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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Cassie returned to Twin Peaks as Shane, Paige & Dawn's court-ordered therapist. Natasha, however, warned her to stay away from her family as she was worried that Cassie was back to ruin their lives
- Adam learned that Max was his son that he shares with Cassie. Helen wondered if it was a trick of Cassie's
- Daisy invited Frederick over to get to the bottom of his past with Jemma
- Donovan and Craig shared another kiss
- Victoria forgave Robbie and they agreed to move forward with their relationship
- Rebecca continued to keep Cory out of her doctor's appointments, this time by allowing Melissa to go in with her. Cory left in a huff, feeling left out of the pregnancy

Scene One - Cassie's Office

"I have to admit something to you," Shane tells Cassie as he sits on the sofa in her office holding a bottle of water. He is at the first therapy session that the court is making him attend after his trial for statutory rape of Paige, even though she admitted that they never slept together the night at the Calimo cabin. He isn't sure how this will go over considering his torrid history with his new therapist. All the memoires of what happened have slowly been coming back to him and it's like he is reliving the nightmare all over again. "I'm not sure how comfortable I'm going to be opening up to you. After everything that happened between us, this isn't exactly the best arrangement."

Cassie purses her lips together as she puts her pen down on her note pad. "Natasha visited me earlier," she reveals to Shane. "She basically warned me about ruining your lives again. I understand the reasons that you are all worried and scared, believe me I do," she continues to tell him. "But I'll tell you, what I told her; I'm a changed woman. The birth of my son really did that for me. I had surgery to look like myself again, I've made a career for myself. I'm not some love struck girl anymore. I'm a woman, and I'm in charge of my life. You have nothing to worry about."

Shane gulps and looks back at her, wondering if he can trust anything she is saying. "And, before you say anything else," she continues to tell him. "Natasha spoke to Judge Ross about having me removed as your therapist and he refused. So, you're stuck with me. I want this to work as much as you do."

Shane nods back to her. "She told me she was going to try that," he admits to her. "I'm sorry if that was uncomfortable for you."

"It was fine," Cassie replies to him. "Now, the sooner we start making progress, the sooner these sessions can end and we can go on with our lives."

Shane, surprisingly, finds himself in agreement with her. "Okay, let's begin. What should I talk about?"

"Well, I read the notes from the trial and it seems like you and Natasha aren't exactly in a good place right now," she tells him, secretly thrilled that Natasha screwed up her marriage to Shane all on her own. "Do you want to talk about that?"

"She had an affair," he reveals to Cassie, as he thinks about Natasha sleeping with Adam a few years ago, knowing that the information is public knowledge. "She slept with Adam Black. Dawn, Adam's daughter, found out and lashed out at Natasha."

"What did Dawn do, exactly?"

"She pushed Natasha down a flight of stairs," Shane continues to reveal to her, reliving the horrible time in his life. "And, she miscarried. She was pregnant with Adam's baby."

"How did all of this make you feel?"

Shane shakes his head, still upset at the thoughts of Natasha and Adam being together. "That's the problem, she lied to me. She kept all of this from me, which means I can't really trust her."

"The trial transcripts that I read," Cassie tells him. "She testified that she thought you did sleep with Paige. That couldn't have been easy on you either?"

"It's another reason why I don't know if I can save my family," he admits to her. "I've filed for divorce. I don't think I can save my marriage and that makes me sad because of my son."

"You and Natasha have a baby?" Cassie asks him in surprise.

"Yea, Jacob," Shane replies to her. "He's the light of my life. My everything; I wanted to make things work for his sake … but I just don't know how."

Cassie doesn't respond, she just writes down some notes before looking up at him. "See, you just told me a lot. It's not that hard, is it?"

"I guess not, no," he admits to her. "It did just seem to come out of me once I started speaking about it."

"Good, and as time goes on, this will get easier and easier. I think we got a lot out today," Cassie tells him. "I'll see you at the next session, if not sooner."

