Episode 398 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: May 03, 2017


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Victoria testified at Shane's trial and she admitted that Paige's medical exam proved that she had been sexually active
- Shane overheard Natasha admit to Robbie that she thinks Shane is guilty
- Robbie learned that Bob had left town. Kim arrived at the trial to support Robbie and Natasha. Victoria witnessed a close moment between Kim and Robbie
- Paige continued to feel torn at the trial as Dawn encouraged her to be strong

Scene One - Twin Peaks Court House

"We call Natasha Calimo to the stand," Lois Kam announces to the court room as Natasha slowly stands up and looks over at Shane, who turns around in his chair to face his wife. He watches her as she walks up to the front of the court room, as his mind replays earlier in the morning when he heard her confess to Robbie that she thinks he is guilty. Shane only hopes that something has changed from then because he knows that the Judge will probably not like hearing that his wife thinks he is guilty of doing this to Paige. After Victoria's damaging testimony, Shane knows that he needs his wife's support more than ever before.

Natasha is sworn in and is seated. "Ms. Calimo, how long have you been married to your husband?" Lois asks her first.

Natasha looks over at Shane and smiles. "We got married in 2015," she replies with a smile on her face as she recalls her wedding day. "But we were together for a number of years before we got married."

"So, it is safe to say that you know Dr. Glubbs very well?" Lois stands up as she asks her next question.

Natasha nods back to her. "I'd like to think so, yes."

"How surprised were you to find out that your husband slept with a minor?"

"Objection!" Josh Levitt yells as he stands up. "She's leading the witness."

"Sustained," Judge Ross tells Lois. "Don't presume that Dr. Glubbs is guilty, Ms. Kam."

"I'll rephrase my question," Lois looks at Natasha. "How did you find out that your husband may have been sexually involved with Paige Claus?"

Natasha gulps and looks over at Shane and she can see the fear in his eyes. "I was at the cabin myself," Natasha begins to tell the court. "My family owns the cabin and Shane and I had agreed to go there to work on our marriage."

"What did you find when you arrived?"

"I found Shane and Paige half naked in the master bedroom."

"Half-naked in the master bedroom?" Lois asks again as she rephrases Natasha's words. "Did they explain what happened?"

Natasha nods as her eyes swell with water. "Paige admitted to me that she and Shane made love the night before."

The crowd in the audience starts to murmur a little as Paige shuts her eyes, embarrassed by everything that is happening. She feels Felicia grab her hand and squeezes it. Paige opens her eyes and gives her Grandma half a smile, even though she feels like she is dying inside.

"So, Paige admitted that she and Shane were together sexually," Lois continues to grill Natasha. "What did your husband say?"

Natasha pauses before she answers. "Shane says he can't remember the night at the cabin."

"Do you believe him?"

"I do," Natasha says back to Lois. "I don't know why he would lie about not being able to remember."

"Do you believe Paige's story? Do you believe that your husband and Paige had sex at the cabin?"

Natasha bites her lower lip and looks over at Shane. "I don't know why Paige would lie about something like that."

"You didn't answer the question," Lois replies to her.

As a single tear falls down Natasha's cheek, she looks over at Shane. "I think Shane did sleep with Paige, yes."

The crowd starts to whisper again, as Shane shuts his eyes in horror, stunned that Natasha admitted that she thinks he is guilty. "No further questions," Lois says as she moves back to her chair and sits down.

Josh stands up and folds his arms. "Ms. Calimo," he begins to say. "Has your husband ever cheated on you before?"

"No, never," Natasha quickly says to him as she wipes her tear. "He's never done anything like this at all."

"So, this is completely out of character for him?"

"Yes," Natasha says as she looks at Shane, trying to save grace.

"No further questions."

"We'll take a short recess," Judge Ross announces to everyone as he smashes his mallet down.


"Tell me honestly, Josh," Shane whispers to his lawyer as the recess begins. "That was bad, wasn't it?"

