Episode 38 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously on One Day At A Time
-A snowstorm began, on the day of Leah and Robbie’s wedding
-Jeff told Leah he couldn’t go through with the annulment
-Sofia and Bob returned; Sofia was reunited with Natasha and Leah
-Daisy was relieved to find Chris at home; he kept his location during his "disappearance" a secret from Daisy
-Helen was released from the hospital; she and Adam arrived at the Calimo guest house. Adam’s presence gave Natasha a total recall of Adam having sex with her before her car accident. Upset, Natasha left. She slipped on ice, and lay in the snow, unconscious
-Jackson hatched an evil plan
-Victoria visited the Calimo Cabin, the site she was shot at

Scene 1
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; The Guest House

Adam nervously paces around the living room of the guest house. He is already dressed in his tuxedo for the wedding, and he’s warm as the fire is roaring. As he paces, he has his left index finger in his mouth, biting his nail.

‘What am I going to do?’ he ponders to himself. ‘Natasha remembers. She remembers everything. She’ll hate me for life. And Cory,’ he continues to think, as he paces. ‘Cory is going to go ballistic when he finds out.’

"Damn it!" he find says aloud.

"What’s wrong?" Helen’s voice says, as she walks down the stairs.

Adam turns around and sees Helen. She’s wearing a long white dress, with beads that make it sparkly. The dress is sleeveless, but her shoulders are covered by a sheer white shall.

"You look amazing," he smiles, trying to hide the fact that something is wrong.

"Thank you," Helen smiles. "What’s wrong. You sounded upset when I was coming downstairs."

Adam freezes. Should he lie? Should he be honest? He is about to say something, when the door opens. Cory and Robin enter the guesthouse.

"Adam, Helen. What are you doing here?" Robin asks.

Adam gulps. ’Cory must know. That’s why he’s here.’ Adam thinks to himself.

"We came early. I was released from the hospital today," Helen says.

"Well you look amazing," Robin says. "I love your dress."

"Thank you. Why are you here?"

"We are meeting Natasha," Cory cuts in. Cory glares at Adam. "So, where is she?"

Adam continues to feel the pressure.

"Where is she Adam?" Cory presses.

"I...I don’t know?" Adam lies.

Cory moves closer to Adam, as he spots Natasha’s purse on the sofa. "That’s Natasha’s purse. She was here."

"Adam, don’t lie. Natasha was here when we got here," Helen says.

Adam laughs. "Oh yea. I forgot." he lies again.

Cory grabs Adam at his jacket. "Where is she?" he demands to know.

"Calm down Cory," Robin says.

"I’m not calming down until Adam tells me where Natasha is! This bastard has tried to tear us apart once, and I won’t let it happen again!" Cory yells, looking at Adam with the intent of killing him.

Helen watches Adam. She realizes that something has happened. "Please Adam, just tell us where Natasha is."

Adam looks over at Helen. He can see that she’s clearly upset. He has to be honest now, he thinks. "She left. We fought, and she left. I would assume she’s at the main house now," Adam says.

Cory lets Adam go. "You better hope she’s alright Black," Cory says. "Or you’ll pay."

Cory walks to the door and leaves. Robin follows. Helen looks at Adam. "Why didn’t want to talk to Cory? He was just trying to find Natasha."

"It’s a long story Helen," Adam sighs, fixing his jacket.

"I saw something here Adam, and I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it at all," Helen says. "I’m going to the main house. I’ll see you there."

Helen leaves. Adam stands alone, in front of the fire. "I have to find Natasha," he says to himself. "And make sure she doesn’t say anything. Not today."

Adam walks to the door. "Maybe I’ll leave from the back, just to avoid everyone."

Adam walks through the living room, into the kitchen. He puts on his jacket and opens the door. As he is walking, he sees something buried under the snow. He moves closer, as his vision is blurred from the heavy snow fall. "The flakes are so big," he says walking towards his discovery. When he approaches his treasure, he becomes horrified! "Natasha!" he says, pulling a body out of snow! He picks her up and carries her back to the guest house. Adam rushes her to the sofa, and lays her down.

