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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Shane's trial started; Lois Kam and Josh Levitt gave their opening statements and then the Nurse that saw Shane & Paige kissing at the hospital took the stand. Victoria was next to testify
- Robin saw Melissa and Rebecca and was reminded of her recent pain. Later, Caroline arrived but had to hide when Robin saw her

Scene One - Twin Peaks Court House

"Your honour, the State calls Dr. Victoria Franky to the stand," Lois Kam announces in the court room as Shane turns around and looks at Victoria, who slowly stands up from her seat in the pew.

She fixes her skirt quickly before she looks over at Robbie, who nods back to her, before she starts walking towards the front of the court room. She feels her heart racing inside her chest; she knows that she has nothing to hide, but these kinds of experiences are never easy or enjoyable. She hasn't been in a court room since Donovan's trial, a number of years ago. And, she knows that her testimony could do a lot of damage to Shane. The last thing Victoria wants to do is see Shane go to jail.

"Do you swear that the information you're able to give is the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?" Franklin Ross asks Victoria, as she places her hand on a bible.

"I do," she replies, trying to calm herself down.

"You may be seated," the Judge advises her as Victoria sits down.

"Can you please state your full name for the record?" Lois Kam asks her as she stands up again.

"Marbella Moretti," Victoria replies. "But I go by Victoria Franky. I am a doctor at Twin Peaks General Hospital."

"And, for the record, you used to be married to Dr. Glubbs?"

Victoria smiles as she looks over at Shane. "A long time ago," she replies to Lois. "It feels like a lifetime ago, actually. Shane is now married to my half-sister, Natasha."

"What kind of relationship do you have with Dr. Glubbs?"

"A very good one, I'd like to think. Shane and I remained friends after our divorce. It helps that we are both doctor's at TPGH. We spend a lot of time together at work."

"Have you ever seen him with Paige Claus before?"

Victoria nods her head back to Lois. "Of course I have," she tells her. "Paige is Shane's assistant. It was only natural that I would see them together."

"You were Shane's wife's doctor, correct?" Lois asks her next as Victoria nods. "So, you were aware of the miscarriage Natasha suffered as a result of an affair that she had?"

"Objection!" Josh Levitt yells as he stands up. "The doctor can't divulge into another patient's medical records."

"Sustained," Judge Ross says as he looks at Lois. "Move on, Ms. Kam."

Lois nods and looks back at Victoria. "You were the doctor whom recently performed a court ordered medical exam on Paige Claus, is that correct?"

Victoria looks out into the crowded room and finds Paige, as she recalls the day she completed the medical exam on her. This is the part of the questioning that Victoria was dreading. "I did."

"Can you explain why you did this exam on such a young woman?"

Victoria sighs as she can see Paige's eyes swell with water. "The court wanted to find out of Paige was still a virgin; to see if it could collaborate with her story that she and Shane made love."

"And, what did the test results say?"

In the pew, Dawn grabs Paige's hand as they both await Victoria's response. Dawn knows that this could make or break the case going forward. She quickly looks over at Paige, who shuts her eyes. She can't bear the thought of this being exposed in a courtroom.

"It showed that Paige had lost her virginity. There were signs of sexual activity," Victoria announces as the crowd starts to murmur. Dawn, meanwhile, breathes a sigh of relief, knowing that the sex toy she gave Paige worked like a charm.

"Dr. Franky," Josh stands up as he starts his line of questioning. "Is there any other reason that this test would have shown that Paige had lost her virginity other than having sex with a man?"

Victoria nods back to him. "I'm sure there are other ways but the main way is through sexual activity."

"In your experience with working with and knowing Dr. Glubbs, has he ever tried to have sex with a minor before?" Josh asks her next.

"No, not to my knowledge."

"No further questions."


Paige rushes outside of the courtroom after the Judge called a brief recess, thinking everyone needed a break following Victoria's admission about Paige's sexual activity. The words keep replaying over and over again in Paige's head; she hates that this is happening to her. She never believed that her first time with a man would be exposed like this. She finds a water fountain and bends over to take a drink, trying to cool herself down.

When she stands back up, she sees Dawn standing next to her with a sly grin on her face. "We did it," Dawn whispers back to her with glee. "Everything is going just perfectly!"

"Is it?" Paige asks her, horrified about everything that has just happened to her.

"We are in the home stretch," Dawn replies to her, trying to encourage her friend to stay strong. "All you have to do now is tell the Judge that you wanted to be with Shane and everything will work out! I'm so proud of you, Paige," Dawn tells her as she pulls her friend into a hug.

A single tear falls down Paige's cheek as she thinks about what she is doing. She doesn't know how much longer she can keep up with this. Thankfully, it's almost over, she tells herself.

"Dawn, do you mind if I have a moment with my daughter?" Jeff asks Dawn as they exit their embrace. Dawn looks at Paige, who nods back to her, telling her that it's okay that she's alone with Jeff.

"I'll see you back in there," Dawn tells her as she walks away.

"Are you here to lecture me again?" Paige asks Jeff as she wipes her eyes dry.

