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Previously on One Day at a Time
- After learning that Robbie was using her to get revenge on Bob, Kim sent Tyler the formula Roboto was using to release its facial cream. Tyler told Dominick and they vowed to get Robertson Enterprises product out before Roboto. Bob, meanwhile, forgave Kim and they promised they wouldn't have any more secrets
- Robbie and Victoria got engaged. Paige, meanwhile, told Jeff she wouldn't support his marriage to Meggan
- Meggan, under the guidance of Frederick, lied to Chris and Trenyce about a possible lead on their child in Houston. They decided to go to Houston together
- Craig and Donovan continued to grow closer after they went on a few dates
- Eva tried to get Felicia to forgive Frederick for brainwashing her as she was scared the doctor would tell Dominick the truth about her knowing of Frederick's plan

Scene One - Lamar High School, Houston, Texas

The rental car has long lost its new car smell. In fact, under the hot sun of the Houston, Texas day, the car smells pretty bad, even with the old air freshener that is hanging from the mirror. Trenyce fans herself with a "Things to do in Houston" brochure that she found in her hotel room as she sits next to Chris, waiting for the school bell to ring. She recalls how she and Chris came to Houston in hopes of finding their biological child. Because Trenyce gave birth when she was so young, the girl is now in high school, which is almost hard for her to believe. She just hopes that they are able to find their child after all this time. They are waiting for the bell to ring so they can see the child. Trenyce knows if she sees her child, she will know if it is her baby.

"Do you have the picture that Meggan's associate gave us?" Chris asks her, looking over at Trenyce. He can tell that she is nervous about what the day will bring, and if he is honest with himself, he is nervous too. He knows that once they see the child, he and Trenyce will know if she is their child. They believe, with everything in them, that once they see the child, they will immediately know in their heart if she is their child or not. He just hopes that they do see the girl today.

"Yea, it's in my purse," Trenyce stops fanning herself and opens her bag. She pulls out a photo and passes it over to Chris. "She's a beauty, huh?"

Chris smiles when he looks at the picture. "Yea, she is," he replies to her. "Do you get a sense one way or another if this is our child?"

Trenyce shrugs her shoulders. "No, I don't," she admits to him. "I'm still hoping that once I see her, I will know. I can't imagine not knowing my own child."

"I know, I feel the same," he says back to her, as they hear the school bell ring. "Well, she should be coming out of those doors any time now. Are you ready?"

Trenyce gulps and grabs her binoculars and starts to look out of the tinted windows, which they requested. No one wants to be caught spying on children at a school. "As ready as I will ever be," she whispers back to him, feeling the butterflies start to fly around in her stomach.

Scene Two - The Pampa Grill

"Thanks for meeting me today," Andy tells Daisy and Jemma as they sit at a table in the restaurant, before he takes a drink of his sparkling water.

"Sure thing," Daisy replies to him, knowing that Andy asked her and Jemma to meet him for a quick chat. She suspects that this is about Trenyce going to Houston with Chris.

"We are assumin' this is about Miss Trenyce headin' down to Texas with Chris," Jemma tells him as she grabs a glass of her water and takes a sip.

Andy nods back to them. "Yea, it is," he informs hem. "I'm just worried that if this lead doesn't pan out that Trenyce will be devastated. She's trying to be brave, but I know her and she wants to find this child so desperately."

"Part of me is sorry I ever suggested to her to find this child," Jemma admits to them. "It's a long shot and if it don' pan out, she will be upset. I don' know what I was thinkin'".

"You can't blame yourself," Daisy tells her Aunt. "You told Trenyce to find her child because you thought it was best for her."

"That I did," Jemma replies to her. "I just don' wanna cause that girl anymore pain. She's been through so much already."

"That's why I think we have to brace ourselves," Andy chimes in. "We have to be prepared to support Trenyce when she gets back. She may need us more than ever before."

"The good thing is we are heading to Santa Barbara for the wedding," Daisy quickly says back to her, unable to stop smiling thinking about her wedding to Vinny.

