Episode 37 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously on One Day At A Time
-Daisy worried where Chris was, as he sseemed to disappear
-Victoria’s mood swings worried her and Adam
-Robbie asked Leah to marry him again;; while Jeff called Bob in Europe
-Cory told Robin that they aren’t legallly married
-Rebecca and Jason made love

Scene 1
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital; Helen’s Room

The bright sun is shinning into the hospital room. The bed is empty, and nicely made. Helen is standing in front of the window, looking out. She’s dressed in light pink sweat pants, with a matching hood sweater. Adam opens the door, and enters.

"Morning," he says.

Helen turns and smiles. "It is beautiful."

"Wait ‘til you get outside. It’s warm. Although, I heard there’s a snowstorm coming later."

Helen walks over. "At least I’ll be home by then."

"Have you remembered anything else?"

"No, nothing," Helen sighs. "But I think once I get home, it’ll be better. I’ll be around familiar surroundings."

Adam sits down in the chair. "I have something to tell you, and I’m not sure you’ll like it."

Helen stares at Adam. "What? What is it Adam?"

"It’s about your house. You don’t live there anymore," Adam declares.

Helen becomes visibly upset. "What the hell are you talking about?!"

"I thought it would be better if you lived in Twin Peaks, so I can keep a closer eye on you."

Helen, despite being angry, smiles. "Really?"

"Yea. I wanted you to be near, just incase."

"So, where am I living?" Helen asks.

"The Towers. Floor thirteen. The floor above me. Speaking of home, are you ready to go?"

"Definitely," Helen says grabbing her bag. She proceeds to walk out, but stops and turns around. "Adam, thank you for everything."

Scene 2
Setting: The Calimo House; Robbie and Leah’s Home

Leah is sitting in the den, with wedding magazines scattered on the coffee table. She’s flipping through the magazines, trying to decide what she wants. She turns the page, and sees a wedding dress she wants. She clips the corner of the page, to remember it.

Suddenly Robbie enters the house. He enters the den. "Hey baby. I see you’re busy."

Leah looks up, and receives a kiss from Robbie, before he sits down. "Yea. We’ve got a wedding to plan."

"Speaking of which, I just came from Natasha’s office."

"How is your sister?"

"Amazing. I’m so happy she’s back. And she’s given us good news. Your annulment to Jeff will be valid tonight at 9:00."

"That is great news," Leah says getting up. Leah stops and looks at a photo on the wall, of her and Robbie at their first wedding. She closes her eyes. ‘Do I really want to get an annulment from Jeff?’ she asks herself. She quickly scolds herself for having a thought. ‘I love Robbie,’ she tells herself. ‘And I am marrying him again. He is my life.’

"Leah?" Robbie calls. "Honey? What is it?"

"Huh?" Leah says, turning around. "Oh nothing."

"You looked like you were a million miles away."

"I guess I was just thinking about tonight. Getting the annulment, and then getting married to you again. We have a busy day ahead."

"I know. But think, by the end of today it will be the first day of the rest of lives together."

Leah moves closer to Robbie and kisses him. "I can’t wait...but I have a lot to do!"

Scene Three
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital; Shane’s Office

Shane is walking outside his office as he stops in the doorway, where he finds Rebecca raising her hand to knock.

"Hi Rebecca, I wasn’t sure I was ever going to see you again after last night." he remarks.

"Well, I couldn’t stay away after last night, especially when its haunting me in my dreams." she voices diligently as she walks into his office and places her purse down on his desk, turning back to face him as he walks in, perplexed by the remark.

"Are you referring to the kiss we shared?" he asks with a raised eyebrow causing her a moment of uneasiness.

"Yes, the kiss is the reason I’m here. It startled me and – Well, it interfered with the sense of boundary that should be between friends." she says widening her eyes.

"Well, we weren’t friends on a date last night, I thought we were just a man and a woman looking to have a good time." he says.

"Well, I enjoy having fun as much as the next person, but I would prefer if it not involve our lips meeting. I am already," he cuts her off.

"It’s not like the kiss came unwarranted. I didn’t imagine the chemistry going on between us, did I?" he queries causing Rebecca to rethink her actions. "Well," he questions after a couple moments silence.

"I apologize for misleading you in any way, but the point of my visit is that kiss cannot happen again. I care," he cuts her off again.

"I know, you care for me as a friend, but you know what, I think that’s bull. You’re afraid because you feel something happening and that scares you, I can see it in your beautiful eyes," he incites as he approaches her more closely.

"I don’t have to listen to this, I’ve said what I’ve come to say." She says as she bypasses him, but Shane passionate to prove his point, pulls her back and kisses her. Rebecca feels herself about to give away, but she pulls herself from his lips and looks into his eyes, stunned.

She then runs out as Shane smirks, "I guess my kisses have that affect on her."

Scene Four
Setting: Jackson’s Apartment

Jackson is sitting on his couch, pondering what had just occurred between him and Kim.


