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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Daisy told Chris about Jemma's nightmares and possible connection to Frederick. Chris warned Frederick to stay away from his family. Meggan, meanwhile, got a lead on Chris and Trenyce's biological child
- Robbie announced that he slept with Kim to get revenge on Dominick. Kim was devastated when Bob turned on her. She saw Tyler, and the two shared a close moment after he admitted that Robertson Enterprises was struggling to complete their facial cream. Bob and Victoria, meanwhile, were in a car accident after they went after Robbie
- Craig and Donovan kissed on their date

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Natasha and Robbie race into the hospital, looking for someone to give them an update on Bob and Victoria as they got word that they were driving back into the city from the Calimo mansion and they were involved in a car accident. Robbie, in particular, hopes that everything is okay with his father and his former fiancé. He knows that the last time he saw them was a few hours earlier at the mansion when he had revealed that he slept with Kim as a way to get revenge on Bob for his role in Leah's death. He knows that Kim, Bob and Victoria were all devastated by his actions; he thought he would feel happy about getting his revenge, but if he's honest, he doesn't feel any better; in fact, he feels worse because he hurt so many people he actually cares about. And now, Bob and Victoria are hurt and he may never get the chance to make it up to them.

"Shane, thank God you're on duty," Natasha announces to her estranged husband as she approaches him, as he stands at the nurses station. "We got word that Bob and Victoria were involved in a car accident. Do you know they are?"

Shane looks back at his wife and then over at Robbie, knowing that he just finished seeing Cassie Nova at the courthouse and that she is his appointed therapist. He knows that he needs to tell Natasha about what has happened, but he also know that now is not the time considering everything that just happened with her father. "Yea, I just came from examining them."

"How are they?" Robbie asks him, hoping for the best.

Shane gulps, knowing that it's not all good news. "Well, Bob hit his head pretty good. He has a concussion, but he should make a full recovery."

"Thank God," Natasha breathes a sigh of relief.

"How's Vic?" Robbie asks him, noting that Shane didn't mention her status yet.

"She will have to have surgery," Shane announces to Robbie and Natasha, who look worried. "The force of the seat belt holding her to the chair caused her to stay in her seat, which is good. But with force moving forward, she banged her knee pretty badly. I want to operate to remove some of the built up fluids. It's not a major surgery, but she will be laid up for a while."

"Thank goodness it's nothing serious," Robbie whispers to himself.

"I'm going to call Kim," Natasha announces to them. "She should know about Bob. Can we see him afterwards?"

"One at a time, okay?" Shane tells them before he walks off, because he has other patients to see.

"You go call Kim," Robbie tells his sister. "I'm going to the chapel to say a prayer."

"Are you okay?" Natasha asks him, noticing his pale face. "Shane said that they should both be okay but you look pale."

"Yea," Robbie shakes his head. "I guess this just hit me hard. I'll be fine. See you later?"

Natasha nods before she turns and walks towards the waiting room to call Kim. Robbie walks towards the chapel and opens the door. He moves inside and sees the large cross hanging on the wall. He lights a candle before he moves closer to the cross.

"It's been awhile since I prayed," he says in almost a whispered voice. "I just … I can't believe what has happened. I really thought that I would feel better after sleeping with Kim, but it only made everything worse. And now, Bob and Victoria, they are injured. They could have died. How would have my last interaction with them been? I … I've been so wrong," he says slowly. "So, very wrong."

Scene Two - Roboto; Bob's Office

Kim sits at Bob's desk in his office at Roboto, looking over the latest updates about the facial cream that Roboto is coming out with. Her mind, however, is not on the information in front of her. She still can't believe that Robbie used her to get some kind of revenge on Bob and that she was dumb enough to go along with it by sleeping with her step son. The thought, now, disgusts her. She also hates that Bob's reaction was not pleasant; she knows that he gave her permission to be with someone while he was in rehab but when he learned about her and Robbie, he told her that he would never forgive her for sleeping with his son.

"What have a I done?" she asks herself as she stands up and moves over to the bar to pour herself a drink. She quickly drinks the whiskey as her mind flashes back to Bob telling her that he never will need her again. It devastates her because right before he went away to rehab, they had agreed that they would make their marriage work, with more secrets or lies this time. "All of that for nothing," she whispers to herself, feeling her heart racing. She closes her eyes for a moment and replays the entire scene at the mansion earlier. Bob was so cold to her, he will never forgive her. And Robbie, to use her like that? "I'm the one who always gets put in the middle of these damn schemes! I'm the one who pays the price, well no more."

