Episode 403 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: May 20, 2017


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Trenyce grabbed Felicia's IPod at Tyler's house thinking it was hers
- Victoria was hopeful that she and Robbie would reunite after she testified at Shane's trial. Robbie, meanwhile, continued to put the moves on Kim, who was surprised by her attraction to her stepson
- Andy told Donovan & Craig and Lukas had left town
- Shane continued to be cold to Natasha after she admitted on the witness stand that she thought Shane was guilty of sleeping with Paige

Scene One - Tyler's Townhouse

Trenyce lights a couple of candles as she draws herself a bubble bath. She is waiting for Tyler to get back to his place as he agreed that they could see each other today. She knows that he is at the office and then he will be heading to Eva and Dominick's wedding. She just hopes that afterwards he will come back to his place and they have more great sex. While she realizes that they are just friends with benefits, she has grown to really enjoy the time they spend together.

"This bubble bath will help me relax until he gets here," she says to herself as she removes her robe and moves closer to the bath tub.

She grabs her IPod and puts the headphones in. She turns the music on to shuffle and then crawls into the tub. She immediately realizes that she has the wrong IPod.

"This must be Felicia's," she says outloud, as the Barbara Streisand song plays. "Well, I'm in the tub now. It won't be the end of the world listening to her music for my bath."

As she slides down further into the water, the subliminal messages of "You do not love Dominick" start to fill Trenyce's head, even though all she hears is the Barbara song playing.

Scene Two - St. Joseph's Church

Eva stands in the foyer of the church and can't help but smile as she looks around and sees all of the decorations for her wedding to Dominick. It is a beautiful spring day and the sun is shining through the stained glass windows, creating a warm glow inside the church. The flowers are in full bloom and are creating a lovely fragrance within the space as well. As Eva looks around, she almost can't believe that this day has finally arrived, and that everything has come together so quickly. She knows how much she and Dominick have been through to get to this point; she can't help but relish in the fact that they have made it to this day.

"My wedding day," she whispers to herself. "Nothing will stop us from getting married today."

"Are you going to join Victoria and I in the bridal room?" Natasha asks her mother as she steps out in the foyer. "People are going to start arriving soon, we have to get you ready!"

Eva turns and smiles at Natasha. "I am ready," she smiles. "Let's go get ready."

Natasha moves to walk behind Eva when the doors to the church open and Shane moves inside with Jacob. Natasha turns around and looks at her husband. The last time he saw her, Shane asked her to leave their house because he didn't want to see her. She only hopes that things will be able to be smoothed over because she wants her marriage to work more than anything. She knows that Shane is really upset because when Natasha testified at Shane's trial, she admitted that she thought he was guilty of sleeping with Paige. Natasha can understand why he is so upset but she wishes that he would try to move past everything that happened. She had no reason to doubt Paige's story, in her defense.

"Hey," she says as she walks up to Shane. "Look how cute my little man looks today!" she looks at Jacob, who is sleeping in the stroller.

"Yea, I thought I'd try to get here early so Jacob could see Eva if she has time."

"She'd love that," Natasha smiles to him. "Thanks for coming today."

"I wouldn't punish Jacob by missing his Grandmother's wedding," Shane replies to her. "But don't get your hopes up that this means things are okay with us. I don't know how I will ever get past you not believing in me."

Natasha looks back at him wondering if she will be able to get through to him. "I wish you would talk to me about this," she admits to him. "Nothing will get better if we don't talk about it."

"There's nothing to talk about," he says back to her. "In fact, I'm going to see Josh Levitt again."

"Your lawyer? Why?"

"I want a divorce," Shane reveals to him as she fights back tears in her eyes.

"I can't talk about this today," she says back to him. "I have to go help my Mother get ready for her wedding. But, please, don't make any rash decisions."

"Like I said, there's nothing left to say," Shane replies to her. "I hope the wedding is a success, though."


Donovan slowly walks up to the church, his heart feeling a bag of mixed emotions. On one hand, he is thrilled that his mother is finally marrying the man she loves but on the other hand, he can't help but feel sad that Lukas has left town. Even if Lukas had decided to stay and pursue a relationship with Craig, Donovan was enjoying spending time with his ex-boyfriend again. He just hopes that while Lukas is away, he can find himself and uncover what is really important to him.

"Hey, Donovan, wait up," Craig calls out from behind Donovan. He rushes up to him. "Thanks, ready for your Mom's big day?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," Donovan says back to him. "How are you handling Lukas leaving town?"

Craig keeps moving forward. "I mean, I wish he had stayed and taken ownership of this situation," Craig says back to him. "But, you know, I ended our relationship right before he left so I feel like I am at peace with happened. I know one thing for sure, I'm not going to wait around for him to come back. I'm going to keep living my life."

"Interesting, you're the second person who has said that to me recently," Donovan admits to him, as he recalls Andy telling him not to wait around for Lukas either.

"You must have smart friends," Craig winks back to him. "Look, before we go inside, I know I've come on strong with you lately but it's only because I realize what a great guy you are. We deserve something better than Lukas taking forever to decide between us."

"I hear you," Donovan agrees with him.

"I'd like to take you out," Craig quickly replies to him. "No games, nothing serious, just us grabbing a drink together. What do you say?"

Donovan looks back at him and nods. "Sure, why not."

"Excellent," Craig smiles to him.


Tyler is standing in the foyer of the church when the door opens and Kim steps inside. He immediately looks at how beautiful she is dressed for the wedding. He can't help but wonder if they still could have a chance, despite her saying that they are over. He also knows that Trenyce is waiting at his place for him, for when the wedding is over. But, because they are just friends with benefits, he could ask her to leave at any time, despite the two of them consistently having great sex.