Jackson is sitting in the chair. "Morning Kimberly," he smiles.

Kim smiles back. "Good morning Jackson. To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"

Jackson gets up and walks towards Kim. Kim then notices the bags of bagels and coffee on her desk.

"I thought we’d have breakfast together," he replies. Kim looks at Jackson.

"Jackson, listen..."

Jackson cuts Kim off by moving in and kissing her! She immediately pulls back, and slaps Jackson.

With tears streaming down her cheeks, "Get out," she says. Jackson, confused, leaves quickly. As Jackson leaves, Kim shuts and locks the door.

[End of Flash]

The sound of the door echoes as it locks through his mind louder and louder. At last, it caused him to yell out.

"Stop it" he says as he grabs hold of his ears.

"Was I really wrong in my kissing her, I mean, her lips were practically begging me to with that soft, sweet voice of hers. She obviously wanted me or she wouldn’t have spent so much time trying to help me." He tries to convince himself of his rationalization.

"What if I’m wrong? What if she just sees me as this pity case with a troubled past? She probably thinks she can save me or something and write about it in her book. Well, I will not be use that way. I’ll teach Mrs. Kim a lesson."

Scene Five
Setting: The Calimo Cabin

Victoria slowly parks the car in the garage, and steps out. Her shoes hit the hard cement, and she shuts the car door. She looks around the garage. Nothing out of the ordinary is there. She proceeds to move to the door, when she sees the stairs that lead to the cellar. Victoria stops, and gets a tear in her eye.

‘Why am I here? Why am I doing this?’ she asks herself. Victoria knows why she’s here. She needs to revisit the scene of the crime. The place that Vinny shot her. She takes a deep breath, and slowly moves towards the stairs. She sees the light switch and turns it on. She proceeds down the stairs. The cellar walls are old and made of cement. Victoria feels cold, as she reaches the bottom of the stairs.

She turns the corner, and enters the main area of the cellar. She quickly notices the spot on the ground of the new cement. ‘The Calimos must have laid new cement there to cover the blood,’ she thinks logically. She walks over to the place, and bends down. She rests her hand on the cement.

Suddenly she hears the gun shot go off in her head!

"No!" she yells. She quickly gets up and runs back upstairs. She stops when she reaches the top. "I’m in control now," she says in a low stern voice. She walks to her car, enters and leaves the garage. She begins to drive back to Twin Peaks, as a light snowfall begins.

Scene 6
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; Bob and Sofia’s Manor

Leah is sitting in Natasha’s old bedroom. She smiles when she sees the spelling bee trophy on the shelf. A knock on the door turns her attention.

"Come in," she calls.

Sofia enters the bedroom. "Leah, darling," Sofia smiles.

Leah turns and sees Sofia. "Oh Sofia! I’m so glad you and Bob came," Leah smiles embracing her mother in-law to be.

"We wouldn’t miss this for the world," Sofia says.

"When did Robbie call you?" Leah says sitting on the bed, as Sofia sits next to her.

"He didn’t."

"Then who..."

"Jeff Claus called us yesterday. He informed us that he is the father of your child. A child you told no one about." Sofia says with a stern voice.

"Let me explain Sofia, please" Leah pleads.

"There is no need dear. We’ve talked to Robbie, and he explained. We think today is the turning point for you and our son. I realize you had your secrets and now they have come back to haunt you and Robbie. But the point is, you are moving forward."

"Oh Sofia," Leah says getting a tear in her eye. "How did I get so lucky to have a mother in law like you?" Leah says hugging her.

"Bob and I believe Robbie is the lucky one," Sofia cries. She quickly exits the embrace. "So, when do we meet our grandson?"

"Noah. His name is Noah. He should be here anytime. Have you heard about Natasha?"

"Yes, my darling daughter is alive. We couldn’t be more pleased. I can’t wait to see her."

"You don’t have to wait long, mother," Natasha says, standing at the doorway.

Sofia begins to cry at the sight of Natasha. "Oh my darling Natasha. My sweet girl," Sofia says standing up and embracing her daughter.

The embrace is interrupted when Noah enters the room. "Mommy! Mommy!" he says. "I wanna help you and Daddy get married!"

Leah looks at Sofia and Natasha. ‘How do I tell him that I’m marrying Robbie and not Jeff?’ she thinks.

Sofia bends down and looks at Noah. "You must be Noah," she smiles.

"Yes I am. Who are you?"

"My name is Sofia. Your Mommy is a lovely woman, isn’t she?"

Noah nods his head.

"You have a beautiful boy Leah," Sofia smiles.

They are once again interrupted, as Jeff enters the room. "Can Leah and I have a moment alone?" he asks.

Sofia looks at Leah, who nods her head. "Come on Noah, let’s go get some cookies," Sofia says. Once Noah and Natasha have left the room, Sofia turns back in the room. "Don’t you upset her, Mr. Claus. This is her wedding day, and I will not stand for her to be upset. Do you understand?"

