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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Natasha testified at Shane's trial and admitted that she thought he was guilty
- Robbie and Kim grew closer as she arrived at the trial to support the family
- Paige continued to feel the pressure of the trial
- Cory came face to face with Caroline. After he realized who she was, she kicked him to escape

Scene One - The Courthouse

"Your honour," Lois Kam states as she stands up from her chair. "The State calls Dr. Shane Glubbs."

Despite everyone knowing that Shane would have to testify at the trial, there is still whispered conversation amongst the court room as Shane stands up. He looks down at Josh, who gives him a nod of approval. Shane knows that this is his chance to tell his side of the story; so far, much of the testimony has been rather damaging to his case because it has been half-truths, in his mind. Shane looks back at Natasha for a moment before he turns and walks up to the front of the court room. As he walks, he recalls his wife's testimony, where she admitted she thinks that he is guilty. He still can't believe that she said that to everyone.

"Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God?" Judge Franklin Ross asks Shane, whose hand is on a bible.

"I do," Shane replies.

"You may be seated."

Shane follows the Judge's instruction as Lois Kam moves out from behind her desk.

"Dr. Glubbs," she begins to say to him. "How long have you been working at Twin Peaks General Hospital?"

Shane doesn't hesitate. "Well over 15 years. I've made my entire career at that hospital."

"And, when did you become the COS?"

"In the fall of 2015," he continues to tell her.

"When did Paige Claus become your assistant?" Lois asks him next.

"Mid to late summer of last year," Shane clears his throat a little, hating where Lois is going with the questioning. It's like he already knows what is coming next.

"Was that before or after you discovered your wife had been unfaithful?" Lois asks him.

"Objection!" Josh says to the Judge, hoping that he can stop Lois from asking these questions.

"Overruled Mr. Levitt," Franklin replies. "Ms. Kam is clearly trying to show motive for Dr. Glubbs possibly wanting to sleep with someone else. I will warn you though Ms. Kam, don't get out of line."

"You never did answer the question, Dr. Glubbs. Did Paige become your assistant after you discovered your wife had been unfaithful?" Lois continues her line of questioning.

"I believe Paige was already my assistant when I learned the truth. The timing, though, it was all very close together," he tells her.

"How were you feeling after finding out about your wife's affair?"

Shane looks past Lois and at Natasha, who puts her head down. "Like anyone in that situation, I was upset. How would you feel?"

"Upset enough to have sex with Paige Claus?" Lois asks him.

"Objection, your honour!" Josh yells this time as he stands up and pounds his fist into the desk.

"Sustained," Franklin announces to Lois. "I warned you Ms. Kam."

"I'll rephrase my question," Lois continues. "When did you start to become … closer to Paige?"

"I've always had a good working relationship with her, she's my assistant."

"That's not what I'm asking," Lois replies to him sharply. "When did you first become intimate with her?"

Shane gulps and looks out into the crowd again. He can see that Paige also has her head down. "I don't remember the first time that she kissed me."

"You sick son of a bitch!" Robbie stands up from his chair and yells. "You've been wooing my daughter for months!"

"Mr. Calimo sit down before I hold you in contempt of this court!" Franklin smashes his mallet.

Kim stands up and moves towards Robbie. "Come on, let's go get some water," she tells him as she guides him out of the court room.

"Ms. Kam, please continue," Franklin instructs her.

"So, just so we are all on the same page," Lois continues to Shane. "You and Paige kissed a few times prior to the night of the cabin."

Shane nods to her. "She kissed me," he corrects her. "And every time I told her that we couldn't have a relationship."

"But on some level you must have enjoyed the kisses?"

"Objection!" Josh says again to Franklin.

"Sustained. Move on Ms. Kam."

"The night at the Calimo cabin," Lois continues. "Did you and Paige kiss?"

Shane shuts his eyes and knows that he does remember him and Paige kissing on the sofa in the living room. "Yes."

"No further questions," Lois announces as she moves back to her chair.

"Dr. Glubbs," Josh begins as he stands up. "What else do you remember about the night at the cabin?"

Shane shrugs a little. "Paige had brought some wine from a party that had been held here town. Together, we drank two bottles. I did most of the drinking, which I know I was wrong. I don't know how much she had but I had at least a full bottle to myself."

"And after she kissed you?" Josh asks him. "What happened?"

"I honestly don't remember," Shane feels his lower lip quiver. "I thought I went to bed. I thought I told her that we couldn't do anything. But she said I asked her to go upstairs with her. God, I wish I could remember."

"So, you don't actually remember having sex with Paige?"

Shane shakes his head. "The rest of the night is a complete blank. I just woke up with her next to me."

"No further questions."

Scene Two - The Pampa Grill

"Are you sure you're okay?" Rebecca asks Cory as they sit side by side in a booth and she is applying some ice to his shin where Caroline kicked him. Rebecca quickly recalls how when she and Melissa arrived at the restaurant, Cory and Caroline had just come face to face. Of course, Cory recognized Caroline as Robin's doctor from Raven's Meadow and the woman who shot him last fall. To escape, Caroline kicked Cory in the shin and ran off. Rebecca realizes that it's the second close call they've had in the day, as Robin almost saw Caroline talking with her and Melissa on the pier in the morning. She knows that they have to be more careful or their plan will be ruined.

Cory looks up at her and nods back to her. "I'll be fine. I think I'll have one hell of a bruise, but I should be okay. I'm just more floored that Caroline is back in town. I never thought I'd see her again, to be honest."

Rebecca agrees with him. "Yea, something is definitely going on with her. Although, her brother lived here right? Maybe they have more family here?"

