Episode 39 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously on One Day At A Time
-Friends and family of Robbie and Leah gathered at the Calimo mansion for a party, which will end with the wedding of Robbie and Leah
-Cory and Adam had a fight, in which Helen saw a side of Adam she didn’t like
-Adam discovered an unconscious Natasha in the snow
-Jason overheard Shane and Rebecca discccussing their kiss. Devastated he went into the blizzard. Rebecca found him. Will, the gunman hired by Jackson to shoot Kim, mistook Rebecca for Kim and fired! Jason was shot
-Bob bribed Jeff into signing the annulment papers
-Dominick, Leah and Robin’s father, returned

Scene 1
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; Outside at the Gazebo

Rebecca screams as Jason falls to the ground. Jason quickly looses consciousness. Rebecca falls to her knees, and touches the entry wound. She lifts her hand and sees blood. She begins to weep.

"Oh my God," she cries. "Jason, wake up! Please wake up," she sobs. When Jason doesn’t move, she realizes she needs to get help. "I have to find Shane," she says, taking off her scarf, and wrapping it around Jason’s stomach, trying to stop the bleeding. "I’ll be right back," she says, kissing Jason on the cheek.

Rebecca rushes back to the house.

Scene 2
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; The Guest House

The fire is blazing, warming the living room. Natasha continues to lay on the sofa, still unconscious. Adam is pacing, by the fire, as Shane keeps vigil by Natasha.

Shane slowly strokes Natasha’s soft blonde hair. ’You just have to be alright,’ he says to himself. No matter how hard he tried, no matter how attracted to Rebecca he was, Shane still realizes that he is in love with Natasha. ’I love you. I think I always will’ he says to himself.

Suddenly the door opens, and Cory enters the guest house. He brushes the snow off his coat, and rushes to the sofa.

"What happened?" he asks, sitting next to Shane. Shane is about to tell Cory, when he cuts him off. "Wake up Natasha," he pleads. "I just lost you...I can’t lose you again," he says.

Shane stops Cory. "We need to talk," Shane says.

"Who did this?" Cory asks. Adam approaches the sofa. "It was you, wasn’t it?" Cory says, glaring at Adam.

Scene 3
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; Natasha’s Old Room

"Daddy!" Robin says, rushing into Dominick’s arms. "I’m so happy to see you."

"And I you my darling," Dominick says, returning Robin’s embrace.

As they exit the embrace, Robin says "When did you get here? How long are you staying?"

Dominick laughs. "One question at a time," he begins. "I just arrived a little while ago. Sofia was nice enough to find you downstairs. Quite the party down stairs."

Leah, who is also in the room, interrupts. "It’s much better with you here," she smiles.

"I have to find Cory. He has to know that you are here. I’m happy Daddy. I mean, really happy. Probably for the first time ever in my life."

Dominick hugs Robin again. "Then I’m happy for you."

"Thank you. OK. I’m going to find Cory," Robin says leaving. "I’ll be back."

When Robin leaves, Leah looks at Dominick.

"What is it Leah? You look upset?"

"I’m afraid Robin’s heading for more disappointment Dad."

Dominick gets a look of concern on his face. "What’s that suppose to mean?"

"It’s a long story, you better sit down."

Scene 4
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; The Guest House

Cory gets up, continuing to glare at Adam. "This is all your fault, isn’t it Black," Cory yells.

Adam puts his hands up, trying to calm Cory. "Just listen to me Cory," Adam pleas.

Cory grabs Adam, and pins up him against the wall. "Damn you Adam! Damn you!"

Shane intercepts. "Stop it! This isn’t helping Natasha. She needs everyone’s support right now."

Cory releases Adam. "Is it serious Shane?"

"If she doesn’t wake up soon, it could be."

Cory races back over to the sofa, as Natasha begins to mumble.

"Come on Natasha, wake up. Please wake up." Cory pleas.

Robin, meanwhile, arrives at the door to the guest house. She opens the door, and is about to enter, when she sees Cory at Natasha’s side.

"I can’t lose you Natasha. Come on, wake up. Please Natasha. I love you, and I need to be with you," Cory pleas, unknowing that his declaration of love has been overheard by Robin.

Robin enters the guest house, and shuts the door. "Well, I guess that settles it." she says, crying.

Cory looks up, "Robin!"

Before Cory can say anything else, Robin rushes out of the guest house.

"You should go after her," Shane says.

"I can’t leave Natasha. Not until I know she’ll be alright."

Natasha slowly opens her eyes.

"Look, she’s awake!" Cory says.

Shane pushes Cory out of the way, and shines a light in Natasha’s eyes. Natasha squints , as the bright light is a shock to the eye.

"How are you feeling?" Shane asks her.

