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Previously on One Day at a Time
- At the Gala for Reese, Chris and Trenyce learned that Frederick sent Andrew away to a boarding school. Vinny, meanwhile, had told the twosome that he had a lead on their real child
- Jeff was crushed when Paige told him she wanted nothing to do with as long as he was with Meggan
- Dawn overheard Adam and Helen talking about getting a divorce. She revealed to Max that the thought upset her
- Kim told Bob that she would like Roboto to focus on a new facial cream. He loved the idea. Later, Dominick and Tyler showed up at the gala. Tyler also told Dominick that he thinks Robertson Enterprises should create a facial cream. Kim warned the two of them not create a scene at the party

Scene One - The Calimo Mansion

"Andy, I'm sure you've heard this a million times this evening, but this is a wonderful gala in memory of Reese," Trenyce tells her friend as they walk through the busy party. Even though it has gotten rather late, the party is still going full steam ahead. Not many of the people have left yet, and the drinks and food are being enjoyed by everyone.

"I will never tire of hearing that I did something good for Reese," Andy replies to her. "After the way I handled his death, this is the least I could do."

Trenyce shakes her head. "Nonsense, alcoholism is a disease. There's no shame in that."

"I know," Andy smiles back to her. "I thought I saw you and Chris go outside earlier. Is everything okay?"

Trenyce sighs heavily as she recalls when her and Chris first arrived at the gala, Frederick approached them and revealed that he sent Andrew to a top of the line boarding school. Of course, he wanted them to know because it means that they wouldn't be able to see Andrew for an unforeseeable amount of time. Trenyce handled the news much better than Chris, which doesn't surprise her because Chris has always had somewhat of a temper.

"It's a long story but needless to say, Chris and I learned something this evening and Chris wasn't happy about it."

"You can't leave me hanging with just that," Andy teases her, wanting to get the full story from her.

Trenyce chuckles back to him. "Frederick Richardson announced that he sent Andrew to a boarding school. Just a few days earlier, Chris had asked Frederick if it would be possible for us to visit with Andrew. He's gone through so much in his life, Chris just thought we'd bring some stability back into his life."

"And now that he's been sent away that won't happen," Andy realizes why they are so upset.

"It's not even that Frederick sent Andrew away," Trenyce continues to explain to Andy. "It's that he seemed to purposely do it so Chris and I couldn't see him. Frederick still hasn't forgiven us for that horrible plan Chris schemed to get Andrew back from Savannah before she died."

"Some people never forget," Andy tells her. "I just hope that you and Chris are able to finally put this to rest. Maybe with Andrew away, you two can focus on your future."

Trenyce nods back to him. "Well, Vinny did tell us that he may have a lead on our real child."

"Really?" Andy asks surprised that this is the first that he has heard of this. "That would be amazing if after all this time you were able to find your real child."

"I know," Trenyce replies to him, trying to hide any excitement. The last thing she wants is to get overly optimistic. "I see Vinny and Daisy over there, I should go say hello."

"Yea, absolutely," Andy tells her as he hugs her quickly. "I should go see how other guests are doing. Thank you again, so much Trey, for coming tonight."

"I wouldn't have missed this for the world Andy," Trenyce replies to her friend with a smile on her face. She turns and walks away from Andy, still seeing Vinny, Daisy and Jemma all standing with glasses of champagne by the fireplace. She moves over to them and then gives them a small wave as she approaches them. "Are you guys having a good time?"

"This is like nothin' I ain' ever seen before," Jemma gushes about the party. "Your friend Andy, he sure knows how to throw a nice dew!"

Trenyce chuckles. "He would appreciate that!"

"You look beautiful tonight," Daisy tells her niece as she takes a sip of her champagne.

"Thank you, so do you. That purple looks amazing on your skin!" Trenyce replies to her.

"Have you seen Chris?" Vinny asks Trenyce, who looks back at him uneasily. "I have some news that I'd like you all to hear."

"News?" Chris asks as he arrives behind Vinny. "I'm here now, so what's going on? What news do you have for us?"


"I think I saw Lukas here earlier," Andy tells Donovan as he passes him a glass of champagne and Andy holds a glass of sparkling water. Andy knows that Lukas is still torn between Craig and Donovan but he was hoping that Lukas would make up his mind sooner rather than later so everyone can get on with their lives.

"I did too," Donovan replies to his friend. "I didn't say hello or anything. I'm trying to give him his space, you know? The last thing I want to do is pressure him."

"That's very generous of you," Andy tells him. "I'm sure it can't be easy on you though."

Donovan smiles a little. "The waiting is rough but I don't know what else to do. Craig thinks we should move on together but is that really fair?"

"Wait, Craig wants you and him to be together?" Andy asks in shock.

Donovan arches his eyebrow. "I think he's just tired of waiting for Lukas as well. He was growing impatient with him before he realized that I was involved as well."

"I just hope Lukas knows what a great catch he would have in you," Andy tells his friend. "He would be a fool to walk away from you."

