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Previously on One Day at a Time
- On the anniversary of Noah's death, Jeff shut Meggan out. She told him that she won't be punished every year for her past mistakes
- Dawn told Paige that she will help her pass her court ordered medical exam to see if Paige is still a virgin
- Adam and Dawn were floored to realize that Helen was seeing Chris. Trenyce, meanwhile, tried to act supportive of Chris' interest in Helen
- Vinny warned Frederick about hurting his family. Jemma, meanwhile, had a nightmare about the doctor

Scene One - MW Investigations

Jeff walks into the office slowly and looks around hoping to see Meggan. He doesn't see anyone else in the office but he also knows that it is still pretty early but he does see the light on in Meggan's office. As he moves closer to her door, he remembers how upset Meggan was with him after he shut her out on the anniversary of Noah's death. Afterwards, he realized how unfair he was being towards her and so he's coming to see her today in hopes of making up with his fiancé, especially since he knows that he needs her right now because Shane's trial is coming up quickly.

He pauses at the doorway of her office and watches her sit at her desk for a moment. The light from the window in her office catches her hair just perfectly for a moment and he realizes how beautiful Meggan is. He suddenly gets an overwhelming sensation of how lucky he is to have her in his life.

"I hope this is a good time," he says to her as he knocks once on her door. "I really need to talk to you."

Meggan looks up from her desk and arches her eyebrow. "Do you?" she snips back to him. "Because the last time I saw you, all you kept saying was that you needed time. What's changed?"

"I'm sorry about that," Jeff tells her as he sits on the corner of her desk. "I know it wasn't fair of me to treat you that way on the anniversary of Noah's death."

"No it wasn't," she continues her cold front. "Every year since we've been in this relationship you treat me garbage on the day your son died and last year you did it on the day Leah died. So, I'm expecting you'll treat me good until July when it's Leah's anniversary. But guess what, I'm not waiting around for you this time."

"What are you talking about?"

Meggan slides her engagement ring off her finger and holds it out to him. "It's over, Jeff. I don't want to do this anymore."

Scene Two - Twin Peaks Police Station; The Holding Cells

"How are you holding up in here?" Victoria asks Shane as she stands on the other side of his small jail cell. Victoria decided to come and see her friend to see how he is doing. She can't imagine that Shane actually slept with Paige but all the evidence is clearly pointing to that. She also hopes that visiting Shane doesn't get her into more trouble with Robbie because she is trying to make their relationship work and this could be a setback if he isn't happy with her decision to come and see Shane.

Shane stands up from the cot and moves closer to her. "As well as to be expected, I suppose. I'm trying to figure out what the hell happened at the cabin that night."

"You still don't remember, huh?" Victoria asks him. Even she is hoping that his memory will come back so this could all be cleared up.

"No and I hate that I can't remember," he replies to her. "I know that I drank a lot of wine that night, so I think I passed out. But if I did that, then how did I have sex with Paige? None of this makes any sense."

Victoria shakes her head failing to understand herself. "I wish I could do something to help."

"Me too," he replies to her. "I'm surprised to see you here, actually. I thought Robbie would have banned you from coming to see me."

Victoria smirks a little. "Robbie doesn't control me and, honestly, I don't even know where we stand these days. We've been so back and forth lately. It's like a ping pong match."

"Maybe don't tell him that you came to see me," Shane winks back to her. "He's not very happy with me right now."

"Can you blame him?" Victoria asks him quickly.

Shane shakes his head. "No, I can't blame him. Paige is a beautiful young woman, but I don't remember sleeping with her! Damnit, I know better than that!"

"I know," Victoria agrees with him. "But I don't know why she'd lie about this."

"Agreed," Shane says to her.

"Look, Shane," Victoria tells him as she comes closer to the bars. "I have some news that I wanted you to hear from me instead of someone else."

"I don't like the sound of that," Shane replies to her. "I don't think I can handle any more bad news."

"It's not bad, exactly," Victoria tells him. "I've been appointed Chief of Staff at the hospital until your trial is over."

