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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Robbie worked with Dominick to find a way to get revenge on Bob for his role in Leah's death. Bob, meanwhile, went to rehab after suffering another stroke. He gave Kim a "free pass" to be with a man if she needed sex while he away. Kim was surprised when Robbie kissed her
- Adam & Dawn were upset with Helen when she filed for divorce after she started seeing Chris. Max, meanwhile, suggested to Dawn that she move home to try to save her parents marriage. He also acted off when he randomly spotted Adam
- Eva and Dominick agreed to be married sooner rather than later to give the family something to celebrate. Frederick, meanwhile, kissed Felicia. She wondered why she was still torn between her old feelings for Dominick
- Tyler continued to sleep with Trenyce despite having feelings for Kim
- Lukas left town

Scene One - The Pampa Grill

Helen checks her phone quickly as she was supposed to meet Chris at the restaurant but he hasn't arrived yet and she wants to make sure that they didn't get their signals crossed. A sly grin comes across her face when she sees a text message from him suggesting that they meet at her place instead. She isn't sure what Chris has planned, exactly, to meet at her house instead of the restaurant but the ideas running through her mind excite her. She knows that Barbara is out for the afternoon and with Dawn not living at home, so she and Chris will be alone. The idea of being alone with a man in her house sends some chills down Helen's spine.

She stands up and grabs her purse, wanting to head home. As she walks towards the door, she sees Adam walk into the restaurant. She immediately feels her heart sink for a moment. While she's excited about seeing Chris, she knows that it means that it's the end of her and Adam. They've been through so much together, she almost can't believe it. At the same time, she knows that this feels right.

"Helen, hi," Adam says as he comes up to his wife. "Have you eaten yet?"

Helen shakes her head no. "I'm just on my way out, actually. I have plans."

"With Chris, I'm guessing?" he asks her, immediately regretting asking her. He doesn't want to hear the details of her new love life. "Never mind that," he tells her before she can reply. "Just be careful, Helen. Chris has a history with women and it's not the best."

"I don't know if I should thank you or be offended," she replies to him. "I am a grown woman, I can handle my own love life."

"It's just…" Adam starts to tell her. "For so long, your love life has been our life. You can't blame me for being worried about you and who you are moving on with."

Helen looks back at Adam and finds herself grabbing his hand. "Look, Adam," she says to him. "I'm not doing this to hurt you, okay? We went through a lot together but I really feel like our time together has come to an end. I'm excited about this thing with Chris, I really am. I haven't felt this way in a very, very long time."

Adam feels his heart sink a little hearing his wife say these words to him. "Just be careful," he whispers back to her. "That's all I'm asking."

Scene Two - The Sugarbowl

Dawn takes a sip of her latte as she looks next to her and sees a couple of bags in the booth beside her. She has finally decided to move back home after she ran away months ago. Max had convinced her to move home after Shane's trial ended and Dawn was informed that she would have to attend court-ordered therapy. Max's belief was by moving home, it would show the court and the therapist that she is already growing up and making things right. Of course, the other perk of moving home, is that Dawn could potentially help her parents save their marriage. Dawn realizes that despite everything that has happened since she saw Adam sleeping with Natasha, she does want her parents to be together.

"Do you mind if I sit with you?" Barbara asks her granddaughter as she stands with a coffee at the booth.

"I didn't see you come in Grandma," Dawn replies to her. "But of course you can sit with me."

"Thank you," Barbara says as she sits across from her. "I was just about to go to my bridge club but I saw you and wanted to come and say hi."

"You look good, Grandma. I'm glad that I ran into you."

"You are? What are all these bags? What's going on? Please tell me you're coming home, finally?" Barbara gushes, her mind racing at the possibility of Dawn coming home.

Dawn smiles back to her Grandma. "I was thinking of going home, yes," Dawn reveals to her as Barbara squeals in delight. "I don't know. I was going to talk to Mom about it and see what she thinks."

"Oh, she'll be thrilled! I've been praying for this moment for so long!" Barbara smiles back to her. "You're making the right decision, Dawn. You being home is the best thing that could happen right now."

Scene Three - Robertson Enterprises; Dominick's Office

"I'm surprised to find you here," Robbie announces to Dominick as he comes into the office of the CEO of Robertson Enterprises. "With your wedding to Eva coming up so quickly, I thought you'd have a million things to do."

