Episode 407 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: May 25, 2017


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Dominick married Eva. Afterwards, Trenyce arrived at the reception and was about to tell Tyler the truth about Frederick brainwashing Felicia
- Kim and Robbie had sex. Victoria, meanwhile, was worried by their closeness
- Shane asked Natasha for a divorce
- Chris and Helen made love. Daisy, meanwhile, was worried about Jemma as she was having nightmares about Frederick
- Meggan told Jeff she hated feeling like she was coming between him, Leah and Paige

Scene One - The Pampa Grill

"Are you sure about all of this?" a shocked Tyler asks Trenyce, who just finished telling him what she heard on Felicia's IPod regarding her being brainwashed into believing she doesn't love Dominick anymore. Tyler can't believe that Frederick, his mother's doctor, would do this to her, just so he could have a chance to be with her. It makes him sick to his stomach thinking about how he has been using Felicia all this time. And, to make matters worse, Dominick has married Eva, meaning his parents may not get back together after all. He wishes that Dominick had known the truth; maybe he wouldn't have married Eva. Maybe, his parents could have been together.

"I'm positive," Trenyce replies to him. "I have the IPod in my bag. You can listen if you want," she continues to tell him. She can see his blood start to boil. "Look, why don't we go outside to get some air. I can tell that you're upset."

"Upset? Upset?" he asks twice, raising his voice both times. "Yea, that's a fucking understatement! That son of a bitch was feeding my mother lies! He needs to pay for what he has done!"

"I agree, but it's father's wedding reception, do you think this is the best time?" she asks him, as he turns his head and he can see Frederick and Felicia laughing about something, and then he looks over at Donovan and Eva, whom are whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears.

"It's a very good time, he can't be around my mother, not for a moment longer! I have to protect my mother!"


"I can't believe we are actually married," Eva smiles to Dominick as she leans in and gives him a passionate kiss. "I didn't know that I could be this happy."

"I plan on spending the rest of my life making you the happiest woman on the face of the earth," he smiles back to her before he leans in and kisses her. "Do you want another glass of champagne?"

"I'd love one," she says back to him. "And then, maybe we could cut the cake?"

"You know after the cake, I get to remove your garter belt, right?" he winks at her.

She blushes and winks back to him. "I'm not wearing one," she giggles back to him.

"Naughty girl! I love it!"


"How much longer would you like to stay?" Frederick asks Felicia before he takes a sip of his champagne. He knows that the entire wedding has been more than draining for Felicia and he knows that it is because deep down, she is still harbouring feelings for her ex-husband. Still, now that Dominick has married Eva, he believes that they are in the clear about anyone ever learning the truth about him brainwashing her.

Felicia pushes some hair out of her face and looks up at Dominick and Eva, whom are moving closer to the cake. "I guess after we have cake. It would be nice to see them cut the cake, that's a nice tradition."

"Okay," he replies to her. "I don't want to rush you, I just know that it has been a long day for you."

"It has, thank you for always thinking of me."

"Oh, he's been thinking about you alright," Tyler announces as he arrives at the table, gritting his teeth. "You, get away from my mother now!"

"Tyler, please, not here," Treynce begs him as she comes up behind him.

"No, this is happening now," Tyler yells, getting a lot people's attention, including Dominick and Eva. "This son of a bitch is going to pay!"

"Tyler, what on earth has gotten into you?" Felicia asks him, confused by her son's outbursts. "Frederick is a very close friend."

"That's what I'd like to know son," Dominick announces as he and Eva approach the circle of people.

Tyler looks back at his parents before he looks at Frederick. "He's been brainwashing Mom," Tyler announces as Eva covers her mouth in horror, shocked that Tyler not only knows the truth, but is revealing it at her wedding reception.

Scene Two - The Calimo Mansion

Robbie and Kim continue to lay in the large king size bed in the master bedroom of the Calimo mansion, fresh from having hot, sweaty sex with each other. Robbie knows that he has wanted this for a while now and now that it has happened, he feels a sense of complete satisfaction, only he can't admit to Kim the reason why; it would spoil everything.

"You look so happy," she says as she purses her lips together.

"Why wouldn't I be happy?" he asks her, still grinning. "I just had sex with a very attractive woman. Any guy would have a grin on his face."

She giggles back to him. "Well, just so you know, you were exactly what I needed too."

"How do you think my Dad will feel?" he asks as he sits up in the bed.