"Yea, maybe," Cory replies to her. "Look, she's dangerous. I need you to be careful. I don't want anything bad to happen to you or the baby."

Rebecca smiles and grabs his hand. "That's so sweet that you're worried about me."

"I'm worried about both of you," he informs her.

Just then Robin comes up behind their table and can hear what the two of them are talking about. She hates that her husband is so worried about her pregnant sister. She spots Adam sitting at a near-by table but she can't help but wait a moment longer to hear the rest of Cory and Rebecca's conversation.

"I was thinking," Cory continues to tell Rebecca. "What if you moved back into the Penthouse? I know you moved out but with Caroline back, I don't want to take any chances. She shot me when I was helping Robin escape the hospital; the woman is unhinged."

Rebecca smiles as she realizes that Cory seeing Caroline is working even more to her advantage than she thought. "Of course I'll move in with you!"

Robin rushes away, devastated by what she just heard. Part of her expected it, however, since she just moved out of the Penthouse. Still, it's a hard pill for her to swallow.

"Hey, you look upset, is everything okay?" Adam asks his friend as Robin arrives at his table, as the two agreed to have drinks together.

Robin shakes her head as she sits across from him. While she is trying to be strong, the fact that Cory is seemingly moving on with his life, his new life with Rebecca, is almost more than she can bear. "I just heard something, something I should have expected but it hurts none the less."

Adam reaches over and grabs her hand to show support to his friend. Cory, meanwhile, looks past Rebecca's shoulder and sees Adam holding Robin's hand and feels his blood boil. He knows that he has no right to be upset with Robin trying to move on with her life, but he hates the sight of another man touching his wife. And, Adam Black, no less. The man who cheated on his wife with Natasha is now making inroads on his wife.

"Cory, are you okay?" Rebecca asks him, not realizing what Cory is looking at.

"I'm fine," he lies to her. "Just fine."

Scene Three - Twin Peaks Executive Hotel; Suite 889

Caroline closes the door to her hotel room and tries to catch her breath. She knows that running into Cory at the Pampa Grill was a close call; too close. She realizes that she has to be more careful because she has no idea what will happen now that Cory knows she is back in town. Moreover, she's scared that if the police get involved, he could still charge her for the shooting that happened last fall. That would be the worst possible thing that could happen, she tells herself. The worry, however, is starting to get to her.

"I have to ensure that no one knows where I am," she whispers to herself. "I should probably check out of the hotel and lay low. Maybe Melissa can find me somewhere to stay."

She moves closer to her cell phone but she bends over in pain as she starts to cramp. "Ahhh," she gasps as she puts her hand on her growing belly. "Calm down baby," she says to herself as she tries to breathe through another on-coming cramp. "You'll be okay. You have to be okay."

Scene Four - Twin Peaks Courthouse

"I can't believe your Dad yelled at Shane like that," Dawn tells Paige as they walk together during the recess of the trial. "I've never seen him so mad before."

"Me either," Paige admits to her. "This is tearing everyone up. This isn't good, not at all."

"Shane said everything we thought he would say though," Dawn replies to her. "I mean, all you have to do is tell the Judge that you wanted to be with him and this nightmare will be over."

"Will it be over?" Paige asks her. "I mean, what is happening to everyone's life because of this trial? It feels like nothing will ever be the same again."

Dawn pulls her into a hug. "Nothing is ever the same again," Dawn tells her. "And you're about to get everything you've always wanted in Shane."

A single tear falls down Paige's cheek. "It doesn't feel like I'm winning at all. It feels like I'm losing."


"Are you calmer now?" Kim asks Robbie as she passes him a glass of water. She took him out of the court room after he stood up and yelled at Shane. "You can't have any more outbursts or you'll get a fine, or worse, maybe thrown in jail."

"I know, I know," Robbie replies to her as he drinks his water. "He was just so smug up there. He has no idea what he's done to me or my family."

Kim moves up to Robbie and hugs him. "Don't worry," she whispers in his ear. "This is almost over and then we can all move on with our lives."

"I hope you're right," he whispers back to her. "And thanks again. It's great that you're here with me."

"I wouldn't be anywhere else," Kim tells him as they exit their embrace and smile at each other.


"Tell me Josh, how bad was that?" Shane asks his lawyer as they sit side by side at their table in the court room.

Josh sighs and looks back at him. "It wasn't all bad," he tells him. "The fact that you and Paige kissed before was bad, but we knew that going in," Josh continues to tell Shane his thoughts. "But, really, you not remembering plays in our favor. It's like you weren't in your right mind. Now, all Paige has to do is reveal that she wanted to be with you and we should be okay."

"So everything rests on Paige's testimony?" Shane asks him.

"Exactly," Josh replies to him. "And, I don't think she will change her story now."


"That couldn't have been easy for you to hear," Felicia tells Jeff as they stand in the foyer as she recalls Robbie calling Paige his daughter during his outburst.

"It is never easy hearing Robbie refer to my daughter as his," he replies to her. "But I'm used to it. I know he means well."

"Are my ears hearing correctly?" Felicia smirks back to him. "Are you defending Robbie?"

Jeff smiles back to her. "I know it's weird, huh? But, we've really worked together for Paige the last few months. Nothing else matters."

"I'm glad to hear you say that," Felicia replies to him. "Because I suspect that she will need us more than ever once the trial is over."


"All rise, the honourable Judge Franklin Ross resides," the bailiff announces as the court gets ready to start again.

"You may be seated," Franklin tells everyone. "Ms. Kam, the next witness, please."

"The state calls Paige Claus to the stand," Lois announces as all eyes move towards Paige.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Paige takes the stand
- Shane is cold to Natasha
- Cory confronts Adam

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