"Natasha! Natasha! Can you hear me?" he asks. He notices that her lips are blue. "Oh God, no! Natasha!"

Scene 2
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; Bob and Sofia’s Manor; Natasha’s Old Room

In Natasha’s old room, Leah is stunned as Jeff tells her that he won’t go through with the annulment.

"What do you mean, you won’t have it, Jeff?" Leah demands to know.

Jeff walks from the doorway to the bed, and he sits down. "I want to be married to you, I don’t want an annulment."

Leah starts to laugh. "This is some sick joke, right?"

Jeff shakes his head.

"We have never had a marriage Jeff!" Leah says, raising her voice. "Your parents lied to me about Noah being alive! Your parents told me we were already divorced! We have never had a marriage! Never! It’s not my fault that you haven’t found a new girlfriend all these years. I have moved on. I’m in love with Robbie. And I will marry him today," Leah spits.

"No you won’t. Not if I don’t sign the annulment papers. You’ve never even given us a chance, Leah. I could make you very happy," Jeff replies.

"I never gave us a chance, because your parents lied to me! How many times do we have to go over this!"

Bob enters the bedroom, interrupting their talk. "What’s going on in here? I heard your voices from down the hall. Leah, are you alright?" Bob asks.

"No, Bob, I’m not alright. This is Jeff Claus. My...."

"I’m her husband," Jeff says, shaking Bob’s hand.

"He’s not giving me the annulment Bob!" Leah says, getting tears in here eyes. "My entire life is going to be ruined, because this jackass wants to stay with me!" Leah says, rushing into washroom.

Jeff gets up to follow Leah.

"I think it’s best you sit down," Bob warns. "I’m a very powerful man, Mr. Claus. Perhaps you don’t know who you are dealing with here."

"I’m dealing with my wife and son, Mr. Calimo." Jeff fires back.

"Ah yes. But that woman is married to my son. Not legally. Not yet. My son loves that woman. And she loves my son. That means they’ll be married. Tonight," Bob says softly, but sternly.

"No sir, she won’t. I’m married to her. And I intent to stay married to her."

"How much do you want?" Bob asks. "If this is about money, I have lots of it. I’ll make you disappear."

"I’m not for sale," Jeff says, getting up from the bed, almost disgusted that Bob brought it up.

"Then what is this about? Power. You will never have more power then the Calimo family, Mr. Claus. You are digging yourself an early grave," Bob warns.

"Are you threatening me?" Jeff asks.

"Do you have to been threatened?" Bob asks back. Jeff looks at Bob, in a way that makes Bob realize he need to use reinforcements. Bob walks over to the phone on the night stand, and pushes the one button. "Sam, come to Natasha’s room please."

"Who are you calling? Your henchman?" Jeff asks, with a smirk on his face.

Suddenly a tall, bald man enters the room. He opens his jacket, revealing a gun.

"Sam is Calimo security. For the wedding of course. I’d hate to mistake you for an intruder Mr. Claus," Bob warns again.

Jeff gulps. "How much were you willing to offer again?"

Bob laughs. "Ah, now you are willing to cooperate. I’ll give you one hundred thousand dollars to sign the papers. Once the wedding is over you are to disappear."

"Sir, I’ll sign the papers, but I won’t leave my son."

Bob looks at Jeff. Bob nods. "Fair enough. But you mess with my son and his marriage, there will be an accident."

"Yes sir," Jeff says.

Scene 3
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; The Den

Jason and Rebecca arrive at the grounds of the Calimo Mansion, locked in a passionate kiss as they saunter through the entrance, smiling and making idle comments at each other. A nearby usher takes their coat and points them toward the party, where they dart along hand-on-hand. Rebecca joyful expression quickly fades when she spies Shane near the table of hors d’oeuvres.

Jason takes notice and queries her, "Hey, are you all right?"

Her eyes still focused on Shane, she does not catch the question, "What?"

"You look as pale as sheet," he voices in concern.

