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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Shane was arrested for statutory rape after Robbie & Jeff learned he slept with Paige at the Calimo cabin. Paige, meanwhile, revealed to Dawn that they never slept together. Dawn encourgaged her friend to keep up the lie so she could have a real chance with Shane. Paige went so far as to undergo a medical exam to prove that she wasn't a virgin anymore, after Dawn supplied her with a sex toy
- Rebecca had a doctor's appointment for her baby. Cory didn't realize that Caroline took Rebecca's place and she fed him all the details of the appointment. Robin, meanwhile, moved out of the penthouse

Scene One - Twin Peaks Court House

Shane is lead into the courtroom by a security guard from a side door where the jail cells are. He looks out and sees Natasha standing in the room, talking to Robbie. Shane can't believe that his trial date is here; he's going to have to defend himself to everyone for sleeping with Paige. He still can't believe that the night of the gala, he got so drunk that he had sex with a minor. Something in his mind still doesn't make sense to him. He knows better, regardless of how much he drank. He just hopes that somehow there was a mistake and the medical procedure that Paige went under will prove that she didn't have sex with him.

He moves closer to the chair where he will be seated. As he does, he sees Josh Levitt walk into the court room. Shane breathes a sigh of relief seeing his lawyer; Josh has become a source of comfort to Shane these past few weeks. When Shane arrives at his chair, he turns to look at Natasha, hoping she will give him support as well.

"I know he's guilty Robbie, but I have to be there for him; he's my husband," Natasha tells Robbie, who gives her a look to tell her that Shane is behind her. She suddenly at a loss; she didn't want him to hear her say that to Robbie.

Natasha turns around and looks at her husband, who looks pale from hearing what she just said. "Shane," she says back to him nervously. "I didn't realize that you were standing there."

"Obviously not," he replies to her coldly. "It is nice to know where I stand with my wife."

"It's not that…" she begins to tell him.

"Are you ready?" Shane cuts her off and asks Josh, who arrives at the table next to Shane.

"Shane, can we please talk about this?" Natasha pleads with her husband.

Shane coldly looks back at her. "I have to prepare for my trial with my lawyer, Natasha. I'm sure your family needs you a lot more than I need your wavering support."

Natasha sighs heavily and walks away from her husband. She stops and looks back at him and wonders if they will be able to make it through this latest obstacle of him cheating on her with a minor.


"How are you holding up?" Dawn asks Paige as they stand off to the side in the foyer of the court house. Dawn can see it written all over Paige's face that she is worried about the trial, especially the part when Paige will be called to testify. Dawn only hopes that her friend is able to make it through the trial; Dawn needs her to do this for her to get some kind of revenge on Natasha for breaking up her family, but she knows that Paige is close to cracking.

Paige moves a piece of hair behind her ear. "I hate this," she admits to Dawn. "I can't believe that I'm back in this court room and I'm going to have to testify about my first sexual experience."

Dawn grabs her hand, knowing Paige had to testify when Jeff sued Robbie for half of Leah's estate. "Those are the kind of words that you should say on the stand."

"I don't need you to coach me," Paige snaps at her. "I think you've done enough of that, don't you?"

Dawn glares back at her. "Why are you mad at me? I'm just telling you how to get the guy you like!"

"Really, Dawn?" Paige continues to rail into her friend. "Do you have any idea how embarrassing the medical exam was?"

"I can only imagine," Dawn replies to her, trying not to lose her cool. "I'm sorry you had to go through with that. But we are in the home stretch now. You think you can manage?"

Paige sighs and shuts her eyes for a moment. "Paige, are you okay?"

"I'll be fine. I'll be fine," she says before she walks away from Dawn. Dawn watches her and wonders if her friend will be able to keep up her part of the plan or if everything will explode in her face.


The elevator door opens and Victoria steps into the foyer of the courthouse. She turns to her left and immediately sees Meggan waiting with a cup of water. She moves over to her one time rival. "Hey, is everyone here already?"

Meggan looks back at Victoria and nods slowly. "Robbie and Jeff are talking over there."

Victoria turns and sees her former fiancé and Jeff talking closely together. She hasn't seen this side of either man since before Leah died; being able to have a conversation that didn't escalate into a fight; it's been a long time coming. "That's something to see, isn't it?"

"The two of them getting along?" Meggan asks her back, as Victoria nods. "It's something I'd never thought I'd see again, to be honest with you."

"They've both been through so much," Victoria replies to her as they make eye contact. "I just hope that this brings them together and some of this fighting can end."

"I hope so too," Meggan agrees with her. "I also hope that this brings Paige closer to them. She needs them in her life and she needs to not be caught in the middle all the time."

Victoria nods back to her. "I think out of all three of them, Paige is the one still suffering the most from Leah's death. This isn't something a girl her age should have to go through."

"That's the truth," Meggan replies to her. "I just hope everyone gets the outcome they want from this messy trial."

Before Victoria can say anything else, the doors to the court room open. "We are ready to begin," Natasha tells everyone, as Robbie makes eye contact with his sister as he realizes that Shane is about to get what he deserves.

Scene Two - The Pier

"What was so urgent that you wanted to meet this morning?" Rebecca asks Melissa as they walk down the pier until they come across a bench and they sit down next to each other. Rebecca woke up this morning with a text from her mother telling her that it was urgent that they see one another today. Rebecca has no idea what her mother could want, considering every part of their plan is going so well right now. Moreover, she hated having to lie to Cory about where she was going.

Melissa takes a sip of her coffee that she got from the Sugarbowl and looks back at her daughter. "I wanted a full update on everything that happened at the doctor's appointment. I'm assuming everything went well, otherwise I would have heard something by now."