Jemma tries not to roll her eyes. "Yes, ma'am, we are."

Andy notes Jemma's odd mood but decides to not say anything. Instead he nodes back to them. "Yea, I'm looking forward to the wedding too."

Scene Three - Robertson Enterprises; Dominick's Office

"I'm glad that you're here," Tyler announces to Dominick as he comes into his father's office with a large grin on his face. "I've got the best news."

"What's that?" Dominick replies to him as he looks up from his computer to look at his son.

Tyler moves up to his desk and drops a file folder in front of him. "Our facial cream, it's on the shelves as we speak. We did it, we beat Roboto to the shelves!"

Dominick opens the file and looks over the notes. "I can't believe this," Dominick says as he get a smile on his face, matching Tyler's. "The last time we spoke, we were only in production. We didn't even have a name yet."

"I know," Tyler replies to him. "The Blooming Rose facial cream. I thought it was appropriate, don't you?" Tyler asks his father, knowing that he is using the name of one of Robertson Enterprise's most successful products in the Blooming Rose from a few years ago. "I thought the historical reference was a nice touch."

"I think it's genius," Dominick tells him as he stands up and moves towards his son. "I'm so proud of you for doing this. We really did beat Roboto, I can't believe it. For so long we were struggling with the formula now. You're positive that this will work?"

"Absolutely positive," Tyler tells him. "We did all the preliminary testing on the cream. It's perfect! We beat Roboto, Dad! Now, we can celebrate."

"I don't know how you got the formula, but I'm thrilled that you did!" Dominick hugs his son as he laughs a little. "This is the best news I've had in a very long time! And it's all because of you, I couldn't be more proud!"

"Thanks Dad," Tyler grins, not revealing Kim's connection to the entire situation. "Now, how about that celebration?"

Scene Four - Roboto; Bob's Office

Kim opens the door to her husband's office and moves inside quickly as she spots him sitting at his desk typing furiously into his lab top. She hopes that he isn't over working as he did just get home from rehab and from the hospital, following a minor car accident. She smiles at the sight of him, however, since they did make love and are back on good terms, despite her sleeping with Robbie while he was away. A part of her is still ashamed that she was played by Robbie as a part of his scheme to get revenge on his father but that is all water under the bridge. She just hopes that everything can get back to normal, whatever normal may now be.

"You seem very focused," she finally says to her husband, causing him to stop working and look at her.

"Yes," he tells her. "I've been away far too long, we need to keep our focus on the facial cream idea that you had."

Kim suddenly feels warm as she knows that she sent Tyler the formula of the Roboto facial cream when she thought Robbie and Bob were both upset with her. She knows that she shouldn't have done that but it is done and she can't take it back now. She just has to, somehow, do damage control.

She looks over at him as she pours herself a whiskey from the bar. "Well, the last time I was here, we had the formula," she tells him, taking a sip to help calm her nerves. "I would think we are in production now. Unless something else has happened."

Bob looks at his screen and then back at her. "We are in production," he reveals to her, relaying the information he just read.

"Good, then everything is on track. We should be able to get the product out this fall, which is perfect for the Christmas market," Kim tells him as she takes a sip of her drink. Feeling relieved.

Suddenly, she hears Bob's email go and he clicks his mouse. "Unbelievable," Bob says as he looks at his computer in absolute shock.

"What is it?" Kim asks him.

"Dominick Robertson and Robertson Enterprises just launched a facial cream today," he says as he looks up at her and she quickly takes another drink, needing to calm her nerves.

Scene Five - The Sugarbowl

"You do know that this is dangerous, don't you?" Eva tells Frederick as they stand side by side at the coffee bar, both stirring their hot beverages. "If anyone saw us together, they would suspect something is going on."

"Relax," Frederick replies to her, knowing that she is worried about being seen with him because everyone in town is supposed to be upset with him for brainwashing Felicia into believing that she doesn't love Dominick anymore. He has had his share of people telling him the kind of person they think he is and he is tired of it. Frederick knows that he did everything out of the love for Felicia and he would do it all again. Now, if he can just get her to forgive him, he still believes that they could have a future together. "This is a coffeehouse, we both come here all the time."

