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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Max cryptically introduced himself to Adam after avoiding from him. Max acted odd when Adam didn't seem to recognize him
- Shane, Paige & Dawn were all sentenced to court-ordered therapy following Shane's trial
- Robbie announced that he slept with Kim to get revenge on Bob for his role in Leah's death. Kim slapped him, Victoria was devastated and Bob was crushed. Bob then told Kim that he couldn't believe she went along with it
- Cory asked Natasha to help him keep Melissa away from his child with Rebecca. Caroline, meanwhile continued to suffer from cramps

Scene One - The Calimo Mansion

"You can't be mad at me for any of this," Kim tells Bob, as they stand in the living room of the Calimo mansion after Robbie has admitted that he slept with Kim as a way to get revenge on Bob for his role in Leah's death. Kim can't believe that he used her like that and, moreover, that she fell for it. She only hopes that Bob will remember that he told her she could be with a man if she wanted to be while he was in rehab because that's the reason she slept with Robbie. However, she can't believe that he doesn't want her help, as he just looked like he might faint and grabbed a chair to hold himself up. "You gave me permission to be with someone before you left!"

"I most certainly did not expect you to exercise that right with my son!" Bob grits his teeth at his wife, as he stands up straight, having regained his composure. "First, you sleep with Dominick Robertson's son and then my own son? Do you not have any boundaries? I trusted you and this is how you thank me?"

Kim shakes her head in shock that this is being blamed on her. "Your son used me to get revenge on you!" Kim yells back at him, trying to get him to listen to reason. "You know what, I can't handle this. I'm leaving, I need to get away from this madness."

Kim grabs her purse and storms out of the house. Robbie looks back at Bob before he looks at Dominick. "I think I should go too, there's nothing left for me to say here," Robbie announces to his father, suddenly realizing that his work is done. "Dominick, shall we go?"

"I don't see why we'd stay," Dominick smiles back to him. "Bob can be miserable by himself."

The men exit the room, leaving Victoria and Bob alone together. Bob can see how visibly upset she is, so he moves closer to her. "I'm so sorry all of this happening," he whispers to Victoria, who has a few tears running down her cheeks, as he reaches out and touches her shoulder. "This is all my fault."

"No," Victoria shakes her head at him. "Robbie needs to realize that he needs help. He can't keep lashing out at everyone for Leah's death. Nothing he says or does will bring her back. And he's being a complete jackass. And, I've somehow let him down."

Bob hugs Victoria. "I'm still sorry that you are caught in the middle of this," he tells her. "And, you're right, we have to make Robbie realize that Leah isn't coming back. This isn't your fault, I'm the one to blame. How about we go find him? I have an idea of how to make him understand. I'll drive?"

Victoria manages to give him half a smile back. "Sure, the sooner he realizes, the better."

Scene Two - The Pampa Grill

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Adam asks Max, as they stand face to face in the restaurant. Adam isn't sure why Dawn's friend is suddenly suggesting to him that he should know who he is; Adam only met the young man the night before at the Sugarbowl and he thought the interaction was odd. The fact that Max is standing in front of him, again, suggesting that Adam should know him is even more bizarre. "I asked you why you think I should I know you, Max. Where is this coming from?"

Max sighs and puts his hands in his pockets. "Never mind Adam. Just forget that I said anything, okay?"

"I wish I could forget it," Adam replies to him. "But this isn't the first time you've mentioned this. You said it to me last night too. It's something that is obviously troubling you, so I'd like to know so I can try to help if I can."

"You can't help with this, it's fine, let's just drop it, okay?" Max says back to him, getting a little bit more frustrated with Adam's lack of dropping it. He wishes he had never said anything; he doesn't know why he listened to Dawn in the first place about saying something to him.

"Does Dawn know what this is about?" Adam asks him, not backing down. "Because, like I said, I'm trying to reach her so we can get together later today. I will even go to the Calimo mansion if I have to."

"She's not at the mansion anymore," Max reveals to him. "She left because she was going to move home but that didn't work out the way she wanted it too."

"Why didn't it work out? Where is she staying now?" Adam asks as this is the first time he's hearing about his daughter's living arrangements.