Natasha slowly opens her eyes again. "I’m...I’m alright. What...happened?" she says softly.

"You fell in the snow. You must have slipped on some ice. You were outside for awhile," Cory says.

They are interrupted with Rebecca bursting into the guest house. Tears streaming down her face.

"Rebecca! What’s wrong?" Shane asks, rushing to her side.

"It’s Jason!" she cries. "He was shot! Please help!"

Scene 5
Setting: The Calmio Mansion; The Den

Kim walks into the mansion, flashing a smile at the usher as she hands him her coat and heads into the den, where some semblance of a party is still being held. She can hear a song playing, that she recognizes--Crazy in Love by Beyonce and Jay-Z. She makes her way over to Meggan, whose questioning some of the guests about the whereabouts of her husband. Kim clears her throat as a preoccupied Meggan stops what she is doing and turns around in amazement at Kim’s in her green silk dress.

"Oh, my gosh, you look… you look great!" Meggan says joyously, giving Kim a warm hug.

"Thank you. You say that as if you’re surprise." She replies narrowing her left eyebrow and then smiles.

Jackson, who is on the other side of the room, spies Kim and ponders her presence. He steps into the lobby area in the foyer and makes a phone call to Will, Jackson‘s gunman. The phone rings three times before Will finally answers.

"Hey, where the hell are you?" Jackson queries.

"There’s been a minor glitch, I shot some man instead. But not to worry, I still have the target in my site." Will says trying to assure Jackson he has the situation under control.

Jackson then glances back into the den at Kim, whom is still chatting away with Meggan without a care in the world. Jackson, quickly thinking, then decides to confirm that Will is after the right woman and sends him a digital image of Kim. "Is this the woman you were aiming the gun at tonight?" Jackson asks, gripping his teeth together.

"Oh man… you mean, I almost..." he is cut off by Jackson’s outburst.

"Yes, you idiot! We’ll deal with that mess later, right now, its time someone got their just deserts and this time you will not screw it up."

Scene 6
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; The Grounds

Shane and Rebecca rush to the gazebo. Shane brushes the snow off his coat, as he leans down to Jason.

"Is he going to be alright?" Rebecca asks, still shaken.

Shane looks at the bandage that Rebecca made. "You put this on him?"

"I had to try to stop the bleeding!" she cries. "I didn’t mean to Shane!"

Shane looks at her. "It will probably save his life. The bullet doesn’t look like it’s in that deep. It looks like it caught his belt buckle mostly." Shane looks up at Rebecca, who is relieved. "I need you to go inside, and tell Sofia what has happened. I don’t want to alarm anyone. I want her to get some people to help me take Jason upstairs."

Rebecca gets up, and rushes inside without thinking. Shane looks back at Jason. "You’re one lucky guy," he says to Jason.

Scene 7
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; The Den

Victoria traipses into the mansion, in a zombie-like daze as she spots Vinny sneaking into one of the guestrooms.

"What are you up to now, Vinny." She thinks to herself unaware that the usher at the door has greeted her and asked for her coat. The usher calls out Ma’am twice, but Victoria doesn’t hear him and proceeds upstairs, curious to learn what Vinny is up to. She finally reaches the door of the guestroom and peers inside as she opens it.

Vinny with his back towards her doesn’t realize that she isn’t Meggan before he speaks, "It’s about time you got away."

"Well, the party is always where you are." She says with a fixed stare, stunning Vinny as quickly turns to her voice.

"Victoria?" I thought you were..." he manages to say before Victoria cuts him off quite rudely.

"I know who you thought I was, did you have that same misconception the night you shot me in the Calimo Cabin? It is quite beautiful up there this time of year." She adds hoping to stir Vinny and does.

"You were up at the Calimo Cabin?" He asks, caught off guard by the remark.

"Of course I was!" She says adamantly. "So many memories and secrets lie in that place, I just took some deep breaths in order to make it all come back to me." She concludes demonstrating her deep breath.

"What exactly came back to you?" Vinny queries, starting to sweat.

"Oh, this and that. You know, just things that seem so long ago." She replies, further feeding into Vinny’s anxiety. She then turns back toward the door with a sigh, "Well, why don’t I inform Meggan you are waiting for her? This is a day where every surprise should get its just deserts."

She concludes with a giggle as Vinny follows along with a faint laughter until she exits, when his laughter fades immensely.

Scene 8
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; The Library

Robin enters the library and shuts the door. The room is large, with five wall bookshelves, filled with books. There’s a fireplace, and three sofas. A small desk is a corner of the room. Robin takes off her jacket and tosses it on one of the sofas. She hugs her arms, as she approaches the fireplace. As she looks into the crackling fire, she recalls Cory’s words, a few moments ago.


