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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Guests started to arrive at the Riverbench winery for the double wedding. Meggan was thrilled to be back at her childhood home but thought she saw a figure in one of the window's
- Jemma was nervous about returning to the winery and told Frederick it was a bad idea
- Eva continued to try to make Felicia forgive Frederick to no avail
- Shane told Natasha he thought Cassie may have changed after Natasha wanted him to help her get rid of Cassie
- Paige wasn't thrilled about Jeff and Robbie's pending marriages to Meggan and Victoria

Scene One - Riverbench Winery; The Richardson Estate; Santa Barbara

"Did you get settled alright?" Dominick asks Felicia as she comes into the living room of the estate. She arrived from Twin Peaks earlier in the morning, around the same time as Dominick and Eva did. Initially, she wasn't going to attend the wedding, but both Jeff and Paige asked her and Dominick to be there. Felicia knows that this is a big step for Jeff because Leah was taken from him so quickly after they were married, she thought it was the least that she could do. Her only worry is that she isn't escaping Frederick's presence because she is staying in his house.

She does nod back to her ex-husband. "The room is just beautiful," she explains to him. "I wonder why Frederick ever left this place to come to Twin Peaks. I wouldn't leave a home like this."

"He wanted to make money," Dominick replies to her. "That's why he took his business to Switzerland."

"Where I was so many years," she says, looking off into the distance as she remembers those times. "It seems like a lifetime ago."

"It is a lifetime ago," Dominick tells her. "Now, listen to me carefully," he continues to tell her. "We are on Frederick's property, and I'm not happy about that one bit. But, Jeff insisted that we all stay here because this is where the wedding is. But don't think for a moment that this means I have forgiven Frederick for what he has done."

"Nor have I," Felicia replies to him. "I don't think I will ever forgive that man for the hell he put me through."

"That's exactly what I wanted to hear," Dominick gives her a slight grin back. "Just be on your guard, okay? I suspect Frederick will try to take this time to get back into your good graces."

"Believe me Dominick, there are no good graces for him to get into," she says back to him quickly.


Daisy and Vinny stand in the ballroom as some staff start on setting up the wedding ceremony alters. Daisy can't help but smile, almost in disbelief that this is where she will be married in a few days. The venue is more than she ever could have asked for; she almost feels bad for thinking that something was going on between Frederick and Jemma all of this time because now that she is here, she can't help but be very grateful to Frederick for even suggesting his estate as the place she marry the man she loves.

"Can you believe that in a couple of days we will be standing here saying our vows?" she smiles to Vinny as she comes up to him and wraps her arms around him.

"I think it's long overdue," he replies to her before he gives her a quick kiss. "You're happy that we are here?"

"Are you kidding me?" she asks him with a chuckle. "I've never been happier in my life. This place, it's magical. It's so beautiful here."

"You're right, it is stunning," Vinny replies to her. "But you know what? It doesn't compare to how beautiful my fiancé is."

"You're too good to me," she smiles back to him as she turns her head and sees Jemma come into the ballroom. The couple exit their embrace as Daisy immediately notices how pale looking Jemma is. "Jemma, are you okay?"

"I'm fine dear," Jemma lies to her niece. She barely slept a wink the previous night because she still can't believe that after all this time she is back in this house; the place that changed her life forever. The fact that she has to keep it a secret is wearing on her. "Just a lil warm. Have you been outside today? I swear it's close to 100."

"Come and sit down," Daisy tells her as Vinny grabs a chair. "Do you want me to get you some water."

"Nah," Jemma waves her hand. "Like I said, I just got over heated. I'll be fine a second or two." Jemma closes her eyes for a moment and immediately her mind goes back to a night on the property years ago. It's raining heavily and Jemma can see Frederick approaching her; she can see the devil in his eyes. He keeps moving towards her, despite her telling him no.

She shakes her head and opens her eyes, struggling with the dream. "Goodness me," she says, feeling sweat form on her forehead. "I think I outta go lay down for a bit."

"Are you sure you're okay?" Daisy asks her, concerned for her Aunt.

"I'll be fine sweet chil', just focus on your weddin'. That's all that matters," Jemma says quickly as she leaves the ballroom. She knows she needs to be alone right now to get her head around everything that is happening.

Once Jemma has left, Daisy looks at Vinny and arches her eyebrow. "I can know that look," Vinny says back to her. "She did look warm, let's just take her word for it, okay?"

Daisy finds herself nodding back to him. "Okay, I suppose we do have more important things to focus on."

Scene Two - The Sugarbowl

"I did go into see Robbie to discuss Caroline Fitzpatrick," Cory begins to tell Natasha as they sit in the back booth of the coffee house together. "But, he has left for Santa Barbara for Jeff and Meggan's wedding."

