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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Eva was thrilled when Dominick proposed to her
- Shane was arrested for statutory rape following Paige's claim that they had sex. Natasha visited Shane and revealed that a nurse saw him and Paige kiss in his office. Dawn, meanwhile, told Paige that she will help her carry out the lie
- Robbie and Jeff finally agreed on something in their quest to make Shane pay for hurting Paige
- Frederick sent Andrew away to a boarding school in hopes of keeping him away from Trenyce and Chris
- Rebecca agreed to Melissa's plan of pretending to be pregnant with Cory's baby all the while planning to pass off Caroline's baby as her own

Scene One - Twin Peaks Police Department; The Holding Cells

"I have gone over everything over and over in my head and I just can't seem to remember anything else," Shane tells his lawyer, Josh Levitt as he sits outside of Shane's cell and they are reviewing the case. Shane knows that he has been racking his brain trying to remember something, anything, that will help him clear his name from these statutory rape charges. The most frustrating thing for Shane is that he can't remember anything about the night at the cabin with Paige. It's a complete blank, almost like he passed out from all the wine he had consumed, but Paige is telling everyone that they went upstairs and had sex.

"Keep trying," Josh tells his client. "I don't care how big or little of a detail you may remember, I need to know if you do. Your entire case could depend on it."

Shane sighs and looks back at Josh. "It's not looking good, is it?"

Josh puts his IPad down and stands up from his chair. "The fact that a nurse saw you kissing Paige before the night at the cabin really damages your case, I can't lie to you," Josh informs him. "We have a third party witness that can prove that you and Paige had been growing closer prior to this event which means the cabin wasn't an isolated event."

"But it was!" Shane replies to him quickly. "Paige had kissed me, yes, but every time I told her that we could just be friends. That's why I know something else must have happened at the cabin."

Josh nods back to him. "I know. And I have an idea, I'm just not sure how you'll feel about it."

Shane locks eyes with his lawyer. "Tell me," he tells him. "I'm willing to do anything to clear my name."

Scene Two - The Pampa Grill

"There you are," Meggan announces to her fiance, as she moves closer to Jeff's table. Meggan can immediately tell that something is on Jeff's mind, which could explain why he hasn't responded to any of her text messages all day. "I've been trying to get a hold of you. Did you get my messages?"

Jeff picks up his beer and takes a sip of it. He slowly puts it down before he looks back at Meggan. "I did," he finally speaks to her. "I guess I just needed some time."

Meggan shakes her head in disbelief. Why is Jeff shutting her out? She asks herself, not understanding his distance. "Have I done something to upset you? I'm not sure why you'd feel like you need time."

Jeff picks up his beer and slowly takes another drink. He doesn't make eye contact with Meggan at all. He knows what day it is and seeing Meggan today is still very painful, despite how much he has grown to love and care for her.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Meggan asks him, growing more frustrated with him. "What is this about?"

Jeff finally looks back at her. "I'm sorry, Meggan," he whispers to her. "I told you that I just needed time right now."

"But why?" she asks him as she suddenly realizes what day it is. "My God," she whispers back to him. "It's the anniversary of Noah's death today."

Jeff nods back to her before he picks up his beer again. "Are you going to punish me for that mistake every year on this day? Because that's not what forgiveness is, Jeff," she tells him as she stands up. "And I don't want to be punished every year if I'm going to marry you."

Before Jeff can say anything, Meggan storms off from the table, leaving him alone. Jeff picks up his glass of beer and takes another swig, trying to numb the pain of the losing his son so many years ago on this day.


"You saw Shane last night?" Robbie asks his sister as she sits next to him at the bar of the restaurant drinking a glass of red wine. Robbie wonders if Shane told Natasha anything that would make him appear even guiltier than he already does. All that Robbie wants now is for Shane to pay for taking advantage of Paige.

Natasha finishes taking a sip of her wine and looks back at Robbie. "I did," she tells him. "He was barely holding up in jail. I don't know how he's going to do it until the trial."

"He deserves to be in jail after what he did to Paige," Robbie replies to him, gritting his teeth.

"I don't argue with that," Natasha admits to him. "It's just…"

"It's just what Nat? You think he didn't do what Paige is saying he did? Why would she lie about that? And you know that the nurse saw them kissing in his office a few weeks before the night at the cabin. Shane slept with my daughter and he has to pay for it."

Natasha turns her attention back to her wine and slowly takes another large gulp. She knows what Robbie is saying is true but she also wants everything in her to believe Shane. He wouldn't, really, knowingly sleep with a minor, would he?