Josh looks forward and not back at Shane. "Natasha admitting that she thinks you did it was pretty bad. I hope that I was able to smooth things over with the fact that you haven't done this before. But, yea, your wife saying she thinks you're guilty is pretty damaging."

Shane sighs heavily. "I was worried about that," he says as he covers his face with his hands. "I'm so scared," he says looking back at Josh. "That I'm going to jail for something I can't even remember doing."

"Let's not give up just yet," Josh tells him. "Your testimony will help. And, if Paige says that she wanted to be with you, we'll have consent. This isn't over, not yet."


"That seemed intense, huh?" Kim tells Robbie as they stand in the foyer of the court room during the recess. "I should make a point of seeing Natasha. She'll need me right now."

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Robbie asks her with a sly grin on his face.

"Enjoying what? I'm in no ways enjoying the trial," Kim replies to him, not sure why he would say such things to her.

"No, not the trial," he says back to her. "Being the matriarch of the family while my father is away. You're relishing this moment."

Kim can't help but smile a little back to him. "I'm just doing what anyone would do," she tells him as she grabs his hand. "I'm just glad that I could be here for you and Natasha."

Robbie squeezes her hand back. "Yea, I'm really glad you're here too."

Victoria emerges from the court room and spots Robbie and Kim holding hands. She wonders what is going on between the two of them as she recalls seeing them hug earlier in the day. She watches them a moment longer before she walks towards the restroom. If she's honest with herself, she knows the reason she is upset is because Robbie hasn't come to talk to her since she testified; she thought he would be pleased with the fact that Paige's medical exam proved that she had been sexually active. And now, she has seen him cozying up to Kim a few times. She shakes her head, wondering if she and Robbie will ever get back on track again.


"Paige looked rather upset, I wonder if I should go talk to her," Felicia tells Dominick as they walk through the court house. They decided to go for a walk to stretch their legs on the recess from the trial. Felicia recalls how she grabbed Paige's hand at one point during the last session as she could tell her Granddaughter was going through a rough moment.

"I think having some time alone will be good for her," Dominick replies to her. "I think this entire trial has been hard on it but it's almost over."

Felicia shakes her head. "I just can't believe that our beautiful Paige has to go through this. I hope Shane goes to jail for a very long time."

"I know and I agree," Dominick says back to her. "I just think that we need to brace ourselves that it may not happen. Paige's testimony could change everything."

Felicia looks back at him and smiles at the man in front of her, struggling to understand how she couldn't love him anymore. "I know you trying to brace myself for Shane getting off, but that son of a bitch will pay one way or another."

Dominick pulls her into a hug. "That's the woman I fell in love with," he whispers into her ear, knowing that he loves her because she is putting their family first. "Sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

"It's quite alright," she replies to him, with a small grin on her face. "I was thinking the same thing about you."


"Natasha telling everyone that she thinks Shane is guilty was really intense," Dawn tells Paige as they walk together on the recess. "She looked horrified."

"So did Shane," Paige replies to her. "The look on his face … God, I just want this to all be over."

"That's a good thing," Dawn tells her. "Shane being horrified with Natasha's admission means that you guys will probably get together once this is all over."

"I don't know," Paige admits to her. "This is all pretty bad for Shane."

"But after you testify that you wanted to be with him, everything will be settled. It's just a shame that you're the last one being called to the stand," Dawn continues to tell her.

"I just want this over," Paige tells her.

"This could be over very soon," Natasha announces to the girls as she approaches them. "Just remember, Paige," she says looking at the young girl. "The truth is all that you have to say and the rest will take care of itself."

Paige looks back at her and nods, realizing that if she tells the truth, everything will be different.

Scene Two - The Pampa Grill

Cory walks towards the door of the Pampa Grill as he realizes that he is running late for a meeting at Wild Night. He had a late breakfast at the restaurant and didn't realize how late it had become. He knows that he was trying to get a hold of Rebecca as he didn't see her this morning but he was hoping that they could do something together. He wants to be with her as much as possible right now since she is carrying his child, especially since she doesn't want him to come into the medical examinations with him. He doesn't understand why she doesn't want him there but he wants to spend more time with her outside of the exams so he can experience as much of the pregnancy as possible.