"Ah yes," Natasha replies to him before she takes a sip of her iced coffee. "He did tell me that he was going to that."

"I hadn't realized that he and Jeff were on good terms again," Cory admits to her, knowing the two men have a heated history together.

"I do believe that Paige's trial brought them closer together," Natasha says softly, knowing how much the trial tore her marriage apart in the end because she testified that she believed Shane did have sex with Paige. Of course, it turned out that Paige was lying and all the charges against Shane were dropped. Still, her marriage has not been the same since then. She still thinks she was justified as how was she supposed to know Paige was lying.

"Make sense," Cory mumbles back to her, quickly realizing that Natasha's mood has changed. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring all of that up. I know the trial is still a hard topic for you to discuss."

Natasha shakes her head. "Look, I guess it's like I told you the other day about having to move on from Robin, I really need to accept that my marriage is to Shane is over. I don't know if it's worth fighting for. I can't fight for both of us."

"That's exactly how I feel about Robin. You can only do so much before you feel like it's hopeless."

"We are hopeless together," she smiles back to him as she reaches over and grabs his hand. "And, there's no one else I'd rather be hopeless with."

He squeezes her hand and smiles back to her. "I feel the same way," he says to her. "How about we get out of here and go for a walk through the park?"

"I'd love that," she says back to him quickly.

Scene Three - Cassie's Office

"So, how are you feeling since the last time we saw each other?" Cassie asks Shane, as he sits on the sofa in her office as they are having another therapy session that the court is ordering him to undergo following the trial. Cassie recalls how the last time they had a session, Shane admitted that his marriage is falling apart and he doesn't know if or how he can repair it.

Shane takes a drink of his bottled water and looks back at Cassie. He knows that at first he was nervous to share anything with her but once he started to open up, everything just seemingly flowed out of him. The more time he spends with Cassie, the more he is inclined to believe that she has changed from the woman that he used to know.

"I'm feeling pretty good," he admits to her. "Things are good with Jacob and things are good at the hospital. I'm slowly making my way back up into the good graces of the hospital administrative staff."

"That must have been difficult to almost lose your job because of you looking in Natasha's file to discover the truth about her miscarriage," Cassie points out to him.

"I've always taken my job so seriously," Shane replies to her. "So yea, it was a very difficult time. But, it's just something else that I blame on Natasha. Had she just been honest with me, none of that would have happened."

"Where do things stand with you and Natasha now? Do you want to divorce her?" Cassie asks him, getting ready to take some notes down about his response.

"I am," he reveals to her. "I mean, I just don't know how I can trust her again. Too much happened. Without trust, I don't know what kind of marriage we could have. I've already filed for divorce."

Cassie nods and puts her pen down before she takes off her glasses. "Do you want my opinion?" she asks him as he shrugs. "I think you're right for leaving Natasha," she tells him. "Because, no relationship can manage without trust. Once that trust is broken, it can never be replaced. And if it is, it can sometimes take years."

Shane nods back to her. "I don't know if I want to put that time and energy in," he continues to be open with her. "I'm just ready to move on."

"And," she purses her lips together. "Then you should move on, Shane. I support you in that, 100%."

Scene Four - Riverbench Winery; The Richardson Estate; Santa Barbara

"So, have you enjoyed the tour of the grounds so far?" Meggan asks Jeff as they walk hand-in-hand in through some of the vines as they get closer to the house again. Meggan has spent the majority of the morning taking Jeff all around the estate and the grounds, showing him where she grew up. She in doing the tour, has had so many memories of her childhood come back to her. She loves this house, now more than ever because she will be married in a few days.

"Oh, absolutely," he grins back to her, as the sun beats down on him. "You grew up in a very special place."

"And now, we will get married in this special place as well," Meggan says back to him starting to feel more and more excited about the idea of being married soon.

"I can't wait for that," he replies to her. "How about we head inside to get some iced tea," he suggests to her. "It's pretty warm out here."

"That it is," she says back to him. "Actually, it's pretty good timing because I think the watering system is about to go on."

"Watering system?" Jeff asks her confused.

Suddenly, water sprinklers start going off allowing the vines to get watered. Meggan shrieks out as she and Jeff start running closer to the main house, through the sprinklers. As they exit the vineyard, the two are soaked to the bone. Meggan looks at Jeff as they laugh at the situation.

"Does that answer your question?" she asks him as she laughs more.

"Yea, I guess it does," Jeff replies to her. "I love you."

"I love you too," she says as they hug and then they share a passionate kiss. As they part, Meggan looks up towards the turret and thinks she sees the same figure that she saw the previous day in the window. When she looks again, there is nothing in the window. She shakes her head wondering why she keeps seeing something in the window, and the previous day in the ballroom. She knows that the west wing is under construction, so why is seeing something there?

