Episode 372

Sparkle with Lights
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: December 18, 2016

Episode Theme song: "Christmastime is in the air Again" Mariah Carey

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Shane saw Adam & Natasha having lunch together and he lost it on them
- Dawn continued to encourage Paige to go after Shane, her crush
- Kim continued to play Bob's loving wife as he recovered from his stroke
- Vinny offered to help Trenyce & Chris find their child
- Lukas refused to come out to Frederick

Scene One - The Calimo Mansion

"I love when it snows on Christmas morning," Bob tells his family as they sit in the living room of the mansion and he has handed out presents as a light snow flakes fall from the sky outside. He hasn't felt this at ease in a very long time because his entire family is together for the holiday. He sees Kim smiling before she takes a drink of her red wine, Natasha sitting next to Robbie and Paige, who has stopped by before she heads over to see Dominick, Felicia and Jeff. Everything is as it should be, he thinks to himself.

"I know you do Daddy," Natasha tells him as she stands up and moves over to the French doors where Bob is standing. "You know who else did?"

Bob looks back at Natasha with a nod of his head. "Sofia," he whispers back to her. "She loved this time of the year."

"I know," Natasha agrees with him. "I always think of Mom this time of the year considering how much she loved it and with the anniversary of her passing come up."

"New Year's Eve has never been the same," he replies to her.

"I'm sorry," she quickly tells him. "I shouldn't have mentioned her."

"No, no," he shakes his head at her. "It's good to think about her during the holidays. Let's get back to everyone else and open some presents, shall we?"


Natasha moves back to the center of the living room holding a new glass of eggnog. Robbie quickly passes her a package that has her name on it. "Who is this one from?" she asks him looking at the present.

"I'm not sure," Robbie replies to her. "It didn't seem to have a name tag on it."

"Interesting," Natasha says as she sets her eggnog down and she starts to open the present.

"What time do you have to leave kiddo?" Robbie asks Paige, as Natasha continues to open the present.

"Pretty soon," Paige admits to him. "I'm supposed to meeting Jeff at Uncle Tyler's house."

"Do you need a ride? I can have my driver come around with the car," Bob tells her.

"Thanks Grandpa, that would be great."

"Oh my God," Natasha says out loud as she covers her mouth in shock.

"Natasha? What is it? What was the present that you got?" Bob asks his daughter as he moves closer to her.

"They are divorce papers," she says as she looks up at her father. "Shane sent me divorce papers."

Paige gulps uneasily when she hears that Shane has filed for divorce. She knows that she has a crush on her uncle and she has been trying to get closer to him in any way that she can. Suddenly, she has an idea in her mind. If she leaves the mansion now, she could stop by and wish Shane a Merry Christmas before she gets to Tyler's place.


"That was nice of you to offer Paige a ride back into the city," Kim tells Bob, as she comes up to him by the large Christmas tree.

"It's the least I could do," he replies to his wife. "Have I told you how much I love you today?"

Kim gulps and looks down as she recalls how Tyler proposed to her recently and she had to turn him down so she could continue to play the good wife to Bob while he recovers from his stroke. She must admit, however, the longer she plays this charade, the more she is reminded of how and why she fell in love with him in the first place.

"Merry Christmas Bob," she smiles back to him. "I hope you get everything you want from Santa this year."

He looks lovingly into her eyes. "I already have everything I want right here in front of me."


"Are you okay?" Robbie asks his sister as he moves up to Natasha, who is at the bar pouring herself another drink.

"I'm as well as to be expected," she quickly replies to him before she takes a shot of her vodka on the rocks. "It's not every Christmas you get sent divorce papers."

Robbie pulls her into a hug. "It was pretty low of Shane to do that but just know that he's acting out in hurt right now."

"Sounds familiar," she says as they exit their hug. "Like the way you broke up with Victoria because you're hurt over what she did."

Robbie sighs and looks at her empty vodka glass. "I think I'm ready to join you with one of those."

She chuckles a little as she turns around and pours two vodkas. She passes him a glass. "Merry Christmas, Robbie."

He arches his eyebrow before he toasts her back. "Merry Christmas, Natasha."