She moves back to the desk and sits down and looks at the formula for the facial cream. She quickly recalls how earlier when she was Wild Night, she saw Tyler and he revealed to her that Robertson Enterprises is also working on a facial cream but they are missing the ingredient that will help fight wrinkles. And, then he told her that he didn't think that she didn't care about him, which is the furthest thing from the truth. Without thinking, she takes a picture of the formula and texts it to Tyler.

"Thought you could use this," she writes in the text. "Don't say I don't care ever again."

Before she can do anything else, her cell phone rings. She picks it up quickly. "Hello," into her phone. "Natasha, hey…wait, what? My God…I'll be right over."

Kim grabs her purse as she heads to the door, devastated by the news that Bob is in the hospital from a car accident.

Scene Three - MW Investigations

"Thanks for seeing me today," Meggan says to Chris and Treynce as they sit across from her in Meggan's office. Meggan asked them to come to her office today because while she was at Eva and Dominick's wedding, she got confirmation that there is a lead on finding their biological child. She couldn't wait to let them know about the prospects about finding their child. "I was eager to see you both."

"It's been awhile since we were last here," Chris replies to her, trying not to get his hopes up about finding their child. He knows that the last the time they were here, Meggan told them that these things take time. "I'm eager to hear what you have to say."

"Trenyce, you've been pretty quiet, how are you feeling?" Meggan asks her.

Trenyce looks up from twiddling her thumbs. "Honestly?" she asks as Meggan nods back to her. "I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I know that this is a long shot."

"It is," Meggan agrees with her. "But, I do have a lead. I'm not sure how big of a lead this is, but I will look into it."

Trenyce's eyes widen with surprise and an element of excitement. "What kind of lead, exactly?"

"About a month after Andrew and your child were born, there was a woman in Boston, whom received a child that she purchased. Now, I only know this because I have some connections from people who have worked within the black market. I don't have much else to go on right now, other than the time line. But it's something," Meggan replies to them both, trying to give them all the information without getting their hopes up too much.

"Well, that is something at least?" Chris says back to her, trying to sound optimistic before he looks over at Trenyce.

"What is the next step?" Trenyce asks Meggan.

"I'm sending one of my guys to Boston to do some digging. Once I get more information, you two will be the first to know."

Scene Four - Twin Peaks Shopping Plaza

"Did you have a good time at breakfast?" Craig asks Donovan as they walk in the mall, making their way to the Put'N'Hut. As the second phase of their date, Craig thought it would be a nice idea to go play mini-golf together.

Donovan looks back at the doctor and nods. "Yea, I did. It was nice. Thanks for getting the bill. I can get mini-golf," he says back to him.

"Nah, I asked you out. This is my treat."

"That's very thoughtful of you, thank you," Donovan replies to him quickly.

"Okay," Craig stops walking and turns Donovan to face him. "Something is up with you and we aren't golfing until you tell me what it is."

"How do you know me so well already?" Donovan chuckles as he thinks back to right before he met Craig for breakfast and he overheard Meggan on the phone with Lukas. Hearing someone else mention Lukas' name has stirred some feelings in him that he can't explain. He just hopes that Craig understands. "I've just been thinking about Lukas, if I am honest with you."

"That's understandable," Craig replies to him. "You two shared a lot more history than he and I ever did," he continues to tell Donovan. "And, now that he is gone, it's only reasonable that you're thinking of him."

"I appreciate you being so understanding."

Craig moves in and kisses Donovan on the lips. "It's because I like you Donovan," Craig tells him as their lips part. "I really like you and I want to see where this goes. I'm moving on and you need to do the same."

"I know," Donovan replies licking his lips. This time, Donovan leans in and kisses Craig back. "See, already moving on. Come on, I wanna kick your butt at mini golf!"

"Oh, you think you'll win, do you?" Craig winks back at him.

"Yup, I do," Donovan smiles back to him. "I'm really good at mini-golf! And, I want to win!"

Craig chuckles. "You're so on."

Scene Five - The Pampa Grill

"Well, you certainly seem to be in a good mood. What happened this morning that has brought such a smile to your face?" Helen asks Chris, as they sit across from each other at the restaurant enjoying some wine at lunch time.

Chris looks back at the woman in his life and feels lucky that she is with him and that he can share the news about his child with her. "Meggan has a lead on my child," he reveals to her, as she gets a smile on her face.

"That's great news! No wonder you're thrilled," Helen replies to him. "I know how long you've wanted to find your child."

"I'm trying not to get my hopes up because it's still a long shot but the fact that there is even a lead gives me some kind of hope."

"As it should," Helen says back to him as she reaches over and grabs his hand. "I hope this works out for you."