As he moves towards the door, Caroline quickly scurries inside. She is looking at her phone, seeing if she has any updates from Melissa and Rebecca. She recalls how she was almost caught by Robin speaking to Melissa and Rebecca but she managed to get away. The first place she decided to go to was the Pampa Grill, just to grab something to eat. She has found it harder to always remember to eat but she knows that she has to do so because she's eating for two. She just hopes that Rebecca and Melissa were able to cover with Robin.

She looks up just as she is about to run in to Cory. "Whoa," he says putting his hands up. "Sorry about that."

"No, I'm sorry," she smiles back to him, immediately recognizing the man in front of her.. "I wasn't looking where I was going."

Cory looks back at her and wonders why she looks so familiar to him. Suddenly, it dawns on him as to where he knows her from. "My God," he whispers in shock. "You are Robin's doctor from Raven's Meadow … you're Liam's sister … you, you're the one who shot me!"

Caroline feels the blood drain from her face. "I…I think you're mistaken!"

"No, I'm not," he says as he moves to grab her arm, not wanting her to leave. He knows that he can still press charges against her for shooting him last fall. Just then, Melissa and Rebecca enter the restaurant and see what is going on in the foyer.

"Cory?" Rebecca asks him, confused by the sight in front of her. Cory quickly looks at Rebecca before Caroline kicks him in the shin and she rushes out of the building while Cory bends over in pain.

"What the hell is going on?" Rebecca asks him as she rushes up to him, realizing that Caroline has to get away.

"That woman," he says as he stands up, his shin still in pain. "She shot me. That is Robin's doctor from Raven's Meadow. You have to stop her!"

Melissa rushes to the door and then looks back at Cory and Rebecca. "She's gone," Melissa replies to them. "I don't see her outside."

"Would you even tell me if you did see her?" Cory spits back to her. "You're the one who hired that maniac in the first place!"

Rebecca looks back at Melissa in horror before she looks back to Cory, who is still grimacing in pain. "Are you okay?"

Cory nods back to her. "I'll be fine, but I want to know what that woman is doing back in Twin Peaks. I have to find out."

Scene Three - Twin Peaks Court House

"Hey," Robbie says to Victoria as he approaches her as she comes out of the washroom. "I've been meaning to come and say hi to you all day."

"Have you?" she asks him, surprised to see him. "I'm surprised you could break yourself away from Kim. You two have seemed pretty close today."

Robbie nods back to her. "She's here to support me and Natasha. I think it's nice of her. My Dad is away at a rehab centre so Kim is here in his place."

"I guess that is nice."

"Look, Victoria," he tells her. "What you said up on the stand today, thank you so much. I know it couldn't have been easy, but I appreciate it."

"I just told the truth," she says back to him, thrilled that he is pleased with her.

"Well, for what it is worth, I do appreciate it."


Inside the court room, people start to move back inside to take their seats as they know the recess will come to a close soon. Natasha enters the court room and moves up behind Shane's seat. She clears her throat to make Shane turn around. He turns back around quickly, not wanting to see her.

"Shane, please," she pleads with him, knowing that he must be upset with her for her admitting she thinks he is guilty. "Just hear me out."

"There's nothing to say," he whispers back to her. "You said everything there is to say on the stand today."

Before Natasha can reply, Judge Ross comes back into the court room. "All rise," the bailiff says to everyone.

"You may be seated," Judge Ross announces to everyone. "Ms. Kam, please call your next witness."

"The State calls Dr. Shane Glubbs," Lois announces as everyone turns and looks at Shane, who gulps nervously.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Shane takes the stand
- Cory is asked a question by Rebecca
- Dawn tells Paige to stay strong

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