Scene Two - The Tower's, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin's Home

"Look at the snow falling," Cory tells Robin as he comes out of the kitchen holding a couple of glasses of eggnog and moves into the living room. Robin turns around from the sofa and looks at the snow falling.

"It's so pretty," she replies to him before she turns around and looks at the large Christmas tree in the corner of the penthouse. "I feel like this holiday is more special than ones we've previously shared together."

"It is special," he says as he sits next to her. "Because we were separated for a while and then everything we went through to get back to this place of being together."

"It's been a long, hard year," she agrees with him. "But you know, that's why I'm excited for 2017 because nothing can be as bad as the year we just had."

"Let's toast to that," he says as he looks into her eyes. "To the best year of our lives coming up."

They toast and they each take a drink. "You know what I really want for Christmas this year?" she asks him as she purses her lips together.

"I have no idea," he replies to her with a sly grin on his face.

She moves closer to him and kisses him on the lips. "My husband," she tells him in between kisses more passionately.

"That's a gift I can definitely give you," he winks at her as he starts to undo the buttons on her blouse.

Scene Three - Tyler's Townhouse

"When you suggested Christmas at your place this year, I must admit I was a little skeptical but you've really gone above and beyond son," Dominick smiles to Tyler as he looks at the large Christmas tree and the roaring fire in the fireplace of the house.

"I just thought it would be easier here since I have Blake and Mom is living here now," Tyler replies to him.

"I couldn't agree with you more," Dominick replies to him. "I'm just trying to tell you that I'm proud of you. You've really outdone yourself."

"Thanks Dad," Tyler blushes. "I really appreciate that."

Felicia comes out of the kitchen wearing an apron. "Dinner is coming along nicely. What time are we expecting Jeff and Paige?"

Tyler quickly glances at his watch. "Any time now actually," he says. Just then, the doorbell rings. "That must be them now."

"I'll get it," Felicia tells him.

Tyler takes the opportunity to reach into his pocket and he pulls out his cell phone. He quickly types, "Merry Christmas" and sends it to Kim through text message.

"Jeff, thanks so much for coming," Felicia says to Jeff as she opens the door and sees him standing there as the snow falls down on him.

Jeff looks back at his mother in law and nods his head. "Thanks for inviting me."

"We wouldn't have it any other way," Dominick announces as he comes up behind Felicia. "After the year we've all had, it's time this family get put back together and starts to heal. This is a good first step."

"I agree," Jeff replies to them. "And I know Leah would be happy that are together today."

"It doesn't seem to get easier with time, does it?" Felicia asks him as she feels her eyes swell with water. "The holidays really seem to hit me hard."

Jeff nods back to her. "I know," he admits to her. "That's why I'm glad Paige will be here. I tend to feel better when I miss Leah if I'm around our daughter. Where is she?"

"She should be here any time," Tyler tells him. "While we wait, come in. I'll get you a drink."

Scene Four - The Richardson Estate; Frederick, Meggan & Lukas' Home

"You look a million miles away," Meggan notes to Lukas, as he stands in front of the Christmas tree looking at the white lights that are sparkling.

He slowly turns around and looks at his sister, his eyes filled with water. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about what he should do with his personal relationships; Craig has asked him to make up his mind between him and Donovan. The problem for Lukas is that he genuinely cares for both men and he has a fear that when he picks one of them, they won't want to be in relationship with him. Lukas knows that both Donovan and Craig have expressed concern that he isn't out to Frederick and that it bothers them.

"I suppose I was," he finally says back to her.

"What' s wrong? It's Christmas time, you should be jolly!" she nudges him with her elbow.

He grins back at his sister. "Christmas time doesn't mean that my life stops."

"Oh Lukas," Meggan sighs back to him. "You know what I think? I think you should tell Dad that you're gay today."

Lukas' mouth opens in shock. "On Christmas day?"

"Why not? It's not like he can be mad; it's Christmas after all!" she tells him. "Plus, you'll feel a lot better about things if you're just honest with him. And I'm sure whatever you're upset about would be better too."

Lukas nods back to her a little. "I just …" he begins to say as Frederick comes into the living room.

"Dinner is looking really fantastic this year," he announces to his children. "Why the serious faces? What's going on?"