Shane arches his eyebrow. "I just mean," she quickly tells him. "That this is a small town, we may run into each other."

"Right," Shane nods back to her, knowing very well that he will be avoiding Cassie like the plague outside of therapy. "Well, I'll see you at the next session."

Scene Two - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I can't believe that they are making me do this," Max tells Dawn as they sit in the waiting room of the hospital, after she convinced him to come to the hospital to do a DNA test to prove that he is actually Adam's son. She knows that Max isn't thrilled by this idea but she also realizes that Adam and Helen are both skeptical of Cassie because of their history with her. Dawn had told her new found brother that by doing this, everyone's mind's would be put to ease.

"I know, but I think you're doing the right thing," Dawn replies to him, having come around to having one of her best friends as her sibling. "It will put Dad's mind at ease, and that's what it's important right now."

"I guess you're right," Max says back to her. "It still feels like some kind of violation. Like, why can't he just believe me?"

"It's not about believing in you," Adam announces to Max as he comes into the waiting room with Helen net to him. "It's about finding out the truth. Your Mom, she's done a lot of bad things in the past. I just want to make sure that this is real."

"Yea, whatever that means," Max replies to him quickly.

"It means that we can try to be a family after this, isn't that what you want?" Adam asks him, wanting to get to know his son, once the results come back.

All eyes move to Max, who is about to respond when Natasha walks into the waiting room, looking at Adam. "I'm glad I found you all here," Natasha tells everyone. "I have some news and you should all hear it."

Scene Three - The Victors Mansion; Vinny, Daisy & Jemma's Home

"Thank you for coming today," Daisy tells Frederick as he moves into the house after receiving an invitation from Daisy to come over. Daisy knows that she has to get to the bottom of Jemma's past with Frederick. She hates that her Aunt is having nightmares about Frederick and she is determined to get to the bottom of it, because it has been going on far too long.

"Your invitation made it seem like I had to be here," Frederick admits to her as he moves into the living room and sees Vinny standing there. "Vinny, I didn't realize you'd be here as well."

"I am, can I offer you a drink of some kind?" Vinny asks him.

"No, thank you, I'm good," Frederick replies to him. "I'm curious to know what this is about."

"Well," Daisy says to him. "It's about Jemma. I'd like to know what exactly happened in the past between you two, and before you say nothing happened, please know that she's been having nightmares in which she calls out your name to stop, so I know that something must be troubling her about you."

Frederick gulps as he wonders how he can get out of this; he knows that Jemma would be furious if she knew what Daisy and Vinny were up to right now. And, he knows that no one can ever know the truth about his past with Jemma. And, he knows, that some things are better left in the past. "I promise you," he starts to tell them. "That, the first time I met Jemma was here in Twin Peaks. There is no past with us. I'm not sure why she would be dreaming of me, but the subconscious is a mysterious thing."

"I'm not sure that I can believe that," Daisy replies to him, sure that something happened between them. "I need to know and I won't rest until I find out the truth."

Frederick smiles as he crosses his arms. "Let me make you an offer," he starts to tell her. "My family has a winery in Santa Barbara, you two have been engaged for a while; what if I offer you the estate as a venue to be married at? By inviting you, and your family into my home, I can ensure you that there is nothing going on between Jemma and I. Think about it, okay? I don't know what else I can do to show that I'm not hiding anything. Call it a peace offering."

"What is going on in here?" Jemma asks as she comes into the living room, surprised to see Frederick engaging with Daisy and Vinny. The last thing in the world she wanted or expected to see was the doctor speaking to her niece and her fiancé.

Scene Four - The Sugarbowl

"Something has put you in a good mood," Andy observes Donovan as he sits across from him at the coffeehouse. The two are catching up over a cup of java, and Andy can see Donovan's good mood written all over Donovan's face.

Donovan takes a sip of his coffee before he nods back to him, as he thinks about his recent date with Craig. At first, he couldn't stop thinking about Lukas, but because Lukas has left town he told himself that he had to move on with his life. He, to his surprise, enjoyed his time with Craig and they've shared a few kisses. "Yea, I am in a good place right now."

