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Previously on One Day at a Time
- After realizing that Felicia's IPod had been tampered with subliminal messages for her not to love Dominick, Trenyce decided to head to the church to stop Dominick from marrying Eva
- Paige, Robbie & Jeff all apologized to Shane after the truth came out at his trial about the night at the Calimo cabin
- Robbie and Kim kissed and agreed to be together after the wedding. Robbie, also, agreed to talk to Victoria after the wedding
- Meggan and Jeff agreed to be married sooner rather than later
- Chris and Helen made love

Scene One - Trenyce's VW Golf

Trenyce looks out the front window of her car and sees the long line of vehicles in front of her. She hadn't even thought that traffic would be bad getting to the church, but now she remembers hearing that the bridge is out for repairs so everyone that is on the road has to take the detour; it just happens to be the same route to get to the church.

She taps her hands on the steering wheel, her patience wearing thin. She knows that she has to get to the church as quickly as possible because everyone needs to know that Frederick has been telling Felicia that she doesn't love Dominick; if Felicia does still love him, it could change everything, Trenyce realizes.

"Dominick might not marry Eva if he knows how Felicia really feels," she whispers to herself. "I have to get to the church. They have to know the truth. They just have too…" she says as she starts to inch a little bit forward in the traffic jam.

Scene Two - St. Joseph's Church

Paige opens the door to the church and steps outside, taking a deep breath of the fresh air. She needed to get some air as she felt like she was suffocating inside. Ever since she admitted the truth on the witness stand that she and Shane never made love, she feels like the entire town's eyes are on her. No matter where she goes or what she does, she can feel the stares and whispers about her. Today, is no different. Even though this is her family's day, she feels like some people are still whispering and gossiping about her.

She walks down the steps and moves into the garden, the sun beats down on her face. She wishes that Leah was with her today; she could use her Mother's support. She knows that Leah would know the right thing to say and do.

"I miss you so much Mom," Paige says to herself as she continues to walk through the garden.

"You know, she's always with you, right?" a voice says from behind Paige. She turns around and sees Shane walking up to her. She isn't sure how she should respond since she caused Shane so much pain. She doesn't know why he is being so nice to her.

"I know," Paige nods back to him. "What are you doing out here?"

"Jacob wanted to play outside," he says as he looks over and sees Jacob pushing some cars in the grass. "He can't sit still for very long."

"He's growing up so quickly," she smiles at the sight of the boy playing.

"That he is," Shane agrees with her. "Too quickly, if you ask me."

"I know that you came by the house the other day and I said sorry for everything that happened," she tells him. "But, I feel like I should tell you again. I really am so sorry for everything."

"I know you are," Shane tells her as he moves closer to her. "I can't say I understand why you did what you did, but I can see how upset you are by what you did. You can't keep beating yourself up over it, okay? The truth came out, my name was cleared. We just have to move on."

Paige nods as a tear falls down her cheek. "I wish I knew how," she admits to him. "That's part of the reason I wish my Mom was here. She'd know how to get me through this."

"Come here, kiddo," he says as he pulls her into a hug. "You're a bright young woman, you will get through this. I promise you, you'll be just fine."


"Hey, is Mom ready?" Donovan asks Victoria as he comes up to her, just before Victoria is about to go back into the bridal room.

"Yea, almost," Victoria tells him. "She just has to put her dress on and then we are good to go. I can't believe this day if finally here."

"I know, Mom must be so excited," Donovan says back to her. "She's wanted to get married to Dominick for so long."

"And, now nothing will stop her," Victoria smiles back to him, as she looks over his shoulder and sees Kim and Robbie sitting next to her, laughing about something. It's not the first time in recent weeks that she has seen the two of them engaged in what seems to be a closer moment. She has no idea why the idea bothers her so much; after all, Kim and Robbie are family. In her mind, however, it seems like something more is going on. And, that would upset her because she wants nothing more than to get back together with Robbie and start planning their future together.

"Where did you go? I can see that you're focused on something else now," Donovan tells her as he waves his hand in front of her face.

"Sorry," she tells him as she indicates for him to turn around and look at what she is seeing. "I don't know why that bugs me but it does."

"Kim and Robbie?" he asks as he turns around and looks back at his sister. "They are family, it's not weird that they would be sitting together."

"I know, I keep telling myself that," Victoria admits to him. "It's just, I don't know, I may sound silly even saying this, but I feel like something else is going on with them."

"Like what?" Donovan asks her, surprised by her confession.

Victoria shrugs. "I wish I knew," she admits to him. "Something isn't right, that's all I'm saying. I just need to know what it is exactly."


"I'm glad I caught you alone for a moment," Adam announces to Chris, who emerges from the men's restroom. Adam knows that Chris arrived with Helen and the two of them have been seeing each other. In Adam's mind, Chris is a big part of the reason that he and Helen are divorcing and while he can accept that if Helen wants to move on, he doesn't want her to be hurt by Chris Michaels.

"Are you?" Chris asks him. "I'm not sure that I want to have this conversation, not at a wedding."

"That's too bad," Adam tells him, not letting Chris move past him. "Because, you're going to hear what I have to say."

Chris sighs and looks back at Adam. "Fine, say what's on your mind."

"You and Helen," Adam quickly replies to him. "I know that you're seeing each other."

"That we are," Chris replies to him. "We haven't hid that from anyone."