"You can't deny the facts, Natasha," Robbie continues to tell her.

Natasha puts her glass down and looks back at her husband. "You're right," she finally says back to him. "I know that Shane did this. It's just a hard pill for me to swallow, okay?"

Robbie moves over to her and hugs her. "I know, I'm sorry that you're having to go through this. But it's time we all realize the kind of man Shane really is."

"I know," Natasha whispers back into his ear. "He has to pay for taking advantage of Paige. He has too."

Scene Three - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Are you excited for this appointment?" Cory asks Rebecca as they sit in the waiting room of the hospital anticipating the start of their first check-up for their baby. Cory knows that he promised to be there for Rebecca every step of the way but he can't help but wish that Robin was with him instead of Rebecca. He wishes that this had never happened, even though he is still very happy that the will be a father soon.

Rebecca looks down at her phone reading the text message from Melissa that states, "Do not let Cory into the examination room with you. Everything else will be taken care of." She looks back at Cory and smiles.

"Of course I am," she says grabbing his hand. "This is the first time I actually feel like this baby is real and it's coming sooner than we think."

Cory nods in agreement. "The 9 months will fly by so fast. At least they did when Robin was pregnant," he immediately regrets saying that. "I'm sorry."

Rebecca shakes her head. "No need to apologize, Cory. I know you've gone through this process before."

"We just have to make sure the outcome is different this time," he says back to her quickly, recalling how his baby with Robin was born stillborn.

"Look, I know you're excited too," Rebecca replies to him. "But I'm feeling a little self-conscious. Do you mind if I go into the appointment alone?"

Cory looks back in surprise. "I thought you wanted me to be a part of this process with you?"

"I do," Rebecca tells him. "I guess this is my first time doing this and I'd just feel more at ease if it was me and the doctor. Next time, you can come with me."

Cory nods uneasily. "Okay, if that's what you want."

"I won't be long," Rebecca smiles back to him, feeling like her heart is in her throat for having to come up with a lie to keep Cory out of the appointment. She walks away and up to the room where she will be examined. She opens the door and quickly shuts it.

"Hello?" she calls out into the empty room. "Is anyone here?"

Before she can do anything else, a side door to the room opens and Caroline appears in a hospital gown. "This room has another door, you can wait in that room. When the appointment is over, we'll trade positions again. You'll get all the paper work to show Cory."

Rebecca nods back to her. "Okay, I hope everything goes well."

"It will," Caroline smiles back to her. "Trust me, we've come too far to let anything get in our way."

Scene Four - The Sugarbowl

Trenyce stirs her coffee slowly as she sits at the window bar, half looking at her semi-cold java and half looking outside. Her mind is on anything but the idea of having to go back to work to finish some new designs that she is working on for Robertson Enterprises. She knows that she has feelings for Chris, the fact that she is so upset by the news that he is interested in Helen confirms this to her. But she also knows that Chris is a player and she doesn't want to open up to him in the hopes of getting hurt. Which is a large part of the reason why she is sleeping with Tyler; not because she has genuine feelings for him but because he gives her what she needs, at least physically.

Really though, she is thinking about the idea of having her child. Now that she and Chris have enlisted Meggan's help in tracking the baby down, she has hope that one day she will be reunited with her baby that was taken from her. She has been feeling this way even more since Meggan confirmed that Trenyce gave birth to a girl.

"My beautiful baby girl," she whispers to herself as she continues to stir her coffee. "You're out there somewhere. I just hope that you're okay and that you're safe."

Before she can say anything else, she looks up and sees Frederick leaving the coffeehouse with a coffee. She watches him for a moment and knows that he sent Andrew away to a boarding school to keep Andrew away from her and Chris. Trenyce wishes that Frederick would realize that neither Chris or her want to do Andrew any harm; they simply care for him.

She stands up and rushes out of the coffeehouse. "Frederick, wait, please," she calls out as she runs up to him.

Frederick stops and turns around to look at Trenyce. He tries to hide his disappointment that she is coming up to him. "What is it, Ms. Davenport? I'm almost late for an appointment."

"I won't keep you long," Trenyce replies to him as she moves some hair behind her ear. "I was just thinking about Andrew and wondering how he is doing?"

Frederick gets a sly grin on his face. "Well, I will tell you what I told Chris Michaels and that is that Andrew is no longer your concern so you'd be best to forget about him. You will never see him again, is that clear?"

Trenyce feels her eyes swell with water. "Why are you so cruel? Andrew is at the age where the more people who love him, the better. Chris and I just love that boy. That's all, we just care. Why isn't that a bad thing?"