"Does this have anything to do with Craig Benton?" Andy asks him with a sly grin on his face, knowing that Craig told him that he was going to ask Donovan out.

"How'd you guess?" Donovan chuckles back to him.

"He told me that he was going to ask you out on a date," Andy reveals to him. "He really seems to be interested in you."

"I get that feeling as well," Donovan replies to him. "I can say that I'm happy to be moving on. After everything that happened with Lukas, it's nice to be with someone who knows what he wants."

"I couldn't be happier for you," Andy smiles back to him.

"Thanks Andy," Donovan says back to him. "I'm happy to be moving forward but I'm still going at a pace that I'm comfortable with."

"That's all people can ask of you."

Donovan smiles back to him before he takes another sip of his coffee.


"I haven't seen much of my husband since our wedding day," Eva purses her lips to Dominick as they sit across from each other in the back booth of the coffeehouse. She recalls how at the wedding reception, the truth about Frederick brainwashing Felicia into believing that she doesn't love Dominick was exposed. The first night, Felicia stayed with them but she has since returned home; Eva is worried that Frederick will still expose the fact that Eva knew about the brainwashing but didn't say anything. He did try to blackmail her but she called Frederick's bluff. She can't help but wonders if that was a mistake.

"I know, I'm sorry about that," he replies to her, thinking about Robertson Enterprise's and the facial cream that they are about to launch. "Work has been rather busy."

"Has it?" she asks him before she takes a sip of her coffee. "Because, I was worried that you were having second thoughts."

"Second thoughts?" he asks her quickly. "About what, exactly?"

"Marrying me," she admits to him as she puts her head down. "Now that you know that Felicia probably still has feelings for you, I was thinking that maybe you wouldn't want to be married to me anymore."

Dominick reaches over and grabs her hand. "That's nonsense," he tells her. "I love you, Eva," he continues. "I am so glad that I married you. I wasted way too much time filing for divorce from Felicia, we haven't been married in a very long time, in the traditional sense. I want to be married to you."

Eva feels her cheeks blush as she puts her head down to fight some tears in her eyes. "I'm so glad to hear you say that," she replies to him. "I was worried our marriage would be over before it began."

"That would be foolish on my part," he tells her. "I love you and I'm not going anywhere."

Scene Five - The Calimo Mansion

"I'm so glad that you're home Grandpa," Paige tells Bob as she sits next to him on the sofa. She hasn't seen Bob since before he went away to rehab, which means this is the first time that he will be seeing her since the trial and the truth came out about Paige and Shane's night together.

"It's good to be home," he replies to her before he takes a sip of his tea. "I've heard you had a lot of excitement while I was away."

Paige sighs and moves a piece of her hair behind her ear. "So, you heard about what happened at the trial, then?" she asks him as he nods back to her. "I don't want a lecture, please," she continues. "I've learned my lesson. I hope you believe that."

"It is your parents job to have those discussions with you," Bob informs her. "I'm trusting that Jeff and Robbie have spoken to you about what happened. I'm your Grandfather, I'm here to love and support you, no matter what."

"Thank you," she smiles back to him before she hugs him. "Like I said, I know it was a mistake and I'm attending therapy now, so I'm still learning about myself."

"And, what is it that you've learned so far about yourself?"

Paige sighs and becomes a little quiet. He can tell that she is thinking about something and it seems pretty serious. She finally looks back at him. "I do wish that my Dad's would find women who deserve them."

"Ah," Bob says back to her. "You don't think Meggan or Victoria are worthy of them?"

She quickly shakes her head. "No, not at all and I don't know how to make them realize that."

Scene Six - The Tower's; Floor 8; Victoria's Condo

"You didn't have to take the day off work to see me home," a newly discharged Victoria announces to Robbie as he walks up to her condo door and unlocks it for her. He knew that he had to bring her home to ensure that she is comfortable. While her surgery was minor, he wanted to ensure that she was okay.