"Well, let's make this quick, okay?" she quickly says back to him. "I've been thinking and I will try to help you get Felicia back on your side. But you have to know, it won't be easy."

"I see you've come to your senses," he smirks back to her, recalling how he tried to blackmail her into helping him but at the time, Eva refused to help Frederick with Felicia. "I think you're doing the right thing."

"I don't know what is right or wrong anymore," she admits to him. "All I know is that I can't lose my marriage. I won't lose Dominick."

"Have you seen Felicia at all?"

"Yes," she reveals to him. "And like I said, it will be a hard sell. She doesn't want anything to do with you. But, I will keep trying. I just have to play my cards right because if I don't, she may get suspicious."

"Keep me posted," Frederick replies to her. "Now, I maybe unreachable for a few days as I'm heading to Santa Barbara as my daughter is getting married."

"Yes, yes," Eva tells him. "I'll be there too. I believe Jeff invited Felicia to her wedding. I could try to work on a little there, but with Dominick hovering, I'll have to watch my step."

Frederick nods back to her. "Now, like you said, we shouldn't been seen together."

Eva uneasily nods back to him. "Bye," she says before she turns and leaves the coffeehouse.

Frederick takes a drink of his coffee and can't help but smile to himself. Having Eva on his side will help him, he realizes. The fact that she is helping him makes him realize that he does still have some cards to play. And, he knows that he is still working on that surprise for Felicia. He believes with everything in him that once Felicia sees his surprise, all will be forgiven. He hopes that this will happen in Santa Barbara, once he reveals his surprise.

He reaches into his pocket when he hears his cell phone ringing. He arches his eye brow when he sees that it's Lukas calling him. He hasn't heard from his son since he left town, so this is a welcomed surprise. "Lukas," Fredericks says as he answers the call. "How are you son?"

Scene Six - The Tower's; Floor Five; Craig's Condo

Donovan opens the door to Craig's condo when he doesn't hear Craig tell him to come in, however, he knows that they have plans for lunch today and they are going to meet at Craig's condo. It's not like Craig to not let him in when he's arrived before.

"Craig?" he calls out as he opens the door and looks around. Donovan doesn't see the guy that he has been seeing more and more of lately. "I know you're home, but where are you?"

Suddenly, Craig comes out of the washroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, clearly fresh from the shower. "Oh, there you are!" Donovan grins, enjoying the view in front of him.

"Yea, sorry," Craig replies to him. "I'm clearly running late for this date. Give me just a minute, will you?"

"Yea, uh, take all the time you need," Donovan continues to look at the toned, muscular body in front of him.

"You're blushing," Craig smiles back to him, as he realizes that Donovan is checking him out. "Like what you see, huh?"

"Hard not too," Donovan replies to him.

"I like that word," Craig says as he moves up to Donovan. "Hard."

Donovan kisses Craig passionately and pushes him up against the wall. Donovan's lips reach Craig's neck and Craig moans a little as Donovan removes the towel from Craig's waist. Donovan stops and looks into Craig's eyes. "Don't stop," Craig whispers back to him as Donovan falls to his knees. Within a second, Craig's eyes roll back into his head as Donovan's mouth starts to service him, taking their relationship to the next level.

Scene Seven - Riverside Delicatessen

"It's nice that you wanted to have lunch today," Paige tells Robbie as they sit across from each other, with a fresh sandwich and a juice. Paige, right now, would rather spend time with Robbie because she knows that Jeff is busy planning his wedding to Meggan, despite Paige protesting that she didn't want him to go through with it. She wishes that her father would listen to her concerns instead of brushing them off.

"It's been awhile since it's been just the two of us," Robbie replies to her before he takes a bite of his roast beef on rye. "I thought it was long overdue."

"Yea, it is," Paige smiles back to him. "Therapy is going good. Cassie Nova is actually a really lovely woman."