"Bob will understand," she nods her head back to him. "He gave me a free pass, if you will, to be with someone while he was away. He didn't want to make the same mistake as before."

"You mean with you and Tyler?"

She nods back him. "Yea, exactly. So we are in the clear."

"Perfect," he smiles as he leans back in and kisses her again. "It's getting late, I should get going."

"Do you have to go already?" she asks him with a little giggle. She falls back into the bed and pulls him on top of her again, kissing him passionately.

Scene Three - The Pampa Grill

"I'm just floored that Robbie and Kim didn't show up," Victoria tells Donovan, as she sips on some champagne.

"Where do you think they went?" he asks her, wondering what about be going on between his sister's former fiancé.

"I don't know, but it's odd," she admits to her brother. "I just have a funny feeling that something more is going on with them. I just don't know what it is."

"Do you want to go out to the Calimo mansion to see them?" Donovan suggests to her, knowing that it will bug her until she knows the truth.

"Do you think Eva would mind?" she asks him. "I know it's her wedding, but I just have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach."

"I don't think she'd mind at all, go. I'll tell you her left."

"Thanks Donovan," Victoria gives him half a smile back. "I'll keep you posted."


"I'm glad I caught you before you left," Natasha says to Shane as she comes up to him. "How is Jacob?"

"The sitter said he went down to bed a while ago," Shane replies to her, before he takes a drink of his champagne. "I was going to finish this glass of champagne and take an uber home."

"You're leaving already? I was hoping we could talk after," she admits to him. "I'm not exactly thrilled by the announcement that you want to divorce me."

"I got word from Josh Levitt that the papers are ready to sign," he reveals to her, as she feels her heart break in her chest. She knows that Shane is upset with her but she always believed that they would make it work. After all, they have been through so much together.

"You want me to sign divorce papers already? You only told me about the divorce today," she tells him as she fights tears in her eyes, stunned by how fast Shane is moving with this.

"But this has been coming for months, Natasha," he tells, continuing to be cold. "You slept with Adam Black, you miscarried his baby, you didn't believe in me during my trial…There's nothing left worth fighting for. I can't trust you, not with anything."

A tear falls down her cheek, devastated by his cold words.. "I love you, doesn't that matter?"

"Not anymore," he tells her as he sets his glass down. "Because, I don't love you anymore."


"So, whom are you seeing now?" Daisy asks Chris as they grab a piece of cake and she takes a bit of it.

Chris can't help but smile back to his ex-wife, knowing that he and Helen recently made love and he thought it was fantastic. Of course, Dawn came home and realized what had happened, which left Helen feeling upset and told him that she needed a bit more time. He is very confident that she will come around and they will continue their new romance. She just has to get her head around Dawn accepting them as a couple.

"Well," he chuckles back to her. "I'm not really saying anything right now because it's still new but it is nice and just sort of happened."

"It's always those unexpected events that are the best ones," Daisy agrees with him. "That's how it was me and Vinny."

"Speaking of, when are you two getting married? This has to be the longest engagement in the history of the world!"

"I wouldn't be that dramatic," Daisy swats his shoulder. "But I do want to get married sooner rather than later."

"Then, what's stopping you?"

Daisy sighs and thinks about how Jemma has been having troubling dreams lately in which she mumbles the name Frederick over and over again. While she is close to finish planning her wedding, she doesn't want to rush into the wedding if it will upset her Aunt. She wants to make sure Jemma is in a good place before she focuses on the wedding.

"I'm worried about Jemma," she admits to her ex.

"Why? What's going on?"

"I think she has a secret past with Frederick Richardson, I just don't know how to get it out of her," Daisy reveals to him. "She's been having nightmares in which she calls out Frederick's name to stop. When she awakes, she can't remember, but Chris, it's very troubling."

"Well, take it from me," Chris replies to her. "Frederick is not a trust worthy man. He will do anything to get his own way. Anything."


"I don't want to talk about this anymore," Meggan tells Jeff as she turns around to face him outside the restaurant. She is leaving the wedding because Jeff just admitted to her that he was thinking about Paige and Leah during the ceremony. While she knows that Paige was upset to learn about their engagement, she didn't think that Jeff would still be hung up on Leah. She hates that she continues to feel like she is caught between him and his dead wife. She doesn't know how much more she can take.

"I don't want to leave things like this," he admits to her, looking at the woman he loves.

"Like what? I told you I hate feeling like I'm coming between you and Leah. You didn't say anything back to me. I can't…I won't do this anymore."