"I’m fine, I think I just need something to drink." After saying that, she walks over to the punch bowl and takes the spoon to pour some cherry flavor punch in a glass cup she takes from the side of the bowl. Another guest then distracts Jason as Shane approaches Rebecca, who remains facing the punch bowl gradually taking a sip of her drink.

"So is he the other part of the reason you were so upset about the kiss?" He asks curious to find out about Rebecca’s suitor.

"No…" she starts to reply giving Shane a moment of pleasure. "He is the only reason I was upset about the kiss, the only one I care about and the only one I want to kiss. So whatever you think is happening between us, I’m sorry, but it’s all in your head." She concludes sadly facing him for a personal rapport, not realizing that Jason has spied the conversation.

"So you’re telling me that our kiss meant nothing?" he queries as Jason slowly approaches them.

"Let me put it this way, don’t kiss me again."

"Why? Are you afraid you will succumb to me like before?" he queries as a stunned Jason overhears and darts off, fleeing to the door, he knocks over a server’s tray on his way out.

"I didn’t…" Rebecca manages to get out before Jason’s commotion disturbs her. Rebecca turns in time to see only to catch a glimpse of Jason’s face rush out the mansion. "My god, that was Jason! He looked upset, I better go after him," Rebecca says, walking over to the usher and grabbing her coat.

Rebecca treks outside as the heavy winds blow, and the thick white snow falls heavily from the sky, preventing her from moving at a very steady pace.

"Jason… Jason!" She calls out, only to hear the sound of the winds gushing, which invoke a thought. "What could have send him out in this blizzard… I can’t think about that, I have to find him." She then spots ahead the family gazebo and thinks to herself that Jason could be seeking refuge in there from the storm.

She saunters inside and intakes the warm surroundings, brushing off the snow on her coat and shaking the snow from her hair before she notice Jason nearby.

"Jason, what are you doing out here in this blizzard? Are you crazy?" She asks him as a strange man lurks in the foreground, watching them. He finds a small shrub to hide behind.

"No, I’m not crazy, I obviously didn’t feel the need to be there any longer." He says in agitation.

"Well, if you wanted to leave, then why didn’t you just tell me? We could have left together." She assures him in a soft and understanding tone.

"I started to, but you look pretty content exactly where you were." He says baffling Rebecca.

"I’m afraid you lost me," she replies with an innocence about her.

The strange man digs in his bag and pulls out a gun, "Such a beautiful waste!"

Scene 4
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; The Den

With the party under way, guests continue to pile into the den, as the wait for the start of the wedding. Patricia is walking around, checking the people out. She is happy to be out her condo. ‘Everyone looks so wonderful,’ she says to herself, looking at some of the women’s dresses. ‘I hope I’m not underdressed,’ she thinks, quickly looking at her dress. She is wearing a peach dress, with spaghetti straps. It falls just below her knees, and hugs her figure nicely.

Her attention is distracted when the front door opens. The cool air from the blizzard outside, gives her the chills. She looks over and sees Vinny and Meggan entering. As she watches the couple give an usher their coats, a twinge comes over her. ‘Why am I feeling like this?’ she wonders, taking a drink of her champagne. She continues to watch Meggan and Vinny. She sees Meggan kiss Vinny, which almost sets her on fire. ’No!’ she thinks. ’I’m not jealous of Meggan and Vinny.’


Meggan and Vinny enter the den. Meggan smiles, and looks at Vinny.

"I’m so glad we are here, together Vinny." She says kissing him quickly.

"Yea, me too," he smiles back.

Meggan stops a waiter and grabs two glasses of champagne, as Vinny spots Patricia. ’What the hell is she doing here?’ he wonders, but smiling as Meggan hands him a glass.

"Thanks," he says.

Scene 5
The Calimo Mansion; The Den

Cory and Robin enter the den. Cory continues to look for Natasha.

"I don’t see her any where," Robin says.

"Neither do I," Cory says, still worried about his wife.

"Cory, maybe she is telling you that you should stay with me." Robin suggests, with a slight smirk on her face.