"She's staying with me and my Mom," Max replies to him quickly. "My Mom works a lot so she hasn't met her yet but she is there."

"So, is that what this has been all about? Dawn is now living with you so that should mean that I recognize you?"

"No, God, I wish I hadn't said anything," Max rolls his eyes, his frustration growing.

"Well, you did say something and now I need to know why. So, just tell me because I'm not going to let this go. Who are you, really? And why should I know who you are?"

Scene Three - Twin Peaks Court House

"I can't believe that you left the Calimo mansion," Paige tells Dawn as they sit outside the courtroom, waiting for the announcement that they can go in. They are back at the courthouse today because Judge Ross has finally found the therapist that they will both have to see after Paige admitted the truth at Shane's trial; that she didn't sleep with him the night at the Calimo cabin and Dawn then admitted that she was helping Paige with the scheme, which is why she also got appointed to go to therapy. Paige is really shocked by Dawn telling her that she's left the mansion and tried to go home. She thought that Dawn would never go home.

"I thought it was time," Dawn replies to her friend. "Little did I know what I was going home too."

Paige grabs her friend's hand and squeezes it, knowing that she is also going through a similar situation with Jeff and Meggan as she is with Helen and Chris. "You know that I'm always here for you, right?"

"I know and I probably don't deserve that," Dawn admits to her. "After all, we are here today because of me."

"I didn't have to go along with the plan," Paige says back to her. "I got caught up in my crush on Shane. You can't blame yourself for everything. I won't let you."

Dawn hugs her friend. "You're really my best friend, you know that right?"

"Right back at you, Dawn."

Before either girl can say anything else, the elevator doors open and Shane steps off and moves into the foyer. He looks at the two girls and nods at them, acknowledging them. The girls look at each other before they stand up and move towards him.

"Shane, hi," Dawn announces as she comes up to him. "I haven't seen you since the trial. I wanted to apologize for everything that I did."

Shane shrugs his shoulders. "It's like I've told Paige, I just hope we never have to go through anything like this again."

"Us too," Paige agrees with him.

Before they can say anything further, the door to the courtroom opens and a bailiff emerges. "The Judge is ready for you."

Scene Four - The Pampa Grill

"I'm sorry that I didn't see you this morning I left," Eva announces to Felicia as she comes up to her table where she can see Dominick's ex-wife enjoying a glass of white wine. Eva knows that Felicia stayed the night at her place with Dominick because she didn't want to be alone after the truth came out about Frederick the day before at the wedding reception. Eva hopes that Felicia won't be needing Dominick too much because despite the truth coming out, she is now Dominick's wife and she wants her husband to herself.

"That's fine," Felicia replies to her. "You can have a seat, if you'd like."

"Thank you," Eva says as she sits across from her. "How are you holding up?"

"As well as to be expected," Felicia tells her. "I left this morning because I know that I can't lean on Dominick anymore. Despite me still loving him after all, he has married again. He has another wife, he has you."

Eva nods back to her. "I'm glad you feel that way," she admits to her. "I don't want to cause you anymore pain. I just want to try to make this messy situation better."

"I don't know if that's possible," Felicia replies to her. "I can never trust Frederick again. Not after what he has done to me."

"I do believe he thought what he was doing was the right thing," Eva admits to her, as Felicia looks up at her. "I do think somewhere, he believes that he did this out of love."

"Bite your tongue," Felicia snaps back at her. "That man doesn't know what the meaning of the word love. I will never understand what he did to me! Never!"


"I just don't know what else to do," Natasha admits to Cory as they sit across from each other at the restaurant as they enjoy a glass of wine with each other. "Shane just refuses to listen to anything I have to say."

Cory sighs as he finishes hearing Natasha tell him that Shane wants a divorce because of everything that has happened with the couple, from Natasha's affair with Adam to her not believing in him when he was on trial the statutory rape of Paige. He knows that Natasha would love to make her marriage work, after all she and Shane have been so through so much together.

"Divorce sucks," he finally replies to her. "I wish there was something I could do to make Shane realize what he is throwing away."