"What are you saying?" he asks her, looking at her with intent. He can't believe that earlier in the day they were agreeing to get married sooner rather than later and now they are fighting.

"I'm saying, it's over Jeff. I mean it this time. I can't keep doing this. It's the same old song and dance and I'm done! Okay, I'm done!"

Before he can reply, she turns around and storms off from him, leaving him standing on the sidewalk wondering if he is still engaged to Meggan or how he can fix this mess that he is in.

Scene Four - The Calimo Mansion

"Kimberly, I'm home!" Bob announces as he opens the front door of the mansion. He looks around the house and feels at ease; he hadn't realized how much he missed the mansion while he was at rehab. But now, he's stronger than ever before and he's home. And, there's nothing he wants more than to see his wife and give her a passionate kiss.

He moves into the living room and doesn't see anyone. He moves to the bar and pours himself a glass of brandy. He takes a drink of it before he thinks he hears a noise upstairs. "Ah," he gets a grin on his face. "She's upstairs. What a better way to celebrate my home coming then surprising her in the bedroom."

He sets his drink down and moves to the staircase in the foyer before he starts to walk upstairs.


Outside, Victoria pulls up in her Lexus. She parks the car before she steps outside and look around, immediately seeing Robbie's jeep in the large drive way.

"Looks like you Donovan was right, Robbie is here with Kim. She whispers to herself. "But what are they doing? What was so important that they missed the wedding reception?"

"Only one way to find out," she continues to talk to herself as she starts to walk up the stairs to the front door.


Bob slowly opens the door to the bedroom and peaks his head inside. He moves all the way in when he sees what's happening in front of him.

"What the hell is going on in here?" a stunned Bob asks as Kim is laying in the bed and Robbie is standing up with his shirt off and his jeans unbuttoned. "Kimberly? You didn't sleep with Robbie, did you?"

"Bob, you're home!" She quickly says, covering herself with the blankets as Robbie gets a twisted look on his face.

"Someone better start explaining to me what the hell is going on!" Bob yells at his son and his wife, who are both still half naked.

Scene Five - The Pampa Grill

"Brainwashing?" Dominick asks, stunned by what Tyler just announced to everyone. "What on earth are you talking about?"

"I'll tell you all what's going on," Tyler grits his teeth as he looks at Frederick. "Frederick has been planting subliminal messages into Felicia's mind," he continues to tell everyone. "He's been telling her that she doesn't love you, Dad."

"What, that doesn't make any sense," Felicia says, her eyes filling with tears. "Why would Frederick do this to me?"

"Because, he wants you for himself," Tyler tells her. "He didn't want you to be with Dad anymore."

"I can explain," Frederick tries to justify to everyone.

"You son of a bitch," Dominick yells at Frederick.

"There is a misunderstanding," Frederick tries to explain to everyone, as Eva gulps realizing that the truth is about to come out.

""No, there isn't," Trenyce steps in as she pulls out the IPod. "I listened to Felicia's IPod today. Whenever she plays music, a secondary track plays that says "You don't love Dominick" over and over again. I said it outloud and then I realized that something was very wrong."

"You did this to me?" a shocked Felicia asks as she looks at Frederick. "You made me think I wasn't in love with my husband anymore?"

"I can explain," Frederick tells Felicia, who starts to cry. He moves closer to her to put his hands on her shoulder but she pushes him away and slaps him hard across the face.

"You stay away from me! I can't believe you would do this to me!" she yells at him as tears stroll down her face. "All these months, I was so confused about my mixed feelings and you should sat there and listened to me pour out my heart to you! And you said nothing! You're a disgusting human being! I trusted you! How could you do this?"

"Felicia," Frederick starts to plead with her. "Please, just hear me out!"

"Get away from her!" Tyler yells at him, coming up to protect his mother. "You'll never come near her again, do you hear me? Come on Mom, you don't need this anymore," Tyler tells her as he starts to guide her to the door.

Eva looks on in horror, wondering what will happen next. Dominick moves closer to Frederick and looks him in the eye. "You're going to consider yourself very lucky," Dominick whispers back to him. "Because, this is my wedding day and a big enough scene just happened. But, I better not see your face anywhere near my family again, you understand me?"

Frederick doesn't respond, instead he looks over at Eva, who gulps back to him, as she wonders how Dominick feels about their marriage now. And, it's not even a day old.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Frederick tries to get Eva on his side
- Robin tells Cory to let her go
- Max makes his move

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