Dominick chuckles back to Robbie as he pours two bourbon's from the bar in his office. He passes one to Robbie. "There are a million things to do," he says back to Robbie. "But between Eva and the wedding planner, they have it all covered. I just have to show up at the church in a few hours."

"That's the way to do it!" Robbie smiles back to him. "Look, I know when we spoke at the trial, you were wanted me to think of something to do to get revenge on my father for his role in Leah's death."

"It just seems like perfect timing with Bob being out of town right now," Dominick says before he takes a sip of his drink.

"I couldn't agree more," Robbie replies with a devilish grin on his face. "And, I don't worry. I have a plan. I'm working on it as we speak."

Dominick arches his eyebrow, curious about what Robbie has planned. "I'm not going to question you," he whispers back to him. "I suspect I know exactly what you're up too and I couldn't be happier about it."

"Cheers," Robbie says as he toasts with Dominick. "To bringing down my father and making him suffer the way he did with Leah before she died."

"I'll drink to that!"

Scene Four - St. Joseph's Church

Eva looks around the church and realizes that in a few short hours, all of her dreams will be coming true as she is set to marry Dominick. She's at the church just going over final details with Father Murphy and some of the staff at the church. She can't believe that her wedding day is finally here; after so many ups and downs, it's almost hard for her to believe that she and Dominick will finally be husband and wife.

Of course, she knows that she is keeping Frederick's secret of brainwashing Felicia into believing that she doesn't love Dominick anymore. If anyone finds out the truth, her wedding to Dominick could be prevented. She knows that Dominick would be livid for Frederick using the hypnosis sessions to plant these seeds of doubt in Felicia's mind, to the point where Felicia now admits that she doesn't love Dominick anymore.

"No one will ever know," she whispers to herself. "Nothing can stop us from getting married, Dominick. Nothing."

"Talking to yourself?" Natasha asks her mother as she comes up behind her, with Victoria next to her.

"Oh, my two daughters," Eva says as she turns around to face them. "I was just thinking about some of the floral arrangements. I'm so glad you two could stop by."

"We told you we would help you with anything, anything you need," Victoria tells her mother as she pulls her into a hug.

"I can't believe that you and Dominick are close to being married," Natasha replies to her mom. "It's been such a long time coming. What can we do to help?"

"I'm glad that you asked because I do have a special request for both of you," Eva tells them as she arches her eyebrow.

"Anything," Victoria replies as she looks at Natasha and then back to Eva. "What can we do?"

"Well, you're both my daughter's and I love you both," Eva starts to tell them. "I was hoping you'd agree to be joint Maid of Honours! I can't decide on just one of you!"

Natasha laughs and hugs Eva. "Of course Mom," she whispers into her ear.

"We'd be happy to," Victoria says as she wipes her eye with a tear. "You must have a million things to do still! Natasha and I can help you with all of that."

Eva clasps her hands together and smiles warmly. "See, this is why I wanted both of you involved. I'm the luckiest mother in the world."

"Nah," Victoria replies to her. "We are the lucky ones to have you as our Mom."

Natasha nods in agreement. "Now, about this list of a million things to do!?"

Scene Five - Bruno's Gym

"I'm just about to hit the showers," Donovan announces to Andy, who is running on the treadmill working up a good sweat.

Andy nods back to his friend, who he had seen working out but didn't go up and say hi because he was focused on running. He pushes the stop button the treadmill and hopes off, grabbing his water bottle and taking a long drink of the cool liquid. He wonders how Donovan is actually holding up since the last time Andy saw him, he revealed that Lukas had left town. Andy hopes that Lukas is finding some peace while he is away because he was torn about which man, Donovan or Craig, he should have a future with. The fact that Lukas has left town, however, still can't be easy on Donovan or Craig.

"Cool, I'll come too," Andy tells him finally. "I was going to come up and say hi but you looked like you were really giving that boxing bag a good workout."

"Yea, I needed to blow off some steam."

"Is everything okay?" Andy asks him as they reach the locker room. "I haven't seen you since I told you that Lukas left town."

Donovan shrugs as he takes off his shirt. "I mean, it's weird. I wish Lukas has told me what he was up too, you know? I saw him right before he left and he was acting weird. I just wish he could have said he was leaving town so I could have said goodbye. It's just weird that he's not here."

"I do think he'll come back, for what's its worth. I think he just needed time," Andy replies to him quickly.

"I know and Craig and I continued to give him time," Donovan says back to Andy. "Sorry about venting, I'm guessing I'm just scared that I've lost my one real chance at happiness."

