Episode 377 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: January 22, 2017


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Trenyce and Tyler had sex on New Year's Eve. In the wake of it, they agreed it was a mistake. Treynce and Chris both felt feelings for each other but didn't act on them
- Chris and Helen continued to form a friendship
- Dawn ranaway from home and lashed out at her parents
- Eva revealed that she knew Frederick was brainwashing Felicia. He asked her what she wanted to keep mum
- Felicia and Dominick spoke about their divorce

Scene One - Robertson Enterprise's; Trenyce's Office

Trenyce sits at her desk with a pencil in her hand and a white piece of paper in front of her. She's been trying to draw some new designs for the next collection but she is finding it difficult to stay focused on her designs. Her mind is racing about how she slept with Tyler on New Year's Eve, as she knows that she shouldn't have. For starters, he still have feelings for Kim and the last thing that Trenyce wants to do is break up the potential for them to be a family with Blake. And secondly, she knows that she has something inside her that is drawing her to Chris. She has no idea why but she feels a pull to the man that she believed fathered Andrew all those years ago.

"I have to stop worrying about this," she whispers to herself. "Tyler and I are just friends. And Chris…"

Before she can continue her train of thought, she hears a knock on her office door. It opens and Jemma appears with a slight grin on her face. "I hope I ain' interruptin' you, but I needed to get out of the house and thought I'd check in on you."

Trenyce smiles back to her Aunt as she moves into the office. "That's nice of you," Trenyce tells her as she stands up and walks over to give her Aunt a hug.

"Are you okay child?" Jemma asks her as they exit their embrace. "You seem a lil blue."

Trenyce turns around and covers her mouth for a moment. She isn't sure why she is feeling so emotional about this but she can't help it. "Oh my girl," Jemma says as she comes up and puts her hands on Trenyce's shoulders. "Tell me what's goin' on. Come over here," she orders Trenyce as she moves to the sofa and sits down.

"I don't know, I guess I just feel like I'm at a crossroads," Trenyce admits to her.

"Well, this can' be about your baby cause we ain' heard anythin' new from Vinny," Jemma replies to her. "So that must mean this is about somethin' else. Is there a man in your life?"

Trenyce feels her cheeks blush a little at the question. "I can tell you don' wanna get into all the details and that's fine," Jemma tells her. "The best piece of advice that I can give you is to always follow your heart. No matter what anyone else says or thinks, your heart will never steer you wrong."

Trenyce pulls Jemma into a hug as a tear falls down her cheek. "Thank you Aunt Jemma."

"Anytime, sweet child, anytime."

Scene Two - The Calimo Mansion; The Guest House

"Did you have a good time when you were out with Paige the other day?" Max asks Dawn as she rolls a joint on the coffee table of the guest house on the Calimo mansion grounds. He watches her for a moment and finds himself getting more excited about the prospects of getting stoned in a short while.

"It was nice to get out of this place," she tells him as she finishes the joint. "Pass me that lighter."

"Sure," he says as he throws her the lighter and then moves closer to her. "I haven't seen Paige in awhile."

"Still has drama with the family," Dawn tells him as she starts to light the weed. She's about to get it started when her cell phone rings. "Whoever that is, has horrible timing."

She puts the joint down and rushes over to grab her phone. "Hey," she says as she accepts the call.

"Dawn, it's me, your father," Adam says into the other line.

Dawn rolls her eyes. "I know who you are. What do you want?"

Adam sighs. "You've been gone from home awhile now," he tells her. "I'd like you to come home."

"Why? It's not like you're living at home right now," she replies to him quickly.

"I know that but I was hoping that if you moved home it would be the start of…"

"The start of what? You trying to get back together with Mom? I don't want to be any part of helping you get back into her good graces. Not after what you did!" Dawn yells at him.

"You can't possibly stay out at the Calimo's forever, Dawn. Please," Adam pleads with her. "Let's start the healing process."

"Please don't call me with this request again," she whispers to him before she hangs up the phone on her father. She throws her phone into the arm chair and moves over to sit beside Max, who has lite the joint. He passes her to her.

"You probably need that now," he tells her as he blows out some smoke from his mouth.

"I do," she replies to him as she inhales for the first time.

"You know," he says. "Maybe your Dad is right. Maybe it's time to go home."

Dawn looks back at him in shock. "Shut up!" she says before she blows a big cloud of smoke into his face.

Scene Three - The Pampa Grill

Robbie sits at the bar eating some peanuts and drinking a beer as he reflects on his day. He can't stop thinking about his visit to Dominick the other day when he told him that he still wants to get some kind of revenge on Bob for his role in killing Leah . In Robbie's mind, his father is the one who took his ex-wife from them. The question is, what can he do to get revenge on his father?

He takes a drink of his beer and sets it back down. "How can we do this?" he asks himself, knowing that Dominick already showed Bob a picture of Tyler and Kim kissing which caused Bob's stroke.

"I'd like to know that myself," a voice says behind Robbie, causing him to turn around and see Victoria. "Sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop, I just saw you here and wanted to come and say hi."

"You said hi, you can carry on with your day now," Robbie replies to her coldly.

"Is that really how it's going to be now?" she asks him. "I know what I did hurt you but…"

"But nothing," he tells her. "What you did was unforgiveable."