"It was nothing," he says as he helps her into the condo. "Go have a seat, I'll get the door."

Victoria moves over to the sofa and slowly sits down. She's feeling okay, other than her knee being a little sore. The good news is that she should only need the crutches for a week or two. "Now," he says coming into the living room. "Can I get you anything? Water, juice, tea…?"

She chuckles back to him. "No, I think I'm okay right now. Honestly, you don't have to wait on me hand and foot. I just had minor knee surgery, I'll be fine."

"I want to ensure that you're more than fine," he tells her. "I don't want to take any chances. I could have lost you, Victoria. I don't want to risk that again."

"You won't lose me," she says as she puts her hand on his face. "I'm not going anywhere."

He leans in and kisses her quickly. "I want to make sure of that."

"And, how do you propose you're going to do that?"

"Marry me?" he asks her as he pulls out a black box from his pants. When he opens it, there's a large pink Rockwell diamond ring inside causing Victoria to gasp at the sight of it.

"Robbie," she says in shock. "It's beautiful. You didn't have to get me a new ring."

"Yes, I did," he tells her. "The old ring was a symbol of us in the past. This is about who we are now and where I want us to go. So, what do you say? Will you be my wife?"

"I'd love nothing more," she beams back to him, as he slides the ring on her finger and then leans in to kiss her passionately.

Scene Seven - The Pampa Grill

Cory moves into the restaurant looking to find a table so he can have a drink while he waits for Rebecca's appointment to be over. He recalls how she invited Melissa to the doctor's office and allowed her to go into the exam with Rebecca. When Cory questioned her about this, Rebecca claimed that it was because Melissa was excited at the idea of being a first time Grandparent. He can understand that on some level, but he still doesn't quite understand how Rebecca would feel like she could invite her mother into an exam when Cory still hasn't gone in with her. He hates that she is shutting him out of the pregnancy.

He starts moving towards an empty table when he spots Robin sitting further back alone. He finds himself moving towards her, even though the last time they saw one another, she made it clear that she didn't want to see him anymore.

"I know that you don't want to talk to me," he announces as he arrives at her table and she looks up at him. "But this is important. I need your input on something."

He sits down across from her and she just looks at him. She doesn't know what to say to him anymore, not after everything that has happened. "Well," she finally says to him. "What is it?"

"Rebecca asked your Mom into her doctor's appointment today," he reveals to her. "I haven't even gone into an appointment yet. Don't you think that's odd?"

"I don't know," Robin snaps back at him, annoyed by his questions. "I've stopped wondering what is normal anymore. It happened right around the time I found out my husband slept with my sister."

"Robin, I know that I hurt you, but this serious," he replies to her. "I think something is going on. It just doesn't seem right."

Robin looks back at him. "Then you're going to have to find out what is going on," she tells him. "But you're going to have to do that alone. I can't help you because I don't care."

Before he can say anything else to her, Robin stands up from her chair and walks away. Cory turns around and watches her go and realizes she's right; he may have to get to the bottom of whatever is going on with Rebecca and Melissa.

Scene Eight - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"So, Cory just left in a huff," Rebecca tells Melissa and Caroline as Caroline starts to get dressed as the appointment is over. The doctor had informed them that Caroline's cramping is usual at this stage of the pregnancy but if it continues, there could be cause for concern; now, Rebecca is telling Caroline how Cory left the hospital upset because Melissa came to the appointment and not him. "I'm not sure if he will even want to speak to me later."

"Don't be so dramatic," Melissa replies to her. "Cory will come around. He's the father of your baby, he has to."

"I don't know," Rebecca says. "He was pretty upset that you were coming and not him. He wants to be involved, and I can't blame him! He hates you, Mom, for everything you've done to him."

Melissa's demeanor changes and she glares at her daughter. "After everything I've done to him? That man has put this family through hell and back. You have a lot of nerve even saying that to me."