Andy puts his hand on Donovan's shoulder. "Don't think that way," Andy tells him. "You're going to be fine, with or without Lukas. And, you have your Mom's wedding later today, so that's something to look forward to, right?"

Donovan nods back to him. "You're right," he says with a sly grin on his face. "I will be fine. I will always miss Lukas but he made his decisions and I have to move on with my life."

"Exactly," Andy replies to him. "Come on, let's hit the shower so we can get out of here."

Scene Six - The Black House; Helen & Barbara's Home

Helen rushes to the front door when she hears the doorbell ring. On the other side of the door, Chris stands and looks at her with a smile on his face, "Hey," he says to her before he moves inside the house. "Thanks for changing our plans and agreeing to meet here instead of the restaurant."

"Yea, of course," Helen replies as she closes the door. "I can make some food if you're hungry. I wasn't sure if you had eaten or not when you changed the plans."

Chris looks at her and smiles. He moves closer to her and kisses her passionately. "I am hungry," he says in between kissing her. "But not for food."

Helen giggles as Chris starts to kiss her neck. She finds herself gasping a little. "Chris," she begins to tell him that they are moving to fast but he pushes her up against the wall and becomes more aggressive with his kisses.

"Don't tell me to stop," he whispers as he bites her ear a little. "I want you so badly. I want to take this next step with you."

She pushes him off and looks at him before she starts to unbutton his shirt as she pulls him in for another kiss. They part ways again, and she grabs his hand and starts walking up the stairs of the house.

Scene Seven - The Sugarbowl

"Hey, I can't thank you enough for all your help moving my stuff into my new townhouse," Robin tells Adam as they walk inside the coffee house. "I know it's not much, but this coffee is my treat."

Adam smiles back to his friend. "It's the least I could do," he tells her. "Plus, it's not like you can lift all of that stuff on your own."

"Nope," she winks back to him. "My new nickname for you is muscles!"

Adam chuckles back to her. "Well, anytime you need my muscles, you let me know."

"I'll definitely keep that in mind," she says back to him. "Hey, what are you doing later this afternoon?"

He looks back at her and shrugs. "No plans, why, what's up?"

"My Dad is getting married. Wanna put those muscles in a suit and come with me?"

"I'd love too," he smiles back to her.

In the back booth, Max sips his latte and looks at Adam chatting with who appears to be a beautiful woman. He can't see Robin's face because her back is to him, but he almost wishes he wasn't in the coffee house. He can't let Adam see him; he wasn't sure if Adam was who he thought he was when he spotted him a few days ago in the park, but today he has a better look at him and he is sure that it's the same guy.

"I gotta get out of here," he whispers to himself as he stands up and quickly leaves through the back door of the coffeehouse.

Scene Eight - Robertson Enterprises; Tyler's Office

"No, that's simply not good enough," Tyler says into his phone, as he is talking to the chemist about the facial cream that the company is working on. He knows that Dominick is pressing the entire Robertson Enterprises team to get their facial cream out as soon as possible, in hopes of preventing another company to get a cream out first. Tyler knows that Bob is really worried that Roboto may get a jump start on the facial cream and try to one-up them. What Tyler is concerned about right now, however, is that the chemist is still missing some kind of ingredient in the facial cream that will help prevent wrinkles. "We need to make this right or it's not going to work at all!"

Tyler looks over and sees Felicia come into his office. "Look, I don't care if you have to work all day and all night, but you need to find out what that ingredient is and you have to do is soon. My father won't accept anything less than perfection, okay?"

He hangs up the phone and tries to calm himself before he looks over at his Mom. "Hey, what brings you by?"

"Sorry to interrupt, dear," Felicia says as they hug quickly. "I was just hoping to run into you. I wasn't ready to head home yet and thought I should see you first."

Tyler quickly is relieved that his mother is here; he recalls how he agreed to meet up with Trenyce when he was done at the office, so she's probably at the townhouse waiting for him now.

"That was nice of you," he says back to her. "Do you have any other plans this afternoon?"

"I was going to have an early dinner with Frederick, I think," she tells him. He feels at ease now knowing that she won't interrupt his play time with Trenyce.

"That sounds nice," Tyler tells her. "I guess you're trying to keep busy because of Dad's wedding to Eva? You know they moved it up to this afternoon?"

Felicia uneasily nods back to him. "I just want the best for your father. I don't know how or why we fell out of love with each other but I don't want him to not have a great life."

