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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Eva read Frederick's notes on his hypnosis sessions with Felicia
- Dominick sent Felicia divorce papers
- Shane filed for divorce from Natasha. Later, he shared a kiss with Paige but told her they could only be friends
- Chris and Frederick remained at odds following Savannah's death
- Craig kissed Donovan on New Year's Eve

Scene One - Tyler's Townhouse; Tyler & Felicia's Home

"I was surprised to get a phone call from you," Felicia tells Dominick as he moves into the living space of the open concept main floor of Tyler's townhouse. She hadn't seen her husband since Christmas morning but right before the holiday, she had received divorce papers from him. Felicia has been feeling so confused about everything lately and she isn't sure why, exactly. For so long, she knew she loved Dominick and wanted their marriage to work. Right before he sent her divorce papers, however, she had claimed that she no longer loves Dominick, which threw everyone for a loop including herself.

"I thought we should talk," Dominick says back to her as he turns around to face his wife. "We didn't really do much of that over the holidays."

"The holidays are a time for the children and grandchildren," she purses her lips together.

Dominick nods back to her. "I couldn't agree more," he tells her. "And, I think we had a lovely holiday season together. It was nice having us all under one roof."

Felicia smiles. "It was nice that Jeff came over. I don't want him to think that because Leah isn't with us anymore that he isn't a part of this family. He is Paige's father and he loved Leah very much."

"I agree with you," Dominick replies to her. "It just felt like for the first time in a very long time this family was coming together again."

"If only we can be that way all the time."

"Why can't we?" he asks her.

Felicia sighs and moves to the bar to pour herself a glass of red wine. She takes a sip before she looks back at her husband. "We both know why."

Before he can reply, she moves over to her purse and pulls out the divorce papers. "Because you sent me these. I can't believe you really want to end our marriage!"

Scene Two - The Pampa Grill

Chris looks around the restaurant hoping to see Helen inside. He has been enjoying seeing her around lately and was hoping it would continue in the new year. He doesn't see her in the restaurant which leaves him a bit disappointed, even though the odds were not in his favor that she would be there, he realizes.

He does see Frederick sitting at a table by himself, however. Chris wonders if he should approach the doctor to try to make amends for everything that happened with Savannah. He knows that Frederick was close to her and after his plan to use Savannah to get Andrew back was exposed, Frederick has been very cold to him. Chris can understand that Frederick was upset by what he and Trenyce did but there's a time to move on. Especially since Frederick was awarded custody of Andrew after Savannah's death. If Chris makes amends, maybe he and Trenyce can at least see the boy they believed was their own for so long. There is nothing more than Chris would like than to see Andrew again.

"Frederick, I hope I am not interrupting," Chris announces as he reaches Frederick's table, having decided to make an effort.

Frederick finishes reading the urgent text message he just received from Eva before he sets his phone down. He quickly wonders why she needs to see him. "I'm just on my way out, Mr. Michaels. This will have to wait for another time."

"Look, this will only take moment," Chris explains as he takes a seat across from the doctor. "I know that there were a lot of hurt feelings after everything that happened with Savannah. But I really would like to make a fresh start. I would like us to bury the hatchet and move forward."

"And what does this fresh start entail? I only ask because it feels like you have a hidden agenda," Frederick replies to him quickly.

Chris sighs. "Well, it would be great to see Andrew again. Make sure he's doing okay."

"Ah," Frederick smiles back to him. "So this making nice is all about you trying to get back into Andrew's life? I can see right through you Chris. And I'm going to tell you this once and only once, but you're not to concern yourself with Andrew any longer."

"I don't get you man," Chris snaps back at him. "You have to do what's best for Andrew!"

"And what's best for Andrew is for you and Trenyce never seeing him again," Frederick replies to him quickly. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a very busy day planned."

Chris watches Frederick leave the table as his blood slowly starts to boil. "This isn't ever doc, not by a long shot."


"Thanks for agreeing to have lunch with me today," Lukas tells Andy as they sit across from each other at a corner table in the restaurant. Lukas looks over at the man and feels like, for the first time, he actually has a real friend in town. Someone who isn't his sister and isn't a potential love interest like Donovan and Craig.

Andy takes a drink of his sparkling water and looks back at Lukas. "Of course," Andy replies to him. "I'm glad that you felt like you could reach out to me. After seeing you on New Year's Eve, I thought that you could use a friend."

"And, that's something I don't have very many of. Friendships, I mean," Lukas admits to him, feeling his cheeks blush a little.