Donovan pulls him into a hug. "Thank you for saying that. I don't always feel that way, but it's nice to hear!"


"I can't believe that Paige wouldn't even hear you out," Meggan tells Jeff as they walk through the foyer, needing a break from the party. They find a bench in the hallway and sit next to each other. Jeff unties his bowtie and leans back against the wall and sighs heavily.

"She doesn't want anything to do with me as long as I am with you," he admits to her slowly, knowing that the words will probably sting Meggan just a little. "I don't know if anything can get through to her right now."

Meggan puts her hand on his leg, exposing the large Rockwell original diamond engagement ring on her ring finger. "Does she even know that we are planning to get married?"

Jeff shakes his head no. "I don't know how to tell her when she is already so upset with me."

"Oh Jeff," Meggan replies to him as she leans her head on his shoulder. "Maybe we should…"

"What are you thinking?" he asks her, as she lifts her head and looks into his eyes.

"Maybe we should cancel the engagement," she whispers back to him.

"Is that what you want?" he asks her in surprise.

She shakes her head as a tear falls from her eye. "Of course not," she says wiping the tear away. "I want to be your wife more than anything else in the world. But Paige is your daughter…"

"I know. I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place with her right now," he admits to her.

"You know what I think, honestly?" Meggan asks him back as he looks at her. "I think Paige is a smart, young woman. And, I think in time she will come around. She's just not used to the idea of her father being with someone who isn't her Mom."

Jeff nods back to her. "I really hope that you're right," he tells her. "I don't know how much more I can take of her being this upset with me. I haven't seen her like this ever. I'm scared about what she could do with her life if she doesn't lose some of this anger."

"You don't think she'd hurt herself, do you?" Meggan asks him.

Jeff shakes his head no. "Not physically, no. But when she's so upset with everything going on in her life, she's bound to make some very reckless mistakes. And those could be very costly to her future."

"Oh Jeff," Meggan replies to him as she hugs him again.

"I have an idea," he whispers into her ear. "How about we leave this party and go home and…"

Meggan looks up and kisses him, cutting his sentence off. "I love the way you think."


"I could have sworn I saw you and Paige rushing out of the party earlier," Helen tells her daughter as she approaches Dawn at the appetizer table.

Dawn finishes eating a cracker with some fancy cheese on as she recalls telling Paige that tonight will be her night to make her move on Shane as Dawn overheard Shane and Natasha planning to head to the Calimo cabin. "Yea, it was a girl talk," Dawn tells her Mom. "It was nothing urgent."

"Are you sure?" Helen asks her, knowing that it looked urgent from where she was. "It looked pretty serious."

"Yea, I'm sure," Dawn smiles back to her. "Are you having a good time? It seemed like you and Dad were getting along earlier."

Helen nods back to her. "We were having a good conversation, yes."

"Why do I get the feeling that there is a but coming?" Dawn asks her, reading her Mom's facial expression.

Helen looks back at her. "Well, I'm not going to lie to you, Dawn. When you first came to say hello to Adam and I, we were talking about divorce. You weren't wrong about hearing that."

Dawn moves a piece of hair behind ear. "I see," she says uneasily. "And was this your idea or Dad's?"

Helen sighs a little recalling how Barbara was the first one who put the idea in Helen's head. At first, she was shocked that her mother would suggest that, but Helen realized that her marriage to Adam wasn't getting any better.

"I have been thinking about," Helen admits to Dawn. "Just so you know, though, no decisions have been made. Your father and I have a lot to sort through and sort out."

"I don't think you should divorce Dad," Dawn tells her, which surprises Helen. "I know I've been really hard on you and Dad since the truth about his affair came out but none of that really matters now."

"Why doesn't it matter?"

Dawn feels her eyes swell with water. "Oh, Dawn, please don't cry."

"I'm sorry," Dawn bites her lower lip as a tear falls down her cheek. "I can't help it. I just…I don't want to see my parents' divorce. I want my family together. Is that too much to ask for?"

"Of course not," Helen replies to her as she pulls her into a hug. "It's not too much to ask for at all."


Dominick enters the foyer to look at his phone to review any work emails that have come in while he has been at the party. Running a huge company the way he does, he never really has any time off because something urgent could arrive at any given time. He looks up from his phone and happens to see Bob walking down the large grand stair case.

"And here, we all thought you retired for the night," Dominick announces to his rival, causing Bob to look over and see Dominick looking at his phone.

"You'd love that, wouldn't you?"

"Actually, I would," Dominick replies to him as their eyes lock. "You still don't look well, Bob. That stroke really took a beating out of you."

Bob smirks back to him. "Shut up," he whispers back to him. "I don't care what kind of party this is, I will still have you thrown out of this house if you don't have any respect for the owner."

Dominick looks back at him with a sly grin on his face. "You know it will be a cold day in hell before I respect you."

Before Bob can say anything, Kim emerges at the doorway of the foyer. "What's going on out here?" she asks as she comes up to Bob. "I thought I told you not to create a scene tonight," she says as she looks at Dominick. "Darling, are you alright?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Bob waves his hand to Kim. "I was just telling Dominick that he may have overstayed his welcome."