Robbie arches his eyebrow, knowing that the Cassie he knows is anything but lovely. Still, he can't really tell Paige anything more about Cassie because she has to see Cassie as the court ordered her into therapy. "Well, I'm glad that therapy is going well. I hope you use the time to really speak about anything and everything that is on your mind. That's what it is for."

"I am," Paige admits to him. "I'm just trying to sort out my feelings about everything."

"I do have some news for you," Robbie begins to tell her, causing Paige to look up at Robbie in curiosity. "You know that Victoria and I have mended fences, we are back together."

"When did this happen?" Paige asks him, not able to hide her disappointment.

"After the car accident that she was in with Grandpa Bob," Robbie reveals to her. "It made us realize that life is too short to spend it apart from people you love. And, I do love her, Paige. I've asked her to marry me again, and Victoria said yes. We are getting married."

"I can't believe this," a stunned Paige replies to him. "First Jeff tells me he is marrying Meggan and now you're telling me that you're marrying Victoria. I…I'm just…"

"You should be happy for us," Robbie tells her. "Jeff and I, we've been through a lot. The fact that we have been able to find new happiness is a great thing."

"You don't understand," Paige replies to him. "I don't want you to marry Victoria! And, I certainly don't want Jeff to marry Meggan! It just seems like nothing is right in the world right now!"

"Paige," Robbie begins to plead with her.

"I don't want to hear it," Paige stands up from the table. "Thanks for lunch but I've lost my appetite."

Before Robbie can respond, Paige storms from the table. Robbie sighs heavily and runs his hand through his hair, wondering how he can get through to Paige about moving on with life. He knows that Leah is never coming back, but how can they make Paige realize that?

Scene Eight - Hotel ZaZa, Houston, Texas

"It just seems like this is all a lost cause," Trenyce tells Chris as she opens the door to the hotel room and she moves inside, with him closely following her. "That girl wasn't our child. I know without a shadow of a doubt. When I saw her, I just knew."

"I know," Chris comes up behind her and puts his hand on her shoulder. "Look, we knew that this may take some time. We have to stay positive. Meggan is a good PI. She can get more leads."

Trenyce shakes her head as she feels tears swell in her eyes. "I don't know how much more of this I can handle."

"We have to be strong and we to positive," he tells her.

She looks deep into his eyes and finds herself nodding. She moves a little closer to him and licks her lips. She can't help but find the man in front of her attractive and she's denied that for a long time. But here they are, alone in Houston. She finds her mind racing with the possibilities of what could happen.

"You're right," she tells him. "We have to stay strong. Thanks for always steering me in the right path."

"You're welcome," he smiles back to her. "Now, if you excuse me, I want to send Helen a quick text message to let her know what's happened and that we will be on the next flight back to Twin Peaks."

Trenyce gulps, immediately feeling like a fool for thinking that something could happen between her and Chris. "Right, of course," she tells him as she turns around and grabs her phone from her purse. "I have to send a text too," she tells him, immediately thinking of Tyler.

Scene Nine - Roboto; Bob's Office

"How the hell is this possible?" Bob grits his teeth as he looks over the press release for Robertson Enterprises announcement of their facial cream. As he reads, he realizes that they used the exact formula that Roboto is planning on using for its formula. "How did Robertson Enterprises get our formula? This doesn't make any sense at all!"

Kim looks over Bob's shoulder to read the press announcement as well. Her mind is racing about how she could possibly cover this up. She breathes a semi sigh of relief when there's no mention of her or Roboto in the press conference, not that she thought that Tyler would reveal her secret, but she had to be sure.

"Kimberly," Bob says in a stern voice. "I was away at rehab and you were over seeing this project. What the hell happened?"

Kim gulps as she walks away from her husband and she pours another glass of whiskey for herself. "Answer me!" he yells in frustration. "How did Dominick get our formula?"

Kim turns and faces her husband, shaking her head. "I…" she begins to say back to him. "I wish I knew."

"Well, I'm going to find out," Bob grits his teeth. "I won't stop until I know the truth. And, God help whoever did this to me!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Adam confronts Cassie
- Max becomes smitten
- Guests arrive in Santa Barbara

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