"Me too," he winks at her. "Speaking of things working out, I hope you and I can work out too." Helen blushes at his words. "Has anything further happened with Dawn?"

Helen shakes her head no. "I haven't spoken to her yet, but something you said to me at Dominick and Eva's wedding has really stuck with me and I agree with it."

"What did I say?"

"That I have to live my life," she replies to him. "And, that's what I'm going to do. So, yes, we are going to move forward in this relationship, Chris. I've grown very fond of our time together."

"Thatta girl," he smirks back to her as he stands up and leans across the table to give her a quick kiss.

Scene Six - MW Investigations

"Dad, how are you? I'm so sorry about everything that happened at the wedding reception," Meggan tells Frederick, as he comes into her office and sits down in a chair as she closes the door. Meggan knows that her father must still be rather upset with everything that happened with Tyler and Trenyce exposing the truth about him brainwashing Felicia into thinking she didn't love Dominick anymore.

"Don't apologize, I was a fool for thinking I could get away with such things," Frederick replies to her. "But, sometimes people make mistakes in the name of love."

"Don't I know it," Meggan quips, thinking about the rollercoaster she and Jeff have been through in their relationship. "What brings you by today?"

Frederick looks at his daughter and wonders if he's doing the right thing by meeting with her today. He recalls how Chris warned him to stay away from his family and he hates that Chris is trying to ruin his life. "You know that after Savannah Pherson died, I gained custody of her son, Andrew."

"Yes, of course," Meggan tells him. "Andrew stayed at the house with us before he you sent him away to boarding school. Why are you bringing this up now?"

"Because, Chris Michaels and Trenyce Davenport have done nothing but hound me about that child, and after the way they treated Savannah, there's no way in hell that I'm going let them see Andrew again!" Frederick tells her, starting to get upset. "And, if you can believe the nerve of Chris Michaels, he warned me about hurting his family! He threatened me, Meggan."

Meggan looks back at her father and can see how upset he is by this. "Dad, calm down, there's no need to get so upset, okay?"

"I'm sorry dear," Frederick replies to her. "They are just getting under my skin about this."

"I'm not sure what you want me to do about it."

"You are helping them track down their biological child, aren't you?" Frederick asks his daughter.

"Yes, I am," Meggan tells him as a smile comes across her face, proud of the lead that she got. "I got a lead, too. It's minor, but it's something."

"I want you to send them on a wild goose chase. Give them hope that they are close to finding their child, only for it to never work out," he reveals to her.

Meggan looks back at her father with intent. "You want me to pretend to get leads when in fact I don't?"

"That's exactly what I want you to do," he smirks back to her.

Scene Seven - Robertson Enterprises; Tyler's Office

Tyler sits at his computer, trying to figure out how to solve the mystery of the missing ingredient in the facial cream that they are working on at Robertson Enterprises. He knows that if he doesn't figure it out soon, Dominick will be livid. His saving grace right now is that Dominick just got married, so his mind is on Eva and everything that went down with Felicia.

Tyler stands up and moves to the bar and pours himself a brandy. As he takes a sip, he recalls his meeting with Kim earlier in the day. She seemed sad and lost about something, but he doesn't know what it is. Under normal circumstances, he would try to use this opportunity to reach out to her and get her to confide in him, but she has pushed him away so many times, he knows that he has to let her go. The more time he has been spending with Trenyce, the more he wonders if he could have a future with her.

"I still have to get over Kim though," he whispers to himself. "She still owns my heart."

Before he can say anything else, he hears a text message come into his cell phone. He walks back over to the desk and sees a message from Kim. "Thought you could use this. Don't say I don't care ever again," he reads out loud before he looks at the image on his screen.

He bursts out laughing when he realizes that it is the ingredient to the facial cream. "Of course," he says out loud as he moves back to the computer and starts typing furiously into the email, his mind switching from Kim to work and how much this means for Robertson Enterprises.

Scene Eight - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Robbie slowly walks up to the hospital room door and peers inside seeing Bob laying in his hospital bed with some tubes running into his nose to help him breathe. He slowly opens the door and moves inside, still looking at his father. Robbie can't help but feel his heart break inside his chest for the way he has behaved with his father these last few months, in particular with Kim these last few weeks.

"How can I make this up to you?" Robbie whispers to his father as he moves closer to the bed. "You could have died, and all of this would have been for nothing. Absolutely nothing."

Before Robbie can respond, Bob opens his eyes and looks at Robbie.

"You came," Bob says to his son. "Why are you here? Why would you want to see me after everything that you did to me?"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Dawn has her first therapy session
- Adam lays a bombshell on Helen
- Shane tells Natasha that Cassie is back

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