"I think it would be for the best if you left," Kim tells Dominick.

"Oh, I don't think so," Dominick replies to them. "Not until your dear husband has to hear what I have to tell him."

"What is this all about?" Bob yells back at him, growing tired of Dominick's games.

"It's about your wife and my son," Dominick says with a devilish grin on his face, as Kim's eyes open wider in horror.


"I saw you and Dominick hugging earlier," Frederick announces to Eva as she grabs another glass of champagne. "I'm guessing that means you decided not to tell him about my hypnosis sessions with Felicia."

Eva takes a sip and looks back at the doctor. She knows that she wanted to tell Dominick the truth about Frederick brainwashing Felicia into believing that she doesn't love Dominick anymore but when she went to tell him the truth, Dominick revealed that Felicia had signed the divorce papers, and therefore he was going to be free to be with her. Eva had long hoped to hear those words from Dominick's mouth; how could she possibly tell him the truth at that time?

"You're not saying anything," Frederick says with a grin on his face. "Please tell me that this means that you're going to keep the secret so I can have Felicia and you can have your future with Dominick?"

Eva waves her hand in front of his face. "We shouldn't been seen together," Eva replies to him. "If this is going to work, people can't think that we are working together."

"You're doing the right thing, Eva," Frederick tells her.

"See you in hell," she snaps at him as she walks off from him, knowing that what she is doing is wrong.

Frederick turns around and watches her walk away from him. He breathes a sigh of relief, knowing that he just dodged a major bullet. He runs his hand through his hair and then smiles when he sees Felicia approaching him. "Good evening," he says to her. "Are you having a good time tonight?"

Felicia nods back to him. "Andy went all out to celebrate Reese's life," she tells him. "I think it's a very sweet gesture."

"I couldn't agree with you more," Frederick replies to her.

"It's got me thinking though," Felicia tells him. "I want to unlock whatever my mind is preventing me from remembering."

"All in good time," Frederick tries to tell her. "You could remember at any time now, Felicia."

"No," Felicia tells him, her tone serious as she looks him in the eyes. "I want to go under hypnosis again. I am determined to remember everything."


"Well, Mr. Vinny, don' keep us waitin' anymore. What news do you have for us?" Jemma asks him, as Chris, Trenyce and Daisy and look on wondering what Vinny could have to tell them.

Vinny looks back at his family and gulps a little. "I got a phone call earlier today," he explains to them. "And, it seems like the lead that we thought we had on Chris and Trenyce's child fell through."

"I don't understand," Trenyce replies to him quickly. "What does that mean exactly?"

"It means we keep looking," Vinny tells her. "Just because this one lead didn't pan out, doesn't mean that we can't still find your child. It will just take longer than what we first hoped."

"I can't believe this," Chris admits as he grabs another vodka cocktail and drinks it quickly. "Nothing seems to be going my way right now!"

"Chris," Daisy tells her ex-husband. "There's still hope, like Vinny said. We don't have much to go off of, so this was always going to be a long process."

"I know, I know," Chris admits to them. "I'm just frustrated that Frederick Richardson sent Andrew away and now we get this news. I just need to catch a break."

"I have an idea," Daisy reveals to everyone. "What if we hired Meggan to find your child? She took over Madeline Wilkins PI firm, she could have resources that we don't even know about."

"I think that is a wonderful idea," Jemma replies to them. "And, we need to start havin' faith that thing' will work out. Trust in God, he knows what he's doin'."

"What do you think Chris?" Trenyce asks him. "Do you think we should hire Meggan?"


"Dominick, this is not the time or the place to have this conversation," Kim warns him, as she knows that he wants to tell Bob the truth about her affair with Tyler and cause Bob's memory to come back instead of letting it come back all on it's down.

"What's going on out here?" Tyler asks as he comes into the foyer. "Dad, are you okay?"

"Come over here son," Dominick calls Tyler over, who listens to his father. "I was just about to tell Bob the truth."

"Would someone kindly tell me what is going on here?" Bob demands to know, growing more agitated by the code of secrecy in the room.

"Bob, darling, we need to keep you calm. Getting worked up isn't good for your recovery," Kim tells him as she walks him over to a bench so he can sit down.

"That's right, let Bobby sit down and catch his breath," Dominick grins back to his rival, trying to stick it to him.

"Dominick, I said that's enough!" Kim stands up and yells at him. "It's time for you guys to leave! Get out of my house!"

"Your house?" Tyler asks her laughing. "That's rich, Kim."

"Don't do this, Tyler. Please don't do this," Kim begs him.

"Kim! What are they going on about?" Bob asks, as he tries to stand up. As he tries to stand up, he starts to cough and he soon falls to the ground unconscious.

"Bob! Oh my God!" Kim cries as she rushes over to his side. She looks up at Tyler and Dominick! "Do something! Call 9-1-1!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Bob is rushed to the hospital
- Shane gets an urgent phone call Paige
- The gala comes to a close

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