"Well you can count on me," Andy tells him. "It seems like you still have a lot on your mind regarding Craig and Donovan. Have you made any headway at all?"

Lukas remembers seeing Donovan and Craig share a kiss on New Year's Eve. His fear is that if he waits too long to make a decision on who he'd like to have a relationship with, he will lose both men. "I'm still torn in my heart," Lukas reveals to him. "I love both of them for very different reasons. I don't know what I will do nor do I feel like I have the right to make this decision."

"Sometimes by not doing anything the decision will be made for you," Andy tells him.

Lukas shrugs. "Yea, I suppose that is true. I've actually been thinking about something else since New Year's Eve."

Andy arches his eyebrow. "Really? What is it?"

"I know that you lost your husband," Lukas tells him as Andy puts his head down for a moment. "Have you thought about doing something for him? I don't know, it would be great if you held a fundraiser or something in his honor."

Andy's eyes light up at the idea. "I hadn't even thought about that," he tells his friend. "But I think that's a great idea."

Lukas smiles back to him. "If you need anything at all, let me know. I can help out in anyway possible."

Andy nods back to him. "One question?" he says back to Lukas. "What brought this on?"

Lukas looks back into Andy's eyes. "You're helping me out so I thought I would return the favor. Pay it forward, so to speak."

Andy smiles back to him, excited by the thought of doing something in Reese's honour. "Well, I appreciate this very much Lukas. Thank you."

Scene Three - The Sugarbowl

"Well hello to you," Craig announces to Donovan as he approaches Donovan, who is sitting at the bar window seat drinking a latte on his lunch break. Craig hasn't seen Donovan since New Year's Eve, where Craig gave him a kiss and told him that he was tired of waiting for Lukas to make up his mind. Craig doesn't know how Donovan is feeling about the kiss since then but he would like to know. After all, the two of them had an attraction before Lukas came to Twin Peaks.

Donovan turns around and sees the doctor approaching him. "Hey Craig," he says back to him. "How's your day going?'

"Better now that I ran into you," Craig grins back to him as he sits next to Donovan. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about New Year's Eve."

Donovan blushes a little as he recalls the kiss they shared too. "Yea, I suppose it's been on my mind too."

"Yea? Good thoughts, I hope?" Craig replies to him, with a sly grin on his face.

Donovan nods back to him. "You've known for some time that I think you're a great guy and that you're attractive," Donovan informs him.

"Why do I get the feeling that there is a but coming?"

"But," Donovan winks back to him. "I don't think us getting together is the answer. I think Lukas still needs to make up his mind."

"I don't want to wait for Lukas forever," Craig tells him. "I said that to you on New Years and I will say it again now. He's treating this like a game of ping pong and he's the ball. We can end the game ourselves."

Donovan nods to him. "I'm not saying that it's easy or fair," he tells him. "I just think … you and I would be adding an unnecessary complication to this already complicated situation."

Craig looks back at him. "I suppose you're right," he agrees. "I just hope that this doesn't go on too much longer."


"It's nice to see you out of the guest house," Paige winks back over to Dawn as they sit across from each in the back booth. Paige knows that her friend has been staying at the guest house on the Calimo mansion grounds because she didn't want to go back home; not that Paige blames her after everything Dawn's family has gone through. She is just happy that her friend is finally getting back into the real world.

"I couldn't stay there forever," Dawn agrees with her friend. "And, it's not like coming to the coffeehouse is the same as going home."

"Of course not," Paige tells her back.

"Okay, I can tell that something is on your mind. It's all over your face. You have this glow about you. What is going on?" Dawn asks her, noting that Paige looks really happy these days.

Paige pauses and thinks about the couple of kisses that she has shared with Shane. After the last one on New Year's Eve, he did tell her that they couldn't kiss anymore but Paige has just enjoyed the fact that she took the bull by the horns and actually kissed the older man whom she has a crush on.

"Earth to Paige," Dawn waves her hand in front of Paige's eyes. "What's going on?"

"If I tell you something you can't tell anyone," Paige replies as she moves in closer to the table so no one else will overhear.

"Of course not, you know that."

"It's about Shane and I," Paige begins to reveal to Dawn. "We've … kissed."

"What?! Oh my God!" Dawn tries to hide her excitement. She had been telling Paige to go after Shane but she didn't think her friend would actually go this far with the much older, married doctor.

"Sshh," Paige says to her putting her finger to her mouth. "It happened a couple of times. He has told me that it can't happen again."