Shane nods back to her. "I guess that makes sense. I appreciate you telling me."

"There is more good news for you," Victoria continues to tell him. "The hospital board finished reviewing your case and they have no physical evidence that you looked at Natasha's file, so they are letting you off the hook with a very strong warning about your future on-goings at the hospital," she tells him, as he breathes a sigh of relief. "I have to tell you, I sat in on some of the discussions, and they weren't going easy on you. I'd say you got off very lucky."

Shane nods back to her. "I've learned my lesson, believe me. I just hope I can get lucky with this case."

"I will be at the trial," Victoria replies to her. "And you know that I am in your corner."

Shane smiles back to her. "Thank you," he whispers to her. "It's nice to know that someone is on my side."

Scene Three - The Calimo Mansion

Paige looks out of the window in her bedroom at the mansion and can see some of the roses in the garden just starting to bloom. Spring has come early this year, she realizes. Her mind, however, is not on the fact that the weather is changing but rather that she has to undergo a medical examination to prove whether or not she is a virgin or not. The thought of going to the hospital and having some doctor touch her in that manner is scary and disgusting to Paige. She hates that this lie has come to this point; she never thought that Shane and his lawyer would go this far to prove that Shane didn't sleep with her. Dawn had told Paige that once Shane thought they had sex, he would leave Natasha so they could be together. Paige hates that everything is spiraling out of control like this.

She turns around from the window and wipes a tear that is falling down her cheek. "I can't do this," she whispers to herself. "I have to come clean. I have to tell the truth."

"You can't do that," Dawn announces to her friend as she steps inside Paige's room. "We've come so far, Paige. I know that you didn't think that you'd have to go through this medical exam but I'm telling that you that it will be okay."

Paige shakes her head to her friend. "But, I didn't have sex with Shane. The medical exam will prove that I'm a virgin."

Dawn throws her large purse on the bed and moves closer to her friend. "I have an idea," Dawn tells her. "But you have to do this, Paige. I told you that I can help you but you have to go through with this. I know the medical exam is scary…"

"You have no idea how scared I am!" Paige interrupts her. "Some doctor wants to touch me! Do you know how embarrassing this is going to be? Do you know how violating this is?"

"I know, I know," Dawn puts her hand on Paige's shoulder. She can tell that her friend is cracking but she knows that she has to convince Paige to do this because this is Dawn's only hope to get some kind of revenge on Natasha for breaking up her family, which Dawn wants even more now that Helen has filed for divorce from Adam. "But let's remember what the end game is, okay? You and Shane can be together, isn't that what you want?"

Paige looks back at her and wonders if that is what she still wants. "Is all of this worth getting some guy to notice me? I don't know. I just don't know."

"You and Shane can be so happy, Paige," Dawn tells her. "Trust me okay?"

Paige finds herself nodding back to her. "So," she sighs. "What is this idea you have that will help me get through this medical exam?"

Dawn walks over to the bed and grabs her purse. She opens her bag and pulls out another black plastic bag. She throws the bag on the bed as Paige watches her every move.

"What's in that bag?" Paige asks as she moves to the other side of the bed and grabs the bag.

"Open it," Dawn tells her as Paige looks inside.

Paige gets a look of confusion on her face by the object she pulls out of her bag. "I don't understand," Paige replies to her. "What is this?"

Dawn looks back at her in shock. "Are you really trying to tell me you have no idea what that is?" Dawn asks her as Paige shrugs. "It's a dildo, Paige. It's for…"

"Oh my God!" Paige shrieks as she drops the sex toy back on the bed. "You want me to use this on myself?"

Dawn moves around the bed and puts her hands on Paige's shoulders again. "It will give the doctor the impression that you've had sex. Just think about it, okay?"

Scene Four - The Victors Mansion; Vinny, Daisy & Jemma's Home

"You haven't had any more nightmares?" Daisy asks Jemma as she pours her Aunt a cup of coffee as Daisy recalls the other morning when she awoke Jemma from having a nightmare that involved Frederick. When Daisy asked her about it, Jemma claimed that she couldn't remember what the nightmare was about but Daisy is still concerned that Frederick is causing her Aunt some kind of trouble.