"I know and he appreciates that," Tyler tells her.

"What about you? Any progress with Kimberly?" she asks him, not wanting to talk about her and Dominick any longer.

Tyler sighs knowing that Kim is still with Bob and he doesn't know if he can chase her anymore. He can only take rejection from Kim so many times before he knows that he has to let her go completely. "I think I may have to find strength like you did and move on from that dream," he slowly reveals to her.

Felicia quickly pulls her son into another hug. "Oh baby," she whispers into his ear. "I'm so sorry to hear that. Try to stay positive, okay?"

"I always try to," he smiles back to her.

Scene Eight - Roboto; Bob's Office

Kim sits at Bob's desk typing furiously into her keyboard as she is replying some key emails that are about the facial cream that Roboto is planning on releasing. She knows that they are close to having the completed cream but they have a few more things to tweak. Still, she is pleasantly surprised by how quickly this has come together; it makes her realize that they really do have the best people in the business, to be able to quickly put all of this together so quickly. And, she knows that Bob will be thrilled when he gets back from his rehab centre in Pennsylvania.

She pauses for a moment and looks up, remembering how the previous day Robbie came by the mansion to thank her for supporting him and Natasha at Shane's trial and he surprised her by kissing her. If she's honest with herself, she can't believe that Robbie did kiss her. She's been best friend's with Natasha for years; she's never thought of Robbie like that before, but when he was in front of her, she can't deny that she was attracted to him. Still, she knows that nothing could ever happen with Robbie because he is Bob's son. Although, in the back of her mind, she keeps remembering that Bob agreed to give her a free pass with a man while he was gone because he knows that she still has needs and the reason she turned to Tyler all those years ago was because Bob was not fulfilling her needs at the time.

"He did say I could be with a man if I needed to," she tells herself. "I don't know why I'm suddenly so drawn to Robbie. I've known him for years."

Before she can think outloud some more, the door to the office opens and Robbie comes inside. "Hey, there you are, I've been looking for you," he says with a grin on his face.

"You have, have you?" she replies as she stands up and looks at him.

"I have," he tells her as he moves closer to her. "I haven't been able to stop thinking."

"About what?" she asks him as she bites her lower lip.

"I think you know," he replies to her, looking deep into her eyes. "Because you haven't been able to think of anything else either, have you?"

"Robbie," she whispers back to him.

He cuts her off by kissing her passionately again. The kiss lasts longer than their last kiss and it's more passionate. She finally pulls back and looks at him as he smiles to her. "I've wanted to do that all day," he admits to her.

She touches her lips with her hand and shakes her head. "I can't do this," she replies to him. "I think you should go. I'm…I'm sorry."

Robbie looks back at her dumbfounded. "No, it's okay," he says to her. "I shouldn't have, I'm the one who is sorry."

Kim nods as he moves to the door. "Kim, it won't happen again, okay?" he tells her before he leaves and closes the door. Outside, Robbie smiles to himself, knowing he has Kim right where he wants her.

Scene Nine - The Black House; Helen & Barbara's Home

Dawn opens the door to the house and steps inside, looking around the house she grew up before she closes the door behind her. She moves inside the living room and puts her bags down. She can't believe that she's actually moving back into the house that she lived in for so long; it's almost surreal that she is back in the house now.

"I can try to help Mom and Dad get back together," she whispers to herself as she moves closer to the mantel and she picks up a family photo from a few years earlier. "This is how we should always be; happy and together."

She sets the picture back down when she hears someone coming down the stairs. She turns around and is horrified to see a shirtless Chris coming downstairs and Helen following him, putting her shirt back on.

"What the hell is this?" Dawn asks, shocked by the sight in front of her.

"Dawn, I didn't know you were here," Helen awkwardly says to her daughter, as she looks at Chris. She quickly finishes buttoning up her shirt before she moves into the living room.

"I can't believe you," Dawn tells her mother. "I can't believe you would do this to Dad!"

"Dawn, please, listen to me!" Helen pleads with her daughter.

"No, coming here was a mistake. It's all just a huge fucking mistake!" Dawn yells at her before she grabs her bags and rushes out the door.

"Dawn, please! Please listen to me!" Helen cries to her daughter, who has already left the house. Chris awkwardly stands on the stairs, still buttoning his shirt up.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Trenyce is shocked by what she hears
- Eva & Dominick's wedding day arrives
- Tyler realizes Kim's mood change with him

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