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Previously On One Day at a Time
- Adam showed up at Cassie's office demanding to see her after he found out that Max is his son that he shares with her
- Frederick suggested that Daisy, Vinny, Meggan and Jeff have a double wedding at his winery in Santa Barbara
- Chris and Trenyce's lead in Houston to find their biological child didn't work out. Tyler, meanwhile, launched Robertson Enterprise's facial cream
- Natasha and Cory grew closer as they bonded over their failed marriages
- Donovan and Craig had sex

Scene One - Cassie's Office

"I think it's time we got some things straight, don't you?" Adam asks Cassie as he moves past her and into her office. Adam has stayed away from the woman who had surgery to look like his wife and then held Helen hostage. Adam still thinks back to how impossible it was to tell Cassie and Helen apart, to the extent that he slept with Cassie and she had his child. When the truth came out and Cassie escaped, Adam never got a chance to raise his child; it's part of the reason that Max is lashing out at him so much right now. Adam wants nothing more than to be a father to Max but he knows that it will take some time for his son to come around.

"By all means, come on in," Cassie replies to Adam, as she closes the door behind him. "Even if I was busy, it's not like you'd listen anyways. So, say what you have to say and then leave."

"How could you keep me away from Max for so many years?" Adam asks her, wanting answers. "You know he's livid with me, don't you?"

Cassie sighs and moves some hair behind her ear. "I told him to give you a chance," she reveals to Adam, recalling her conversation with her son. "I know that he's hurt, but you just have to give him time, and he will come around."

"I shouldn't have to wait," Adam spits back at her. "You should have owned up and stayed around and taken responsibility for everything that you had done!"

"You're right," Cassie shocks Adam by saying. "I was a very different person back then. All we can do is live in the here and now. I've changed and I want you to have a relationship with Max. You have to know that I'm doing everything I can to convince him of that."

Adam rolls his eyes. "You talk a good game, Cassie," he tells her. "But this will all come down to your actions. And, trust me when I say that I'm going to be watching you."

Cassie nods back to him. "You and everyone else, it seems," she purses her lips together. "I'm just here to do my job, that's all."

Before Adam can respond, there's another knock on Cassie's door. "That might be my next patient," she says as she walks to the door. She opens the door and is immediately slapped across the face.

"You bitch," Helen spits as she looks at her red hand. "How dare you come back here!"

Scene Two - The Sugarbowl

"You're all packed for your trip?" Max asks Paige as he sits next to Dawn in the back booth of the coffeehouse. Paige just finished telling her friends that she is off to Santa Barbara the following day for Jeff and Meggan's upcoming wedding. The truth is though, Paige is dreading the wedding because she doesn't want Jeff to marry Meggan. The fact that Robbie and Victoria are also engaged is just another added stress in her life. She just wishes it was all over.

"Yea, I guess I am," Paige replies to them, not sounding very excited by the trip. "I wish I wasn't going."

"Just think," Dawn begins to tell her. "You're going to Santa Barbara! Sun, the beach, the ocean…you'll have so much fun! You don't have to spend all your time with your family if you don't want too."

"I heard there is great surfing there," Max agrees with Dawn as he looks at Paige. "You'll have more fun than you realize."

Paige smiles back at her friends and nods a little. "Yea, I hope so," she replies to them. "I wish you guys were coming with me. I'd really have a good time then."

"Like I said," Max tells her. "You have to find your own fun. Look, I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm supposed to meet my Mom. Catch you guys later?"

"Yea, I'll see you when I get back," Paige tells him.

"Have fun Paige," he winks at her as he stands up and leaves the table. As he heads towards the door, Robin comes into the coffeehouse. She takes off her large sun glasses and looks around as Max stops in his tracks as taken by Robin's beauty. He looks at her closely until she starts speaking to the barista about what she'd like to order. He shakes his head knowing that he will never be able to get a woman like that. He moves towards the door and exits the coffeehouse, still enchanted by Robin.

Scene Three - Riverbench Winery; The Richardson Estate; Santa Barbara

On either side of the long driveway, there are ripening grapes on the vines and there seems to be millions of them. The sun is beating down and as the car slowly makes it's way up the driveway, the large mansion soon becomes visible. Meggan looks out the window and can see the house that she grew up. Just south of the house, there are some more buildings on the property. A large shed where wine tools are kept and a large barn, which has been converted into the wine making space.

The car comes to a complete stop and Meggan opens the door quickly, unable to stop looking around. She hasn't been home in a number of years, but the feeling of being back warms her heart. Not only is she back at home, but she's here for her wedding to Jeff.

"This is some house," Jeff announces to Meggan as he steps out of the opposite side of the car and comes up to his fiancé. "I can't believe you grew up here."

"It's so good to be back," Meggan turns to him as she smiles. "I've missed this place."

"I can see why," Jeff admits to her. "It's a beautiful property."

The large front door opens and Frederick appears in the way. "You have arrived," he smiles as he walks out and hugs Meggan before shaking Jeff's hand. "Welcome to Riverbench," he tells Jeff.

"I was just telling Meggan how beautiful this place is," Jeff replies to his soon to be father in law.