Natasha smiles back to him. "Thanks, I wish I knew too but I think there must be a way for us to work on this. Anyways, have you had any luck with Robin?"

Cory quickly shakes his head no. "I saw her after Dominick and Eva's wedding and Robin basically told me that I need to let her go because we are never going to get back together. I don't think she can ever get over the fact that I slept with Rebecca. Even if there wasn't a baby involved, I don't think she can get over the affair with her sister."

"Well, speaking of, I have had time to think about request regarding Melissa and the baby," Natasha reveals to him. "I can file a restraining order against her for you so she can't have access to the child once he or she is born."

Cory breathes a sigh of relief, knowing that he doesn't want Melissa near his child. The woman has done so much to him over the years in hopes of breaking up him and Robin that he doesn't want her near the baby. The fact that she is also Rebecca's mother, he knows that he is treading in a dangerous territory with the restraining order.

"I appreciate that," Cory tells her. "Now comes the difficult part, I have to tell Rebecca about this."

"Yea, I can't imagine that will be a pleasant conversation," she tells him before she takes a sip of her wine.

Scene Five - The Riverside Delicatessen

Melissa opens the door to the delicatessen and looks inside immediately seeing Robin sitting by herself, enjoying a sandwich and some juice. Melissa looks at her daughter and wonders how she is really doing with her breakup between her and Cory; Melissa knows that she has wanted this for a long time because she has never believed Cory was the man for her. It goes back to the fact that Cory was married to Natasha when he first started getting involved with Robin. The fact that she has succeeded in breaking them up, Melissa feels proud and happy with that because her daughter can do so much better. She just wishes Robin and her would know have a better relationship.

"Good afternoon darling," Melissa announces to her daughter as she moves closer to the table.

Robin looks up and sighs, not really wanting to see her mother. She still has no idea how to forgive her for everything she has done to her recently; it was Melissa who was keeping her in the mental hospital for so long because she wanted to drive a wedge between her and Cory. Robin can't believe that it worked; she can't get over the fact that Cory slept with Rebecca. She will never forgive him for that, especially because the baby is the icing on the cake.

"What is that you'd like Mother?" Robin hisses back at her, not wanting to endure another fight with Melissa.

"Can't I say hello to my daughter?"

"No," Robin quickly replies to her. "Not after everything that has happened. You're my Mother, but in name only."

Melissa puts her head down causing Robin to feel bad for speaking to her mother that way. "I'm not going to apologize," Robin tells her. "What you have done to me is unforgivable. You can't expect me to be happy with you."

"I was just hoping that we could start putting the past behind us," Melissa admits to her. "I'd like to be a mother to you again."

Before Robin can reply, Melissa hears her phone chime. She grabs her phone and feels the blood drain from her face as she reads her text message from Rebecca, informing her that Caroline is once again cramping. Melissa knows that the baby is everything holding this plan together. "I have to go," she quickly says looking at Robin, before she turns around and leaves. Melissa knows that she has to get to the hotel to make sure Caroline is okay.

"What was that all about?" Robin asks herself, noticing that Melissa's mood did a complete shift following the text message. "Or, do I even want to know?"

Scene Six - Wild Night

Kim enters the bar and immediately moves up to the bartender. She needs a stiff drink after everything that just happened; she still can't believe that Robbie used her to get back at Bob for his role in Leah's death. What's worse, is that she allowed it to happen; she slept with him, which looking back was a huge mistake. And, of course, Bob caught them and he is livid with her, despite him giving her a free pass while he was in rehab.

"I need a dirty martini," she tells the bartender, wondering why she always gets caught in the middle of this family drama. Although, this time she knows that this is all her fault. She hates that Bob is mad with her, especially since they just found agreed to make their marriage work before he went to rehab. She quickly takes a large sip of the beverage when it's pulled in front of her. "I was such a fool."

She turns around to see who else is in the bar and she spies Tyler sitting in a booth with a beer in front of him. He's talking on the phone and he looks like he's in a serious conversation. She finds herself walking towards his table, even though she can see that he is busy, her mind racing about how cruel she has been to him lately.