"No mam, I haven'" Jemma replies to her as she accepts the coffee from Daisy. "I don' get nightmares very often, but that one spooked me to my very core. Funny thing is, I don' even remember what it was all about!"

"Dreams have a way of leaving you when you wake up," Daisy tells her. "What's on your agenda today?"

Jemma takes a sip of her coffee. "I was hopin' to go see Miss Trenyce and see if she has had any new leads on findin' her baby."

"I'm sure she'd appreciate that," Daisy smiles back to her. "I don't know if they have any new leads though. I am almost certain that she would have mentioned something to us if she had."

Jemma nods back to her. "That's the truth," Jemma replies to her. "I still would like to see her. I hope that child finds her baby. I think she is really hopin' that going to see that private investigator will help her track down that missing girl."

"I hope that going to Meggan was the right thing to do," Daisy agrees with her. "Because, you know, I don't know how much more disappointment Trenyce can go through."

Scene Five - The Sugarbowl

"I'm so sorry that you had to see that last night," Helen tells Chris as they put lids on their hot chocolates as she recalls how Adam and Dawn were confronting her about filing for divorce when Chris showed up and they realized that Helen was seeing Chris. To be honest, Helen doesn't know if she should classify this as dating Chris but she does know that she enjoyed the kiss that they shared. It was after their kiss that Helen decided to file for divorce but she still doesn't like how upset her family has become with her actions.

"Hey, you never have to apologize to me," Chris replies to her. "I've been through divorce, so I understand how difficult it can be. How about we take these hot chocolates into the park and go for a walk?"

"I love the sound of that," Helen smiles back to him as they start to walk out of the coffeehouse together.

Outside, they turn and start to walk to the part just as Vinny and Trenyce walk up to the front door of the coffeehouse. Trenyce watches Chris and Helen walk away and she can feel her heart move into her throat. She hates seeing them together but she knows that she can't do anything about it.

"You still want me to grab you a coffee?" Vinny asks Trenyce as he opens the door to the Sugarbowl.

"Yea, thanks," Trenyce replies with a grin on her face. "I just got lost in my thoughts for a moment."

"It happens," Vinny says back to her as she moves inside the coffeehouse.


In the back booth of the coffeehouse, Felicia and Frederick sit across from each other with coffee's in front of them. Frederick has just heard from Felicia about Paige's ordeal; he can't believe that Shane would sleep with a minor.

"Are you sure that this is all true?" Frederick asks her as he takes a sip of his coffee.

Felicia moves some of her red hair out of her face before she looks back at her doctor. "Of course I am," she replies to him quickly. "Robbie had the decency to have Shane arrested and he will stand trial very soon."

"My goodness," Frederick whispers. "Poor Paige. I can't imagine what she is going through right now."

"She's embarrassed that so many people know about her first time," Felicia informs him. "A woman's first time shouldn't be like this. It should have been with a young fellow she met at school or work; not a much older man, you know?"

"I understand completely," Frederick agrees with her. "How are you holding up with this news?"

Felicia pauses for a moment. "I'm fine. I just want that son of a bitch to pay," she tells him. "I want Shane to go to jail for a very long time."

Before Frederick can say anything, his cell phone rings and he quickly grabs it. He looks at the number and realizes that he has to take the call. "Excuse me for a moment, will you?" he asks Felicia as he stands up and moves away from the table.


"Thanks for the coffee, Vinny," Trenyce smiles to him. "I appreciate the gesture."

"No problemo," he replies to her. "I'm glad I ran into you."

"Likewise," she says back to him. "Tell Daisy I said hi, but I really have to get back to the office."

"Understood," he tells her as she gives him a quick hug and she leaves the coffeehouse. Vinny turns to leave when he sees Frederick standing in the corner on his cell phone. Vinny recalls giving the doctor a warning about hurting his family; he just hopes that Frederick takes his warning seriously. As Vinny prepares to leave, he walks by Frederick.