"What did you say?" Dawn asks her, still thrilled with the news. "Actually, it doesn't matter what you said, this can't stop here. You have to keep going! You could actually score with Shane? That's amazing."

Paige feels her cheeks blush. "I don't know…"

"You've gotten this far because of my advice right?" Dawn asks her as Paige nods. "Then don't stop. You have to keep going!"

Paige uneasily nods back to her and she licks her lips a little. "Yea, you're right."

Scene Four - The Glubbs House; Shane & Natasha's Home

Natasha slowly walks down the stairs as she just put Jacob down for a nap. She has missed being around her son all the time but since her affair with Adam was exposed, she has been staying at the Twin Peaks Executive Hotel to give Shane his space. She knows that something has to change though because she needs to be with her son more. She doesn't know what that entails, though, because Shane served her with divorce papers on Christmas morning. He told her that their marriage is over.

She moves into the living room and sees Shane standing there. "How did he go down?"

"Pretty easily," she replies to him quickly. "He was tired."

"He misses you," Shane admits to her.

"I miss him too. We can't keep doing this," Natasha tells him. "I need to be around my son more."

Shane shrugs his shoulders. "We can arrange something if you'd like."

"I don't want to arrange anything," Natasha informs him. "I think you sending me divorce papers was a mistake."

Shane chuckles a little. "Do you now? My wife cheats on me with one of my best friends and now she is telling me that leaving her is a mistake? You don't know when to stop, Natasha."

"I know what I did was wrong, Shane," she pleads with him. "But after everything we have been through, can't you find it in your heart to try to put us back together? We have so much to work through but that little boy upstairs deserves us giving it a real try."

"Don't tell me what our son deserves! He didn't ask for you to ruin this family," Shane replies to her before he calm's himself down. "I know we've been through a lot together, Nat. And, I don't doubt that somewhere inside me I still love you."

"Love can get us through anything," she says as she comes up to him.

"But that's the thing," he says as he looks into her eyes. "With love comes trust. And, the trust I had in you is gone. Without trust, I don't think I can be in a relationship. Not with you, not with anyone I don't trust."

Natasha shakes her head in frustration. "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying, it's over Natasha," Shane tells her as her heart sinks. "Our marriage is over."

Scene Five - Tyler's Townhouse; Tyler & Felicia's Home

"When you didn't say anything, I was wondering if you had actually received the divorce papers," Dominick tells Felicia as they sit next to each other on the sofa.

"I didn't say anything because it was Christmas," she replies to him. "But, yes, I got them."

Dominick picks up the papers that are on the coffee table in front of where they are sitting. "You got these before Christmas?"

She nods back to him. "Interesting, you haven't signed them yet."

She shakes her head. "No, I haven't."

"You were the one who told me that you didn't love me anymore, Felicia," Dominick reminds her as he puts his hand on her leg. "I thought that I was doing what you wanted me to do. I thought you wanted an out."

Felicia feels her eyes get misty with water. She looks back into Dominick's eyes. "The truth is," she begins to say as a tear falls down her cheek. "I can't sign those papers because I don't want our marriage to end. I don't want a divorce."

Scene Six - Frederick's Office

Frederick opens the door to his office and quickly moves inside. He looks around the office and doesn't see Eva; he was at the Pampa Grill when he got an urgent message from her saying that she had to see him. He has no idea what this could be about but the last thing he really wants to do is get into it with Eva; not after his meeting with Chris earlier today.

He moves to his chair but it slowly turns around and he sees Eva sitting behind his desk. "I'm glad you finally arrived," she purses her lips together.

"How did you get in here?" he asks her his voice raised.

"It doesn't matter," she replies to him as she stands up. "I know what you've done. I know everything."

"I don't know what you're talking about," he snaps back at her.

"Let me fill in the missing pieces for you," she says as she starts to walk out from behind his desk. "Those latest hypnosis sessions you've been having with Felicia, I know that you've been planting seeds into her mind. I know you've been telling her that she doesn't love Dominick anymore."

"That's outrageous!" he yells as he glares at her.

"I read your notes," she reveals to him as his eyes open wider in shock. "I know everything. You're brainwashing her, Frederick. Because you're in love with her and you want her for yourself!"

"You better stop while you're ahead Eva," he warns her.

"Oh no, Frederick. It's time that you start playing by my rules."

"What do you want?"

"That is the million dollar question," she replies to him. "What do I want?"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Victoria gives Shane some bad news
- Lukas and Meggan catch up
- Cory awaits the results of the pregnancy test

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