Victoria feels her eyes swell with water. She had hopes of coming up to him and trying to smooth things over. "Well, I'm sorry I even came up to see you."

"Vic wait," Robbie calls out as she starts to walk away. Victoria doesn't stop and look back at him. Robbie returns to his beer and chugs the rest of it down. Letting out a giant sigh after, he stands up and quickly leaves the restaurant, realizing that his relationship could be over.


"I can't believe that we still haven't set everything in stone about this wedding," Daisy tells Vinny as they sit across from each other enjoying some wine and chocolate cake.

"I know, it always seems like something else gets in our way," Vinny replies to her before he takes a sip of his wine.

"I had started to plan but I'm wondering if we should do something else now," she says to him.

"Something different? What do you have in mind?"

Daisy shrugs a little. "After everything that has been happening around here, maybe going away somewhere for the wedding would be fun."

Vinny nods back to her. "I agree that could be a great escape for everyone," Vinny agrees with her.

"Okay, well," Daisy tells him. "Let's start thinking about destinations for our wedding!"


"I'm really glad that I ran into you," Chris tells Helen as they sit at a table and enjoy some drinks. "I actually have a confession to make."

Helen arches her eyebrow as she recalls how she came into the restaurant for dinner and she saw Chris sitting by himself. The newfound friends agreed to have dinner with each other instead of eating alone. "I'm listening, what do you possibly have to confess to me?"

Chris smirks back to her. "I was in here the other day and I was hoping this exact thing was going to happen."

Helen shakes her head. "You were hoping you'd run into me?"

Chris nods back to her. "Yup," he laughs a little. "We had run into each other a few times at the coffeehouse and I was hoping that we could move up a notch and have dinner together."

"Well, it appears you got your wish," she blushes back to him.

"I did," he says back to her. "I have to admit Helen, this new friendship we have, I'm really enjoying it."

Helen purses her lips together. "I am too, Chris. This is one of the bright spots in my life right now."

At the entry way of the restaurant, Trenyce freezes when she sees Chris and Helen laughing together at their table. She had wanted to try to find Chris after her talk with Jemma to follow her heart to see if Chris was feeling similar to her. She shakes her head and wonders why she even thought that talking to Chris would be a good thing. She leaves the restaurant not revealing herself to Chris or Helen.

Scene Four - Tyler's Townhouse; Tyler & Felicia's Home

"You don't seem yourself this evening," Tyler tells his mom, who is sitting by the fire with a glass of red wine. "Is everything okay?"

Felicia sighs and takes a sip of her wine before she pushes some of her hair out of her face. She knows that Dominick came to see her recently and they spoke about the divorce papers that he sent her. Felicia admitted to him that she doesn't want to sign the papers but she still can't figure out why she told him that she doesn't love him in the first place.

"I suppose I just have a lot on my mind right now."

"Well, talk to me," Tyler tells her as he sits across from her in the other arm chair. "You've always been there for me when I need help with Kim, so let me be an ear for you."

Felicia smiles to her son. "You're so wonderful, you know that? I suppose I am thinking about your father."

"Ah," Tyler nods back to her. "The great love of your life."

"He sent me divorce papers," she reveals to him as his mouth opens in shock. "I haven't signed them and I don't know if I can."

"That seems like a big move on his part," Tyler says back to her.

"Well, I had told him that I don't love him anymore. I'm not sure how or why I said those words but he thought that it would best to end our marriage."

"And now, you're not so sure?" Tyler asks her back.

"My entire life, for as long as I can remember, I have loved Dominick. I don't know that I should sign those papers," Felicia admits to him. "My head feels confused about all of this. I don't know why I said that I don't love him and I don't know why I shouldn't sign the papers."

"Maybe it's time to move on," Tyler shocks Felicia by telling her. "I mean, if you said you don't love him, on some level you must not anymore. A lot has happened in your lives. People change. If you don't love Dad anymore, free him so both of you can find people you do love."

Felicia uneasily nods back to him. "Those are wise words, Tyler," she says back to him. "I don't know what the answer is."

"And you don't have to know now," he advises her. "It's just something to think about."

Scene Five - Frederick's Office

"I got your message about wanting to see me," Eva tells Frederick as she opens the door to his office and she moves inside quickly.

"I had to see you," he replies to her. "After our last conversation, I had to know what you want in exchange for your silence."

"I see you're not denying that you were brainwashing Felicia anymore," Eva smiles back to him. "I think that's very wise of you."

"Do you have any idea of what you want?" he asks her back, growing frustrated with her. "Because if you don't, I have a suggestion for you."

Eva arches her eyebrow. "You have a suggestion? I'm listening."

"If you don't say anything," Frederick tells her. "And I happen to continue to have some hypnosis sessions, it could work out in both of our favors."

"I'm not sure I understand," Eva replies to him. "What are you saying?"

"You've always wanted to marry Dominick," Frederick whispers back to her. "And I've always wanted Felicia. This could be a win -win situation."

Eva's mouth falls open in shock. "I can't believe what you're suggesting."

"Just think about it Eva," Frederick warns her. "This could be the best solution for everyone."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Rebecca gets her pregnancy test results
- Donovan and Lukas share a close moment
- Natasha reaches out to Shane

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