"I know that," Adam says. "But, she's still my wife. And even when our divorce is finalized, I will always care about her."

"I wouldn't expect that to change," Chris agrees with him. "You and Helen have been through a lot together over the years."

"So, consider this your warning," Adam tells him as he moves closer to Chris. "If you hurt her, you will have to answer to me."

Chris smiles back to him. "Don't worry, Adam," he replies to him. "I have no plans on hurting Helen. Not now, not ever."


"Hey, there you are," Jeff says to Paige as she comes back inside the church. "I was wondering where you went off too."

"I needed some air," she admits to her Dad.

"Are you okay? You look like you've been crying," Jeff tells her as he comes up to her and hugs her.

"I'm fine," she whispers back to him. "I was just missing Mom, that's all."

"I know," Jeff agrees with her as they exit their embrace. "I'm thinking a lot about her today too."

"It's impossible not to," Paige replies to him.

Before Jeff can reply, Meggan comes up to them. "Hey," she smiles, remembering how she and Jeff agreed to get married sooner rather than later earlier in the day. She also knows that they agreed to tell Paige the truth about their engagement. Seeing Jeff with his daughter now, Meggan assumes that he is about to tell Paige the news. "I hope I'm not too late to share the good news."

Paige arches her eyebrow. "Good news? What good news would that be?" she asks, looking back at her father.

Jeff looks over at Meggan, and she quickly realizes that he hasn't said anything to her just yet. Meggan puts her hands up to try to back track. "Well, I guess we are going to wait until later."

"To tell me what? Please stop treating me like a child," Paige tells them, as she looks closer at Meggan's left hand and she spots a large diamond ring. "Wait, what is this?" she asks as she grabs Meggan's hand. "Are you two getting married? Is that what this good news is?"

Before anyone can reply, Meggan hears her cell phone ring. She reaches into her purse and looks at the number. "I have to take this, it's about a case I'm working on," she says before she quickly walks away.

Paige looks back at her father and puts her hands on her hips. "You're marrying Meggan?" she asks him, shocked.

Jeff finds himself nodding back to her. "I love her, Paige," he admits to her. "I want to have her in my life."

"I can't believe this," she replies to him as she starts to walk past him.

"Paige, wait," he calls out to her.

"No, Dad, please, I need some time to grasp this. I need some time alone," she tells him, shocked and upset by his news. She really thought that after the trial, things would start to get back to normal. If this is what the new normal is, she won't be happy.


"Meggan Richardson speaking," she says into her cell phone. "Please tell me you have good news."

As Meggan listens as the other person speaks to her, she gets a smile on her face. "Perfect, we'll be in touch very shortly."

She hangs up the phone and feels a sense of pride. She just got a lead into the potential whereabouts of Chris and Trenyce's biological child. "I guess I'll tell them after the wedding," she whispers to herself, thrilled by the news of the lead.


"You seemed to have a long walk outside, is everything okay?" Frederick asks Felicia, as he watches her walk up the stairs of the church.

Felicia knows that after she saw Dominick earlier, she went for a walk to clear her head. She has been having all of these mixed emotions about the wedding day. On one hand, she can't help but wish Dominick well but on the other hand, she feels like she is missing something. There's a part of her heart that is sad to see him moving on, which doesn't make sense to her because she is the one who has admitted that she doesn't love Dominick anymore.

"I will be fine," she tells him. "I guess I'm just ready for this wedding to be over."

"We don't have to stay if you don't want too," Frederick replies to her quickly.

"Yes, we do," she quickly says to him. "I told Dominick I would stay, so I have to stay for him. I can't leave now."

"Okay," Frederick says as he grabs her hands. "Don't be sad, okay? This is the start of something beautiful. Not only for Dominick and Eva, but for you and I."

"What do you mean?" Felicia asks him.

"I kissed you the other day Felicia," he reminds her as he licks his lips again. "I was hoping that we could try to make a future together. This could be the start of something amazing."

Felicia finds herself uneasily nodding back to him. "It could be, you're right."

He leans in and kisses her on the lips. "I adore you," he tells her as their lips part. "Come on, let's go get a seat and watch how love can overcome anything."


"Ladies and gentlemen," Natasha announces as she stands at the back of the church. "If you all want to take your seats, the wedding is about to begin. The bride is finally ready!"

People smile and start to move to their seats, as Dominick slowly moves to the front of the church. He looks back at Tyler, who is standing behind him and nods to his son.

"This is it," he tells Tyler. "In a few minutes I'll be married to Eva."

"Are you ready?" Tyler asks him.

"As ready as I'll ever be," he smiles, as he tries to calm the butterflies in his stomach.

Scene Three - Trenyce's VW Golf

"Come on!" Trenyce yells in frustration as the cars barely move forward in the traffic jam. She looks at her watch and realizes that the wedding is moments away from starting and she isn't even close to the church yet.

"I have to get to the church," she says to herself. "I have to get there in time."

She reaches into her phone and grabs her phone. She tries calling Tyler, but it goes straight to voicemail. "Damn it!" she yells as she throws the phone down in anger.

Suddenly, the traffic starts to pick up pace and she starts moving. She feels her heart racing a million miles a second. "I have to get there," she tells herself as she focuses on the road. "I have to tell everyone the truth."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Will Trenyce get to the church on time?
- Adam & Helen share a close moment
- Jeff's words hurt Meggan

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