Rebecca nods back to her. "Everything went well. Caroline took my place and I heard everything that the doctor was telling Caroline about the baby so I could relay that information back to Cory."

"And he didn't think anything odd occurred give that he didn't go into the exam room with you?"

"Well," Rebecca begins to tell her. "He did think that was weird but I was able to cover but I don't know if I will be able to do that going forward."

"That's unacceptable," Melissa warns her. "You know very well that Cory can never go into that room with you or the entire plan will come apart."

"I know, I know," she replies to her. "I'm thinking of something to hold him off. I think I can do this."

"Don't think, just do it," Melissa says to her again.

Before either one can say anything, Robin stops in front of the bench as she is jogging passed them. "My Mother and sister together, what is going on here?"

Rebecca gulps and looks back at Robin. "We were just having a coffee together," Rebecca tells her. "Isn't that okay?"

Robin sighs and looks back at them. On one side of the bench is her mother, the woman who was keeping her hostage in the mental facility and on other side is her sister, the woman who slept with her husband and is now pregnant with his baby. She doesn't know who she detests more.

"It's fine," Robin tells them both, lying to herself. "I'm going to keep up with my run. Have a good day."

"You too dear," Melissa tries to be nice to her. As soon as Robin is gone, Caroline emerges from behind some large boxes that are on the pier, as she was clearly waiting for Robin to leave.

"That was close," she announces to them as the women look at Caroline.

"What are you doing here?" Melissa asks her as she stands up and moves closer to Caroline. "If anyone sees us together, it could ruin anything."

"And, Robin was just here," Rebecca agrees with Melissa.

Robin suddenly emerges from behind them. "What's going on here? Who are you guys talking to about just seeing me?" she asks her Mother and sister, who both turn around and look at Robin.

Scene Three - Twin Peaks Court House

"All rise, the honourable Judge Franklin Ross is residing," the bailiff announces to the crowded court room as the Judge walks up to his chair.

"Please be seated," Judge Ross tells everyone. "I'd like to get through this trial today, if possible. Ms. Kam, please proceed with your opening statements. Once you're done, Mr. Levitt you'll have your turn."

Lois Kam stands up and quickly fixes her suit jacket before she walks out from her table. "We are here today because a beautiful, young woman's first sexual experience was with a man twice her age. Her first time was with a man who should have known better than to take advantage of a girl her age. Statutory rape is a very serious charge and we will prove, without the shadow of a doubt, that Dr. Shane Glubbs is guilty of this charge. And, for that, he should pay."

Josh waits until Lois is seating before he stands up and looks at the Judge. "Dr. Shane Glubbs is a well respect member of this community. He has been the Chief of Staff at Twin Peaks General Hospital for a number of years and he is married into one of the wealthiest families in town. Did he sleep with Paige Claus? He very well may have. But we will prove that Paige wanted to have sex with him and that Dr. Glubbs was intoxicated at the time. In his right mind, he never would have slept with a minor. We will prove that their act was consensual and he should not be punished as a result."

In the pew, Paige closes her eyes realizing that this is far worse than she had expected. She looks over at Dawn, who nods her head back to her trying to give her support. Jeff grabs Paige's hand as she looks over at him. "You'll be okay?" he whispers to her as she feels her eyes swell with water, not knowing how to answer her father.


"You may be seated," Judge Franklin Ross tells a young female nurse who has just been sworn into providing testimony in the Shane's trial. "Ms. Kam, you may proceed with your first questions."

"Can you please state your name and your profession?" Lois Kam asks as she stands up and looks at the young nurse.

"My name is Natalie Bridges, and I work as a nurse at Twin Peaks General Hospital."

"And, you like your profession?" Lois Kam asks her.

Natalie nods back to her. "Very much so and Twin Peaks General Hospital is a great place to work."

"Wonderful," Lois says back to her. "I want to ask you about the defendant, Dr. Shane Glubbs. Do you know him?"

"Everyone knows Dr. Glubbs," Natalie replies to her. "He's been the chief of staff since I started at the hospital."

"Do you ever happen to walk by Dr. Glubb's office?"

"All the time. I drop files off or run things by him all the time."

"And last November, was there any day that you saw something out of the ordinary in Dr. Glubbs office?"

Natalie takes a moment and gulps as she looks at her boss. "I did," she reveals. "I saw him kissing his assistant, Paige Claus."

"What else did you see?" Lois Kam asks her.

"Nothing," Natalie admits. "Once I saw them kissing, I just walked away. I didn't want to interrupt."

"No further questions," Lois says as Josh stands up.

"Ms. Bridges," he starts to ask. "Have you ever seen Dr. Glubbs kiss anyone else in his office before?"

"No, never."

"So, it's fair to assume that maybe this was a one-off time?"

"Objection!" Lois Kam says as she stands up.

"Sustained, don't lead the witness," Judge Ross tells Josh Levitt.

"One more question, Ms. Bridges," Josh continues. "Do you have a good relationship with Dr. Glubbs? Has he ever come on to you?"

"He has never even tried that," Natalie explains. "And yes, we have a great working relationship. I was surprised to see him kiss Paige."

"No further questions your honour," Josh tells the Judge.

Judge Ross looks over at Lois Kam. "Ms. Kam you can call your next witness."

Lois Kam stands up and looks at Judge Franklin. "The state calls Dr. Victoria Franky to the stand," as Robbie looks over at Victoria, who gulps a little in her seat.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Victoria takes the stand
- Shane pleads with Paige
- Robin questions Melissa and Rebecca

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