"I told you, we need that missing ingredient to the facial cream and we need it now," he semi yells into his phone, as he talks to the chemist from Robertson Enterprises. He looks up when he sees Kim standing at his table and knows that he has to end the conversation because Kim works for the competitor, Roboto. "Look, I have to go. But do not let me down on this, you know my father will not be happy if this doesn't succeed!"

"Sounds serious," she tells him as he looks up at her. "Are you guys in the works of creating a facial cream?"

Tyler uneasily gulps, knowing that Dominick didn't want anyone to know about the facial cream idea because he didn't want a competitor to steal the idea before they could launch.

"You don't have to answer me," Kim tells him as she sits down across from him. "The truth is, Roboto is also working on the idea of a facial cream. What are the odds?"

Tyler takes a drink of his beer. "Yea, what are the odds? Look, what you overheard, it has to stay between us."

"Of course," Kim replies quickly. "Sounds like you're having trouble with one of the ingredients."

"Yea, we will figure it out though."

Kim smiles back to him. "I hope you do," she replies to him. "Well, may the best company win," she tells him as she raises her glass to toast him.

"Indeed," he cheers her.

"Look," she tells him. "For what it is worth, Tyler, I am sorry for how I've treated you."

"Where did this come from?"

She shrugs. "I guess I've just had a reminder lately that people make mistakes and don't think about other people's feelings."

"And here I thought you didn't care," he smirks back to her, knowing that she still has his heart. He looks deep into her eyes, knowing that she does care. She turns away and takes a drink of her martini, feeling her cheeks flush.

Scene Seven - Bob's Lexus

"I'm so sorry that you had to witness all of that," Bob tells Victoria as they drive back in Bob's Cadillac into the city. He knows that he invited Victoria to the mansion today but a part of him didn't believe, actually, that Kim and Robbie had slept together. Because she had been at the mansion the night before, he thought that she should be there to hear everything that went down.

"No, no," Victoria replies from the passenger seat. "There's no need to apologize. I needed to know what Robbie has been up too."

"Well, I just hope that we can get through to him. It's time that we make him realize that he can't hold on to this anger anymore."

"What about you and Kim?" Victoria asks him, wondering about his marriage. "Where do you go from here?"

Bob sighs and briefly looks over at her. "I honestly don't know."

Before Victoria can reply, a couple of deer jump out on the road. Bob slams on his breaks as Victoria screams out and the car veers off the road and hits a tree. In the car, both Bob and Victoria lay unconscious, with bleeding cuts on their foreheads.

Scene Eight - The Pampa Grill

"Come on, Max," Adam continues to pressure the young man. "Just tell me who you are. I'm not going to play this game with you."

Max sighs and runs his hands through his hair. "My Mom will kill me, I'm not supposed to say anything."

"It's too late, you already have. Tell me, who are you?"

"I can't believe you don't know," Max spits back at him. "It just shows how little you actually care."

"I don't understand any of this," Adam admits to him.

"I'm your fucking son," Max yells at him. "You're my father!"

Scene Nine - Twin Peaks Court House

"You three may be seated," Judge Ross tells Shane, Dawn and Paige listen to him and they sit down. "I'm glad that we could meet again. I hope you three have been well since the trial ended. As you know, I have assigned you to attend therapy. I'd like nothing more than to never see another case like what we went through a couple of weeks ago," he continues to tell them. "And, finally, we have set you all up with a therapist."

Shane looks over at the young women as he wonders who the therapist is. "She's here today, so I'd like you all to meet her, and then we will call it a day. Bailiff, please bring her inside."

"You three will really enjoy her, she's very well regarded in her profession," the Judge continues to tell them as the back doors open and the sound of high heeled shoes can be heard. "Dr. Glubbs, Paige and Dawn, please meet your therapist, Dr. Cassie Nova."

Shane stands up and turns around, his face shocked to see the woman who tormented him for so long, back with her original face. The last time he saw her, she had undergone plastic surgery to look like Helen. "Shane, hi," Cassie smiles over at him, as he stands only meters away from him, noticing the shocked look on his face. "I'm looking forward to working with you. All of you."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Robbie has guilt pains
- Frederick has a new scheme
- Craig kisses Donovan again

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