"It is something, isn't it?" Frederick says back to him. "Daisy, Vinny and Jemma have already arrived. I'm thinking more guests will arrive in the morning when the next flight arrives. Come inside, I'll get Brix to send your luggage to your room."

"Brix?" Jeff asks.

"Our butler," Meggan tells him as they walk towards the house, as Jeff realizes just how grand the property is.

"You can go anywhere," Frederick tells them. "Except the west wing."

"Why? What's in the west wing?" Jeff asks him as they move up to the door.

"Nothing important," Frederick turns and smiles to them. "It's just under renovations, so I'd rather people stayed out of the mess."

As Frederick talks, Meggan looks up to the turret that is in the west wing of the house. She thinks she sees a figure, dressed in all black, in the window. When she looks again, the figure is gone. She shakes her head, thinking that she is seeing things.

Scene Four - Tyler's Townhouse

"And, you're absolutely sure that the girl wasn't your daughter?" Tyler asks Trenyce as they sit across from each other on the sofa and are catching up. Trenyce just finished explaining to Tyler about her trip with Chris to Houston, in which they realized that the lead Meggan had was not their biological child. While Trenyce has been trying to remain hopeful, the longer the search for her daughter goes, the more she feels like it may be a lost cause.

Trenyce nods back to him as she takes a sip of her wine. "I'm sure," she tells him. "I just have this belief that I will know my daughter when I see her. I would know that she's my child."

"That makes perfect sense to me," he replies to her. "I know I feel that way with Blake."

"I had the feeling with Andrew but I think it's because I had him since birth," she continues to tell him. "I had no reason to question that he was or wasn't mine."

"I'm sorry that you're going through this," he says back to her. "If I can do anything to help…"

"Well, I feel bad for being such a downer, especially after I read the news about the facial cream going live. You must be thrilled," she tells him, recalling how she was reading work emails on the flight home from Houston and there was one about Robertson Enterprises releasing the Blooming Rose facial cream.

Tyler gets a sly grin on his face, unable to hide his excitement that he and Robertson Enterprises did release their facial cream before Roboto did. "I have to tell you," he says back to her. "This is probably the best thing that I've done in my career. My Dad trusted me with this and the fact that we beat Roboto, it's just the icing on the cake."

"Do you want to celebrate?" she asks him as she purses her lips together. "Cause, you know I have to leave for Santa Barbara tomorrow."

"What did you have in mind?"

"I think you know exactly what's on my mind," she winks back to him as she comes up and kisses him passionately.

Scene Five - The Pampa Grill

"It does seem odd that Robbie couldn't do anything to help you with Cassie," Cory tells Natasha as they sit across from each other in the restaurant. They are sharing an appetizer and a bottle of wine while they get caught up with each other. They have been spending more time with each other lately, as they are both going through relationship problems. Cory does think that Robbie telling Natasha that he couldn't arrest Cassie was odd because Cassie kidnapped Helen and Natasha the last time she was in town.

"Right?" Natasha agrees with him. "I was just floored. It seems like I'm the only one who is concerned that this woman is back in our lives."

"That reminds me," Cory says back to her. "I should contact Robbie myself."

Natasha arches her eyebrow. "Why? What's going on?"

"Does the name Caroline Fitzpatrick mean anything to you?" Cory asks her as she shakes her head no. "She's the doctor that was treating Robin in Raven's Meadow."

"The woman who shot you?" Natasha asks him before she takes a drink of her wine.

"The one and only," he replies to her. "She's in town. I saw her a few weeks ago. Now that you've gone to Robbie with this Cassie thing, I wonder if I should do the same."

"Absolutely you should," Natasha tells him. "That woman can't be trusted, obviously. What if she tries to hurt you again?"

"I'll be fine," he says back to her. "I'm just worried about Robin and Rebecca."

"Wasn't Melissa involved with her?" Natasha asks him as he nods back to her.

"That's part of the reason I don't want my baby anywhere near Melissa," Cory tells her. "Not that anyone seems to get that but you."

"Who else doesn't understand?"

"Robin," he reveals to her, recalling how Robin jumped down his throat when he told her that he was going to get a restraining order against Melissa.

"Oh Cory," Natasha sighs. "I hate to say this, but it really does sound like Robin is moving on with her life. I think it's time you admit that your marriage is over."

"I know, I know," he admits, sounding defeated.

"If it's any consolation," she quickly says back to him. "My marriage is over too. Shane doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. He even told me he thinks that Cassie has changed."

"What is happening in our world?" Cory asks her. "How did we get to this point?"

"I wish I knew," Natasha replies to him. "I will tell you this though, I'm grateful we are reconnecting. I couldn't have gotten through these last few weeks without you."

Cory smirks back at her. "Funny, I feel the same way."


Andy looks around the restaurant hoping to see Kim as they were supposed to have a late lunch together. He doesn't see his sister but he does see Donovan sitting at a table, with a rather large grin on his face. Andy recalls how the last time he saw Donovan, he told Andy that he and Craig were growing closer. Based on the smile on his face, it's clear that things are going well for the two.

"Penny for your thoughts," Andy tells his friend as he comes up to Donovan's table. "You look pretty happy today."