"Hey, you came," Tyler says as he walks up to his past lover. "Is Blake with you?"

Kim nods back to him. "He wanted to walk through the garden with Shane and Jacob," she replies to him.

"You look beautiful," he tells her as she blushes a little.

"I know I told you'd call you the last time we saw each other," she starts to tell him, remembering Tyler uncovering the truth about Bob having his memory back at the Calimo mansion. "Bob and I, we've decided to make it work. We want our marriage to last."

Tyler sighs heavily, already knowing that this was coming, even though he doesn't understand it. "I don't understand why you are going back to him when he's lied to you so many times."

"He did lie to me, yes," Kim replies to him. "But he did that to save our marriage. He was never unfaithful."

Tyler looks at her with intent, wondering what she is talking about. "I hope you and Trenyce are happy together," she says, revealing that she knows about their intimacy, which floors him.

"How did you find out?" he asks her, quickly regretting asking her the question. "Never mind that. What did you expect me to do? You told me for months that nothing was happening with us, I still have needs, you know. I am still a man!"

"As do I, which is why before Bob left, he told me I could be with someone if I needed to while he is gone. See Tyler, Bob and I, we are trying to learn from our past mistakes and move forward. I hope you can do the same. I hope you can find happiness with Trenyce," she tells him. "I'm going to go find a seat, okay?"

Tyler is left standing alone as Kim walks off, his heart racing a million miles a second. Not only has Kim ended things with him, but she is clearly interested in another man that she wants to be with while Bob is away. Now, more than ever, Tyler is looking forward to getting home and being with Trenyce. He has to get over any feelings he may have for Kim; he doesn't have any other choice.


Victoria emerges from the bridal room, looking to grab some water for Eva, who is starting to get ready for the wedding. She looks around and happens to see Kim and Robbie talking closely in the church. She recalls how she saw them have some close moments during Shane's trial and wonders what is going on. She knows that Robbie did thank her for her testimony at the trial but she was still hoping that he would be able to move past her telling Jeff to sue Robbie so they could be together again. She wants to be with him, again.

Robbie happens to see Victoria and moves over to her. "Hey, how is the bride to be doing?"

Victoria leans over to fill a glass with water from the water cooler. "She's doing good, she's excited," Victoria tells him as the cup fills up. "What's going on with you and Kim? I've seen you two together a lot lately."

Robbie gulps and knows that he can't reveal what he is really doing with his step mother. He also can't let Victoria know that they have shared a few kisses because he knows that she would be upset by that. "Kim and I? We are family, I don't know what you're talking about."

"Okay, okay," she tells him, believing his words. "I won't press you. I'm glad that you're here though."

"I wouldn't miss this for the world," he says back to her. "I'm just ready for to start new, you know? Put all of this bad stuff that has happened and start fresh."

"I couldn't agree more," she winks back to him, hoping that he means that they could move on together. "Let's talk after the ceremony?"

"Yea, sure Vic," he smiles back to her. "I'd really like that."


Dominick emerges from the grooms quarters in his tuxedo and looks around as the church continues to fill with people. He can't believe that his wedding day to Eva has finally arrived. For him, he is excited to start this next chapter with the woman he loves but he finds himself remembering his last wedding, to Felicia all of those years ago.

To his surprise, Felicia comes up to him quickly. "There you are," she says as she pulls him to the side, just outside of the bridal room. "Don't you look handsome in your tuxedo."

Dominick smiles back to his ex-wife. "Thank you," he tells her. "You don't look like you're dressed for the wedding. Aren't you staying?"

"I wasn't going to," she admits to him. "Frederick and I were going to have dinner together."

"I wish you would stay," he reveals to her. "Even though we are divorced, I still care very much for you, Felicia. You're still a big part of my life. I'd love for you to be here."

Felicia feels her eyes swell with water. "I still care for you too," she admits to him, as the bridal room door opens and Eva peers out as she was looking for Victoria, but she sees her fiancé and his ex-wife standing together. She closes the door but leaves it ajar so she can hear what they are saying.

"We've been through so much together," Felicia continues to tell him.

"That we have," he replies. "Which is why, you should stay. Please say you will."

"Okay, okay," she laughs. "You convinced me to stay."

Dominick pulls her into a hug. "You've made me so happy by saying that. Always remember how much you mean to me, okay?"

Inside the bridal room, the guilt in the back of Eva's mind of keeping Frederick's secret about brainwashing Felicia starts to get more intense. She tries to calm herself down but she looks at her hands and they are shaking.

"You can do this," she whispers to herself. "You can do this."

"Mom, are you okay?" Natasha asks her as she comes up to her Mom.

Eva smiles back to her. "Yea, I'm fine."

Scene Three - Tyler's Townhouse

Trenyce steps out of the bathtub humming to the song that was just playing on the Ipod. She never expected to actually enjoy some of the music that is on Felicia's playlist, but it wasn't too bad. She found it more relaxing in the bath than anticipated.

She starts to sing the song lyrics but finds herself saying, "I don't love Dominick," she opens her eyes wider after she says the words and wonders why she said that. "Of course I don't love Dominick," she tells herself. "Why would I say that?"

She listens to the song again, and realizes that she can almost hear those words as a part of the lyrics. "That doesn't make any sense," she tells herself as she grabs the IPod. She turns on the settings and is shocked to see a song and another track being played at the same time. She turns off the song but listens to the track being played. The words "You don't love Dominick" are repeated over and over again.

"My God," Trenyce whispers, realizing that someone was trying to tell this to Felicia. "There's only one person who could want to do this," she says outloud. "Frederick."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Frederick calms Eva's nerves
- Kim and Robbie continue to give in to their passion
- Helen tells Chris she needs time

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