you and Adam hooked up, not when Dawn pushed you down those stairs."

"You don't care at all that I didn't fall but that she pushed me?" she asks him back in shock.

"I hate that you were pushed down some stairs, of course," he says back to her. "But this all started with your lies, not Dawn's. And, that's something you have to live with. Now, if you'll excuse me, I really do have to get back to work."

Natasha uneasily nods her head as she stands up straight. She moves back to the door and opens it. Standing in the doorway, she looks back at her husband. "Shane," she calls out to him as he looks up to her. "I do love you."

Scene Three - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

"All she left was this note?" Barbara asks Helen as she reads a note that Dawn left her parents telling her that she was leaving home indefinitely. Barbara is still shocked that Helen found this note on Thanksgiving and no one has seen or heard from Dawn since. Barbara just hopes that her Granddaughter is safe, wherever she is.

Helen nods back to her mother as she moves over to the bar and pours herself a vodka on the rocks. It's not like Helen to drink but the stress of worrying about Dawn has caused her to try to numb herself. She knows that Dawn has been under a lot of stress lately as the truth about Dawn's role in Natasha's miscarriage has come out and that Dawn was blackmailing Natasha into silence.

"That's all she left," Helen finally says back to her mother as the first sip of vodka slides down far too easily. "I know she's been upset with everything that is going on in this family but I never thought that she would run away."

"We will find her, Helen," Barbara tells her, hoping that she can believe the words that she is speaking. "She's only a girl, she couldn't have gone very far."

"I hope you're right Mom," Helen says back to her, trying to calm herself down.

Before Barbara can say anything else, Adam comes into the room holding his cell phone. "I just got off the phone with Robbie," he tells his wife and mother in law. "Dawn hasn't been missing for 48 hours yet so the police can't really call her a missing person just yet."

"So we have to wait another whole day before the police will do anything?" Helen gasps in anger. "That's outrageous! She could be dead by then!"

"Don't talk like that!" Barbara scolds Helen quickly, who takes another sip of her vodka. "I'm going to go upstairs and pray. I think that's what Dawn really needs right now."

As soon as Barbara has left the room, Adam looks back at his wife. "Robbie told me that he would put out a notice to all the cops on duty today to keep an eye out for Dawn. He did that as a favor for us. But it won't be official until tomorrow."

"Well that's something," Helen tells him. "Thank you for doing that."

Adam grabs her hand and feels her shaking. "I know it's scary right now Helen," he tells her. "But we have to believe that Dawn is okay. She's a smart girl, she's fine. She's just.."

"Lost, upset, confused?" Helen finishes his sentence. "Yea, I guess we are all."

Adam doesn't know how to reply to that as he knows that he is the cause of this drama in his family's life right now. Instead he moves to the bar and pours himself a vodka. "You want another one?"

"Yes, please," Helen replies to him as she comes up behind him and gives him her empty glass.

Scene Four - The Police Station; Robbie's Office

"Hey, is this a good time?" Victoria asks Robbie as she stands in the doorway of his office holding an extra coffee from the Sugarbowl from him.

Robbie looks up from his work and nods to her, so she moves into the office and closes the door behind herself. "I brought you a coffee," she tells him as she sets it down on his desk. "I didn't see you last night after Thanksgiving dinner."

"I ended up staying at my father's," he doesn't look up from his paper work.

Victoria arches her eyebrow knowing that something must be going on with her fiancé for him to stay at the Calimo mansion as she knows that he and Bob have not been seeing eye to eye lately because of Bob's role in Leah's death. The fact that Bob had a stroke and doesn't remember the last year of his life doesn't change Robbie's feelings towards him, at least Victoria didn't believe so.

"You stayed at your fathers? The man that you currently despise?" she asks him as she puts her hands on her hips. "Okay, Robbie, I know something is going on with you. Are you going to tell me what it is or am I going to pry it out of you?"

He looks up at her and glares for a moment as he recalls Paige telling him that she was the one who convinced Jeff to sue him for half of Leah's estate. "I'm going to ask you a question, just once," he informs her. "And I want you to be honest with me."

"Of course," she replies to him, wondering where he is going with this.

"Were you the one who told Jeff to sue me for Leah's estate? Are you the one who is responsible for me losing everything I had?" he asks her as he waits for her reaction.

Victoria feels her face turn bright red and she looks away. "So, it's true…" he doesn't give her the chance to say anything because the look on her face says everything he needs to know.

"I'm so sorry," she whispers back to him as she finally makes eye contact with him again. "At the time I had no idea what I was doing. It just happened."

"It just happened?" he asks her as he stands up from his desk and glares at her. "And you didn't have the decency to tell me since we got back together that you did this?"

"I thought that everything was going back to normal," she tells him as tears fill her eyes. "I just wanted everything to be sane again."

"You took my house away from me!" he yells back at her. "You made me look like a fool in a court of law! Do you have any idea what you've done?"

She shakes her head at him. "Leah is dead and she is never coming back, Robbie!" Victoria yells back at him.

"How dare you," he spits at her. "You have no idea the grief that my family and I have been going through!"

"No, I don't because you never gave me the chance to be there for you! You turned into this monster! This selfish and greedy man that I didn't even recognize."

"That's perfect," he says calmly to her. "Because, I don't recognize you either."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying, it's over," he glares at her. "We aren't living together anymore. We aren't engaged anymore. We aren't anything anymore. Now, get out of my office before I have you thrown out!"

Scene Five - The Victors Mansion; Vinny, Daisy & Jemma's Home

"Daisy was overreactin'," Jemma tells Frederick as they are alone together and Frederick finishes his exam of her. "I'm fine, I just felt weak and I fainted. There ain' no need to fuss about me."

"She was concerned," Frederick replies to her quickly. "And I'm glad that she called me over to check on you. You are fine physically now, but something must have caused you to faint."

"I hadn' had anythin' to eat yesterday and I was just hungry, that's all," she tells him quickly, trying to justify her fainting spell.

"I can accept that but you have to make sure you're taking care of yourself, Jemma," he informs her.

"I know that," she says back to him. "The bigger issue here is what is goin' on between you and I," she continues to tell him.

He shakes his head and looks over his shoulder to ensure that no one is by the doorway. "We can't talk about this here, you know that."

Jemma nods and waves her hand in the air. "I ain' stupid," she barks back at him. "I just feel like this secret we keepin' is slowly killin' me. I hate lyin' to everyone around me."

"What alternative do we have?" he asks her quickly, knowing that the secret can never be revealed.

"I know," she shakes her head. "There ain' one. I'm just sayin'…"

"We are both better off with no one ever finding out, Jemma," Frederick informs her as she nods her head. "No one can ever know our past together."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Andy visits Reese
- Dawn reveals herself
- Felicia gets something in the mail

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