"No, I wanted to see how you were doing. Victoria's testimony couldn't have been easy to hear," Jeff tells her, as he moves closer to his daughter. "I hate that this is happening to you."

"I'm fine," Paige lies to him. "I just want this horrible day to be over."

Scene Two - The Pier

"I'll ask you again," Robin says as she stands on the pier looking at her Mom and sister as she just over heard them talking to someone about her. "Whom are you talking to about me?"

Rebecca gulps as she knows that behind her and Melissa is Caroline. They can't have Robin see Caroline because it could ruin their plan to keep Cory and Robin apart. The fact that Caroline is pregnant may be a sign to Robin that Rebecca is not carrying Cory's child; Rebecca feels her heart racing a million miles a second, as she tries to think of a cover story.

"Darling, you simply misheard," Melissa finally tells her daughter. "We were talking about you, yes, but it's just the two of us here. We were saying how good we thought you looked."

Robin arches her eyebrow as she isn't sure if she should believe Melissa and Rebecca's story. She is sure that she heard them talking to someone else and they mentioned her name. She can't place it but she suspects there is something going on. After everything the two women in front of her have put her through, can she really trust a word they are saying?

Rebecca then drops her purse and bends down to grab it. While she's doing that, she notices that Caroline is not standing behind her and Melissa anymore. Rebecca realizes that she must have scurried away. "Look behind us," Rebecca tells her sister as she stands up and moves apart from Melissa. "There is no one else here."

Robin looks past her sister and realizes that Rebecca is telling the truth; there isn't anyone else around. "Okay, sorry for the confusion," Robin admits to them, suddenly feeling bad. "I'm going to carry on with my run."

They watch Robin jog off before Melissa and Rebecca look at each other. "That was close," Rebecca tells her as she breathes a sigh of relief.

"Too close," Melissa replies. "We must be more careful. Everything we've planned could be ruined if we don't."

Scene Three - Twin Peaks Court House

"Victoria's testimony probably did a lot of damage," Robbie tells Dominick, as they stand in the foyer of the court house during the recess that the Judge called. Robbie knows that Victoria admitted that Paige's exam proved that she had lost her virginity will be a nail in Shane's coffin; it proves that he did sleep with a minor. Robbie just hopes that the Judge will still think that Paige is too young, despite her saying that she wanted to be with Shane.

"I hope so," Dominick replies to him. "Shane needs to pay for putting Paige through this."

Robbie nods back to him. "I couldn't agree more. He's just another SOB that I want to get revenge on."

Dominick arches his eyebrow, knowing that Robbie still wants to get revenge on Bob for his part in Leah's death. Dominick doesn't blame Robbie, but he wishes that Robbie would hurry up with some kind of act of revenge. "Have you thought of anything to get back at your father yet?"

Robbie shrugs. "I've just been so consumed with Paige and her ordeal."

"Well, have you heard that Bob has left town?" Dominick asks him.

"He did? Where did he go?"

"Some rehabilitation centre in Pennsylvania," Dominick reveals to him. "He will be gone for a few months, accordingly to my sources."

Robbie nods his head. "Plenty of time to arrange something then," Robbie tells Dominick, who nods his head back to Robbie. Before either man can say anything else, the elevator doors open and Kim steps off and she looks over at Robbie before quickly moves up to him.

"Robbie, I'm so sorry I'm late," Kim tells him as she comes up and hugs him. "I'm here to support you through the trial. Anything that you need, anything at all, I'm here for you."

Robbie holds his stepmother and gets a smile on his face, suddenly thinking about a way to get revenge on Bob. " Thanks, Kim. I appreciate that."

Victoria, meanwhile, comes out of the washroom door and sees Robbie hugging Kim. She quickly turns her back on them, wishing that Robbie was comforting her after her testimony. After all, she knows that her admitting to everyone that Paige has been sexually active was very damaging to Shane's case. She sighs before she turns and walks away from Robbie and Kim's embrace.


"How are you feeling?" Shane asks Paige, as she comes up behind his table during the recess. She knows that she probably shouldn't be seen with him but she thought he may be able to calm her down from her racing heart.

Paige looks back at him, as he is still wearing his orange jump suit and she suddenly feels even worse than ever. He's been in jail, and now, he could face more and longer jail time. She hates that everything is happening the way it is.

"As well as to be expected," she admits to him. "I hate that I had to go through that exam. It was so humiliating."

"I can imagine," Shane nods back to her. "I wish I could remember that night. If only I could…"

"I know you wish you could remember," she gulps, knowing that if he remembered the truth would be revealed.

"I just wish that this wasn't happening. I wish there was a way to stop all of this."

Paige looks back at him. "I should get back to my seat. Good luck, okay?"

Shane nods back to her before he turns around and has a seat. She looks at him for a moment longer as she feels her heart break before she walks away.


"All rise, the honourable Judge Franklin Ross," the bailiff announces as the room stands.

"You may be seated," Franklin tells everyone as he sits down. "I hope you had a good recess. Miss Kam, please call your next witness."

Lois stands up. "The State calls Natasha Calimo Glubbs to the stand, your honour."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Natasha admits she thinks Shane is guilty
- Cory sees Caroline!
- Paige continues to feel torn

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