Cory turns to Robin, and smiles. "You are unbelievable, you know that," he laughs.

Robin kisses him. He doesn’t pull away as quickly as he should.

"You know I can make you happy, Cory," Robin smiles.

"I don’t know what I’m going to do right now Robin. Please give me time," he says trying to re-focus on finding Natasha.

"I will, but know that I’m here when you need me...for anything."


On the other side of the room, Shane is having some champagne when his cell phone goes off.

"Who the hell is calling me here?" Shane asks himself aloud as he pulls his cell phone out of his tuxedo. "Hello," he says. "Adam where are you?....The Guest house....I’ll be right there," Shane says hanging up the phone.

He quickly walks to the front door, and heads in the direction of the guest house.


Robin spots Shane leaving, and wonders what’s going on.

"That was strange," she says.

"What’s that?" Cory asks.

"Shane. He just stormed out of here. He went outside. I don’t know why’d he leave the party to go out in the storm."

"He must have forgotten something in his car," Cory says.

Cory quickly notices Sofia approaching them.

"Sofia, it’s wonderful to see you," Cory says, kissing her on the cheek, and hugging her.

"Cory, darling. Always a pleasure." She smiles back. "But I’ve come for Robin."

Robin looks at Sofia, with caution. Robin remembers that Sofia is the one that foiled her pregnancy scheme with Robbie. "Why do you need me?" Robin asks.

"Someone is upstairs with Leah. It’s a surprise," Sofia smiles.

Robin looks at Sofia again.

"Come on Robin. This isn’t a trick. I promise."

Robin nods her head. "Fine, I’ll go."

As the women walk, Sofia offers a peace offering. "Why don’t we bury the hatch, Robin. I have nothing against you, unless you hurt any member of my family."

Robin stops to think. ’I will be hurting Natasha when Cory decides to stay with me,’ she thinks. "Yes, Sofia. A peace offering," Robin says.

They arrive at Natasha’s old room. Robin enters, and is floored. In the room, is her and Leah’s father Dominick!

"Daddy!" Robin says, rushing into his arms.

Scene 6
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; The Guest House

Shane arrives at the guest house. He rushes over to the sofa, where Natasha is still lying unconscious.

"What happened Adam?!" Shane demands to know, as he checks Natasha’s pulse.

"I don’t know," Adam states, as Shane continues to check Natasha’s vitals. "We had a fight, and then she left. I was leaving for the main house, and I saw her lying in the snow. Is she going to be alright?"

Shane looks up at Adam. "We better get Cory down here, quickly."

Scene 7
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; The Grounds; The Gazebo

As the blizzard rages on, Jason and Rebecca continue to talk in the Gazebo. They continue to be unaware that a mysterious man is watching them from the shrubs. The mysterious man loads his gun, when his cell phone goes off.

"Hello," he whispers. "Jackson, what do you want? Yes. I have Kim in perfect range. But I have to go," he says hanging up the phone.


"The man you were talking to at the party… the one you’ve been kissing," Jason manages to say with his voice nearly breaking. Rebecca covers her mouth, silencing her shock over the fact that Jason had overheard her and Shane.

She releases her hand from her mouth and tells him, "It’s not what you think, nothing is going on between me and Shane."

"He kissed you and you didn’t resist, is that not what happen?" he asks.

"Yes… no, I might not have stopped it sooner, but…" She voices before he cuts her off.

"I can’t listen to this!" he says, preparing to pass her as the hitman fires his gun. He raises his hand, and fires the gun! The bullet breezes through the thick snow. And hits Jason, as he is passing by Rebecca! The bullet enters Jason’s stomach. He clutches his stomach, and falls to the ground. The snow is a deep red, as blood exits Jason’s stomach. Rebecca screams, and falls to her knees, as Jason looses consciousness.

Next On One Day At A Time
-Robin overhears a devastating plea from Cory
-Jackson learns of his mistake
-Kim arrives at the party...and is in danger
-Rebecca saves Jason’s life
-Robin begins to feel at an all time low

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