Jeff nods his head.

"Good. Leah, darling. I’ll tell the staff to clean up. The house is so dusty. I won’t have it for your wedding."

"Thank you Sofia," Leah says. Sofia leaves the room. "What is it Jeff?"

"It’s about the annulment. I won’t have it Leah."

Scene Seven
Setting: Jackson’s Apartment

Jackson now appears to be calm now as he sits on the couch with the phone glued to his ear.

"Hey, I was told you were the one to call when you needed a problem solved." He voices mischievously.

"What else, the usual pest control problems. Always thinking they can run all around, act sweet and there will be no consequences." He says in frustration as the man on the other line incites his delirium.

"You’re damn right. Will. But I have plans for this one, the kind packed with bullets." He says, listening as the man tells him the number one arm that would get the job done and discuss other particulars.

"Okay, it happens later tonight, at the Calimo mansion" Jackson says with a devious grin. "Looks like I have a wedding present for bride & groom after all."

Scene Eight
Setting: The Michael's Home; Chris and Daisy’s House

Daisy returns home from work. Her thoughts are entirely on Chris. He wasn’t in bed last night, or when she woke up this morning. He didn’t answer her calls all day. Where was he? She was worried...really worried. Was her husband killed? The snow is falling very heavily now. Was he in an accident?

Daisy enters the bedroom, and jumps when she sees Chris, putting on his tuxedo. "Chris!" she yells. "Good God! Where the hell have you been?" she says hugging him.

"What do you mean?" he says, trying to act dumb.

"You haven’t returned my calls. I haven’t seen you in about 24 hours. Where were you?"

"I have to leave town briefly. Business meeting. I must have forgotten to tell you," he lies.

Daisy raises her eyebrow. "I’m just glad you are alright. Why are you getting dressed up?"

"We have a wedding to go to."

"Tonight?" she sighs, indicating she doesn’t want to be social.

"Yes, tonight. Robbie and Leah are getting married again."

"Well, they are good friends. I can’t miss it. I better shower," she says.

As Daisy leaves the room, Chris sighs. "She can never know where I was. Never."

Scene Nine
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; The Guest House

Natasha looks outside, as the snow becomes very heavy. She hopes that all the guests drive safely to the wedding, which is being held at the Calimo mansion. Suddenly there’s a knock on the door.

"It must be Cory," she says walking to the door. She opens the door and sees Adam and Helen.

"Adam! Helen, come in!" she says, shivering. "Why are you here so early? The wedding doesn’t begin for a few hours."

"Helen was just released from the hospital. We wanted to get here early, so she could get ready here. You know, I didn’t want to drive in this weather." Adam declares.

"If you excuse me, I’ll go upstairs and get ready," Helen says.

"Sure. Washroom is third floor, second room on the left," Natasha says. Helen walks up the stairs, while Adam sits on the sofa.

"So how have you been?" he asks.

Natasha suddenly gets an uneasy feeling.

"Natasha? What is it?"

"I don’t know what is it. I just have this strange feeling."

Adam gets up, and walks behind her. He puts his hands on her shoulders, and it triggers a memory for Natasha.


Natasha stirs a little. Adam gets up and moves closer to Natasha. Natasha opens her eyes, she "sees" Cory.

"Make love to me. Please make love to me" she whispers, seeing Cory.

Adam looks at Natasha and moves closer to her. He kisses her.

"I need you so badly" she says.

Adam gets up and locks the door to Natasha’s room. He shuts the blinds on her windows, and returns to the bed. They kiss passionately.

[End of Flash]

"Oh my God!" Natasha says. "Oh my God"

"What is it? Natasha?"

Natasha turns to him, tears in her eyes. She slaps him! "How dare you! I remember Adam! I remember everything!"

Adam puts his hand on his face, where she slapped him. "I don’t understand..."

"Like hell you don’t! You slept with me while I was in the hospital! I thought you were Cory, my husband, and you had sex with me!"

Adam continues to look dumbfounded.

"This is amazing! I have to get out of here!" Natasha says grabbing her coat.

"Natasha, wait! I don’t think you should leave in this weather!"

"Get away from Adam!" Natasha says, slamming the door shut behind her. Natasha begins to walk to the main house. ‘How could I have been so stupid?’ she cries to herself. Natasha, not looking slips on some ice, and falls to the ground. The snow turns red from the small cut on her head, as the heavy snow continues to fall.

Next On One Day At A Time
-Leah and Robin’s father arrives for the wedding
-Cory and Adam fight; leaving Helen too see a new side of Adam
-Patricia is jealous when she sees Vinny and Meggan at the wedding together
-Bob bribes Jeff into signing the annulment papers
-Jason learns of Shane and Rebecca’s kisss
-Jackson’s plan goes wayward, as an innocent victim is shot!

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