Donovan smiles up to his friend as he thinks about his last date with Craig, where he and Craig had sex for the first ime. It had been a very long time since Donovan had been with a man, so he is happy right now. He hasn't felt this way about someone in a very long time and he is enjoying the moment for what it is worth.

"I am happy," Donovan tells him. "Things are going well between Craig and I."

"Yea, I gathered," Andy replies to his friend. "I'm happy that things are going so well. I mean, you deserve it after everything you've been through."

Donovan nods back to him. "It's been a long time since I've felt like this," Donovan admits to him. "I mean, I haven't since Lukas and I first started dating back when we were in Europe."

"Then, it's long overdue," Andy continues to be happy for him, but he can't help but think of Lukas right now. He hopes that Lukas is sorting his life out because he could have been the one who was with Donovan right now. "I hope Craig treats you right going forward."

"Thanks Andy, you've always been such a good friend. I hope you know how much I appreciate that."

"I do," Andy says back to him. "Because you've been there for me so many times. Anyways, I see my sister, I'm supposed to meet her. We'll do lunch soon?"

"I'd like that," Donovan replies to him.

Andy stands up and walks away from the table, but as he does, he pulls out his cell phone. He sends Lukas a quick text message, "Hey, hope you're well. We should chat soon, xo."

He sighs as he shuts his phone off. He knows that he should be happy for Donovan and Craig, and he is, but he still thinks that Lukas deserves the right to know what is going on. He owes it to his other friend.

Scene Six - Riverbench Winery; The Richardson Estate; Santa Barbara

"I can't believe that this is the room that we are going to be married in," Daisy tells the group of people as they view the ballroom. The large room has vaulted ceilings and chandelier's and many flowers. The arches in the room, along with the angels are painted with gold flakes, giving it a very regal feeling to it; like something you'd see in the Louvre.

"It is something, isn't it?" Meggan agrees with her as the couples are looking over the property and putting some final touches on the wedding planning. "I had forgotten how grand my mother made this house."

"Your mother's last name is Riverbench?" Vinny asks her. "Is that where the name of the winery is from?"

"Yes, exactly," Meggan replies to him. "It was my great grandfather on my mother's side who started the winery. My Dad moved here after the wedding because of the property. He's a bigger man than he lets on in that regard."

Jeff chuckles. "He did what is best for his family," he says to everyone. "That's an honourable man."

"Considering everything that happened in Twin Peaks recently, it's easy to forget that," Daisy says, noting that Frederick was brainwashing Felicia. "It's nice to see that he is honourable."

"I'm glad you all enjoy the house," Meggan says as she looks down the ballroom and sees the same black figure she saw in the window of the turret standing in the doorway. She moves past everyone down the ballroom, but the figure seemingly disappears. When Meggan arrives at the door way, she looks into the hallway, but sees nothing.

"Are you okay?" Jeff asks her.

"I'm fine," she replies. "I thought I saw Brix with some more beverages."


In the living room of the estate, Frederick pours himself a brandy and he takes a quick drink, thinking that so far everything with the wedding planning is going off accordingly to plan. He was worried because of Jemma arriving and her being back at the estate for the first time in a very long time. Plus, he didn't really want to leave Twin Peaks right now because he was working on Felicia and getting her to forgive him, but that being said the time away will be good. And, he knows that Felicia should be arriving for the wedding since Jeff invited her. He is still working on the surprise that he has for her too. He knows it will make her forgive him.

"You look proud of yourself right now," Jemma tells him as she comes into the living room. "Are you happy that we have all ended up in this place? This place, you know how much I hate it here. It's drivin' me crazy being back here."

"You didn't have to come," Frederick replies to her before he takes another drink of his brandy.

"Not come to Miss Daisy's weddin? You know that would look suspicious," Jemma spits back to him. "I just can't believe that you even offered this place as a venue."

"I didn't know what else to do," he reminds her. "You know that. You know that Daisy was pressing me and this is all I could think of."

"You better hope no one learns the truth," she tells him. "Because nothing would be the same if the truth came out."

Scene Seven - Cassie's Office

"How dare you come into my office and hit me!" Cassie tells Helen as she feels her cheek get hot from the slap that she just received. "Both of you come in here and attack me! You two should be ashamed of yourselves!"

"We should be ashamed of ourselves?" Helen asks her with a chuckle. "You had surgery to look like me! You stole my identity! You look my place in my husband's bed! And I should be ashamed?"

"I just finished telling Adam that I've changed," Cassie tells Helen. "I'm not the same woman that I used to be."

"I don't care how much you've changed," Helen warns her. "If you think that you will ever hurt me or my family again, you have another thing coming. I won't let you hurt me again."

"Are you threatening me?"

"Okay, that's enough," Adam says, coming between them. "It's time we go."

"Yes, it is," Cassie agrees with him. "You two should not come back here if you're going to be violent."

"Don't forget what I told you," Helen whispers back to her. "You come near my family and you will pay!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Paige admits to Robbie and Victoria that she feels Leah's presence
- Shane has another therapy session
- Eva tries to get through to Felicia

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