Frederick doesn't respond to Trenyce. He turns around and walks away from her, leaving her with tears flowing down her cheeks.


Back inside the coffeehouse in the back booth, Dominick and Eva sit across from each other with sly grins on their faces as they discuss their engagement.

"Tell me, were your child happy to hear about our engagement?" Dominick asks her with a smile on his face. He hasn't been this happy in his personal life in a very long time now that his divorce from Felicia has been finalized and he is engaged to Eva. He has wanted to take this step for so long, it almost feels surreal to him now that they are in the place that they are.

"Of course they were," Eva smiles back to him. "They both thought that it was long overdue, which is funny because I feel the same way."

"As do I," he replies back to her. "Which is why I was thinking," he continues to tell her. "Now that my divorce is finalized from Felicia, I don't think we should wait very long before getting married. I think we should have a short engagement."

Eva looks back to him with some surprise in her eyes. "But there's so much to plan!"

"Then we can hire someone to help you with the details," Dominick tells her as he grabs her hand across the table. "I'm telling you, Eva, that I don't want to wait to marry you."

Eva giggles a little. "Then, I certainly won't keep you waiting."

Before he can respond, his cell phone starts to ring. He grabs it from his pocket and looks at the number. "Sorry, darling, I should take this," he tells her before he picks up the incoming call. "What is all of this about?" he asks.

There is a moment of silence but then Eva hears the worry in Dominick's voice. "What? Are you sure? Yes, yes, I'll be right there."

Eva looks at her fiancé, wondering what just happened. "Dominick, what is it? Is everything okay?"

Dominick, who is looking rather pale suddenly, looks back at her. "No, it's not okay. It's Paige, we have to go."

"Okay, I'll come with you," she says as she quickly collects her coat.

As they rush out, Victoria comes into the coffeehouse. She sees her Mom rushing to the door. "Mom, is everything okay?"

Eva stops just long enough to look at her daughter. "I'll call you later, we have to leave now. Something about Paige."

Victoria uneasily nods back to her, knowing that Dominick must have just found out the truth about Shane and Paige's night together. Victoria knows because it's been reported at the hospital that Shane was arrested. "Call me soon," Victoria tells Eva, who rushes to catch up to Dominick.

Victoria takes a deep breath and wonders how Robbie is holding up with the news that Paige and Shane slept together. She knows that he couldn't be taking the news very well because, despite not being Paige's biological father, he has always felt very protective of her.

"Oh Robbie," she whispers to herself. "If only you'd let me help you right now. You need someone and I could be that somebody."

She turns to leave the coffeehouse, forgetting that she hasn't even ordered anything yet, and sees Robbie slowly walk inside. She gulps and wonders if she should approach him because the last few times she has reached out to him, he has been very cold. She shakes her head and knows that it is the right thing to do.

"Hey," she says softly as she walks up to him.

"Hey," he replies to her.

"I heard about Paige and Shane," she says quickly back to him. "I know you're upset with me and I get that. But Robbie, my God, if you need anything from me at all right now, please let me know. I still…I still love you and if you need me, I'll be there for you."

Robbie uneasily nods back to her and forces a smile on his face. "Thanks, Vic. I'm not sure what the next step is, but I'm glad I have you in my corner."

She grabs his hand and squeezes it. "I've never left your corner, Robbie."

Scene Five - Twin Peaks Police Department; The Holding Cells

"Come on, Josh," Shane replies to his lawyer. "What is this idea you have that could help me clear my name?"

Josh stands up and walks around the chair that he was sitting in. "It will cause a lot of grief for Paige and her family," he tells Shane. "They won't like this idea."

"I don't care! I have to do something to clear my name!"

"Okay, okay," Josh replies to him. "I'm suggesting we get a court order to have Paige undergo a medical examination."

"What kind of examination?" Shane asks him, wondering where Shane is going.

"An examination to show if Paige is still a virgin or not," Josh explains. "Often a OBGYN will be able to tell if a girl has been with a man or not."

Shane runs his hands through his hair; Josh was right, neither Paige or her family will be very happy with this forced examination. And does he really want to put Paige through that? Shane knows that he would be hurting her but at the same time, he knows that he has to do something, anything, to ensure that his name is cleared.

"You're not saying anything," Josh replies to him finally. "Are you thinking that this could work? Or do you want to try something else?"

Shane looks back at his lawyer. "Nah, this could work. Let's do it. Let's have Paige get examined."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Dawn confronts Helen about the divorce
- Paige and Felicia share a moment
- Bob may expose his hand

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