"What's wrong? I felt you shudder?" Jeff asks her as they exit their embrace.

"Nothing," she replies to him. "I guess I just got a chill. Let's go get changed."


"You were pretty quiet on the flight over," Robbie tells Paige as they walk through one of the many hallways in the large estate with Victoria. "Are you okay?"

Paige stops and wonders how she should answer the question. She knows that she pleaded with Jeff not to marry Meggan but her pleads fell on deaf ears. Then, she found out that Robbie and Victoria were back engaged. She just wishes that the two men that she's thought of as father's her entire life would not be with the women that they are currently with. In her mind, they could both do so much better. She knows that this goes back to Leah and because both men loved her mother, this is a result of losing her mother too soon.

"I'm fine," Paige finally says back to him and Victoria. "I guess I'm not looking forward to this wedding, that's all."

"This house is beautiful," Victoria points out to her. "You should just relish the fact that you're in such a beautiful setting. And, there's a couple of days before the wedding, tomorrow we could go into Santa Barbara and do some shopping does that sound like fun?"

Paige shrugs as she gets tears in her eyes, suddenly feeling overwhelmed by everything.

"Paige, what is it? What's wrong?" Robbie asks her as he puts his hands on her shoulders.

Paige shakes her head as she wipes a tear from her face. "I guess I'm just thinking of Mom right now. I feel her presence, which I know is crazy. I just can't shake it. I feel her near me right now."

"That's understandable," Robbie replies to her. "Your Dad is about to get married, it's only natural that you'd be thinking about your Mom."

"And," Victoria chimes in. "She's with you right now because she is supporting Jeff. We all just want the best for him now. She would want him to be happy."

Paige nods back to them as she forces a smile on her face. "Yea, I guess you're right."


"Have you seen my husband?" Eva asks Felicia as she walks into the living room and sees Dominick's ex-wife looking out the large window. Eva hadn't seen her husband since they arrived at the estate and she would love to take a walk with him around the grounds. However, now that Eva can see Felicia alone, she wonders if she should try to take the chance to get Felicia to open her mind to forgiving Frederick for brainwashing her into thinking she doesn't love Dominick. Eva knows that she has to help Frederick try to get through to Felicia because if she doesn't, he will tell Dominick that Eva knew about the brainwashing before their wedding.

"Not since earlier today," Felicia replies to her. "He was here but I think he was going to call Tyler to make sure things were going well at Robertson Enterprises."

"That sounds about right," Eva purses her lips together. "Even on a mini vacation, his mind is always on work."

"Some things never change," Felicia says back to her with a grin on his face.

"Are you having a nice time so far?" Eva asks her, as Frederick appears at the doorway. He quickly turns and listens to their conversation, hoping that Eva will continue to press Felicia into forgiving him.

"This place is wonderful," Felicia admits to Eva, who nods back to her. "A lovely place to have a double wedding."

"I couldn't agree more," Eva tells her. "It makes me think how generous Frederick is to allow both Meggan and Daisy to be married here. I mean, it's clear why he suggested it to Meggan because that is his daughter but to open his door to Daisy and her family, that's very nice of him."

Felicia uneasily nods her head back to her. "Sorry," Eva quickly continues to tell her. "I know that you haven't wanted to hear anything positive about Frederick, I'm just saying he does have some good qualities."

Felicia shakes her head back to Eva. "What's wrong with you? Why is it so important for you to tell me how good of a man he is? He's not a good man! He brainwashed me, Eva! Do you not understand that?"

"I'm sorry," Eva quickly replies, realizing she may have crossed a line. "I didn't mean to upset you."

"It's fine," Felicia snaps back at her. "I'm just tired of hearing that I should forgive him because I won't!"

"Okay, okay, I understand," Eva says back to her, feeling deflated. "I'm going to find Dominick so we can go for a walk, excuse me."

Eva walks out of the room and immediately sees Frederick eavesdropping. "I tried," she whispers to him as he nods.

"Keep trying, it's our only hope," he whispers back to her as Eva keeps walking away from him. Frederick turns and moves into the living room and sees Felicia.

"How are you settling in? Can I get you anything at all?" he asks her, as Felicia turns around and rolls her eyes at the sight of him.

"No, thank you," she replies to him. "I'm only here because Jeffrey insisted. You must know that."

Frederick nods back to her. "I hope you will change your mind after you see the surprise I have for you," he reveals to her as he moves closer to her. "I think that will change everything."

Felicia looks at him and wonders what kind of surprise he could possibly have. The look on Frederick's face though, in his eyes, scares her to her very core. And, for that reason, she doesn't want anything to do with Frederick's surprise.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Chris and Trenyce are in for a surprise!
- Daisy realizes that Jemma has been at the winery before
- The mysterious figure makes another appearance

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