"Just make sure everything is going well. We can't afford to have anything go wrong," Frederick says into his phone. "Once the surprise is ready, Felicia will be so pleasantly shocked. I know that this will make her the happiest woman in the world."

Vinny keeps walking but he can't help but wonder what this surprise Frederick is planning for Felicia. He shakes his head thinking that he should mind his own business but something in his head is telling him that this isn't going to be a good surprise.


Trenyce walks through the park as she realized that cutting through the park is a faster way to get back to the office. She still can't believe that she saw Chris and Helen together although she doesn't know why it surprises her; when Chris indicated that he is interested in Helen, she knew it would be only a matter of time before they were serious with each other. Trenyce knows first hand that Chris is a very hard man to resist when he wants something or someone.

"Stop thinking about Chris," she scolds herself. "You have to get over these feelings you have for him. It will drive you crazy if you don't."


"Like I told you earlier," Chris tells Helen as they sit on a bench and look out at the river. "I think you deserve a man better than Adam. There's no way a man should cheat on you. You're beautiful."

Helen blushes and puts her hand on his leg. "Thank you," she smiles back to him. "Adam isn't the only guilty one in the marriage, though. It takes two."

"That's just you being the honourable woman you are," he winks back to her. "How are you feeling now that you filed for divorce?"

"I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders," she admits to him. "I hate how upset Dawn is over this but I think she will get over it."

"Absolutely she will," Chris agrees with her. She turns and catches him looking at her.

"What?" she asks him with a grin on her face.

"Nothing," he replies. "I'm just thinking I'd like to kiss you."

Helen kicks her lips a little. "Well then Mr. Michaels," she purrs. "You should kiss me then."

He doesn't wait for another moment, he leans up and plants a kiss on her lips. As their lips continue to explore each other, Trenyce comes up to the bench and sees them kiss. She watches for a moment before she rushes off, desperate to get the image out of her head.

Scene Six - MW Investigations

"I'm not taking your ring," Jeff tells Meggan, as she holds her engagement ring out in her hand. "I'm here because I know I was an asshole. I'm trying to make this right, Meggan."

Meggan sets the ring down on the table. "And you're right. I did shut you out on Noah's anniversary. And, I did the same thing last year for Leah's anniversary. But, you have to believe me, I won't do that again. I saw how hurt you were. That killed me because I love you. The last thing in the world I want to do is hurt you anymore than I already have."

"You mean that?" she asks him.

"Of course I mean that," he says as he gets off her desk and moves around to face her. She stands up as he pulls her into a hug. "I'm so sorry Meggan. Please, forgive me."

Meggan pulls out of the hug and looks into his eyes. She can see how genuine he is right now. He leans in and kisses her. "I forgive you," she whispers as their lips part.

"Thank you," he says back to her as he reaches for the ring on the desk. "Let's put this back on your finger."

She gives him her left hand and he slides the ring back on. "I need you so much right now," he admits to her after the ring is on her finger.

"Is it Paige?" she asks him as he nods back to her.

"Shane's trial is coming up," he reveals to her.

"I'll be by your side, Jeff," Meggan replies to him. "I won't leave you."

Scene Seven - The Calimo Mansion

Paige looks at the dildo that lays on her bed as Dawn's words keep replaying over and over in her head.

"Just think about it, okay?" Dawn said to her before she left. Paige knows that if she goes into the medical exam right now, they should see that she is still a virgin. Using this toy could give the illusion that she did have sex which means it would work with her story that she and Shane had sex at the cabin.

"But we didn't and now Shane is in all kinds of trouble," Paige whispers to herself. "If he goes to jail, then how will be together?"

She shakes her head. "He won't go to jail. Not if I say I wanted this to happen. They can't make him go to jail for that, can they?"

She looks back down at the object on the bed before she picks it up. She lays it back down on the bed. "I have to do this," she tells herself as she starts to unbutton her blouse. "This is my chance to be with Shane. This will all work out."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Adam and Helen have words
- Lukas' news surprises Andy
- Bob admits the truth to Kim

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