Meggan looks back at Lukas and hopes that he takes the chance to tell his father the truth about his sexuality. "Nothing at all," Lukas replies to him. "We were just wondering when you'd come back from the kitchen. Now many snacks did you sneak in?"

Frederick chuckles at him. "Now, now, what's Christmas without a little bit of snacks?"

"That's true enough," Meggan laughs back at him. "Merry Christmas guys."

"Merry Christmas," Lukas replies to his sister.

Scene Five - The Victors Mansion; Vinny & Daisy's Home

"This Christmas sure does feel special," Jemma tells her family as they sit in the living room holding a glass of eggnog.

"How are you feeling Aunt Jemma?" Trenyce asks her. "We don't want you to have another fainting spell like Thanksgiving."

Jemma finishes swallowing her mouthful of eggnog. "I'm fine," she sternly says back to Trenyce. "I wish y'all would stop fussin' about me."

"We are just concerned," Daisy chimes in. "But dinner won't be as late as it was on Thanksgiving, so we can get some food into you sooner rather than later."

"Shall we open some presents?" Chris asks the family, as he sits in the arm chair by the fireplace.

"I'd like to go first," Vinny announces to everyone. "I have a gift for Trenyce and Chris but it's not under the tree."

Daisy gets a smile on her face as she recalls how Vinny told her that he has got a potential lead on where Chris and Trenyce's biological child is. She hadn't even realized Vinny was looking into the whereabouts of the child.

Trenyce arches her eyebrow as she looks over at Chris. "What is it?" she finally asks him.

"Well," he begins to say as he moves over to sit beside Trenyce. Chris stands up and moves over to sit on the other side of Trenyce so he can see Vinny when he gets their gift. "I don't know if you remember when I offered to look into finding your baby."

Trenyce looks back at Chris with a glimmer of hope in her eyes. She turns back to Vinny. "I remember," she says back to him. "Jemma has been encouraging us to find our child."

"I still feel it'd be for the best," Jemma tells her.

"I've heard from my investigator," Vinny continues to tell Chris and Trenyce. "And we suspect we may have a lead."

"What?" Chris asks him in surprise. "You know where our baby is?"

"Oh my God," Trenyce covers her mouth as a tear falls down her cheek.

"I didn't say that," Vinny reminds them. "I don't want to get your hopes up too high because the lead may not lead us to the baby."

"But it's still a lead, right?" Trenyce asks as she turns to face Chris. "We could know what happened to our baby! I can't believe this."

"Neither can I!" Chris tells her as they hug.

Jemma stands up and moves over to Vinny. "Thank you so much Mr. Vinny," Jemma purses her lips in a smile. "You've certainly made this one hell of a Christmas mornin'".

Scene Six - The Glubbs House; Shane & Natasha' Home

The limo that Bob arranged for Paige pulls up to the front of Shane's house. Paige takes a deep breath and checks her face quickly in her compact. She leans forward to speak to her driver. "I shouldn't be too long," she says through a dark window.

"No rush, I'll be here waiting," the driver replies to Paige.

Paige tries to calm herself down one more time before she opens the door and rushes up to the front door as the snow falls from the sky. She rings the doorbell and waits for Shane to open the door.

"Merry Christmas," she says to him when he finally opens the door.

"Merry Christmas, Paige," he says as he lets her into the foyer of the house. "I wasn't expecting to see you today."

"I know," she replies to him as she turns to face him. "I can't stay long, I'm heading over to see my Dad and Grandpa. But I was at the Calimo mansion earlier."

Shane arches his eyebrow. "Ah, so you know that I've filed for divorce."

"Everyone does," she nods back to him. "I just wanted to come by and let see how you are holding up and if you needed anything."

Shane smiles back to her. "That was very sweet of you, Paige. I'm doing okay, thank you."

She moves closer to him. "I'm glad. I just want you to know that I'm here for you. If you need anything at all, let me know."

Shane gulps as she moves even closer to him. Without thinking, she leans in and her lips softly touch his. The kiss lasts only a moment before she pulls away.

"Well, I should get going," she feels her heart racing a million miles a second. "Merry Christmas, Shane."

"Merry Christmas, Paige," he replies to her as she walks past him and out of the front door as he is taken aback by what just happened with the much younger woman.

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