"I'm sorry, I don't want to fight," Rebecca replies. "Caroline, what do you think?"

"I think we need to focus on this baby or this plan won't work," she tells them. "Cory will come around, give him some time. Now, who wants to drive me home?"

Scene Nine - The Victors Mansion; Vinny, Daisy & Jemma's Home

Jemma looks over at Daisy and Vinny as they discuss Frederick's offer in the corner of the living room, before she looks back at Frederick. "How dare you come into my home and offer the winery in Santa Barbara as a venue for Miss Daisy's weddin'. You know that this is a terrible mistake, don' you? You gotta remember what happened there!"

Frederick looks back at her with intent. "I didn't know what else to do. She was grilling me about you and our past because you've been having these nightmares. Maybe you could recognize that by me offering the winery as a venue, I could have saved our asses. She won't know a thing!"

"And, what if they accept? Then what? It's a terrible idea!" Jemma tries not to shout. "I can't go back there, Frederick. I just can't."

"They won't accept," he replies to her. "Why would they want to get married at my family's estate? They don't like me very much, and they would have to get married at the same time as Meggan and Jeff since they are using it as a venue."

Before Jemma can reply, Daisy and Vinny walk over to them, interrupting their conversation. "Everything okay over here?" Daisy asks him as Jemma nods, noticing their seemingly intense conversation.

"Of course," she smiles to Daisy. "I was just thankin' the doctor for offerin' you the winery. I know you won't be goin' though."

"Actually," Vinny interjects. "We would love to get married at your estate, Frederick. Thanks so much for the suggestion."

"Yea," Daisy smiles. "We would love to use this opportunity to bury the hatchet between our families and prove that there is nothing going on between you two."

Jemma fakes a smile on her face as she looks over at Vinny and Daisy before she uneasily looks at Frederick, who also forces a smile on his face. She can't believe this is happening; it's like her worst fears are coming to light.

"Excellent," he manages to say to everyone, trying to hide his worry of what he has just done. "I'll let the staff know."

Scene Ten - Cassie's Office

Cassie sits at her desk, looking at her notes that she just took with her session with Shane. She keeps reading how Natasha had an affair with Adam Black and that started the problems with her marriage to Shane. She puts her glasses down on the desk and get a grin on her face. She stands up and moves over to the wet bar in her office and pours herself a glass of wine. She takes a sip and moves over to the window.

"So," she whispers to herself. "I'm not even in the picture and you manage to ruin your relationship with Shane," she smiles to herself, thinking that Natasha is the reason she and Shane are divorcing. "See, you stupid little woman, I'm not the problem after all. You are," she continues to tell herself. "It's all you."

Scene Eleven - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Why are you even here?" Dawn stands up and asks Natasha, upset that she is interrupting a family moment. "Can't you see that we are involved in a family matter right now? Have you no decency for privacy?"

Natasha rolls her eyes and looks at Dawn. "You know what, little girl, I'm tired of taking your verbal abuse. Sit down or I'm going to come over there."

"I beg your pardon," Helen snaps at Natasha. "How dare you speak to my daughter that way."

"Don't worry Mom, I can handle her," Dawn looks back at Natasha. "She's nothing but a whore anyways."

"How dare you!" Natasha yells at her.

Craig suddenly comes into the waiting room. "What the hell is going on in here?" he shouts, causing the fighting to stop. "This is a hospital, not a place to fight with each other."

"I'm sorry, I don't know what's come over me," Natasha replies as she fixes her skirt.

"Do you have the results, doctor?" Adam asks him, knowing that Craig was the doctor who did the DNA test.

Craig nods back to him. "The results confirm that Max is your son Adam," he informs everyone. "Congratulations."

"Congratulations?" Max laughs. "Yea, I guess. I guess I'm not a liar after all, hey Dad?"

Before Adam can reply, Max quickly leaves the waiting room area. Adam looks over at Helen and Natasha and sighs heavily, wondering if he will ever get through to Max.

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- Paige interrupts a moment for Jeff and Meggan
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