"I can’t lose you Natasha. Come on, wake up. Please Natasha. I love you, and I need to be with you," Cory pleas, unknowing that his declaration of love has been overheard by Robin.

[End of Flash]

Tears stroll down Robin’s cheek. ‘Another man I fall in love with, and another man who breaks my heart,’ she says to herself.

She stands up straight, and sees some pictures on top of the fireplace mantel. She grabs the one of Robbie.

‘I loved you Robbie. You were the first love of my life. I thought we’d be together forever,’ she cries to herself, as she rubs Robbie’s face with her finger. She puts the photo back, and grabs another one of Cory and Natasha on their wedding day. ‘And Cory. The true love of my life. I didn’t know love, until I was with you. We were so happy. Until Natasha came back...’

Robin puts the photo back, and walks to the desk, where she sits in the seat. She begins to weep. "I’ve lost everything. Everything," she weeps. She looks on the desk, and sees a letter opener. She stops crying for a moment and picks up the letter opener. "Everything," she says, looking at the letter opener in her hands.

Scene 9
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; The Den

Victoria walks down the stairs into the den, where she intercedes on Meggan and Kim’s conversation.

"Hello Meggan, Kimberly." She says in a somewhat sarcastic voice.

"Victoria, don’t you have someone else you can bother? Meggan replies, not entirely please to see her.

"Oh, I finished with your husband, I say he was please when I was done." Kim scoffs with a slight at the remark Victoria makes to Meggan as the usher intercedes.

"Sorry to interrupt, but Ms. Reeves, there is a phone call for you in the foyer." He explains as Kim then follows the usher into the foyer.

"Are you Mrs. Victors?" A quest asks as she approaches Victoria.

"No, I’m Mrs. Victors." Meggan states firmly as the woman apologize and hand her the note. She then opens and read it. "Sorry Victoria, I’m otherwise engaged." She concludes after the reading the note, which uplifts her spirits.

Victoria then realizes the note is from Vinny as she sees Meggan sneak upstairs and adds,

"Hmm… you won’t be for long."


Kim arrives in the foyer and picks up the phone.

"Hello?" She voices, wondering whose on the other line.

"It’s me." Jackson adds.

"What? Who is this?" She queries, not recognizing his voice.

"It’s Jackson..." he manages to utter before Kim intercedes.

"I’m hanging up!" She states firmly.

"No, wait." He soon realizes he is too late as he is only left with the operator. Kim is now proceeding out of the foyer into the lobby, where Jackson surprises and grabs her, taking her outside the mansion.

"What do you think you are doing?" She queries nearly stumbling on her way down the steps of the mansion into the driveway in the freezing cold, where Will awaits on the left side of the mansion, watching and plotting his next move.


Helen takes a sip of her cherry punch as her cellphone rings. She picks it up and is informed by Adam that an emergency has come up and that he won’t be back at the party. She tells him that’s fine and that she will probably turn in early anyhow, but he insists that she stays at the party and enjoys the evening without him. She then tells Adam that is very sweet of him and that she will try to have fun for the both of them. He then hangs up. Victoria overhears the conversation and approaches her.

"Look at you, waiting for inevitable." She says with a bit of slur unable to keep coordinated.

"Are you drunk?" Helen queries baffled by her appearance.

"Adam and I are happy together, why can’t you just leave us alone?" She replies in a dispirited tone, barely holding on to her champagne glass.

"Look, if my spending time with Adam is a problem for you, then you should take it up with your fiancé?

"I’m taking it up with you. He feels nothing for you but pity." She adds.

"Your fiancé and I are friends and if it turns into something more, there is really nothing you can do to stop it." She puts quite diligently.

"So you’re willing to become the other woman when you know he belongs to someone else? I’m asking you not to do that, please, just stay away from my fiancé." She grabs hold of Helen’s hand, causing the punch to tip over onto her dress, as Victoria lets out a light cry.

"Oh my god…" Helen says, grabbing some napkins to help her clean it up. Victoria within seconds shoves her off, baffled. "My god, my dress… you stupid klutz!" She utters.

"You’re the one…" she utters before Victoria cuts in.

"If this is ruin, I will see you get the bill." She voices, strolling off as she groans in frustration, while a perplexed Helen looks peculiarly upon her exit.

Scene 10
Setting: The Calimo Mansion; The Library

Leah walks down the hallway. ‘Odd, one of the ushers told me that a guest was seen down here...’ she says to herself as she approaches the library. She sees a light on under the door. Leah knocks on the door twice. When no one answers, Leah opens the door. She looks around, and sees nothing. Suddenly she sees something on the floor, and let’s out a blood curling scream!

Next on One Day At A Time
-Cory makes a rash decision
-Jeff has a surprise for Leah before her wedding
-Victoria learns a secret
-Jason awakes to a surprise!

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